Author: FancyFigures
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Pairings: 1x2
Category: POV (various), romance (thwarted...?)
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon
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Notes: This week is one of the most important landmarks of Duo and Heero's young lives. They're both feeling romantic and enthusiastic. Is that why nothing seems to go right?
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Tonight's the Night? + Part 1

Friday - 6pm

Quatre sat quietly and absorbed the waves of excitement and nervousness that were sweeping out from the young man opposite. Duo's emanations really were a trial, sometimes, much as he cared for his friend!

"So - this weekend, you have plans with Heero?"

Duo fidgeted on the chair. Grinned. Slapped Quatre on his shoulder.

"Yeah! Big plans! I think this weekend we're going do it, at last!"

"Do it -?"

"You know!" smirked Duo. "I mean, I'd have jumped him weeks ago, but he wanted to take it slow. Get to see if we were compatible; see if we wanted to go any further."

Quatre had watched the painful progress of this relationship. Both of the young men inching round each other, shy of being rejected. Buoyant when they weren't. But still nervous of public displays. An astonishing match! he thought. Heero and Duo - so very different in temperament. But so very attracted to each other that the ripples of desire that they projected were felt in his own groin, every time they were in the room together.

"I rather thought you had already reached that stage..."

Duo blushed. It was very cute.

"Yeah, well... it's important that it's the right time, eh? So Heero says. For the first time."

"But now you've dated for the appropriate duration; you know that the attraction is there..."

Duo's mind was on last Wednesday, when they'd been left alone in the jeep, and ten minutes later he was draped over Heero, his hand in Heero's pants, and Heero's tongue possessing his tonsils...

"Oh yeah, it's there all right!" he smiled, happily. "We just need to take it that final step."

"You've - thought about it? Decided where and when?"

"Nah!" laughed Duo. "Better to be spontaneous, eh? I don't do logistics, Q, outside of battle! You know that! I'm a spur-of-the-moment guy, aren't I? We're headed for a big, romantic date tomorrow night, and I guess it'll all follow on naturally from that."

Quatre might have been heard to murmur - "Gods preserve us -" or something similar. But he smiled at Duo, because he really was very charming in love.


Friday - 7.30pm

Wufei was listening to Heero's problem. Or rather, he was leaning on his hand, sat at the table, waiting none-too-patiently for Heero to spit out a coherent word.

"So you like Duo -"

"Of course I do!" Heero spluttered.

"And you want to take that further?"

"I -"

"That is insufficient data to work on, Yuy," Wufei growled. "Just tell me what you want, if you want my advice."

"I - want - Duo." The words cracked out from Heero's suddenly dry lips.

"So what's the problem?" shrugged Wufei. "Tell him, and get on with it! Life's too short and too unpredictable not to grab any sexual entertainment where you can."

"I - don't know - how..." It was more of a groan from Heero now.

"You bloody fool!" snapped the Chinese man, but not without a wry smile. "You think that's going to matter? You two send sparks flying even over a bowl of cereal! I can't imagine why you've delayed so long as it is. Come back for my advice when there's a real problem, OK? Like you run out of positions, or you can't get it up any more."

"That's a real problem...?" repeated Heero, a little faintly.

Wufei's impatience was reduced to a mere snort.


Saturday night - Duo

Everything was gonna go so well tonight - y'know? I was sure it was gonna be that long awaited spontaneous night, and we'd end up in bed - or in the back of the jeep at the least. I even left my underwear off for just-in-case purposes. Every time the breeze blew up my pants, I started to develop a hard-on. Couldn't wait for Heero to discover it.

It goes without saying, doesn't it, that we've kissed and groped, and jerked each other off a coupla times. I mean - that's been great, and Heero seems to have enjoyed it just as much as I have. But I think we both feel we want more. Just need to get round to it! I guess I'm waiting for Heero to decide when he feels good about it. I can't always read his feelings easily.

So... It was a spontaneous night, all right! But not in the way I thought. I don't actually know what happened tonight. I mean, I do - but I don't know how it turned from a romantic evening into a farce!

It was a rare treat, going to a club with Heero. I was so excited that he'd suggested it!

It was really crowded; it's one of the most popular in town. But it was so great, being there with Heero, and holding his hand at the bar, like it wasn't still a bit of a novelty. As the other clubbers buffeted me, I used the excuse to press up close to Heero, and land my palm on his thigh. It was warm and the muscles flexed as he moved. It sent shivers throughout my whole body - my pants got noticeably tighter. The kiss I stole from him was short, hot and deep. His tongue like a probe, plunging into me - possessing me. Like he felt just as hot as I did. Wow... we were on the way!

And then it all went pear-shaped.

I didn't mean to hit him. Of course I didn't, for God's sake!

OK, I'd had four too many beers, and my co-ordination was a little awry - but we were there to dance, weren't we? Anyway, I love that track, and you're meant to let it flow, like, through you, and just go with the beat -

I wave my hands in the air a lot when I dance; I'm a very expressive guy!

I didn't know Heero was that close.

I'm sorry about the blood on his jacket. It's his best silk one - the one he treasures; he always wears it when we go out. Anyway, I've heard that blood comes out with cold salt water soaking.

There was a bit of a fuss at the club. Perhaps he often leaves that early.

But he did say we could go out tomorrow night instead. At least, I think that's what he said. The words were a bit muffled through the wadding in his nose, y'know?

I didn't get a goodnight kiss. Let alone anything else.


Sunday night - Heero

I just want tonight to go well. I don't seem to be able to gauge the whole relationship thing very well. Wufei's continuing advice is a little mystifying. And he hasn't really stop laughing at my swollen nose.

As it is, I doubt that Duo will want to ravish me with half a box of tissue up my nose. Although that's what I really want him to do - I have done, for weeks now. Well, I don't care which direction the ravishing goes, just so long as we get down to it soon! But I once told Duo the time had to be right, and - bless him - he agreed that was just what he wanted. I have to abide by it, now. I need to find the right date, the right atmosphere - then I'm sure it'll all proceed as I hope.

But in fact, it was touch and go as to whether I turned up for tonight's basketball game at all. The venue was Duo's suggestion, because I had promised him 'no', I wasn't angry he punched me in the nose, and 'yes' we could date again tonight. Though I'd have preferred a dark movie house, where I could hide.

No, that'd be too tempting. Up close and cosy - I'd never keep my hands off him. And so far I've been too damn scared I'll frighten him off with my inexperienced gropings. Though I must say, they've been welcomed so far...very warmly...

I wish he'd stop apologising. Not in so many words, but every time he turns to me, his eyes drift up to the beacon on my face; he pauses, and looks pained.

Perhaps he finds me repulsive. Well, if I am, it's his fault!

I did think the evening had been going quite well. I'd been pushed up close to him, and he took my hand a couple of times at certain stages of the game - I assume they were the tense moments, for I had little idea what was going on. I thought I might try to put my arm round his waist, and he wriggled into me as if he liked it. I slid a hand down to cup one of those perfect, pert buttocks. I started to get damned uncomfortable down around my groin - but deliciously so. Yes... I think we were on the way!

But then it didn't. Go well, that is.

I didn't mean the thing with the Coke, did I?

I never understand the rules of basketball properly - I thought it would give us a shared interest if he explained it to me.

I thought if I tried the action myself I'd get a better understanding. The paper cup didn't seem very heavy - but screwed up, it made a good enough ball.

I didn't mean to throw it quite so hard at his own cup, did I? How was I to know it was still half full?

I mean, yes, it was all over his lap, but it was a very light stain. And no-one really thought he'd peed himself, of course they didn't! Whatever he kept shouting at me.

It was a pity about the guy's hair in front of us.

I didn't think the game had finished, but Duo was keen to leave. Probably something else in the rules that I don't understand.

I didn't get a goodnight kiss. Let alone anything else.


Sunday - 10.30pm

Quatre and Wufei stood together in the hall. Duo had raced into the house and up the stairs, a magazine clasped over his groin. Heero had slunk in after him, a few minutes later, glared at Wufei, and vanished into his room.

Quatre heard Duo's door slam.

Wufei watched Heero's jacket spin on the hook and settle crookedly.
There was a tense silence from upstairs.

"Do you think it went well?" Wufei asked.

Quatre looked at him, pointedly. "How likely do you think it is that people have sex when they're in separate rooms?"

Wufei winced. "So it didn't go well. Shall I question Heero as to the circumstances -?"

"If you have a death wish, by all means go ahead," said Quatre.

"What shall we do, then? That's two nights in a row that they've come back not speaking."

"They'll work it out for themselves," said Quatre. "How difficult can it be, when they both want it so much?"

He didn't sound that convinced.


Monday night - Duo

The bar had been a really good idea of mine. Not as busy and noisy as the club - not as boisterous as the basketball court. Just two guys, having a quiet drink after work, enjoying each other's company. Snuggled down in a comfy couch, just for two. Coupla those exotic-looking cocktails; long, cool and refreshing. Just like me, ha ha!

Heero got the next round, and when he came back to sit down, I'd shifted over towards him on the couch. Dang, I was nearly on his lap! That had to send him some kind of a message, didn't it? We'd kissed 'hi' - then we kissed again, like the smallest taste of each other had never been enough - like we'd woken a ravenous appetite. Guess we had! We only broke because the guy on the couch opposite was staring at us, fascinated. I flipped him a casual finger - Heero was all mine! - and his girlfriend dragged him away.

In fact, by the time I got the fourth round, I was congratulating myself on a sure-fire brilliant idea. I found it very easy to slip nice and casual-like, down against his shoulder. I breathed very gently on his ear, and I'm sure I saw him shiver. This was how it should be! Relaxed and at ease with each other - enjoying physical intimacy. I'm sure Quatre's used those words at one time or another. Heero was - as always - the best looking guy in town! Soft, casual chinos, and a dark purple shirt. Freshly washed hair... lips moist with that green cocktail he likes. You could barely see the bruising on his nose now! We kissed some more - much more. His hand was sliding between my thighs, and I was glad I'd left the underwear off again. Tonight was looking good!

With hindsight, of course, I should never have attempted to try every cocktail on the menu. But I was nervous. I was high on Heero's company. I was excited at the thought of finally getting it together with him....

I was so sick I can't remember getting home.

Heero says he remembers every tortuous second. Rushing me to the men's room - holding my head over the sink as I threw up. Wiping me clean with his jacket (yes, the silk one, again). Carrying me back home while I sang and apologised and breathed fumes of vomit into his ear all the way.

He speaks of it with his teeth clenched tightly together.

There was no remote question of a goodnight kiss. If he'd dropped his pants there and then and asked me to fuck him into the pavement, I couldn't have vouched for the stability of my stomach. I would have had to refuse him.

Well, it's a good thing that hadn't been on offer, eh?


Tuesday night - Heero

I thought an Internet café would be an excellent choice! Duo's as interested in surfing the net as I am - though maybe not for the same information. And it's a very restrained atmosphere. No dancing, no flailing arms; no drinks to spill, or puke up from - just coffee.

I was worried about him last night, actually. I've never had such an extreme reaction to alcohol as he did - I wondered if he had some kind of unusual allergy. And I know I won't be wearing that jacket again - thought it doesn't worry me, I never really liked it. I only wore it because Duo said he did.

I must admit that it had been rather pleasant, wiping his brow; stroking his back. Comforting him. Carrying him home, his body pressed very closely into me, his arms round my neck. Putting him into his bed, even if he were virtually unconscious... sliding off his pants, only to find he had forgotten his underwear, so I felt obliged to take myself away in case it looked like I was taking advantage. Slamming the door as I went, as I felt unaccountably annoyed.

Admittedly, not so pleasant as he spewed up most of his lunch and those expensive cocktails, spattering a good proportion of it over me. And snored in my ear when I laid him down. No - it hadn't really been my idea of a satisfactory finish to a date.

Almost twenty-four hours later (actually, twenty-one hours, thirty eight minutes) he seemed a little quiet. The dark glasses were a strange fashion choice. And he fell on the coffee like it was life saving.

Perhaps that's what they call a hangover.

I did some casual surfing of technical sites - even though I'm on most of the mailing lists, I like to see if something has just been launched on the market. Duo seemed to be struggling with the bright lights, but he was happy enough to sit beside me, sipping coffee. He put his hand on my knee. Squeezed it. It was great - I almost missed a keystroke. So he obviously hadn't minded my own fondling last night - if he remembered it, of course.

He nibbled at my ear. His hand stroked gently at the inside of my thigh. I felt my cock harden and swell - I have an idea that he was watching it through those glasses. There was a little smirk at the corners of his mouth.

Tonight was looking good!

Perhaps I did spoil it all by my 'showing off', as he said.

I mean - that's not what I intended, of course. But there was a problem at the PC beside us, and a young kid was tugging away at the cable like it was bubble gum, as if it'd just spring back. The screen was dead - he must have disconnected it somehow. I thought I'd help the café out by nipping under the table and re-setting the connections at the wall.

Duo was trying to dissuade me. He tugged me back towards our seats - he was pointing towards a notice on the wall, but I didn't have the time to discuss the latest latte prices with him, so I slid off my seat and crawled underneath. I grabbed his ankle purely to hold myself steady, and reached for the socket.

I'm always surprised at the strong smell of burning electric cable. It's unmistakeable. And there was a rather obvious flash at the wall, as well.

It was only a very small charge that hit me, luckily. Though when everyone came running over, and I poked my head out from under the table to reassure them, I couldn't help but see that Duo's expression was a little stunned. His sunglasses were off, and some of his fringe stuck out at untidy angles. I hadn't noticed that before.

Ahh.. Of course, the charge would have hit him as well, as I was hanging on to him.

He was still pointing, rather half-heartedly now, to the sign on the wall. The one that said the PC next to us was malfunctioning, and wasn't to be touched until the engineer arrived.

The kid's father was a doctor, actually, and he reckons that Duo will be fine.

Duo didn't seem all that keen to resume the stroking and nibbling after that.


Tuesday 10.30pm

"What the hell is going on with those two?" growled Wufei.

"You think I know?" sighed Quatre, turning up the volume of the TV, to drown out the slamming of the doors upstairs. "I'm trying my best to phase out the frustration that's rocketing round this house, but it's defeating even me."

"Another couple of nights gone -?"

"- and still in separate rooms, yeah," Quatre replied.

"Has Duo changed his aftershave?" mused Wufei, to no-one in particular. "There's a rather unusual new scent about him..."

"Like burnt hair," snapped Quatre. "Don't ask!"

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