Author: FancyFigures
see part 1 for warnings, notes, dislaimer

Tonight's the Night? + Part 3


Heero stood on the kerbside by the closed shops, stamping his feet to keep warm in the chilly evening. Every inch of him was tensed and waiting. He'd pushed a message under Duo's door and he'd left the house, to come straight here. He wanted some kind of neutral territory to meet - a mere street corner. He couldn't face the park - it had too many awkward memories! He folded his arms, wishing he'd brought a jacket. He had on his best pants and the purple shirt that he was sure Duo had complimented once. He'd even splashed some aftershave on, and then felt foolish. But he hadn't washed it off.

What he'd failed to remember was that the street corner he'd chosen was directly opposite the club where they'd gone last Saturday night. The shops were quiet and deserted, of course, but it was an early weekend night, and although the atmosphere inside the club wouldn't warm up for several hours yet, there was a queue already starting outside. He pressed himself back against a shop window, trying to maximise the distance to the other side of the road.

"Come on in, gorgeous!" called one of the girls there, a pretty, petite blonde. "I need a date for tonight!" There were smiles from her friends; from a couple of boys in the queue as well.

"I'm waiting for someone," he growled in reply.

"Yeah, me!" cried a cute redhead, and her friends giggled. Heero rolled his eyes. Like he hadn't heard that one before.

Then, thank God, he saw Duo. Hands in his pockets, glorious hair crammed in under a plain cap. Tight, dark denim jeans, a casual jacket zipped up against the encroaching cold. Moving down the street towards Heero with a determined, loping stride that showed he was concentrating on getting where he had to go, rather than his usual ambling, easy gait.

He drew up a few feet away. Looked fleetingly across at the club and the partygoers there, then back down at his feet.

"Hi, Heero."

"Thank you for coming, Duo," Heero said, tentatively.

"Last night. You never showed." Duo's voice was fairly calm, but in Duo, that jarred.

Heero drew a deep breath. He knew he wasn't too good at apologies. And he hadn't dared ask any more of Wufei's advice. He wasn't sure their friendship would stand much more suspense.

"I think I lost the address. I'm sorry. I never meant to leave you - leave you -" Words failed him.

Duo stared at him fiercely for a second or two. Then he sighed. "No, I guess not. And you know what? I never gave you the address in the first place. I didn't realise until later - I gave you the wrong card."

"No, it was my fault!" snapped Heero, surprised by Duo's surrender. It made him feel more uneasy than Duo's anger would have done. "I should have listened more carefully to you - asked for the name of the hotel. I should have gone with you, not stayed behind at the restaurant. I should have done a lot of things differently. It's my fault!"

"Mine too, I guess. We were - erm - sorta otherwise engaged, weren't we?" Duo had dropped his eyes again, and therefore missed the metaphoric steam that was escaping from Heero's ears. His fury at the braided baka for not listening to him!

"I searched for you...!" spluttered Heero. He was amazed at the tone of his voice. He had become more sociable since dating Duo - a tad more easy-going. There were other, subtle changes. But this tone of his tonight was almost pleading. And - astonishingly - he was damn pleased that it was. "I tried all the hotels around the restaurant -"

"You did? That's good to know." Duo smiled, very slightly. A bit sadly, too - his ploy with the false names would have scuppered that investigation. He looked up now, staring at Heero, but he was somehow shielding the emotion in his wide, cautious eyes.

Heero felt the nausea deep in his stomach, and knew that it was all over. He thinks it's a lost cause, he thought. Not worth pursuing. Duo has grown tired of me and this week of ridiculous setbacks.

He wondered how he was going to cope. Thought - with some horror - that he wasn't sure he could. He stood, virtually paralysed. People passed them by; clubbers running across the road, occasional shoppers going home; guys meeting friends. A couple of the girls from the queue were still whistling at him. People hailed cabs at the roadside; the bouncers continued to stare at the two guys who looked together, and yet not.

Heero saw none of this.

"Look - " blurted Duo, his voice uncertain in the pregnant pause. "I've gotta ask. It's eating me up. Do you still wanna date me?"

"What?" Heero thought he'd misheard.

"Do you wanna go on with this? I mean - the week's been such a pile of shit, and I don't seem to be doing you much good -"

"Of course I do!" Heero almost shouted. The bouncers shifted, menacingly. Wondering if there was going to be trouble. Heero took a step towards Duo, and found his legs weak with tension.

"It's driving me mad, Duo! I want to be near you all the time! I want to kiss you - touch you all over! No - more than that; I want to grab you here and now and rip those damn jeans off, and get you good and naked underneath me. Then I want to unzip my pants and wrap your long, tight legs round my hips and fuck you into the pavement -"

He was suddenly aware of Duo's wide, astonished eyes, and those of several of the clubbers in the entrance queue.

"I want you, Duo," he finished, lamely. He was scarlet.

"Pass him over, Duo..." moaned the redheaded girl in the queue. One of her hands was stroking gently at her breast, her eyes gazing at Heero as he gave his speech. "He's just too cute when he blushes!" Her friends giggled obediently.

"Yo, Heero." Duo seemed - amazingly - a little lost for words. "I - I thought you wanted it to be just right..."

"I do - I did! But everything just keeps going wrong, doesn't it? I wish I'd never said such a stupid, pretentious thing to you! What I really want is for it to be now - to be the right time now - and again - and again -"

"- and again -!" whistled the blonde, in the background.

"I'll take whatever's left!" called a tall, thin, dark-skinned guy. His companion slapped him across the head.

Everyone, including the bouncers, laughed and grinned. Duo was silent.

"OK," sighed Heero. "So I've fucked up. I knew it. Blame my hormones; blame the weather; blame the overwhelming desire I've got for you, and that I've been carrying in my pants for weeks now! If that upsets you, I apologise and we'll call it a day -"

"Yeah - right." Duo was breathing rather hard. He moved towards Heero - put out a hand to touch at his arm. "Perhaps we're trying too hard."

"What -?"

"I mean -" said Duo, stroking at his arm. Plucking at the fabric. "We're gonna do it regardless, aren't we? And I damn well hope we'll do it more than once! Who cares where we are - what the foreplay's been?"

"I - I -"

"I want you just as much, Heero. I wanna stop playing with you -" he leaned into the other boy's neck and whispered into his ear, "- and take everything you wanna give!"

Heero felt a glorious throbbing in his groin. Suddenly the night was a lot warmer. "You want me?"

"Yes!" whooped the girls. "Come on, sweethearts, get it on!"

"Doors open," grunted a bouncer, stepping a little to the side. No-one moved forward.

"Yeah, I want you," murmured Duo, ignoring them all. There was just his breath on Heero's neck. "Yeah - now!"

"Where?" said Heero, faintly. "I mean - on the pavement -? I didn't really mean -"

"Yeah... I guess it's a little too public..."

There were cries of "Shame! Shame!" from the queue.

"The hotel - ?"

"Too far - I can't wait that long..." hissed Duo. He was snaking an arm round Heero's waist now, his lips touching the flesh under his shirt collar. His tongue sneaked out to lick at it.

Heero thought he'd probably just come in his pants, and wouldn't that be a show for the clubbers!

"Back to the house?"

"Boo ...!" came the catcalls from across the street. There seemed to be quite a crowd now, and none of them seemed bothered about getting into the club.


The two of them were already moving back there, almost instinctively. Duo's hand was fiercely possessive on Heero's waist, and his feet were starting to retrace their steps. Heero moaned very slightly, leaning into the touch; following him gladly. Reaching his face up to Duo for more attention from the cool, full lips.

"The others -"

"Should be out," mumbled Duo. He paused long enough to slide his hand up to around Heero's neck.

"No, that was last night. I asked them to stay out last night," protested Heero. His back was arching under Duo's caress; he moulded his body up against Duo's, feeling his body heat from under the cold cloth of his jacket. Needing to get even closer than bone and flesh would allow him.

"And I asked them tonight," smirked Duo.

He paused again, pushing Heero back against the shop window. His hands were either side of Heero's face; drinking him in. He took a full, deep kiss from him, and there was a soft moan from across the road as he crushed his mouth against the other boy. Heero's mouth opened almost submissively - but the response from his lips and tongue was far from that. He pressed at Duo's chest; wriggled his hip against the other boy's groin.

"I sat there waiting for you last night - thinking about you - until I had to jerk off and sleep -"

"You jerked off for me -?" gasped Duo. Sure - he did it himself; but he'd never envisaged Heero indulging himself.

"Well, it wasn't the laptop that was on my mind!" hissed Heero. "I logged in just so's you'd see I was in, if you came back..."

"Too late. I fell asleep on that damn hotel bed, not knowing whether to come back or go look for you, or what. I never came round 'til morning. A complete disaster, wasn't it? Do we deserve that sorta luck?"

Heero moved even closer, if it were possible; hands on Duo's hips; on his thighs.

"What we deserve we are going to get tonight - OK?" His voice was rough. He pushed at Duo, to get him moving back home again. "Go!"

The two boys started to tumble their way back up the road, turning every ten yards to kiss, tangling arms around each other, missing lampposts by millimetres. A laugh could be heard in the distance, as their voices moved out of range of the club queue.

"Same time next week?" called the redhead, as the bouncer pushed her along into the club. "Is that a date, you lovely boys?"


The house certainly looked deserted. Though Heero had the wildest feeling that it wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't; he'd have taken Duo in the middle of the living room floor, in full view of all their friends, and sold extra tickets to the clubbers in town - he was desperate for him!

"Bedroom," he growled, leaving Duo barely enough time to shrug out of his jacket in the hall. They both shook off their boots and socks, and clattered up the stairs, bouncing off the wall and the banister as they groped each other, mouths reaching to kiss, hands reaching inside each other's shirts.

"Mine? Yours?" gasped Duo.

"No delays!" snapped Heero. "I have no interest as to where -"

"Yours," said Duo, quickly. He knew they'd have a few problems even getting into his, with the pile of dirty washing still waiting inside the door for attention; and then there were the empty biscuit wrappers on the bedspread, and the radio he'd taken to pieces, but was awaiting reassembly until he found the last screw that had rolled under the bed...

They fell through Heero's door, panting. He slammed the door behind them.

"Bed," he hissed. "There will be no distractions this time, Duo - I swear it!"

"Something'll go wrong, you can bet -"

"No!" replied Heero. He fell on to the bed beside Duo. They fell greedily into the kissing again - hard, desperate, hot kissing. Lips fierce and thrilling; tongues thrusting against each other's - swallowing up the tastes of each other's mouth. Heero's hands were up under Duo's shirt, and Duo clutched him hard against his chest.

The telephone rang downstairs.

Heero was groping for Duo's nipple - Duo arched in delight underneath him.

It rang again and again. No-one had turned on the answer machine.

Heero felt Duo tense. "Leave it!" he hissed.

"Could be a crisis with the others -" moaned Duo. Heero twisted his nipple particularly viciously. He yelped, and his head swam.

"Don't care," came Heero's reply, through gritted teeth. "Take this off -" He was tugging at Duo's shirt, up over his head, trapping his arms and leaving him helpless on his back. The phone stopped ringing. Duo relaxed, and let Heero strip the shirt off.

He felt the other boy's firm, fierce lips on his chest - first against one nipple, then the other. Duo loved this! Heero suckled and licked, as if he drank from them. His hand played with the one that wasn't in his mouth - then he swapped, and gave the same attention to the other side. His saliva was hot on Duo's skin; his hand barely restrained from pinching.

"How did you prepare for me, Duo?"

"Uhh -?" Duo could manage only a groan.

"Last night. You said you'd go on to the hotel, to get ready for me. What did you do? Tell me!"

Heero shifted on the bed beside Duo, and his tongue started to lap down away from his nipples, down towards his stomach. The goose bumps followed him, all the way down Duo's skin.

Duo drew in a deep and painful breath - praying this wouldn't stop. Ever!

"I - guess I just brushed my teeth like a million times... had a shower -"

"Tell me," murmured Heero, his mouth full of the tight, smooth skin of Duo's waist. "So I know what I was missing -"

"Stripped off -" gasped Duo. "Boots - socks... Shirt... pants ..."


"Nah... forgot 'em again tonight..."

Heero drew in a sharp breath. Went back to his lapping - and suckling the flesh, and nipping at it...

Duo moaned, arms flapping in confusion, trying to anticipate where Heero was going next. There was fevered breath at his waistband - fingers at the button of his jeans.

"Tied the braid up...ran the water real hot, but not so hot I was gonna be a boiled prawn when you peeled me again -"

"Oh, Duo..." groaned Heero. His groin ached at the thought.

"Poured all the gel over my hands - wanted to cover all of me, wash off the sweat and the unfamiliar smell of the room..."

"Yes... yes..."

Duo was getting into this. He lay flat back on the bed, which helped Heero get a good grip of the button of his jeans. Heero flipped it open - his hand stayed there, hovering over the zip. His mouth was low over Duo's hip. His tongue flickered out again and slid a saliva trail under the fabric, nudging it down with his nose.

"Heero - please -" Duo begged. "Take 'em off - please! It hurts like hell in here!" His cock was so swelled he was amazed he could move his legs. He could feel the denim straining over his arousal - the teeth of the zip creaking.

"Tell me more - you've only just got in the shower." Heero's voice was muffled by his work down at Duo's groin. He tugged the zip down a little way.

"Uhhh... washed my chest - shoulders...down my arms - smoothed it all up under my armpits, down my sides to my waist..."

"Your back -"

"Yeah," sighed Duo. The zip was almost down now. "Did my back, down the sides and into the dip by my ass -"

The zip came to a halt. Heero was panting - hard. Duo went on.

"And then round to my legs - lotsa gel round my knees and thighs, down between my thighs and up again to my ass... And up round the front into the hairs, need to keep 'em clean, yeah? And then got a good hold of the balls, and -"

There was nothing happening down below. Had Heero had a heart attack? Fallen asleep?

"What - what's up?"

Heero's voice was sharp. Frustrated. "Damn zip's stuck - tooth broken!"

"Fuck... It's tricky on this pair, Heero, you have to sorta wiggle it three-quarters down, or it mismatches -"

"Like I should know how to fasten your jeans!" he snapped.

There was a horrible chill over Duo's half naked body. He realised that Heero was starting to sit up.

"No!" he almost yelled. "You said no distractions! Wait up -!" He reached down and struggled with the jeans himself. They were stuck on his hips - he was slender, but the zip had only gone part way, and there wasn't enough of an opening to push them down further. He saw Heero staring at him. His dark hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat; his chest was heaving, his face was flushed. His shirt had two buttons hanging off, from their gropings so far. Duo could see a promising bulge in his lap, as he sat on the bed beside him. But there was a look of distress on his face that Duo did not want to see tonight!

"OK, no problem!" he ground out, through gritted teeth. "Here we go!" And he wrenched hard at the zip. There was a groan and a grating sound, and it ripped apart - including the seam of the jeans, all around the crotch.

"Shit..." breathed Heero.

"They'll mend," hissed Duo, wriggling them off his legs for good. He was naked now.

"Who cares?" sighed Heero. He had a full and uninterrupted view of Duo's groin, and his gently swelling, wrinkled balls. The dream that was his cock. It was erect and beckoning to him; swollen head, red, heated flesh. Rearing up between pale, muscled thighs - a splendid shaft, bedded amongst cheeky, curling hairs. Heero thought he'd died and gone to Paradise.

Duo paused, suddenly nervous. He tugged at the bedspread, perhaps to cover himself up from Heero's fascinated gaze.

"Don't you dare!" growled Heero. He glanced up and saw the flash of anxiety in Duo's expression. "Trust me, Duo. We'll help each other. It'll be OK."

"I know," murmured Duo. He lay back. He stretched his arms up above his head. His legs moved instinctively apart, and his cock bobbed impatiently on his stomach.

"Oh shit..." breathed Heero, again. "Duo - I want to - look, I want you to do me as well, but not tonight - tonight, I want to - will you let me - "

"Do whatever you want, Heero. 'Cos I'm gonna want it too."

And then he yelped with delighted shock, because Heero had gone down on him. A hot, trembling mouth had engulfed the head of his cock, and a moist, rough tongue was licking enthusiastically at his length. Almost too enthusiastically!

Duo made a strange noise that may have been words, but was definitely expressing his pleasure. Heero was encouraged - he was obviously doing it correctly! He savoured the taste in his mouth - the taste of Duo's cock. It had a tang; a very definite, delicious tang. He was angry with himself for not trying this before! He licked again, and harder - felt the engorged, velvet skin wrinkle and stretch under him, and Duo's hips bucking against his chin. He slid his tongue across the tip, feeling the little slit, and was rewarded with another few drops of pre-cum. He sucked it up, and swallowed hard.

"Jeeeez, Heero, that's so - so - " The last manoeuvre sent Duo right to the very edge. He thrashed about on the bed, grabbing at Heero's hair, torn between pushing him further down on to his cock and dragging him back, because it felt so very, very, fucking good that he thought he might come any second, like there was no savouring of it, it was just immediately, brilliantly explosive, like now, now, now -!

Heero gargled something that sounded like 'Duo!' and his lips tightened around the throbbing cock, and Duo arched high on the bed, yelling. The world was made of white light and red and yellow fireworks, it seemed, and then he came like he'd never come before, cum exploding out of him like a dam bursting - all into Heero's shocked and convulsively swallowing mouth.

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