Author: FancyFigures
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Tonight's the Night? + Part 4

When the noise died down, and Duo stopped thrashing, Heero sat back on his heels. He wiped his hand across his mouth, leaking with threads of Duo's hot seed. He drew a deep - very deep breath.

"Hey..." he said, quietly.

"Christ, I'm sorry!" Duo almost sobbed. How long had it been - like, forty five seconds? Tops! What sort of sex session was that for two healthy, horny teenagers? "I couldn't hold it - I was way, way too excited -"

"Doesn't matter," sighed Heero. His eyes were still ranging over Duo's naked body as it twitched and relaxed its way back down from its impossibly fantastic orgasm. He was still almost completely clothed.

Duo was still moaning with embarrassment. "It was a real disappointment to you, I know, I'll make it up to you, I swear, just don't go yet -"

"It's my room," Heero reminded him, dryly.

"Oh yeah, so it is. Let me stay, Heero, let me do you -"

"I'm not throwing you out." Heero leaned forward and whispered into his ear. "I'm not finished yet."

"Christ, Heero, thank God -!"

"Can I have it back, then?"

"Huh?" Duo was uncomprehending. His legs ached, his cock still throbbed with delicious memories, and he wasn't sure his jaw was wired back on straight. Words seemed to evade him.

"Have what back?"

"My hair," sighed Heero.

Duo looked down at his hands, and found one of them was clutching a chunk of dark, soft hair. He looked up at Heero's head, still not really understanding. He saw the slightly depressed area above Heero's left ear. He looked back down at his hand, and slowly unwrapped the clenched fingers. He had indeed been way, way too excited!

"Oh shit!"

"It'll grow back I guess," said Heero.

Duo's apology started fast and low and became fast and loud, and Heero had to slap a hand across his mouth to shut him up.

"That's enough! Yes, I forgive you! No, I don't want you to get out - no, what I actually want..."

Duo's eyes gaped over the top of his hand, eloquent with promises of whatever he wanted; eternal wealth - world peace - the solar system in a basket -

" for you to make it up to me. Just like you said. Now."

Slowly, he took his hand away. Duo was silent with anticipation. Heero touched gently at Duo's mouth; a wide, generous, expressive mouth, with lips swollen from their aggressive, delicious kissing. He ran a hand down the other boy's chest, a little slick now with sweat. Flicked at a nipple, which burst up in response. Ran the fingertips on down, across the flat stomach, watching the muscles clench with pleasure as he touched them. Down to the strong, slim thighs, nestling the half-erect cock. Thighs that were damp with sweat and the remains of his cum.

"You - you want me to suck you off -?" whispered Duo. His eyes sparked with excitement again.

Heero didn't answer. He slid his hand down under the cock, under the balls. The skin of the sac shifted to his touch, the cock nodded a hello to its new lover. It could be tempted again for this guy... Duo opened his legs again. Felt the softest of touches against his ass. Stroking, searching for the hole. He sighed, gently.

"It's good, Heero. You - want that?"

Heero took hold of Duo's chin and turned his face so that they were only inches apart, eyes locked together. His other hand stayed between the other boy's cheeks. Still searching for the puckered flesh.

"Duo...I want it so bad, I can't feel anything except the throbbing in my groin. To have you here - like this - letting me touch you -"

"Man, you can touch me all you want," groaned Duo. He moved deliberately, drawing up his knees, so that his ass was tilted up a little, and Heero could look down and see his fingers, playing around the entrance.

"Shit..." Heero said. His expression went blank with shock.

"You just gonna keep saying that?" murmured Duo, teasingly. "I kinda want you to start some action soon, instead..."

Heero's caresses paused.

"What?" cried Duo. "What's the matter?"

"Just waiting..."

"What for, for God's sake?"

Heero looked slowly round the room, then back to Duo. His pupils were very large, almost filling his irises. The eyes said desire - they said heat, and greed and want, and it was all for Duo. He started to roll up the hem of his shirt - folding his arms to peel it off over his head.

"Just waiting for the wall to fall down - or the bed to collapse - or the carol singers to arrive, demanding donations."

"It's August..."

"I know!" snapped Heero. "But something's got to go wrong, hasn't it? I'm not going to be allowed to fuck you like I've wanted to for so long, am I? Not the way our week has been going..."

"Say that again," said Duo.


"Say that again - about wanting to fuck me!"

Heero grinned. "I want to fuck you, Duo Maxwell. I have sat through a week of complete chaos and misunderstanding and misery - all because I want you, and only you! I want to be with you - I want to share with you - and -"

"- last but by no means least -" whispered Duo.

" - I want to fuck you. I want to be your first. I want you to be mine. Isn't that how it should go?"

Duo placed his hands on Heero's bare chest.

"Oh yeah, Heero. That's how it should go. Make sure it does, eh?"

The heat seemed to be enveloping them again. Without any further words, Duo knelt up and helped Heero wriggle out of his own pants and boxers. As Heero leant down to peel them off his ankles, Duo clasped him round the waist, and rested his head on his shoulder. Heero leaned back into him, relishing the touch of bare skin on skin, feeling every pulse of Duo's heart against his back, every gentle pressure of his fingers on his abdomen.

"Turn round..." whispered Duo.

Heero knelt up himself, and turned to face the other boy. For a few minutes, they just stared at each other's body. They blushed, they grinned. Duo stuck out his tongue, trying to test the mood. Heero rolled his eyes in barely patient tolerance. But the passion didn't cool.

"It's a damn big one, Heero," Duo said. His heart was speeding up now. The moment was approaching fast. The moment! There was a thin film of sweat starting up on his thighs. He moistened his lips; saw Heero watching the tip of his tongue flickering around his suddenly dry mouth.

"What -? Me?"

"Your cock. Is it gonna fit?"

"Christ, I don't know..." groaned Heero. Stared down at his lap. Like he was really considering it as a problem. Duo laughed softly.

He leant forward, and kissed him gently. Then, not so gently. "Baka..." he murmured.

"Duo..." Heero groaned.

They fell back on the bed, together, arms clinging, tongues battling for prime place. Duo pushed Heero over on to his back and lay against him, rubbing his rapidly hardening cock against Heero's own erection. It was weeping soft, sticky pre-cum; it slicked seductively across their stomachs. Heero panted loudly - Duo moaned in response. He pulled his lips away from Heero's for long enough to bring the other boy's hand to his mouth. He sucked hard on the middle fingers, dripping warm saliva over them; soaking them as best he could. Then he stretched one of his long legs over Heero's hip, and guided Heero's hand back towards his ass.

"OK..." he murmured. "Restart game..."

Heero pressed his finger into him.

Duo yelped.

"Stretch me," groaned Duo. "Come on - you're not hurting me. I want it!"

Fingers two and then three slid in, probing gently then more enthusiastically. Heero could feel his temperature rising; his throat constricting. His fingers were clenched tight in Duo's hot channel - it was soft and damp, and sucked him in as if it were hungry for him. He hoped that were true. He probed in further - he reached, tentatively, for the sweet spot that he'd been told was there somewhere.

Duo yelped again. But this time he jerked away from Heero, on to his back, and his eyes were wide with shock. Heero followed, leaning over him, fingers wriggling back in, because he didn't think he could bear to let him go now.

"Oh yeah!" gasped Duo. "I don't know what the hell that was, but you'd better not stop doing it, or I go buy extra chillies again!"

Heero continued to fuck him with his fingers - gently, fiercely, slow, fast. Duo's head was shaking now, thrown from side to side against the sheets below him. His mouth was wide; he gave huge, gasping cries as they moved together. Heero dipped to kiss him - hard, seeking to fill that gorgeous mouth with his tongue, and Duo grabbed at him, nearly pulling him down flat against him.

"Heero, do it, for God's sake! I want more than your fingers in me!"

Heero shifted on the bed, and knelt between Duo's straining thighs. They both stared at his cock - rearing up, aching. Red, hot and wet with his need. Begging for sanctuary inside Duo. Duo pulled himself up on his elbows; lifted his knees to expose the way in. It was as blunt an invitation as anyone would ever give. Heero's heart was threatening to pound its way out of his chest.

"Need - something else - lubrication -" he groaned.

"Doesn't matter -" hissed Duo.

"Does!" snapped Heero.

"Not gonna - stop - now!" moaned Duo. "Jeans - pocket - left pocket - quick!"

Heero looked round wildly, found the pile of ripped denim half on the bed, and dragged it over to him. He scrabbled around in the pocket, hauled something out.

"Ketchup sachet?" he gasped.

"Noo!" shrieked Duo. "And don't even think about the mayo! Other pocket!"

Heero scrabbled again, and found the almost-empty complimentary bottle of shower gel from the hotel. With shaking hands, he squirted what was left out on to his palms. He gently stroked it up and down his cock. Looked at Duo, as if to ask for permission to go further. Duo's heavy breathing was answer enough. He wriggled up close to the braided boy's body, open in aching welcome.

He paused again. Duo could feel the soft, wet, fierce tip at his hole.

"Any more crises, Duo? Is the bed safe? It's going to take some action. I'm not going easy now. Not this time."

Duo just stared at him, eyes bright and feverish. "Just fuck me, Heero. Fast! However you like!"

Heero took firm hold of Duo's outstretched thighs, and he started to push on in. Duo's eyes widened even further - his mouth opened, then closed. His hands clenched and unclenched. Heero watched it all, terrified and thrilled and more excited than he'd ever thought he could be. He pushed on; no sounds but his grunts and Duo's gasps. On and on, until he was fully into him.

"Did you hear - the carol singers?" gasped Duo.

"Hn? They wouldn't dare -?"

"Joke!" hissed Duo, and clutched at Heero's hips to hold him tight inside him. He wriggled to get more comfortable, wincing slightly. "Something's singing, but I think it's in my head...!"

Heero agreed - his senses seemed to be magnified. The air was bright around him; he could taste Duo in his mouth - feel him on his skin. It was the most fantastic feeling he could ever have imagined; his cock was tight up inside Duo, and the sides were pressing and massaging it like no hand ever could.

He tried to move in and out slowly, so as not to harm Duo, but within seconds, he realised that it was - frankly - impossible to continue that way. He just wanted to pound - to thrust into him, to haul Duo's body up and down underneath him; to force those smooth, bony hips down hard on to the bed, and feel the muscled legs clenching round his own hips; fucking like a single, combined, delicious animal!

So he did. And Duo moved - eagerly - with him. Eventually.

"Ow - no - you go first, then I'll move - with you - oh God -"

"My leg - it's cramped - no - oh, shit -"

"Stop saying that, Heero - I - yes, yes, that's it, that's - the rhythm - oh - fuck - yess!"

Heero had only a groan for reply. Duo - of course - had more words.

"Jeez, Heero - I never thought it'd - be so - good -"

"Can't - hold it - much longer -" grunted Heero. "You're - it's - fantastic -"

Fact was, thought Duo, he couldn't think straight at all! The discomfort had passed frighteningly quickly, and all he could feel was the size and the heat of Heero inside him, and the fabulous sliding in and out. He was conscious of Heero's balls slapping tightly against his ass as he moved. And - best of all - there was the gorgeous sight of his own Heero Yuy in the throes of ecstasy, right there above him! And whilst he wanted Heero in him for - like - ever, and he'd never thought he could come again like he did earlier with Heero's hot mouth sucking him off; no, now he knew that he could, and he would, and his whole body was desperate for its release.

"Touch me, Heero!" he gasped. "Jerk me off - I need to come with you -"

"Never - works like that - in real life -" grunted Heero, heaving up and down on the prone figure underneath him, revelling in the warm, slippery skin against him. But his hand reached unerringly for Duo's aching, over-sensitive cock, and fisted tightly around it.

Duo was again amazed that he felt as ready for climax as he had done only a while before. Heero's strong fingers massaged him - his palm was still smooth with the remains of the gel, and he slicked the pre-cum all around the head; he pumped in time with the thrusts into Duo's body, and they both strained together.

Probably not much more than forty five seconds this time - if we're counting! was Duo's last coherent, yet irreverent thought.

"Yesss!" shrieked Duo.

"Oh shit -!" yelled Heero.

Their heads went back, their senses deserted them, and they climaxed, one after another. Duo felt the wet warmth of Heero's seed pumping up into him, and his fingers gripping too tightly on his hips, just as his cock bucked almost out of Heero's hand, and spewed cum up between the pair of them, spreading over their stomachs even as they jerked against each other.

They fell back, moaning into each other's mouths; two sweaty, writhing bodies, covered in cum and still shaking from their mutual orgasms; clutching each other tightly, as if they were afraid everything would end; falling hard on to the mattress.

There was a dreadful crash beside the bed.

"What -?" moaned Duo, blearily.

"My laptop -" came Heero's muffled reply.

"Oh shit -!"

"No! No!" Heero stopped Duo sitting up, his hands fiercely strong on his shoulders. "No distractions, OK?" He stared at him, fiercely. His hair stuck out awkwardly, especially round the thinner patch that Duo had created earlier. His mouth was red from kissing - he'd bitten through his lip as he'd tried to control his ecstasy. When he looked down on Duo, he could see that boy's wild eyes - the red marks on his body where they'd stuck to each other, or where Heero had unwittingly pinched him. In fact, to anyone else, both of them would have looked like they'd gone four rounds in the ring, or been dragged through a hedge backwards. Or rather, been well and truly fucked! But to each other, each one looked like the best thing on earth.

"You - you're not bothered about it, Heero?"

"I'm more bothered by you," came the husky reply.

"You sure it'll mend, lover?"

"It'll mend, lover..." sighed Heero. "Kiss me again."

"But let me help, I can reach it from here -" persisted Duo. "And we've both finished -"

"Who says?" hissed Heero, with an evil grin that Duo had never seen before. "We need more practice, don't we? Like I said, kiss me again!"


SUNDAY - 11.30AM

Wufei, Quatre and Trowa all sat at breakfast. Well, it was several hours past breakfast, actually, but they seemed reluctant to clear away and get on with the day's business. Two extra placings of crockery sat on the table. Neither had been touched.

Each one looked around at the others.

"Are they going to come out at all?" asked Quatre, eventually. "It will be lunchtime soon. Doesn't Duo need his food regularly?"

"Someone's made sandwiches in the night..." mused Trowa, as he got up, finding the buttered knife stuck under his foot, and crumbs all over the floor. "Hurriedly, it seems."

"I wouldn't mind if they would just keep the noise down!" growled Wufei. He had both hangover and splitting headache. He'd staggered back from the bar last night with Quatre, in the small hours, but he'd refused to camp out on the park bench again. However, they'd been pleased - and a little amazed - to see both Heero and Duo were back, and the small trail of discarded clothes on the stairs told an even more promising story.

Then he'd spent an hour with a pillow over his head, trying to sleep through their increasingly noisy lovemaking!

"What's this?" asked Trowa. He was still trying to catch up on the progress of this last week. "There's a clump of hair in the bin. Looks like Heero's!"

Quatre looked at Wufei, and Wufei glared back.

There were noises starting up again from upstairs. Second time this morning alone. And not the noises of a pair of guys getting up for a respectable lunchtime meal with their friends and colleagues.

Trowa cleared his throat rather loudly. "And no-one answered the phone last night. I thought I should let you all know when I was returning."

More glares between the others.

"It's been an - eventful week, Trowa," sighed Quatre. "It's lucky you arrived back in the small hours. Otherwise you might have been yet another obstacle to their seduction, and earned us another day of slammed doors!"

"Lucky he heard the noises from Heero's room and knew to keep out of the way, more like!" came Wufei's jaded reply.

"What's been going on?" asked Trowa, bewildered.

"Heero and Duo..." began Quatre.

".. have had some difficult times trying to seduce each other," sighed Wufei. "Despite our invaluable help! Their luck has been - let's say - of the worst kind!"

There was a muffled thump from upstairs, as if someone had fallen out of bed, and a loud, raucous laugh. Trowa raised an expressive eyebrow.

"And now their luck has turned?"

"Yeah..." sighed Quatre. Wondered when it would be safe to go back upstairs and use the bathroom without embarrassment.

"Yeah!" snapped Wufei. He thought he'd probably left his aspirins in Heero's room last week. That put them effectively out of bounds for some considerable time, judging by the rhythmic rocking that was starting up again upstairs.

They all went out to lunch instead.


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