Author: FancyFigures
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Common Sense (or Gimme 5) + Part 2

I think I may have passed out or maybe it was just that damned sleepiness again. One minute I'm gripping Heero round the neck and pressing his wet, cum-spattered lips to my shuddering belly next minute there are smooth, firm hands at my own shoulders, pressing at the knotted muscles there.

I nearly leap out of the bed! They aren't Heero's hands, you see. His are still attached to his arms, and those are still wrapped around my thighs as he lies half on, half off the bed.

"Who -? What the fuck -?"

"Lie back, Maxwell," comes a gruff command. "I'm damned good at this, as you should know but I can't work with you chattering and leaping about."

Wufei. Wufei? "I didn't hear you come into the room, Chang."

He doesn't dignify my squawk with a reply. He's standing at the side of the bed by my head, rubbing his hands together, slowly and carefully. He seems to be spreading oil into his palm; it shines on his dark skin, the small glimmers of light in the room reflecting in its droplets. There's a warmth in the air around him.

My sense of smell is also returning with a vengeance, it seems. That, or I just warped into some exotic rock star's bathroom. "What's that stuff? Smells..."

"Good?" That's Heero's voice a soft, low murmur that sends aftershocks through my groin.

"It's Egyptian massage oil," says Wufei. "You need to relax, Maxwell. You said you liked this treatment, especially. You found it..." His hands are back on my shoulders, and kneading the oil gently into my neck, "... stimulating."

I did? I mean I did, but that was a long time ago. A time I didn't think he and I were gonna talk about any more. At least, not in front of Heero. My eyes flicker to my lover I can only see his dark head; feel his breath on my thighs. It's hot and dry, like a summer noon time.

"How long have you been here, Wufei?" Long enough to see Heero undress for me? Long enough to see his exquisite blowjob? The shadow against my wall is dark and deep deep enough for two men, and I might not notice. I'm unnerved suspicious. But I can't help but relax back on to my mattress the guy's hands are very persuasive. I'm feeling rather warm inside. And bemused. "Tell me..."

"Hush your mouth," he says, in that low, sexy rumble that he has. "This is a massage, not a chat room. Let the smells infuse your body. You feel too tense you feel weak from your illness." His hands slide into the hollows of my throat, and along the bones of my ribcage, smoothing over my bare, goose pimpled skin. Then his head dips quickly to my ear, his dark ponytail whipping mischievously against my cheek. "You feel damned good, Duo," he hisses. "Just like you always did!"

Something inside me groans. Something outside me whimpers I can't hold it back. 'Let the smells infuse your body', he says. Like I could stop them! My whole body feels aromatic feels enriched. His hands knead and stretch, all across my torso and arms; his breath inhales and expels with the movements. It's not just the oil that's affecting me the smell is oozing from Wufei's whole body. A thick, rich fragrance, of masculinity and physical confidence and grade A sensuality.

It's more than gorgeous it's consuming me.

They say that smell is your most vivid sense, don't they?

Vivid. Sumptuous. Engorged.

Well, something is.


So I'm hard again! I'm also fucking embarrassed. It's only Heero's head that's obscuring the evidence, and that's only for a limited time - soon my buoyant cock is going to be nudging at his nose. If he moves off my lap, he'll see how aroused I am by Wufei's work, and he'll be pissed, I'm sure.

It's inevitable, of course. Just as I think it, he moves off my lap, and stands up. My cock now springs up, hot and damp and stimulated by something and someone - other than my regular lover.

"Look, Heero..." I'm back to the squeaking again. "This isn't what you think. It's the smells, I think they're pretty rich "

"Isn't what I think?" He's staring at my lap again. Like I wish he wouldn't do that it doesn't help with the self-control issue. "But you like Wufei, don't you?"

Like? What's not to like? Man's a sex god. Tall, strong, broad torso like steel plate. Butt like two scoops of hazelnut ice cream. Touch like an avenging angel...

"Sort of," I gasp. "He's our friend, after all."

Heero reaches back down to me and rests his hands on my outstretched thighs. At the same time, I'm wishing that Wufei wouldn't do that thing that he does with his fingers. That last little swipe of a touch, just at the end of his massaging stroke. That tease of fingertips, just a little bit too close to the flesh underneath my navel...

"No, no, Duo. It's far more than that. Don't be coy, now. That's not the Duo I've been listening to all week, is it?"

"What do you mean?" I'm feeling kinda nervous here. Horny, yes but wary. Someone seems to have fed my familiar Heero with Loss-of-Inhibition pills. Those damned aliens...

Heero bends his head and gazes down at me with those liquid chocolate eyes. Wufei has his hands at my waist, on the way down. Heero has his hands at my thighs, and they seem to be on a corresponding path up. When they meet in the middle I have no idea how I'm going to keep my voice below an anguished shriek.

"I know you spent some personal time with Wufei, Duo. Don't bother denying it. You told it all in your fever."

"I didn't I... What do you mean - personal? What do you mean, all?" I twist my head and glare up at Wufei. What's he been telling Heero? The man's eyes are very dark, and very amused. And very provocative. Do I remember him taking off his shirt? Or his pants, for that matter? I can feel the heat from his naked body that's nothing to do with scented oils.

Between him and Heero, I'm slipping into Bizarre County. It's one delicious highway.

Wufei laughs, very softly. "Please, Duo, I'm just glad that you remember it so fondly and so well! Well enough to describe in your sleep some of the very best highlights of those few weeks we spent. It was a good time, Maxwell. A great time! It was an honour to be able to show you what fun there was to be had with another man. I was pleased that you chose me to begin your experiences."

Not exactly chose,I think, a flush rising up through my body. I was just mad to get going on the whole sex thing, and Wufei was so obviously reeking with the stuff, with plenty to spare...

I catch his eye again. I grin can't help it! "It was great, wasn't it?"

"You were a fine student," he hisses again in my ear. And there's that thing again, his hands slipping underneath my ass, I can feel a finger slipping greedily between my buttocks, making me arch up against Heero's grip. "Aptitude. Application. Conscientiousness. Enthusiasm..."

I think I can hear Heero chuckling, but that can't be right!


A twinge of concern attacks me, and I turn quickly back to face my lover. I am enjoying this way too much. "But Heero - this was long before you and I, y'know? It was just fun..."

Heero slides on to the bed beside me now, rolling me gently on to my side and slightly away from him, like we're spooning. Wufei moves around at the side of the bed, so that he's facing me. He's stopped that massage thing for the moment my shivering nerves are in mourning. Heero murmurs into my ear, nestled up against my back, and now I know I can hear the chuckle in his voice. "Do you think I'm jealous, Duo? Distressed? Angry, that you slept with one of our friends that you had a past sexual experience with them?"

"Didn't sleep much..." murmurs Wufei.

"It's fine, Duo," Heero reassures. "I told you I'm just glad that at last you can be honest with me, and we can share the enjoyment to the full. It's all part of your history, Duo it's all made you what you are now."

Wufei is kneeling on the floor and reaching his long arms over to my hips, tugging me towards him. Feels like Heero may be pushing me, too, from the other direction. "What you are now, Maxwell," growls Wufei, "is damned delicious..."

"I don't resent it," sighs Heero, behind me. He's still in that nurse's dress, but his legs are bare and hot, and one of his knees is nudging my legs apart. My ass rests back on his lap, and I can feel the hot column of flesh between his legs the costume budget doesn't seem to have stretched as far as underwear. His hands are stroking at my buttocks, parting them, teasing a fingertip at my entrance. Muscles flex my ass sings a wanton tune for him. I have as much self control as a child with a handful of candy. I can almost smell the butterscotch flavour.

His voice is very soothing. "I don't resent it one bit, Duo. I care for you just as much as before. It excites me, to tell you the truth. Maybe we can share that excitement."

"Share -?"

Round at the front of my body, Wufei seems to be talking to me from somewhere south of my groin region. Now my cock is nudging at his nose, and damned eagerly, too. "I'd love to have you again, Duo. I want to do it again. Do you again."

"What?" I gasp, half laughing, half hysterical. "With Heero here?"

Wufei's head comes up a little, and I can't see anything but passion in his pupils. He flickers a look at Heero, over my shoulder. Heero's hands tighten on my hips. I can see Wufei's smile I can feel Heero's on the skin of my shoulder blades. They seem to be sharing some private joke.

"Yes, with Heero here," grins Wufei. "With Heero, in fact."


Wufei doesn't bother explaining any further; his mouth is now occupied with sliding greedily down my happily rejuvenated erection. I groan I put a hand back to grasp at Heero.

"You don't mind, Heero?" I'm panting, softly. "You just gonna watch?"

"What do you think, Duo?" he hisses in reply. He reaches a hand around me to the front, and tugs gently at Wufei's hair. The man slides his mouth off my cock with something like reluctance, and lifts his head. I watch in stunned amazement as he kneels up on the bed in front of me and bends over my shoulder. Heero lifts his head too, and reaches his mouth up towards Wufei's. His tongue slips out to lick at the other guy's lips. Here I am, sandwiched between the two of them as their tongues thrust into each other's mouth; as they swap saliva, savouring it like nectar. As Wufei gasps with pleasure and Heero grunts with the same.

I've never seen Heero kiss anyone else.

It's fucking hot!

The aroma of the oil is strong in my nostrils; the sight of the two guys locked at the lips is way beyond erotic. Heero gives a soft, panting sound that I don't recognise from whenever I've kissed him.

But hey I can be generous, too.

They break at last, and Wufei slides back off the bed to kneel at my groin again. His lips are puffy from kissing Heero and there's a drop of spit glistening at the corner of his mouth. I can feel my own mouth open, and my tongue reach to moisten it; I want to kiss him, too. He knows it he grins at me.

"Later," he whispers. "Plenty of time. You smell of need, Duo you smell of hunger, too. Mine."

They move in on me like they synchronised watches somewhere along the line. Wufei's mouth slides back down on me and his hand slips under my balls, fondling them and tugging them gently towards him. Exposing the skin behind them. Heero takes over from there fingertips stroking at that skin, thumb teasing at my entrance again, slick with saliva or some kind of gel that his devious hands have had access to. When his finger slips into me, I gasp. Wufei's mouth tightens on me, like he's smiling.

I can smell rich, oiled flesh I can smell shampoo and soap and linen and cloth, and the heavy sweetness of welling seed.

Wufei's hand reaches up to my thigh with his free hand and tugs my upper leg to a bent position he draws it forward, opening my ass to Heero behind me. My eyelids feel heavy again, and I gaze down on the dark, shining head bobbing at my crotch. I can feel Heero's breath on my back, and smell its warm fruitiness. He gives that cute little grunt as his cock nudges at me as he thrusts up inside me.

God... So much hotter; so much thicker; so much more satisfying than fingers! I lie there on my side whilst their hands and lips and bodies run all over me. Heero thrusts up into me with an abandon that he's never shown me before; Wufei sucks and lavishes attention at my groin, the slick muscles of his body flexing as he holds my legs in place so that all three of us can move comfortably together.

When I come, I find that anguished shriek far too ready to escape. The feeling's so damned rich so sharp! I slam my hips forward, seeking sanctuary in Wufei's hot, sheathing mouth. He coughs gently and swallows everything I produce, the hot, thick stuff coating his tongue. At the same time, I feel Heero tense behind me, and his hands grow fiercer on me. One last thrust and he swells inside me. "Duo..." he groans. "So very, very good..."

He crushes up tightly against me he cries out with a most uncharacteristic enthusiasm. I can feel the throbbing inside me, and the soft wet seed pumping into me. There's a new perfume, all around us, full of sweat and skin and passion spent.

As Heero relaxes against me, panting, I can feel the delicious exhaustion all along my stretched limbs. The room seems even darker than before, and I feel a lassitude creep over me again. Guess this night is just one long catalogue of surrenders...


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