Author: FancyFigures
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Common Sense (or Gimme 5) + Part 3

It's about now I suspect that either I'm hallucinating again, or there's yet another person in the room with us. That damned shadow by the wall is becoming more of a Chamber of Secrets by the minute. The laugh that ripples out from its depths is low and rich. I know it well.

"Trowa!" I can only manage a gasp the bed's creaking underneath our combined weight. I've got cramp in my lower leg, Heero's cock is tickling as it shrinks very deliciously inside me, and Wufei is still nuzzling the sweaty hairs of my pubic area.

The brunette-haired man appears behind Wufei with a wide grin on his face. He looks a little flushed guess the entertainment has done that for him. "Hell of a noise you make, Duo!" he grins. "But then you've never been backward in coming forward."

"...never been backward in coming..." murmurs Wufei. He licks quickly at his sticky lips, and stands up. Trowa moves to his side and I waste only a second in idle wonderment that his clothes also seem to have gone the way of all flesh. Then I lean gently back against Heero's tight, temporarily sated body, and let him fold his strong arms round me. And I watch the other two with undisguised pleasure.

Wufei's eyes are glinting again, and his own arousal is an impressive, impatient thing to behold. When he takes hold of Trowa's waist, the gesture is familiar Trowa leans into him like they've been here a number of times before. I hear Heero's breath catch slightly his lips ghost against my neck, but I know his eyes are also on the others.

Trowa catches my gaze he's still smiling. Even as he takes a hold of Wufei's chin even as he turns the man's face to him, and kisses him soundly. Very soundly. I can hear the licking of his lips the satisfying suck of their tongues together. In fact, my sense of hearing appears to be returning, too. No longer any buzzing in my ears no longer any distortion of the panting and gasping in the room. Everything is crystal clear, and twice as provocative.

Wufei sighs; he moans a little, and presses himself up against Trowa's body. I lick my lips and wriggle against Heero.

"You like Trowa too, Duo." It's a statement from Heero not a question. Just a murmur in my ear. I flush.

"So you know that, too? It was just a bit of a crush, Heero. Just a couple of weeks, no more." People like to be around Trowa he has that kinda charisma. Not like I was stalking him, was it? OK, so maybe I did for a while...

It had the required effect. My memory is smug.

Heero nods gently at my words and levers himself out from underneath my limp body. "It's understandable, Duo. Trowa is very hot."

I let Heero roll off the bed, leaving me flat out on my back. We both look at the man in question, and his caressing of Wufei. 'Hot', Heero says. Hell, you have to tell me that? Trowa is slim and lithe and moves like a cat. A dangerous one. His smile is slow and downright lascivious; his eyes lock on to yours like you're the only one he's ever really wanted to meet. But it's Trowa's voice that's so seductive his wit his dry, cynical sharpness. Heero has a voice that makes my heart shiver; Wufei's is deep and like an animal. But Trowa's cuts into you and makes you shudder. He makes you answer complain protest. He makes you listen to what he says - makes you feel shocked; excited; disturbed.

Like I told him once, he makes you want to fuck.

Like I needed much persuasion at that time. He'd smiled and slipped a hand round my neck and that was that. Umm... is that another thing I've been talking about in my sleep?

Heero is moving slowly to join them, his hands reaching out to stroke at Trowa's skin. The three heads look good together Wufei breaks from kissing Trowa to nip at Heero's mouth instead. Then Trowa reaches for Wufei's ponytail and pulls him away. He turns his own head to Heero's and dips down that extra inch of height to thrust his tongue between Heero's lips.


Then he leaves the two others touching to come and kneel on the bed beside me. He's a hot man, all right. Hotter than a blade. Hotter than the heat that's whimpering between my legs again. Can't remember when I last asked so much of my private parts. I glance at Heero to see Wufei's hand at his ass. My lover catches my eye and smiles at me. Just for me. A twist of Wufei's wrist and a flex of his shoulder muscles, and Heero's eyes glaze over, no longer seeing me clearly. He groans and clutches at Wufei's shoulder. Preparation's a bitch.

"You are delicious, Duo," sighs Trowa, calling my attention back. His lips press to my chest his tongue flips at my nipple so that it springs to attention. "Shut your eyes."


"Let me talk to you let me tell you what you want. What I want. Listen to me listen to my voice. That's what you always admired in me, wasn't it?"

Amongst other things. I must still be feeling kinda weak, because I don't often do 'obedient'. But I shut my eyes. I can hear his soft breath on my skin; hear the wet laving of his tongue. The restriction of my other senses seems to heighten my hearing. Although Trowa always was a master of sound and its sensuality.

"Are you listening, Duo?" His tone is very low. I think I can hear Heero's gasp in the background and I want to open my eyes and watch him again. But I don't. Trowa is very persuasive. "Listen to them, Duo. Just that. Let me describe how they are together. How we can all be together."

"Uhmnhmm." The prehistoric tribe is still waiting for my words of wisdom. "You've always been one for the finer points -" I sigh.

Trowa chuckles.

"Of language, I mean," I protest. But I smile in return. "Always said you could fuck me in twenty-five dialects "

"I would if you let me," whispers his rich voice. His mouth is moving around it's at the sensitive skin of my underarm, licking gently.

"I mean you can say it -"

"And you can listen, Duo. You were such fun, I liked to see your eyes when I spoke to you. The dirty talk. The sex talk. And I liked the way you teased me back scorned me when I ranted took my words and picked out only the ones you had time for. Turned it all back and provoked me."

"Trowa..." It's Heero's voice. "He's good, Duo. He has the best imagination of us all. But you know that, don't you?"

The click of a lock opening. The snap of plastic by my ear the hiss of silken fabric. The sudden low hum of something battery operated. Guess I'd missed seeing Trowa's briefcase of tricks in that all-consuming shadow by the wardrobe. Parts of my body shiver with anticipated joy.

"Any time you feel awkward, Duo, just say." Heero doesn't make it sound like a question. "But from what you've been saying, I think you've enjoyed plenty of this before..."

My sigh is one of rampant pleasure, as Trowa's hand presses its fingertips against my belly. I like the edge of excitement in Heero's voice. Like he's biting back a laugh. The bed rocks slightly as he joins us, and I can smell him at my pillow. Can't tell if he's sitting or lying beside me he doesn't touch.

But Trowa does. "Listen to me, Duo. Like you used to. The layers of sound the panting the gasping. Do you hear it? Wufei is very impatient... Heero is greedy for you. Remember what I'd say; come with me, Duo; take the strain, Duo; hands up if you want to join in, Duo..." he laughs softly. Everything has two meanings with Trowa. There's something cool and slick that's humming along the inside of my thigh. "While I'm down here..." he murmurs. A trail of something soft and silken rubs under my balls, making them crinkle and bounce. A hand probes carefully under them, tugging hairs aside, and a long, slim dildo slips into me.


Trowa is humming moaning, almost melodically. I start to wriggle on the toy, drawing it in, seeking its friction. Trowa's voice is slipping round my consciousness like liquid chocolate; it's seeping through me like hot breath. "He's behind me now, Duo, Wufei is there and he's touching me just as I like. His fingers are doing the walking, looking for entertainment, looking for a local beauty spot ahhh - he wants to play some ball games it seems..."

I arch up can't believe I'm so hard again, so quickly. I can hear Heero's breathing in my ear; I note the quiet click inside the alarm clock as it turns over its flap, recording the next minute. I can hear the gentle creak of the mattress the clatter of the empty water glass on the bedside table. Wufei grunts with satisfaction I'm sure I can hear the sucking wetness of a gelled finger, moving in and out of Trowa's ass.

"Heero's enjoying the show, Duo. But that nurse's dress has got to go. It's doctor's orders. And now..." he gasps a laugh. There's a ripping sound like tearing cloth. "And now it's gone! He's giving me all his attention now, Duo. He very alert today he's making quite a point a delicious point, indeed." There are more depressions in the bed, some assorted laughter, and I think Heero lies down beside me. I can feel his hip against mine, though he seems to be on his belly. There's the sound of saliva catching in a throat the rasp of a tongue against tight skin.

"We're making him ready for you, Duo." I can hear Trowa's deep swallow. There's the squeak of a damp palm dragged across the cheek of an ass. The throbbing of the dildo inside me increases in speed and I yelp gently. "Just doing you a favour, Duo. You heard it from my own lips though these best wishes don't necessarily involve words. He's only got eyes for, you, Duo, more's the pity."

There's a noise of complaint from Wufei and a laugh from Trowa. The bed rocks and the mattress bounces back up, as if they both get off.

"Let me open my eyes," I growl. "I wanna see him "

"You'll have the best view in the house..." hisses Trowa's voice, and a hand grabs at my wrist. He hauls me off the bed until I'm standing, rather disorientated, then I'm twisted and pushed gently against the wall. I can hear the slap of flesh all round me feel the draught from bodies moving into place. "Open up, Duo!" sighs Trowa. "Seek, and you'll find! Seek, and you'll fuck -!"


I open my eyes and now I see Heero beside me, face to the wall, body bent out slightly, his bare ass raised. He's panting. He's looking up at me from under his outstretched arms and his eyes are glazed over.

He doesn't need words to get me to Nirvana.

I slide my hands up the side of his body, moving myself to stand behind him. His cock is bobbing eagerly between his legs; mine is rubbing slowly up between his buttocks. There's the soft bubble of noise from copious pre-cum.

Trowa stands beside Heero, also face to the wall, supported by his outstretched arms, and Wufei stands behind him. There's a pleasing symmetry to it, but then I never had any aspirations to art. Except body art, just like this. Wufei's eyes have an intriguing mix of desire and desperation in them, and his hands are busy at Trowa's ass. I glance down, and now I can see what made the silky noise during my torment one of Heero's white stockings. Wufei has it clenched rather tightly at one end round his fist, and the other half of its length lies in his alternate palm. The end is snagged inside Trowa's ass, it seems.

Wufei tugs. I wince. A string of small, slick green balls slides out. Trowa groans. Wish I'd been around to see them go in but it's not like I've never had that pleasure. His imagination and, indeed, his sexual generosity is truly the best.

Wufei grins. He untangles the end of the stocking from the string of beads, and curls its damp fabric into his palm. Trowa's ass shines in the dim light. Wufei seems to hesitate for a second, then he flicks the end of the stocking so that it darts a bright flame across the dark shadows of the room and it whips against Trowa's ass.

Trowa jerks up; groans. His curse is in some language I don't think I ever heard before. Perhaps he's been studying. Wufei leans over him with a smile, and his cock starts to press in between Trowa's pinkened cheeks.

Heero whimpers underneath me, and I remember what the task of the hour is. I spread the tight, muscled ass in front of me, bend my tired legs, and thrust up into him.

"You and Trowa..." gasps Heero. He's slurring a little like he's bitten his tongue.

"Just fun," I gasp back. Not much breath to explain anything more. And that's all it had been. Soon, Trowa had been kinda taken with another of our housemates, and we'd parted bedroom ways quite amicably.

So now we two pairs of men stand together, facing the wall like children in delicious disgrace. Myself and Wufei pressed into the backs of Heero and Trowa, making like the eponymous two-backed beast. Our lovers straining back against our groins, groaning like the happy victims they are.

Wufei leans his head over briefly and I meet him halfway, mouths meeting with a clash of teeth and laughter. Trowa reaches a hand over to Heero's cock, and Heero returns the favour, joining them together at a lower yet just as lascivious level.

And we fuck very soundly.

Very happily!

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