Author: FancyFigures
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Common Sense (or Gimme 5) + Part 4

The bedroom door creaks slightly as it opens.

I know what's coming next, don't I? And that pun is worthy of one of Trowa's. We're four heaving bodies together so I guess the fifth isn't gonna be far away. I'm leaning against Heero's back, panting, cock feeling like it's being squeezed as tight as toothpaste in a tube, and suddenly there's the brush of fine blond hair against my arm.

"Quatre..." I sigh. Well, at least he has the manners to enter by the door, rather than lurking in the shadows of my wardrobe like the others. But from the look on the face that bobs up under my outstretched arm, he's not missed much of the plot so far.

"How do I look, Duo?" he asks, in that mischievous way that only he has. He's perched Heero's nurse's hat on his blond head. He looks kinda cute but not in the way that Heero does; in a way that I know means business.

"Stupid," I say, curtly. Mind you, it's difficult to be anything but curt when you're in the middle of a steamy session with your lover, legs and arms entwined, sharing sweat and bodily fluids galore and accompanied by two other hot guys, joined just as enthusiastically at the hips and loving every thrust as much as you are yourself.

I groan I climax with painful ecstasy, and my head spins. Underneath me, Heero shudders and sighs in that way he has that tells me he's suffering a similar fate. I cling to him like driftwood after a shipwreck, and try to settle my breathing.

Quatre stands beside us, all but tapping his foot as we finish.

"Quatre, fuck off," I gasp. I'm doing a lot of that. The gasping, that is. "You inhibit a guy."

He raises an eyebrow. "That's not what you've been saying in your fevered dreams, Maxwell.""

I sigh. Fair defeat. "You're naked, too."

"Everyone else is," he shrugs. He has a bag on his arm and the paper rustles with the movement. "And what's more, I come bearing gifts." Beside me, I hear Wufei murmur something to the effect that so does he, and then I hear a stream of colourful language from Trowa's mouth, which I reckon means the same. Some of the words sound suspiciously like that prehistoric dialect of mine.

Heero goes limp in my arms, so I catch him and lay him back down on the bed. I'm rather eager to clean off his cock; it's looking tasty, still leaking, and happily bobbing on his belly in a sticky, red-purple exhaustion. But I can't resist watching Trowa and Wufei instead by now, they're more than a little overwrought. Wufei has his hands tangled in Trowa's brown locks, tugging his head back into his own neck, and baring Trowa's throat. Wufei's hips bend and thrust up into Trowa, and I take mental bets on whether he'll last ten seconds or thirty seconds more.

And then Quatre's up beside Wufei, his pale skin cool and smooth against Wufei's sweaty, oiled flesh and Trowa's flushed, clenching muscles. He leans up and kisses at Trowa's throat, sucking gently at the beads of sweat there. His hand runs gently down the brunette man's straining chest, his finger lingering playfully in his navel.

"You never heard of manners, Quat?" Trowa grinds out the words a little raggedly; his whole body is moving in rhythm with Wufei's harsh thrusts. "It's polite to shake when you meet a friend "

Quatre flashes a glance back at me and Heero on the bed and smiles his sweetest smile. Man is the child of the devil, I swear. Or maybe of one of those prehistoric tribesmen. Wufei's eyes open wider as he watches Quatre's hand fold deliberately around Trowa's fiercely erect cock and begin to pump carefully.

I give Wufei the 'ten seconds to climax' ultimatum after all. I'm not far out. He groans, and grabs at Trowa so hard that I can see fingerprints on skin.

Trowa yells as he follows the dark-haired man over the steep edge of ecstasy. He sags against the wall, one of his knees buckling so that Quatre has to use his free hand to hold him upright. Sticky white cum spurts out over Quatre's busier hand and beyond, making a rather attractive and probably indelible stain on my wallpaper.

"Pleased to meet you..." Quatre murmurs into his neck.

"No, so pleased I could come!" Trowa groans, and Quatre laughs.


Quatre has, indeed, brought gifts. Or refreshment, rather. I'm pretty glad for it my throat is parched and my body a little shaky. Haven't eaten or drunk much for days not had the taste for it. My weakness has nothing to do with the excess of aggressive sex, after a serious bout of flu.

Of course not.

I'm lying back on my bed with my head in Heero's lap. If I turn to the right, I can munch on the dark curling hairs of his groin. If I turn to the left, I can munch on Quatre's cache of pastries and sugared doughnuts.

It's a close call.

Quatre himself lies beside me, trails of sugar all over his chin and cheeks, and I don't just mean the ones on his face. Trowa has opened three bottles of a raspberry-flavoured sparkling wine, also part of Quatre's booty, and my bed covers are already damp from various clumsy spillages. So is Quatre's navel and Trowa's own chin. So is the cleft between Wufei's buttocks, because that's where Trowa is currently dribbling generous drops of it off his fingers. Wufei is somehow entwined between Quatre's outstretched legs, resting on his side. Trowa is perched on the edge of the mattress, leaning over the pair of them.

The logistics tire me, so I don't dwell on 'em. Just enjoy the sight and smell and sound of soft flesh, the occasional pop of a shoulder joint, and the chuckles following every loose trail of pinkish liquid.

I'm thinking the alien world has a lot going for it. Beam me up, and all that.

Gone is the nasty kapok-flavoured aftertaste in my mouth from the sickness and the medicine. Gone is the dull, generic taste of all food that I've eaten in the last week. My tastebuds have awoken with a glorious shout and a sudden, hungry burst of attentiveness!

"Don't people usually bring grapes to the invalid?" I grin at Quatre.

He slaps at Trowa's hand as it wanders across my left thigh. "Grapes, Trowa! He said grapes! Down, boy!"

Grinning back at me, he leans up to lick at Trowa's chin, and the brunette bends his head down to kiss him back. Like I mentioned, Trowa has for a long time been kinda taken with one of our housemates and that's this slim blond with the bakery products and the doughball butt. They make no secret of it.

Wufei has twisted himself in some strange tae-kwon-do move that I never learnt in the two lessons I attended, so that he's able to stay in touch with Quatre's limbs whilst reaching across to kiss my mouth. He's pretty good at it. I can taste sweetness on his lips that's beyond sugar, and I secretly holler thanks for the return of all of my body's responses. I feel Heero's hand sliding round my neck, tugging my head back towards him, and then I've got his lips to contend with as well. The two of 'em lie half over me, slopping happily together on my face, bumping noses occasionally, all three of our tongues flickering and plunging in wherever there's space.

Two's company; three's fun. Especially with doughnuts as well. A balanced diet, indeed.

Quatre hoists himself up to sitting, and whimpers softly. "My turn to join in, right? Save the best tastes until last. Tender meat after vegetables. Rich dessert after main course." Trowa snorts in the background, but is ignored. The blond head dips and starts to lick at the dribbles of wine along the creases of Wufei's ass the dark haired man winces and moans with delight.

I'm still kissing, entwined with Heero, and wondering what miracle of modern science is provoking the return of my erection, when Quatre kisses his way right up to Wufei's chin, and joins us full length on the mattress again. Shares the kisses with just the same level of unselfishness as the rest of us. His lips are smaller and fuller than Wufei's, and still rather sticky with sugar crystals, and his eagerness is the most delicious taste of the lot. I can hear the legs of my bed groaning at four of us writhing and jostling for position.

Yeah, four's pretty good, too.


There's a soft crunching noise beneath us, and I feel something like the edge of a packet digging into my kidney area. Ouch!

Quatre wriggles his hands underneath our bodies, though there doesn't seem to be a sexual agenda not just yet. We're laughing, and he's cursing, and then there's the tearing of several wrappers, and a burst of sweet aroma released. When he stretches out again he has a stick of Pocky between his lips. Orange flavoured. My favourite! When he turns his head back to me and probes gently with it at my mouth, I gladly open up and take in the smooth chocolate tip. I can feel other sticks rolling gently over my belly Heero also has a handful of 'em, and there's a smudge of chocolate by the edge of his mouth. A couple of them snap under our exertions when Wufei rolls back on to his side, I can see one stuck cheekily where his thigh meets his groin.

I think about chasing it. Orange is my favourite flavour.

Then Quatre presses a stick in my mouth and a long, slim finger up my ass and for five seconds I stop thinking all together.

He thrusts gently into me, adding another finger, his lips still tracing across me, and Heero, and Wufei too, until the dark-haired man rolls over completely and kneels up on the bed beside us. He sits back on his heels, panting heavily; watching us with a smile on his face. I give him a quick, appreciative glance. Guess it was uncomfortable, lying on a shaft like that. He catches Trowa's eye over the bodies on the bed and they grin at each other.

Quatre continues to finger fuck me very enthusiastically, but now he plucks the moistened Pocky stick back out of my mouth. Not that he seems to be hungry himself, or not for that. Instead, he strokes it gently across my bare belly and chest, making soft, ticklish circular movements.

Heero is watching Quatre's fingers in me with interest; he's stroking his own arousal with careful adoration. He catches my eye, and we smirk. Time the Wonka boy was given his own chance to melt.

"What the fuck are you doing, Quatre?" I ask, mildly enough. I can feel the slight stickiness of warm chocolate on my skin. It's by no means unpleasant.

"You taste so good Duo, just thought I'd add some sauce. Let me write your lucky number, all over this sweet, sweaty skin."

"Guess that was always 'two'..." I gasp. His hand cups at my balls as his fingers probe; the chocolate trail is hardening on my belly. Heero is looking at its progress with greedy eyes.

"Try 'five', tonight," Quatre whispers back. His hand flourishes; the tip of his tongue is peeking from between his even white teeth as he sketches out the number. "Try five..."

But I turn the tables. I grab at him, snatch the biscuit from him, and roll him over on to his belly he gives an 'ughh' of surprise. Heero rolls beside him and catches his mouth with a kiss full of hot, slick tongue. Distracted as the blond is, it allows me to part his buttocks and lick quickly and greedily at his pink entrance. He yelps into Heero's mouth; the skin of his ass puckers and flexes against my questing tongue. My finger follows my tongue, sliding into him. I trail the remains of the Pocky stick playfully down between his cheeks, the tacky chocolate snagging on the soft hairs of his butt. I nibble at the end of it the Pocky, that is. I'm still hungry, I guess. Then my tongue comes back to his body for seconds. Teasing - probing into the tight little hole.

"Taste me too, Duo," he whimpers.

I alternate between Quatre's ass and my other sweet treat. Licking; sucking; teeth nipping. Takes me a hell of a long time to savour and devour a couple of inches of Pocky.


Quatre has collapsed underneath us, groaning, all wet and sticky and tasty beyond foodstuffs.

"Never eaten Pocky like this," says Heero through a full mouth of the stuff. Some of it has been far too near the various crevices of our bodies for it to pass any kinda Environmental Health legislation.

Gotta love law-breaking.

"You must try everything once," Quatre sighs. There's a very sharp, high flush on his pale face. Makes him look five years younger and barely legal himself. "Try every experience every taste. That's what I told you once, Duo and that's what we did, right?"

"Yeah," I grin. "I learnt a lot from you that summer."

"You and Quatre..." Heero shifts underneath me, but I think I've got the message by now that he's got no interest in my apologies - just salacious details.

"It was a holiday romance," I sigh. "Long time ago. Sea; sun; sand." Other stuff beginning with 's'. Quatre had come alive by the sea, and it had been a damned attractive sight. Blond hair bleached by the sun; softly tanned skin; gorgeously long, fine legs; at home in the water like a particularly playful and vivacious fish. I liked to taste the burn of the sun on his skin; he liked to taste whatever part of me he could get his hands on. Quatre liked lots of attention still does.

I grin, happily. "Quatre adapts the other physical joys of life, like food and drink "

" to the one of passion," murmurs Trowa. "I know that well." His hand is on my thigh, but his eyes are on the blond man laid out on the bed, who now seems to be kissing my lover with an enthusiasm that I'm kinda fascinated to watch. "So what did he share with you, Duo? The Italian cuisine? The pinot wines? The liqueur truffles?"

"The ice cream," I confess, a little embarrassed at my lack of imagination. "All flavours, though!" But what do I care if it's not gourmet? Quatre gives an equally passionate welcome to all sensual tastes of food, of drink, of anything else that might pass his mouth.

Ice cream's a fine aphrodisiac, I've found. Don't think that's recommended on the tubs, though.

"Whatever works for you." Trowa's voice is very husky, and he's reaching for the slender man panting at my hip. "Want my portion, Quatre. Want my just desserts. Want your flavour."


He unpeels Quatre from the pile of limbs like unravelling a silken rope. He lifts the guy on to his hands and knees and faces him to the head of the bed. Quatre sighs with approval. Trowa kneels behind him, dips his head to the pale ass, and starts to lap. Wufei is at Quatre's head and wriggles forward, still on his knees; he tilts Quatre's blond head up to his groin.

Quatre leans his head forward and his smile slowly enfolds Wufei's impressive once again erection. The dark haired man groans with a long awaited pleasure; the blond hums with satisfaction. Trowa settles himself at Quatre's ass and strokes his own swollen cock against the dampened channel between the blond's buttocks. He guides himself into his entrance, bursting gently through the tight ring of the opening crushing the last granules of sugar on Quatre's butt under his palms. Now it's Quatre's turn to groan, even as his head bobs up and down Wufei's shaft.

Heero's eyes are glinting with excitement as he watches the show. Guess mine look similarly dilated. The three men start to move in a careful rhythm, but it's obvious that they're holding themselves back for the benefit of each other's comfort. Wufei's head goes back Trowa's face is very flushed, and his teeth gritted. Between them, Quatre has sweat on his back and the muscles of his arms are bulging as he holds himself upright on his knees.

The rhythm starts to speed up. Wufei's hand strays to Quatre's head, directing the enthusiastic sucking. He glances up, and Trowa looks back at him. The brunette licks his lips, and buries his hips ever deeper against Quatre's ass. Quatre moans I can hear the sounds of his tongue, licking against Wufei's flesh.

He was always very good at that.

Heero is lifting himself out of my embrace and crawling over the bed, to the other side of the three. He lays down underneath the arch of Quatre's body, at right angles to it, and reaches a mouth up to the man's hot, damp, blood-red cock. It's lurching with the backward and forwards motions, bobbing hungrily against Quatre's belly. Heero licks at it, and I see the thin silver trail of saliva between the shaft and his lips. I also see the start of pleasure in Quatre's eyes.

Well, I'm not being party pooper, y'know? And everyone knows I get bored easily.

So I wriggle myself round to lie at the same angle as Heero, but on the other side of Quatre. Never knew my poor old bed was so damned accommodating. Then I bump my head in a friendly fashion against my lover's, and I too lift my mouth to Quatre's deliciously pendant organ. I lick the other side of it; I tickle my tongue in amongst the hairs and the crease of his leg. He gargles something appreciative, and the instinctive movement of his mouth causes Wufei to gasp. My lips touch at Heero's as we suck him off and the combination of tastes is far, far beyond 'tasty' as far as the lap dancing aliens must be from the prehistoric tribe, I guess. My own cock springs up eagerly from my outstretched lap I can see Heero reaching for his, so when I stroke at mine, all I'm doing is following his lead.

Whatever. I wonder how often people die from flu, because I could never have imagined any of this happening more than ten miles from Heaven's gates. But it sure feels like now - sure feels like here. I sigh with something like smugness.

Wufei is shuddering to a climax now when I look up at the underside of Quatre's body I can see his throat convulsing, swallowing the seed. Looking at the other end of his body, I see Trowa's thighs clenching tightly, and his thrusts speeding up. A sudden pause and then I hear his own groan of completion, and Quatre's ass pressing forcefully back against his lover's ejaculation. Heero and I continue to kiss and suck and lave our own brand of tongue massage up and down Quatre's cock, and we're rewarded with a particularly high shriek from the blond when he climaxes. Sticky spurts of cum spatter hotly on to my tongue spray across Heero's chin. We drink what we can, and let the rest dribble over our exposed faces.

Gonna enjoy cleaning us both up in a minute that's all I need to bring me to my own ecstasy, and I'm guessing from Heero's shallow, hoarse panting that he'll be the same.

Yeah it's true. Five is most definitely my lucky number!


I'm lying back on my bed, like some recovering invalid. Guess I am, really. Heero's arms are round my waist. Several other pairs of hands are clutched to various parts of my anatomy in a sleepy but very delightful fashion. The extreme physical sports seem to be at rest for a while.

Every sense has been restored to me. Every nerve has been bombarded with sensuality. Every muscle cries for sleep.

And Heero hugs me. Sappy fool.

"I love to touch you, Duo," he sighs. And yawns. "We all do. We all have. Happy?"

My Heero. Man of few but poignant - words. "Very happy. So until I went blabbing about my past, highly-chequered sexlife, you really thought I was some kinda shrinking violet? Some kinda innocent?"

He shrugs gently, and his hair brushes the hollow of my throat. God, that hair! My nerves shiver. No. I'm firm with myself. I can't manage it again. Can I?

"It's just how we started, Duo and then I didn't like to ask anything different of you. Didn't want to disturb the fun we did have. It's all been good."

"Though a bit dull sometimes."

"Sometimes." Someone snickers softly beside me, but I don't bother reacting. Heero sighs. "Maybe the others tried to tell me that you'd got the wrong impression of me, too. But I ignored them. Maybe it's been one long misunderstanding. It happens." He kisses me on the shoulder, aimlessly. "Damned glad I listened in to your dreams this week."

"As are we all..." murmurs Quatre.

"Glad?" mutters Wufei.

"Damned!" laughs Trowa. They roll back against each other with an 'oof' of weariness and an 'ahhh' of stirring lust.

I arch my back against my lover. Perhaps the doughnuts have restored my strength. "I might never have told you all of it in the stark light of day, Heero. This week has been some kinda luck for us."

Heero smiles again. He licks out at my skin; runs his tongue around the dark bed of my nipple. "It was a revelation, Duo. Not luck."

Trowa stirs again and Quatre's voice raps out at him. "He said luck, Trowa, luck. For God's sake -!"


I think they're all sleeping. I haven't the heart to turf them off my bed and back to their own rooms.

I rub aimlessly against Heero's tight belly. He's still awake. "About my revelations, Heero." I bite my lip. "Just thought you'd be jealous."

"Why should I be?"

"You know... seeing the guys around all the time. Knowing I'd been with them, at some stage or another."

"Cute," he grins. "But it's in the past. Now you're with me, and that's more special than sex alone."

I feel warm. "Oh yeah. Nothing better."

There's a short silence.

Heero coughs gently. "Are you jealous then?"

"What about?"


Huh? "Your past sexlife? I mean, I don't know everything about you as regards that, but I kinda assumed there wasn't too much to worry about "

I pause. "Heero? What's that noise? You pissed at me?"

No answer. "You laughing?"

So are the others. And here am I, thinking they're drowsing and giving me and Heero some quality time together. "You mean you did 'em as well -?"

He only smiles. Such a very, very sexy smile. It'll never look quite as straightforward to me again. Quatre sighs against my calf; Wufei strokes at Heero's arm. Trowa murmurs something about the joys of 'doing what comes naturally'...

"All of them?" I'm weighing up whether I'm aggrieved or admiring. "And you call my secrets a revelation?"

My plain vanilla lover....
My simple, unassuming, naive lover...

I scowl. "Did you really hold yourself back then, dating me? All that crap, looking disapproving during the nature programmes? Hiding Wufei's porn mags? Re-coding the password on the TV each night for the adult channels?" Racing through sex like it's a necessary evil rather than this swamp of sensual pampering?

He smirks. Smirks, I kid you not! "I told you it's been a strain."

If I weren't so tired, I'd slap him.

Or fuck him.

Sigh. Whatever.


The voices come to me like the pulsing waves of the sea. I just wanna sleep. I need sleep, guys, remember? I have been ill, you know!

"How much of that medicine has he had, Heero?"

The shake of a nearly empty bottle. "Most of it. He's been ill for a week, Trowa. It's what he needed to make him feel better."

A snort from Wufei. "Isn't that the one they took off the market last year?"

"No," says Heero, but he sounds a little unsure. "It's fine. He's recovering well."

"Thought I read a medical bulletin saying that it causes hallucinations," Quatre chips in. "Wild trips. Exotic dreams. Over-sensitisation of nerves. Super-heightened sensory responses."

"What are you?" growls Heero. "A doctor?"

"Yes, actually," replies Quatre. Trowa laughs softly in the background. "No, Trowa. No prostate examination until tonight. Step away from the stethoscope."

There's a shadow over me. Guess it's Heero. I'm too tired to open my eyes and check.

"He looks pretty happy on it, whatever." That's Wufei again. "Is he dreaming now? Look at the flickering of his eyelids the twitch of his fingers. Exotic dreams... sounds damned good..."

I hear Heero's voice quite clearly. It's very soft. "The diagnosis was mine the treatment under my direction. All of it." I know he bends over me because I feel his hand on my shoulder and his lips brushing against my ear. "He may well be dreaming. God knows, he needs the rest."

There's a very soft chuckle in the background I can't say who it is. Or even if I really heard it. But I'm sure I feel a fingertip brushing along my chin; another palm caressing my hip under the covers.

I sigh out loud.

Heero sounds far more confident now. "I told you. Recovering well. It's done him nothing but good."


Just for that second, my peacefulness falters. I had been pretty ill I had been feverish. I had drunk several gallons (it seemed) of that sheep excrement potion. So I might have been disorientated, mightn't I? My memory might have played me cruel tricks; my consciousness might have been confused between its two worlds. Relish might have been stronger than reality.

I might have dreamed far more vividly than ever before.

And then I relax again, and dive deeper under the covers.

I don't care, y'know? Some of you might think it was a dream might deny it all happened in Real Life. Feel free! You can argue that until the proverbial cattle come home. Doesn't bother me! I'm lying snug as a bug under my covers, re-living each delicious second of the night I came back to my senses, and clutching my own special bedtime plushy to my heart.

My special plushy. My souvenir. One single, soft, silky, sticky, white, used and abused stocking...

Wrapped securely round my fist like a lucky charm, infused with the aromas and flavours and intimate remembrances of all the other guys. Especially Heero. Smelling of his skin; whispering its memories of caressing his legs; making my lips moist with the thought of licking at him; making my heart throb again at the memory of watching him peel them off for my delight. All my senses embracing it.

Especially the sense of touch.

Rubbing at my nipples; stroking each teasing nub to an almost painful arousal. Oh, and a similar reaction elsewhere, too. Can't wait for my next dose of medicine of Heero's treatment!

It's all real, y'see. And the memories are mine. I rest my case.

After all, if you can't believe the evidence of your own senses, what can you believe?


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