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[ note: as always, summaries are the authors' own, not mine... ]

A Lesson Learned
"Duo is the most tolerant, the most easygoing of young men. His friendship is taken for granted -- perhaps even abused. But he's not prepared to let that situation continue -- there's been a change of plans."
NC-17 2x1 yaoi lemon BDSM angst-ness written for Sharon's 2x1 lemon contest

Lurv Spec
"Duo's looking for that someone special - Heero thinks he should work on a proper spec. Then Heero gets to spend a whole weekend in Duo's company, and Duo gets to see another slant on life. Perhaps the spec will be re-written... "
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon AU fluff-ness written for moi, simply cuz I had a sudden hankering for a song written to 'What's New, Pussycat?' *grin*

New Look
"Therapy isn't always a medical matter... "
PG 1x2 yaoi ref. to Very Bad Things happening to Duo hopeful angst

The Other Side
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
"The relationship between Duo and Heero has never been so confused. Duo feels isolated; but Heero's control of things is also slipping. Only the night time brings them the chance to work these issues through."
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon TWT angst-ness written for the Fall 2003 Moments of Rapture contest

Pazienza (incomplete)
"Quatre first met Duo as a boy, and their friendship grew steadily to be something rich and inspiring.  It took a while for them both to appreciate something more; but in the end, they both found that patience brings its own rewards."
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
NC-17 4x2 yaoi (eventual) citrus AU --> rl written for a rather... in-depth plot bunny of mine ^__^

The Perfect Couple

NC-17 5x2 yaoi post war-ness Wu POV romance a gift to me, if only cuz I do so appreciate a good 5x2 *grin*

Personal Space
"In our most private times, we turn to what comfort we truly need..."
R 1x2 yaoi implied lemons post war-ness angst Duo POV written for trixie, christmas '04

Pink Thing
"The most intimate relationship of all…"
NC-17 2x2 (2+1) yaoi masturbation post-warness? AU? PWP Duo POV "written for The Vault's 2005 Spring Songfic Challenge, inspired by xtc's 'Pink Thing' "

The Pocky Arc [ x-mas 2004 PWP fluffly gift ficlets *grin* ]

Bright-eyed and Hopeful, for Jo
R 1x2 yaoi lime

Festive Fare, for Wingless...
R sexy zechs-ness rl/anime yaoi lime
WAFF, for Merith
PG 1x2 yaoi lime AU fluff
Stocktake, for Blackster
NC-17 4x2 yaoi lemon Quat POV AU PWP
Santa Actually, for Lisa-chan
NC-17 1x2, 3x4, 4x5 yaoi lemon AU --> porn ahoy!! *cough*
Stir It Up, for me!!!!
NC-17 2x5x2 *squee!* *ahem* yaoi lemon
The Elusive Muse, for Sintari
PG 1x2 yaoi lime fluff
My Favourite, for daimeryan rei
R 1x2 yaoi lime chocloate covered PWP *feral grin*

Poles Apart
[ note: winner of 4th place in the Spring 2003 Moments of Rapture fic contest ]
"Duo realises that he's badly misjudged this Saturday night out. For all sorts of reasons!"
NC-17 2x1, 1x2 yaoi heavy lime Duo POV fluff-ness

Pop-Up, Drop-Down
"Don't you just hate the pop-ups and the adverts? Don't you wonder sometimes what's behind them? Don't you wish there was something more exciting going on in your Christmas holiday plans? Duo does!"
PG-13 1x2 shounen ai AU fluffy sap-ness Duo POV written for The Maxwell-Yuy Addiction Winter 2003 Blanket Fic contest

Practice Makes Perfect (ficlet)
PG-15 1x2 yaoi lime fluff-ness written for trixie's b-day

Project Passion
PG-15 1x2 yaoi lime AU humour fluff

Reality Check
"Just that life is not like it is in the movies. Sometimes it's better."
PG 1x2 yaoi AU Duo POV

The Right Fit
PG-13 1x2 yaoi lime fluff-ness

The Same For Girls?
"It's a bit like the blind leading the blind; Heero needs dating advice; Duo offers it from his own unique viewpoint. But are either of them telling the whole truth...?"
NC-17 1x2, unrequited R+1 yaoi heavy lime / implied lemon Duo POV fluff humour *snickers madly*

A Second Chance
"There is no escape for Duo and Heero; no way out. Is this the time to bare the soul?"
PG-13 1+2 shouen ai light lime written for the 2003 GWA Angst Contest (hence the angst... *sniffle*) mostly Heero POV not quite what you're expecting *pause* *bawl!!!*

Slush Sucks!
"The weather is against the NewYear's holiday - and Duo's bittersweet memory of last year seems like just more awkwardness..."
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon misunderstanding angst-ness a bit o' sap *grin* Duo POV inspired by my o-so succinct diatribe on the state of Seattle weather---slush sucks ^__^ written for The Maxwell-Yuy Addiction Winter 2003 Blanket Fic contest

Smooth Ride
"Duo gains a little bit more than money from his holiday job!"
NC-17 4x2 yaoi lemon AU PWP Duo POV seme Quat! *bounces*

Special Offer
"Duo hates shopping -- until he discovers this week's Special Offer! "
NC-17 5x2 yaoi lemon AU PWP *humina, humina* written for me, because rl sucks

The Successful Strategy
"A week is a long time, in Wars of the Heart! It seems that even Desire has to be planned for; fought for; and won! Sometimes against ridiculous odds... "
PG 2+1 yaoi lime romace humour

best lemon oishii* 2004

Sudden Impulse
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Epilogue
"Duo gives way to a sudden impulse - one that seems to be someone else's, as well. And so he's drawn to something - and someone - that he finds both thrilling and unnerving. Heero is like no-one he's met before; he's used to being in control. What develops between them is hot, and fierce and potentially very, very dangerous... "
NC-17 1x2; background 3x4; ref. to past OMCx2 & 2+5 yaoi lemon AU Duo POV angst "some violence"

Sugar, Sugar (ficlet)
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon humour fluff ^_^ written for Sharon

Sweet Summer Sweat
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11
"The runaways are leaving the Life they hate. But are they prepared for the Life they find in its place? There are more kinds of Heat than the sun; more kinds of Pleasure than Escape. And a destination that may or may not be their final one."
NC-17 (with a vengence *feral grin*) (eventual) 1x2x3x4x5 yaoi (duh...) lemon (double duh...) AU dark-ness/eerie-ness OOC written for Zania's Ides of March Challenge

[ corn!!! *ahem* ]
Sweet Tooth
"Duo tries to keep Heero from the things he craves - with outrageous results!"
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon PWP AU Duo POV

That's Entertainment
"The troubles between Heero and Duo are not in the script - though the whole cast are on hand to help out. But it may take a cameo performance from another character to reveal the final twist of the plot!"
NC-17 1x2x1, 3x4, 4x5 yaoi citrus AU humour *snicker* written for Gundam Wing Diaries Contest 'The Art of Using Sex Toys'.

Tonight's the Night?
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
"This week is one of the most important landmarks of Duo and Heero's young lives. They're both feeling romantic and enthusiastic. Is that why nothing seems to go right?"
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon alternating POV humour

Trigger Happy
Part 1 Part 2
"Duo has escaped from the clutches of a psychotic mind doctor - or has he? And Heero has his own agenda... "
NC-17 1x2 yaoi lemon *pant* canon TWT PWP-ness bit o' sap Duo POV

Upwardly Mobile
NC-17 5x2 yaoi AU? PWP *rowr* phone sex written for my bday, '06 ^___^