by Flamika

When Walls Come Tumbling Down

And when the walls come tumbling down
I will always be around
People don't know about
The things I say and do
They don't understand
About the shit that I've been through
It's been so long since I've been home
I've been gone
I've been gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all the things I've missed
Oh, somehow I know
There's more to life than this

-- "Only God Knows Why", Kid Rock

Wufei had a headache. A big one. He could feel it pulsing and throbbing at his temples, a demon crying for release. Something that he blatantly refused to give it. Wufei didn't believe in aspirin. There wasn't any type of pain that he couldn't handle on his own. Any type of physical pain, at least. Matters of the heart and soul were different things entirely.

Grumbling under his breath, Wufei fumbled to insert his office key into the keyhole. He kept missing and jamming his fingers against cold metal. It didn't cause him any great pain, of course, but the sheer number of FAULTS he was making frustrated him to no end. Today was not going to be one of his better days.

After what seemed like an eternity, he managed to get the damned door open and enter his office, kicking the door shut with his foot to simply relish the loud bang it made and the way the walls trembled slightly with the aftershocks. Sally was always joking about what a notorious door-slammer Wufei was and how they were going to have to get him an office with stronger walls before he ended up bringing the entire Preventers building down around their ears. Wufei always rolled his eyes at such a silly prospect but today it seemed more likely than usual that he was going to cause damage to SOMETHING. Or someone.

//I shouldn't be like this// he told himself as he tossed his bag to the farthest corner of the office and plopped himself down in his chair. //I shouldn't be frozen in a perpetual state of rage. I should be content that everything is finally over. All over.//

The war had ended. The Gundam Altron Custom was lying in ruins in a forest in China. Wufei was free from the vise of constant battle. Nataku's spirit was free from where he had had it caged in his heart, not out of malevolence, but out of longing. And out of love.

Wufei buried his face in his hands, fingers digging into his bronze flesh. If someone saw him, he knew that it would probably look like he was some psycho trying to pull his own face off.

//Hah, if only they knew//

But what he REALLY wanted to do was bang his head on the desk until he could knock some figurative sense into himself. Or get rid of throbbing headache pulsing angrily at his temples. But was it really the headache that was bothering him? Physical pain was such a petty thing, nothing that couldn't be dealt with if one had a sound, enlightened mind and the strength to take care of oneself. Wufei never obsessed over whatever injuries - minor or major - that plagued his body. His humiliating defeat by Treize Kushrenada was more agonizing than the time his martial arts master had broken Wufei's arm to teach the reluctant student what overzealous opponents would to a member of the Dragon Clan that refused to fight.

No, it wasn't the headache that was burdening him - hindering his ability to work, to function, to LIVE. The source of this endless pain was his soul, his heart.

//What in the world is wrong with me? Everyone else has found their niche in life. Duo has Hilde and the salvage yard. Trowa and Quatre have each other. Relena, Zechs, and everyone else have their projects, their work. And Heero…//

Wufei suddenly felt all his mindless rage escape him in a weary sigh, trickling out of his system and leaving a horrible weakness in its wake. His elbows wobbled slightly, and he had no other choice but to lower his head to his desk, resting his cheek against the cool mahogany wood. A calm fell over his office as the fiery blood of rage stopped pounding in his ears. He could vaguely hear the voices of the other Preventers talking amongst each other in the main room, most of them getting ready to go home for the day. Wufei never went home when the others did. He never did anything the others did.

Slowly, he let his misted onyx eyes slip closed, shutting out the sight of the bland white wall of his office. Thoughts raced through his mind, jabbering on about the report he needed to write, or the fact that he hadn't eaten supper yet. Then, thankfully, blissfully, the millions of scurrying details of life dissipated into nothing, and his mind just became a complete blank. His breathing become deep and even, his heartbeat slow and steady. But his mind didn't just shut down completely; it never did. Wufei couldn't remember the last time he had truly "rested." Sleep was a pleasure that he had been denied for as long as he could recall.

But for now, he had the silence, he had the absence of thought and feeling, and that was enough.


Wufei knew the minute Heero entered his office.

A strange thing, since it wasn't like Heero was senselessly loud, not like Duo. Heero was quiet, true, but there were many different kinds of "quiet." Trowa was calm quiet. Quatre was sweet quiet. Duo wasn't quiet at all. Wufei was violent quiet. Heero was…dangerous quiet. A silent rebel. Yes, Heero and Wufei's types of "quiet" went hand in hand.

Maybe that's why Heero could never hide his presence from Wufei.

Wufei sensed rather than heard the doorknob turning, not making a sound in the silence since Wufei had made goddamn SURE that the blasted thing wouldn't greet him with annoying squeaks whenever he entered or exited his office. The door opened slowly, but there was no meekness or timidity in that gesture. No fear of being yelled at. It was this complete absence of the scent of fear that had become one of Heero's distinguishing traits.

The door made one single creak as it opened only wide enough for a slender young man to ease himself through. At the sound of the creak, Wufei normally would have already had his gun in his hand and trained on the individual who had dared to intrude on his privacy. But this time he didn't. His hands remained limp, resting on the desktop with the fingers slightly curled, nerveless and immobile. He just lay there with his head still on his desk, feeling Heero's presence slowly creep into the office, filling the most distant corners of the room. Heero carried himself in a way that no other could hope to imitate. His presence in a room sang of strength, but was a rather melancholy tune, as if he lamented the power he had been born with.

And of course, there was Heero's own personal scent. Dark, dangerous, and erotic in the air. So wonderfully uniquely, so deeply arousing. Like sex on the beach. Or rather, sex in an OZ prison cell, for that was the first place they had "done it" together.

Both of pairs of hands were bound by unbreakable manacles, denying them the simple joy of touch, but they had still had plenty to work with. Heero had straddled Wufei's lap, his shackled hands pressed flat against the wall above the other boy's head, out of the way while he rode him. First his thrusts had been slow, measured, painfully perfect and delightfully torturous, leaving Wufei to bite his tongue to avoid screaming for more. Wufei's own hands had been wrapped around Heero's swollen sex, pumping it in time with the other boy's thrusts, his own form of silent torture. It didn't take long for Heero's pace to pick up - to become wild and out-of-control, grinding his hips against the other pilot's, breath coming in short, fast gasps. Wufei couldn't resist thrusting up into the luscious, tight heat that had him cradled inside it. So hot and blinding, this pleasure consuming his senses. So forbidden. So good.

He had received the undeniable honor of hearing Heero Yuy scream his name in erotic pleasure as the boy climaxed, the cords of his throat throbbing as he flung his head back. Wufei had rocked forward to suckle on the soft, salty flesh of Heero's neck as he felt the other boy's muscles suddenly clamp down on him, the throbbing passage becoming even more wonderfully tight than before. Groaning into Heero's neck, Wufei had thrust up hard, impaling the boy completely before releasing himself deep inside Heero.

How brief, their little torrid relationship had been. One heated encounter in an OZ prison cell. But Wufei was almost ashamed to say that he had enjoyed every fleeting moment of it, everything from the sticky evidence of their passions on his hands to the way Heero had held him close afterwards, kissing him gently. He tried to fight the thoughts of Heero that clouded his mind after the war had ended, but all his efforts were in vain. He wanted the boy, and the need pulsing in his soul was like no other.

That was what seemed to be a long time ago. Too long.

//Why has he come back now? And to me, of all people? What have I to offer him?//

Wufei's heart skipped a beat as a blush fought to heat his skin. He knew he had at least ONE thing to offer Heero…
The shutting of his office door awakened him from his reflections. The sound was needlessly loud. Deliberately loud. In other words, Heero's way of announcing his presence without having to say anything - demanding to be recognized.

Normally, Wufei would never respond to such an order, albeit a silent one. If one wished to be deferred to by Chang Wufei, they had to work to earn his respect first. But this wasn't just anyone. This was Heero Yuy.

Slowly, he raised his head from the desktop, eyes drifting to the figure leaning against his closed door. Prussian blue met ink black as Heero locked his calm - if not defiant - gaze with Wufei's. Heero's mop of dark brown hair hung into his eyes, but he didn't seem to notice. Wufei swore that nothing could perturb this young man.

"Heero," Wufei said flatly, eyes narrowing into a glare that wasn't quite a glare. "I see you've finally returned from your journey into the great beyond."

The other man didn't make a reply, but Wufei hadn't really been expecting one.

"Where have you been?" Wufei asked, feigning disinterest as he picked up a pen that was lying discarded on his desktop.

"Places," Heero answered shortly as he wandered further into Wufei's office, hands in his pockets, eyes roving over the featureless walls with the same intensity which he studied everything, as if a blank wall held the same importance as a wall with lavish decorations.

"That tells me a whole lot," Wufei commented dryly, wondering what he could do to make himself look busy. "For a while, Duo and Quatre were yanking their hair out by the roots wondering where you had run off to."

"I wasn't running," Heero said coldly, leaning against the wall and folding his arms across his chest, wrinkling his denim jacket and green tank top.

"Of COURSE not," Wufei responded, surprised at the bitterness he felt seeping into his voice.

//Damn you, Heero. Had to come visit during one of my endless bouts of instability.//

"You're angry with me," Heero suddenly observed, blue eyes uncomfortably keen.

Wufei snorted, twirling the pen around in an attempt to occupy his idle hands. "Now why would I waste my time being angry with you? It's not like you would care anyways."

"Hn. You might be surprised," Heero said mysteriously as he pushed away from the wall and walked leisurely across the carpet in front of Wufei's desk, whose owner was trying very hard to ignore how the muscles of the other man's legs bunched and flexed within their denim constraints.

//Damn. Could his jeans BE any tighter?//

Wufei couldn't help letting his eyes wander to the rounded curve of Heero's backside, remembering how hot and tight the other boy was inside, the constricting heat wrapping around and stroking his sensitive flesh while he was sheathed within him…

"Do you have some business down here, Yuy?" Wufei demanded, frustrated with the fact that after all these years, his desire for Heero was still burning red hot. "I can't work with you prancing around my office."

"I'm sorry," Heero said flatly, eyes flickering towards Wufei. "Am I distracting you from twirling your pen around and around?"

Wufei's jaw clenched, and he pointed to the closed door with said pen. "Go home, Heero," he ordered, onyx eyes flashing angrily.

"I don't have a home," Heero said in a monotone, eyes still locked fearlessly onto Wufei's.

"Then go somewhere else," Wufei snapped heartlessly. "I have a report to write and you're distracting me."

"Why did you join the Preventers?" Heero suddenly asked, stalking over until he was standing right in front of Wufei's desk, staring intensely down at the ex-Gundam pilot.

Wufei glowered up at him. "I don't have to explain myself to you."

"Wufei…" Heero said warningly.

The Chinese pilot's jaw clenched. He hated it when people said his name like that. With particular stress on the "Wu" part.

A sharp retort rose to his lips, and he was about to give it voice when he suddenly saw a strange emotion flickering in the fathomless depths of Heero's Prussian blue eyes, cautiously peering from its place at the bottom of the ex-soldier's heart. Wufei didn't know what it was, but it killed the harsh words on his tongue.

He tore his gaze away from Heero's eyes and studied the clutter on his desktop. "It wasn't like I had anywhere else to go," he said, trying to make his voice as monotonous as possible.

"Hn," Heero grunted, suddenly shifting so that he was half-leaning/half-sitting on the edge of Wufei's desk, one well-muscled leg dangling off the edge while the other was somewhat propped up on the mahogany desk, carefully situated so it didn't knock over the canister of pens and pencils that Wufei had resting on the desktop.

Wufei blinked in surprise as the body he had been shamelessly admiring seconds before was suddenly so much closer than he would have liked. Fantasies of pushing Heero down onto the desktop and ravaging him right there in the office floated through Wufei's mind, but he hurriedly pushed them away.

Leaping up from his chair, Wufei moved stiffly to gather his things. "I'm going home," he announced tightly.

Heero was unfazed. "Where do you live?" he asked calmly.

Wufei's heart suddenly started thudding loudly in his chest. "I…have quarters here in the Preventers building."

//He better not ask to stay the night. There's only one bed. One SMALL bed, and I'm already ready to jump his bones as it is…//

"I'm going with you," Heero suddenly declared. "I'd like to see the quarters here."

Wufei turned to the other man with a scowl on his face. "If you're thinking about joining the Preventers, you can ask Une or Sally for the grand tour tomorrow, understand?"

Heero pivoted his head to look him right in the eye. "I'm going with you," he said firmly.

And so ended THAT conversation.


//What the hell am I doing?// Wufei wondered furiously as he fumbled with the key to his quarters. //I KNOW what's going to happen if he stays the night. But I…I WANT it to happen…no…maybe I can get him to sleep in the bathtub or something…//

Wufei cast a sideways glance at where Heero was standing slightly behind him, not TERRIBLY close but close enough that Wufei could feel gentle waves of heat drifting off his body. It then occurred to him that it had been a while since he had stood close enough to someone to actually feel their body heat. And enjoyed it. Usually, being in such close proximity to any person made him think of large crowds of hot, sweaty bodies. Wufei hated crowds. And he hated sweat. Blood, sweat and tears. Precisely what this new peaceful era had been built with.

"There," he grumbled to himself as he heard the lock open with an amused click. He quickly rushed in so he wouldn't have to hold the door open and risk the chances of Heero brushing against him.

He walked over the closet and quickly tossed his bag inside, trying not to notice as Heero strode into the small room, closing the door with a resounding click that seemed far too loud in the silence. Heero's scent and presence were filling the cold, miniscule room with frightening swiftness. They almost seemed to be making themselves comfortable.

"Roomy," Heero deadpanned, eyes taking in small quarters with the small, neatly made bed against the one wall and the dark window that completely filled the other wall. A door next to the closet lead to an adjoining bathroom, but other than that, the room was featureless and miniscule.

"I know it's a little hole in the wall," Wufei grumbled as he shut the closet door and leaned against, trying to put ask much distance between himself and Heero as possible. "But it's MY little hole in the wall, and it's all I need."

"Hn. All you need?" Heero echoed, his back to Wufei as he strode over to the window, hands still shoved in his pockets, drawing the material of his jeans taut over his backside.

Wufei wasn't sure precisely sure what Heero meant by that statement and so he only watched as the other man raised his elbows and rested them against the windowsill, the night surrounding his figure like a dark halo. Silence reigned uncomfortably in the room. A siren sounded in the distance, warbling as it drew closer and then farther and farther away until it faded into nothing.

Finally, Wufei couldn't take the silence any longer. He cherished quiet and peacefulness, but this was not peace that was settled in his soul. It was unrest and edginess, and he was sure Heero was the cause of it.

"What are you doing here?" Wufei asked of Heero's back. "Does anyone else know that the famous Heero Yuy has reemerged from the shadows?"

"No," Heero replied, not bothering to turn around.

Sloe-dark eyes blinked in surprise. "What? You mean you haven't gone to see Duo or Relena yet?"

"No," was the deadpan answer.

"I was the first one you came to see?"


//What does it mean?//

"Why would you come to see me first?" Wufei demanded suspiciously.

"I had to come see you," Heero said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Wufei's heart skipped a beat. "You what?" he asked dumbly, voice quiet.

"Just what exactly do you think you're doing here, Wufei?" Heero suddenly asked, whirling around so that his eyes locked onto the other man's.

Wufei's face darkened. "Doing where?"

An emotion that looked like anger crossed Heero's face. "Here," he clipped, eyes panning around the small room even though he was referring to something far more vast. "In the Preventers. Why did you join?"

"Sally asked me to," Wufei deadpanned.