When Walls Come Tumbling Down (cont)

"That's not what you told me before," Heero jumped in immediately, voice cold. "You told me that you didn't have anywhere else to go."

"That too."

"You're avoiding the question, Wufei."

"I'm getting the impression that you're angry with me."

This time there was a definite flash of emotion that crossed Heero's face before it was gone in the next instant. "And you're angry with me, Wufei," he said in that deep monotone of his.

Wufei suddenly couldn't bear to look upon Heero any longer. Those impossibly deep Prussian blue eyes. The strong, well-muscled body. The night-filled window behind him making his figure faintly shadowy at the edges. With a snort, he whirled away from Heero, violently stripping the Preventers jacket off his shoulders in the same fluid motion.

"I don't see any reason for you to be angry with me," Wufei snapped, finding it much easier to talk now that he didn't have Heero's alluring figure blazing in his eyes. Instead of hanging up his jacket like he usually did, he simply chucked it to the floor of his closet, toeing his shoes off and discarding them in there as well.

"I've done nothing to you," Wufei continued, shutting his closet door with a bang but refusing to turn around to face Heero. "All I'm trying to do is lead a…peaceful existence."

"What you're leading is a false existence," Heero said flatly, but Wufei felt the wave of resentment that struck him in back, forcing him to whirl around in an angry haze.

"False existence?!" Wufei demanded, clenching his hands into fists. "Explain, Yuy."

Prussian blue eyes glared at him from under a mop of dark brown bangs. "I think you know what I'm talking about."

Wufei matched him glare for glare. "No, apparently I DON'T."

Heero's jaw clenched in one last ditch effort to contain the words that were threatening to spill from his lips, but naturally, it failed. "What you're doing here in the Preventers is no different from what we did during the war. Wufei, you're not LIVING, you're only SURVIVING. Fighting for your life as surely as you fought for it during the war. The times changed without you, and here you are: trying to lead a pathetic excuse for a life. It's false, all of it."

A deep scowl came to Wufei's face as bitter rage stung the back of his throat. "False it may be!" he exclaimed. "But at least it's SOMETHING!! It's more than what you did! What was with the vanishing act, Heero?! No one has seen you for half a year and all of sudden you appear in my office spouting all this morbid philosophical nonsense at me! When did you get your twisted ideals so perfectly in order that you think that you can come here and tell ME what's wrong with the life I'm leading!"

"You're living in lies, Wufei," Heero said coldly, eyes glittering.

"Better than running from them, you coward!" Wufei retorted viciously.

"You haven't the right to call me a coward," Heero seethed. "You know nothing about what I've been feeling these past six months."

"You know what? You're absolutely correct," Wufei snapped mockingly. "I don't know how you feel because you and I ARE NOTHING ALIKE, to use your words."

Heero's response was a deathglare of apocalyptic proportions, his full lips twisting into what could almost be considered a sneer. Instead of answering, he shoved away from the window, his movements stiff and jerky, speaking in volumes. Suddenly he lifted his hands and wrapped his fingers around the collar of his denim jacket, stripping it off his shoulders in one deft motion, exposing the bare skin of his arms to Wufei's surprised eyes. Six months hadn't destroyed the muscles in Heero's lean arms, and Wufei couldn't help but stare as the other man turned his back to him and draped his jacket calmly over the back of the desk's chair. Only instead of whirling around to face Wufei, Heero clutched the back of the chair in a death grip, hunching over slightly and lowering his head so that his messy brown hair swooped forward to hide his eyes.

//What's wrong with him?//

Wufei was worried, but he refused to allow himself to express such an emotion. He didn't want to become involved with anyone or anything right now.

"Don't go making yourself at home," he forced himself to say coldly. "If all you came here looking for is pity, then there's the door."

Wufei might have detected a faint trembling in Heero's broad shoulders, but he quickly convinced himself that he was seeing things. Weakness in Heero Yuy was unheard of…

"Seriously, Yuy," Wufei continued, mouth moving of its own violation now. "I have no idea why you've come back after all this time but-"

"I thought I could handle it," Heero suddenly said, something in his voice making the harsh words on Wufei's tongue vanish into nothing.

"I wanted peace as much as anyone did," Heero continued, and this time it was definite. His shoulders were shaking. "I didn't want to have to fight any longer. Too much death. Too much blood. And so I strove to build this peaceful world. But…once it was all over…I realized that I had been fighting for everyone but myself. I constructed this world for Relena, for the citizens of Earth and the colonies…everyone but myself. I fought for everyone's happiness but my own. The ultimate act of selflessness. I suppose that makes me a fucking SAINT, doesn't it?"

Wufei was shocked. How could Heero feel this way? In his mind's eye, he saw Wing Zero plummeting into the ocean, choosing the silence at the bottom of the sea rather than the raging battle that Wufei and Nataku were waging against it. And he heard Heero's voice: "Tell me, Wufei…tell me…" He felt a soul weary of killing, a soul lusting for peace. And Wufei felt the loneliness festering in his own heart. Wing Zero was gone. Heero was gone. He was all alone.


"I thought I was strong enough to handle it," Heero continued, his monotone fighting a loosing battle with his emotions. "I really did. No more war. No more battles. But…the silence, the absence of EVERYTHING came soon after peace was declared. I felt like I had lost a piece of myself. My world came tumbling down around my ears, and I was almost buried with it. You vanished right after Mariemaia's fall, Wufei, and I was afraid the new era had destroyed you as well. I was scared and so I ran. And I hid, like the coward you said I was."

He suddenly released his death grip on the back of the chair and straightened, his hair falling back from his face as he let his eyes drift over to where Wufei was standing, dumbstruck. "But then I come back," Heero said softly. "And I see that the warrior's fire hasn't gone out of your eyes, Wufei. You are still proud, defiant …beautiful, like the dragon you are often referred to as. Your heart is still wild."

"Heero…" The name slipped past Wufei's lips before he could stop it.

"I'm happy that I got the chance to see you again," Heero said with heartbreaking sincerity. "I really missed you, Wufei."

Those words stole Wufei's voice from his throat - hell, they stole his whole damn heart from his chest. It was only then that he realized that he had missed Heero as well. Missed him more than anything in the world. He wanted so desperately to say something - anything - to express what he was feeling, but words failed him.

So he could only watch mutely as Heero tore his gaze away from him and walked slowly over to the bed, radiating insecurity as he seated himself on the edge, springs creaking slightly under his unfamiliar weight. He ran questing fingertips over the smooth comforter, tracing the abstract designs as if they were the most fascinating things in the universe. He started to lie down, but he suddenly seemed to have second thoughts and removed his boots before tentatively laying his head on the pillow, raising his legs and resting them cautiously on the bed as well. All of his movements were tense and timid, as if the softness of the pillow and mattress were alien to him.

"Been a long time since I've slept in a bed," Heero commented, staring vacantly up at the ceiling, eyes unfocused.

"Where have you been all this time?" Wufei asked quietly, trying to the ignore the fact that seeing Heero lying on his bed sent pleasurable shivers coursing down his body.

"I wish I could tell you," Heero murmured. "But I really don't know. I just walked the world for what seemed like forever. It was all so different, so new. I hated it, but I loved it at the same time."

"I know how that feels," Wufei said, more to himself than to Heero. Before he knew what he was doing, he was moving away from his position in front of the closet door, his feet taking him up to the side of the bed that Heero was sprawled limply across. Prussian blue eyes suddenly came back into clear focus and flicked in Wufei's direction, staring up at him evenly from underneath thick lashes.

//He's so beautiful…//

Carefully, Wufei reached out with gentle fingers and touched Heero's shoulder, fingertips lightly stroking the warm, silken flesh. How long had it been since had had willingly touched another person like this? Simple friction of skin sliding over skin, fleeting touch though it was. Heero's skin was smooth and firm, flawless except for the pair of twin scars a little ways down on his bicep, evidence of just what a grueling war it had been.

He tapped Heero on the shoulder. "Move over."

For a moment, Heero just blinked up at him, but then he rolled over onto his side as Wufei slowly eased himself onto the bed beside Heero, lying on his side so that he was face to face with the other man, breathing in his dangerous scent and feeling his warmth all around him. Lightly, he stroked Heero's arm with his entire hand this time, loving the feel of the muscles underneath the taut skin and the strong curve of his shoulder. All the while, his eyes stared into Heero's, unable to look away. It wasn't so much the color of the other man's eyes that mesmerized him so much as what was held in their unseen depths. Heero had very honest eyes. People often called Heero emotionless, something that was very far from the truth. If Heero was feeling anything, it almost always showed deep in his eyes. You just had to know where to look.

And now those beautiful eyes had so many different emotions flickering inside them that the sheer force of them combined made Wufei's heart pound out of control in his chest. He wondered if all he was feeling was reflected in his eyes as well.

"I missed you, Heero," Wufei suddenly confessed, lost in those blue eyes. "Why did you leave me behind? Why?"

Heero's face softened, the guarded look in his eyes easing as he gently removed Wufei's hand from his shoulder, tenderly kissing the inside of his wrist. "I'm sorry," he murmured, eyes locked onto Wufei's even as he rubbed the soft flesh with his thumb.

Heero's name escaped his lips in a single breathless exclamation before Wufei closed the inches separating them, meshing his mouth over the other man's. The lips beneath his were as soft as he remembered, and just as willing. He ran his tongue along them, tracing the familiar contours of the tender flesh. Heero gasped softly and opened his mouth, which Wufei eagerly plunged his tongue into, moaning as he reveled in the hot, wet cavern. Heero suddenly rolled onto his back, taking Wufei with him.

Dragging his mouth away from Heero's hungry one, Wufei trailed hot kisses down his jawline until he reached his neck, remembered how sensitive Heero was there. He ran his tongue blindly over the heated skin until he found a place where Heero's pulse was throbbing wildly. Immediately, he latched onto this area, sucking gently on the flesh, pushing his tongue against it again and again, lost in the taste of what was so divinely Heero that it would never be mistaken for any other.

"Oh yes, right there," Heero gasped breathlessly, tugging Wufei's shirt out of his pants with rough hands.

"You sure you want this, Heero?" Wufei asked needlessly, right before he ran his tongue up the entire length of Heero's throat.

Heero's only response was to groan loudly and dig his head back into the pillow to give Wufei better access to his neck. Wufei need no other encouragement, not with Heero's alluring scent surrounding him, taking him over. Still sucking on Heero's throat, he slid his hands underneath the man's shirt, running them all over the heaving belly before letting his callused fingertips graze a pair of sensitive nipples. Heero jumped at the unexpected caress, then began to writhe in pleasure as he felt his nipples being pinched softly, then rubbed in slow, torturous circles until they were hard.

"Take this OFF," Heero growled, yanking on Wufei's shirt, his voice sending soft rumbles along the length of his throat.

Wufei smiled into the flesh of Heero's neck and gave the man's nipples one last pinch before straightening up, moving so that he was straddling Heero's hips. He hesitated a moment to drink in the sight of Heero beneath him - muscled stomach exposed by the rumpled tank top, lips full and swollen, eyes heavy-lidded with passion. Had he ever wanted or cared for anyone as much as this man?

Quickly, Wufei grabbed the hem of his own shirt and lifted it, blind for a second as the cloth slid over his head. Heero's warm body suddenly shifted beneath his, and before Wufei knew what was happening, he felt a hot, wet mouth close over one of his nipples, equally hot hands slipping around his waist and running up and down his naked back. A gasp escaped his lips as his shirt fell from his nerveless fingers.

"Heero," he moaned, burying his fingers in the man's dark hair and pulling him closer, never wanting to let him go. Heero continued to lap tenderly at the taut nipple before his tongue traced a line of fire across Wufei's chest to the other one, taking it into his mouth and suckling ferociously, tongue swirling around it wildly. Wufei gripped Heero tighter and moaned in ecstasy, letting the pleasure created by Heero's ministrations rush straight to the pool of fire between his legs.

"I'd almost forgotten how you taste," Heero whispered feverishly, licking Wufei's chest lovingly.

"I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to hold you," Wufei murmured just as heatedly, hands running all over Heero's strong back.

"Show me, Wufei," Heero gasped as his mouth once again found a taut nipple. "Show me how to live."


Times change. People change. Wufei knew that alterations were necessary for the evolution of mankind as a whole. It was truly all an "endless waltz." Everything lives. Everything dies. But not everything changes. Heero Yuy and Chang Wufei were two of those things. Wufei lived by the sword, and he would die by the sword. Heero was raised an assassin, and an assassin he would always remain, at least in his heart of hearts. No one else could understand this because, in all reality, Heero and Wufei were the last of their kinds. The Perfect Soldier and the only surviving member of the Dragon Clan.

They were two things in this new age of peace that would remain constant. Heero would always be a soldier, and Wufei would always be a warrior. Peace and war could rage right outside their window, and their sacred union would still be the same. The Earth could be destroyed by a firestorm or an arctic freeze, but neither would change the feeling of Heero in his arms, skin like satin, muscles like liquid steel. He trembled a bit and raked blunt fingernails across Wufei's back when the other man slid inside him, but his tight, throbbing passage stretched to accommodate the lover whose touch he had been missing for nearly three years. It was all the same. The raging heat inside Heero. The scent of him. The wild presence that demanded release. Wufei buried his face in Heero's neck and began to thrust in and out of him violently, knowing that the other man wasn't going to shatter like glass in his arms. Heero moved with him in the same wild, savagely harmonious rhythm, heated confessions falling from his lips in between gasps.

It was so delightfully dangerous. The door was unlocked. The walls in the quarters were thin. But Wufei didn't care. Throwing all caution out the window, he screamed Heero's name with all his heart's desire as he released his seed inside the other man, not even noticing when Heero bit down on his naked shoulder to drown out the sounds of his own climax, letting them instead wash over the heated skin of his lover.

Oblivion came calling for him then, and Wufei barely had enough energy to slide out of Heero and roll off of him, pressing a blind kiss on his lips as he did so. The last things he remembered were Heero curling up against him and a blissful silence descending over the room.


Wufei watched through half-closed, sated eyes as the ceiling fan spun slowly on the ceiling, its blades creaking ominously. Every morning, he always woke up and lay in his cold, empty bed, keen black eyes tracing the languid motions of that annoying fan. But today, the fan didn't seem so annoying. His bed wasn't cold, and neither was it empty.

Heero was still asleep with his head resting on Wufei's chest, pressed up against his flank with one leg flung over the smaller man's hips, his breathing slow and even. The scents of sex and Heero still hung in the air, and Wufei breathed them in deeply. He hadn't felt this way in a long time. He had always had the feeling that something was missing from his life. Every morning, he almost regarded the coming dawn with a sense of detachment, not at all thrilled about what the day would bring. He hadn't known the source of that feeling until last night, when Heero had abruptly reentered his life and had laid the truth before him, humiliating though it was.

It scared him, this new peaceful world. Scared him so badly that Wufei, like Heero, had chosen to remain voluntarily caught in limbo, a soldier frozen in time, unable to adapt to a world where he really had no place to exist. It seemed the entire universe had changed, churning into a massive whirlwind and whisking away, leaving redundant soldiers like Wufei and Heero behind in the cold. Ever since Mariemaia's downfall, Wufei had been struggling to keep up and fit into a world that kept shoving him away and spitting him out, unable to stomach the taste of his bloody hands and warrior's spirit. He had thought he was alone in his feelings.

Absently, he stroked Heero's naked back, fingertips ghosting across the smooth flesh. Though still asleep, Heero responded by sighing softly and nestling closer to his lover, tucking his head under Wufei's chin, seeking warmth and comfort even in the realm of the unconscious. Wufei smiled and pressed a kiss into Heero's hair, breathing in his scent contentedly.

Yes, even in this peaceful world, Heero's scent of danger still remained, out-of-place and outdated though it was. Just like Wufei's archaic sense of justice and his strict adherence to cherished traditions. Two sides of the same coin.
Maybe, possibly, this was happiness lying his arms, leg thrown over his hips, arm draped across his chest protectively. Maybe this was love.

Even as Wufei lazily pondered these things, he knew no answers would come to him, and for the first time, he wasn't bothered by the fact that his questions would go unanswered. This world was not enough for souls like himself and Heero; it didn't have the answers that Wufei was always demanding. But the past was now behind him, the present standing motionless in a perpetual state of bliss rather than misery.

And the future was there like it always was, winding out in front of him in dozens of twists and turns, roads cavorting with one another like lovers in the endless waltz of life. Wufei used to fear getting lost or swallowed up by those hungry destinies, alone in his fate. But now that he wasn't alone any longer, the future didn't seem so bad.

He had Heero at his side, in his arms, in his heart. And that was enough to last him an eternity.


Still I ain't seen mine
No, I ain't seen mine
Been giving just ain't been getting
I've been walking that there line
So I think I'll keep on walking
With my head held high
I'll keep moving on
And only God knows why

-- "Only God Knows Why", Kid Rock


I'm a renegade survivor
A new age warrior
And I'm trapped in the universe
Searching for the future

-- "Renegade Survivor", Wailing Souls

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