Rating: R
Pairing: Solo x Duo
Warnings: Shota, lime, L2

Fresh Bread

Just another two dirty, sexless orphans, Solo and Duo wriggled through the bakery's basement window. It was a wonder that this place existed at all. Dirty, rat-ridden and reeking of damp, the underlying smell of stale bread still made their mouths water. Solo walked soundlessly, in the weird gait he called thief's feet, and leaned over a barrel. Duo followed in the same manner, wiping his mouth so he didn't drool into the bread buns. They loaded up their pockets, shorts, tucked-in T-shirts and balanced as many in their hands and they could carry. Growing up on L2 had given them a certain amount of agility. Climbing onto a barrel, then squirming out of a window while laden with bread presented no challenge at all. They'd already found somewhere to hide it, behind a loose brick in one of the church walls. There weren't many people who'd steal something from church grounds, even here. The hard part was getting there without being attacked, and having the whole hoard stolen. But Solo knew L2 better than anyone, and they could outrun and avoid pretty much anything. So Solo sped off, Duo following, ducking between legs, kicking kneecaps and just running like hell where necessary, until finally they reached the church. The bread, bar two buns was deposited quickly, discretely, and left. They settled themselves behind one of torn-up and torched dumpsters to eat.

An L2 orphan quickly learned that his imagination was a necessary tool for coping with life here. So Duo lifted hard, old bread to his lips and tasted the fresh, warm bread soaked with butter that he'd only ever smelled. He closed his eyes and curled bare toes in relish. He opened them to see Solo staring at him, untouched bread in hand.

"What?" Duo said.

"Someone put a load of crack in that or somethin'?"

"I'm hungry."

"Yeah, me too, but you don't see me looking like I'm sucklin' on ambrosia."

"Shut up. It's my bread an' I can eat it how I want."

Duo went back to eating, determinedly ignoring Solo. After a while the bread would go soft and soggy in his mouth, making the fantasy a whole lot more real. His eyes opened as wide as dinner plates as he felt warm pressure against his lips. He opened his mouth to shout something, but Solo's tongue darted in, and swept away the moist piece of bread.

"Oi!" Duo yelled. "Greedy! You've got your own!"

"But you were enjoyin' yours so much I had to have a taste," Solo said, without a hint of remorse. He grinned and tore a piece of his own bread off with his teeth.

"Well..." Duo tried the same trick. He couldn't help thinking that Solo was a little more yielding than he should have been. He didn't care too much though, since it meant he had extra food without even having to do anything too nasty. He ate the rest of his bread quickly, in case Solo decided to try anything like that again. He'd be hungry again in a few minutes, but for now, he had food on his tummy and Solo wasn't teasing anymore. All in all, things were pretty good.

Solo turned and kissed him again.

"What was that one for?" Duo said. "I didn't even have any bread that time!"

Solo smirked. Duo had seen that smirk a lot. Solo was a whole year older than him, and it meant 'I'm older and wiser than you'. Well, he wasn't going to let him get one over on him that easily. He planted another kiss on Solo's lips. This was as different, a long press before Solo opened his mouth and let Duo's tongue slide in. He tasted of bread. Smelled of it too from where it had been against his skin.

An inquisitive hand slid up Duo's T-shirt, brushing a nipple and trailing down to his stomach.

"...Feels nice..." Solo said, breaking the kiss only for a moment before going back to it.

Duo set his own hands to exploring. He wouldn't have thought Solo's skin would be warm and dimpling like this, Solo was tough and could fight his way out of a whole lot of skirmishes, he shouldn't feel cuddly. Duo stroked down Solo's spine. It did feel nice. It wasn't long before he was pulling on the bottom of Solo's T-shirt. If the squishy skin felt good against his hand, he reasoned, it would feel better against his own squishy skin. Solo seemed pretty enthusiastic about it, jerking Duo's T-shirt over his head before his own had even left his shoulders. Duo pressed tightly against him, cuddling like when they were trying to keep warm.

"These," Solo said, tugging at Duo's shorts. Duo had never heard him say anything so politely. Come to think of it he'd never heard him say anything in any manner which invited anyone to say no.

Even so, this was about the only time Duo wasn't in the mood to be defiant. He shifted, letting Solo remove them and settling back on his lap. Solo touched and groped and snuggled him, kissing his cheeks and lips.

"Yours too," Duo said, easing away from him. He knew he'd be more comfortable if he wasn't the only one who was naked. Solo seemed happy to oblige, yanking down his own shorts and kicking them off as he grabbed Duo again. He felt himself turn hot and pink as all of their bare skin touched. He found himself reaching up for a kiss, wrapping his legs around Solo so that...places...touched.

Duo had heard too many whores and pimps talk to be entirely innocent, so he had a good idea of where this could go. But Solo seemed content just to kiss and cuddle for now. Duo dipped his nose into Solo's round cheek and cuddled him tighter. He had bread, warmth and Solo. He wasn't deprived at all.