author: trixie
disclaimer: if i owned them or made money off of ‘em, i'd be too busy being rich to have time to fanfic. ^_~
summary: Heero watches Duo and Trowa

notes: for Dacia, the demanding wench, for her birthday. ^_~ not that i ever mind a little Tro/Duo action…

Outside In

He kept flipping through the channels, staring resolutely at the screen, but he didn't hear any of the talking heads sensationalizing the day's tragedies for ratings. He was too busy listening to his roommate say goodbye to his boyfriend.

Their hands were joined at the fingertips, constantly in motion as they teased each other. Duo had his face turned up, and it appeared to Heero that he was offering his lips to Trowa. Trowa's face was harder to see, shadowed by his bangs and partially blocked by the back of Duo's head, but Heero could see the faint smile of pure pleasure that twitched his lips. He would lean down occasionally to touch his lips to Duo's, making a soft sound or a slight smacking noise, depending on the length of the contact.

Heero felt his gut spin, and he started flipping through the channels again.

"You don't have to go, do you?" Duo cajoled, rocking back and forth on his feet, his braid swinging behind him against his ass. "C'mon… stay a bit."

"No," Trowa refused gently. "It would be… awkward." He lowered his voice on the last word, but Heero's hearing was excellent. "You could… come back with me…"

Duo sighed, stepping a half step closer, increasing the contact between them. "No, stay here… we're already here, and we're already in the mood…"

"Duo!" Trowa chastised, but he was smiling, and he indulged Duo in another kiss, a long, slow one that made a lot of noise.

Heero hated the kissing noise. It was gross. He figured there must be something pleasant about kissing that made it worth the noise for other people, but from where he was sitting, there was nothing good to be gained from it.

Duo put one hand on Trowa's waist, inching himself even closer. "Don't be so bashful Tro. There's nothing to worry about. Stay with me."

Trowa put his hands on Duo's back, and Duo leaned up, and they started to really make out. There was that horrible smacking sound, the guttural sounds of breathing really hard. Heero shifted on the couch, and started to flip with more vengeance. Cartoon, old movie, bad comedy, stupid sitcom, boring sports, childish cartoon, more boring sports, stupid news, stupid news, more stupid news…

Trowa's hand was now massaging the back of Duo's neck, his fingers catching on the hair that was bound into Duo's braid. Duo sighed, his eyes closed, his body lax against Trowa, and he whispered, "Please Tro. Spend the night with me."

Trowa's acquiescence was less of a submission and more of an inevitability. The tide would have had better luck resisting the pull of the moon than Trowa had resisting as Duo pulled him to his bedroom.

Heero flinched, sighing. They had left the front door wide open, of course. He was there to close it, after all. Why should they be bothered?

Heero turned off the tv, and shut the door, setting the four locks meticulously. He rinsed out his milk glass, and turned out the lights in the living room and the kitchen. He stood outside of Duo's bedroom and pressed his ear to the door.

They were already grunting and groaning. Heero wished that Duo would let him watch. Maybe when Trowa was less skittish about him being around, he would agree. Heero would never really understand what they were doing in there. Dr. J had seen to that. He loved Duo with all his heart and soul, but, by definition, his love was purely platonic. Duo had tried to pretend that it was enough, and that their love didn't need to go any further, but Heero was more than a simple eunuch. With no sex drive or sexuality at all, he didn't even enjoy kissing or petting or even sharing a bed.

It wasn't fair to Duo.

The headboard on Duo's bed was rhythmically banging against the wall, and Heero put his hands on the door, as if he could hear better through the touch. Their grunts and breaths were rhythmic, too, a pace that was slowly building.

It had been Heero's idea, initially. Trowa was single, and Heero knew that he was attracted to Duo, and that Duo didn't find him unattractive. It seemed like a perfect solution to Heero. Duo could have sex with Trowa, and have a relationship with him. It was fair and equitable.

But Heero had underestimated what a sexual relationship would entail. He had underestimated his jealousy at seeing Trowa's hands on Duo's body, at listening and watching them circle ever closer around each other, at watching as more and more Duo's eyes would drift to Trowa.

Duo loved Heero, but Trowa touched him. Trowa made him gasp and scream. Duo's nostrils would flare and his eyes would dilate when Trowa was around. Their hands would reach for each other when ever they were close, they would sit next to each other whenever they went out, even in groups, they would talk on the phone even when they had been working together during the day, and Duo would use that low, breathless voice when he was talking to Trowa.

Duo began to pant out Trowa's name. That nickname. ‘Tro.' Over and over again, like some ancient drumbeat. Heero watched a documentary once about ancient music and sounds, and it showed tribes and people from Africa and Asia and even Japan, highlighting how similar the primal music was.

Duo and Trowa had been having sex for nearly two months before Heero realized what that primal music was.

Heero heard them climax. He had listened to them having sex enough to know. He wished he knew what it felt like. Duo tried to describe it to him once, but his explanation didn't make much sense. Heero read about it, in a physiology text, but he didn't have the proper context. He supposed he would never really know.

He wished for a lot of things. He wished that he hadn't forced Duo and Trowa on that date. He wished that he hadn't agreed to Dr. J's plan to make him perfectly focused. He wished his penis would do something besides excrete urine. He wished his brain reacted to Duo the way Trowa's brain did, and, as a corollary, that his central nervous system would react to Duo's touch the way Trowa's did. He wished that, just once, Duo would scream out his name instead of Trowa's.

Heero turned off the hall light, and slipped into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He hurried through his nighttime ritual, because Duo would be coming in to take a quick shower.

As he was getting into bed, he realized that it had taken longer for Duo to entreat Trowa to spend the night than it had taken them to fuck.

Frankly, he'd rather listen to them screw each other senseless all night than watch Duo pour himself all over Trowa like that.