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Sept 2017
• After 17 years, ** a little piece of gundam wing** will be CLOSING. However, since I can't bear to see all these fics fade away, the content of the site (minus all my flashy orange text *cough*) will be moving to AO3 starting in Oct 2017 -- go here for details, and pass the word!

Dec 2013 - I lied. It's my site. I can do that.
• Trixie's 'The Rope to Bind You' (5x2), based on this piece of gift art

Oct 2013 - the last update
• added the final part of Sunhawk's Ion arc -- Conclusions (1x2, aduh ^_~)

My site's 12th anniversary *boggles* and, as always, a lovely piece of gift art commissioned for me from paperflower86 by Sunhawk.

It strikes me as very fitting to end with Sunhawk, a gal who has stuck by me through thick and thin. I still remember the night I decided to ask to host her (I had stayed up into the wee hours reading her Ion arc), regardless of the fact that she was already hosted on a well-respected site. So this -- a finale to that same arc -- well, if that's not going out with a bang, I don't know what is. ^_^*

Dec 2012
• Part 20 of TB and Marsh's 'Caveat' (6x2)

Added The Manwell's 'Two out of Three' (3x2)

Aug 2012
• Part 19 of TB and Marsh's 'Caveat' (6x2)
• Part 11 of Mel & Christy's 'Alarums and Excursions'

On the occasion of my site's 10th anniversary, an AWESOME piece of 2x5x2 fan art by T-Shirt1x2.

Mar 2012
• Parts 17 & 18 of TB and Marsh's 'Caveat' (6x2)
• Part 11 of TB and Marsh's '2.7 Kelvin' (6x2)
• Parts 38 & 39 of Mel & Christy's 'Demon of Justice' (1x2, 3x4, 5x?)
• Part 10 of Mel & Christy's 'Alarums and Excursions'

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