Author: Kracken
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I don't make any money off of this.
Warning: Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence, abusive situations.


Band Aids + Part 4

"She needs an escort," a heavy set man was saying as Duo finished putting in a panel.

Duo cast a look over his shoulder at the man, grimacing. "You worry too much," he said.

"Not enough, and you know it,' the man retorted. "This is not a place for a young woman to be walking by her own self."

Milliardo frowned at the man as he put down a load of parts. "Is there some danger? I am a Preventer agent."

Duo snickered. "Wouldn't that be something? Prince Milliardo Peacecraft escorting Bellona Myers to the dance. News at nine. It would sure top, Gundam pilot hero." Duo sighed and turned to face the man, wrench turning over and over in one hand as if it had a life of its own. "Look, Bernard, Bell doesn't care about the dance, that's why she doesn't have a date for it. She likes her flowers. God knows, there's not a lot of that around here. You should encourage it."

The man turned sour. "Flowers," he scoffed. "Where will that get her?"

"Maybe off of this pile of crap," Duo grumbled back and waved his wrench dissmissively as he turned back to his work. "Go on and try to respect what she wants a little more, okay?"

"Easy for you, you're not a father," Bernard snapped back and stalked away.

Milliardo grunted and then began sorting through his parts.

"Gonna ask me what that was all about?" Duo wondered.

"The topic was apparent," Milliardo replied distastefully. "I often have the similar misfortune to be the target of every father with a single daughter."

Duo laughed. "I don't think I'm in the same class, Mill. He's just looking for a date that won't pop her virginity. He knows I'm into men. It doesn't hurt to have a little notoriety too. People are more likely to keep their hands off if they think boyfriend can kill them thirty seven ways in under a second."

Milliardo frowned. "I don't understand. Why is he concerned that she isn't social, and then determined to make her unavailable?"

"Kind of cross purposes, isn't it?" Duo said as he straightened his back and chucked his wrench into a tool box. "Well, he only wants the right guys to come calling. Once everyone sees her out on the town, he thinks they'll all come calling papa for a date with her."

Milliardo shook his head. "That is very confusing logic."

"Not for a father, it seems," Duo laughed. "Come on, let's call it a day. Lori's gone out with his drinking buddies, so we have the place to ourselves. Let's pop open some beers and lounge in our underwear."

"That doesn't appeal to me," Milliardo confessed, and then corrected himself. He had to shed that automatic, politician's politeness. "We should plan out what we want to do tomorrow."

"Boring," Duo sighed.

"Necessary," Milliardo snapped back, but he had another plan as well and he hoped that Duo would respond well to it.

As they entered the office, Milliardo locked the door behind them. Before Duo could pass the computer, he had the man by the braid and was forcing him down into a chair. Duo struggled and swore, testing him, but Milliardo tightened his grip and used his greater muscle.

"Log into this address," Milliardo told him and rattled it off.

Duo struggled for a bit more and then sighed and did as he was told.

"Now, hack into the main processors," Milliardo instructed.

Milliardo had his own test. If Duo could pass it, if he could see how much he was needed...

"Shit!" Duo swore not moment's later and Milliardo gasped in astonishment that he had been able to defeat a multi level security program of that magnitude that quickly.

"Cluster Fuck compression bombs!" Duo breathed and his had trembled. "Those can wipe out half a satellite before you could kiss your ass goodbye. Who the hell are these people? I thought they destroyed those kind of weapons along the same time we got rid of the gundams."

"We've been trying to hack into that system for seven months and all we've been able to accomplish is the login, "Milliardo explained. "You defeated it in moments. Now, download all of the information there to Preventer headquarters. They'll send troops to take out their hidden storage bays."

Duo did as he was ordered and then he sat back, breathing hard. He wiped sweat from his face. "Shit!" he exclaimed again. "If they had gotten away with that..."

"Do you see why we need you so desperately?" Milliardo asked. "Do you understand how many lives you just saved?"

"I did that right here, though," Duo said thoughtfully. "I didn't have to be at Preventer's or holding a gun on anyone. I didn't need a badge or to have the high and mighty Lady Une being my boss."

"That bothers you?" Milliardo wondered.

"She tried to kill me," Duo shot back. "Why shouldn't it?"

Milliardo raised an eyebrow. "I tried to kill you as well."

"That wasn't personal though, that was war. She wanted me dead in a bad way," Duo told him as he looked at the hand that was still holding his braid tightly. "You going to do something with that?"

It was hard to know where the line was. Milliardo suspected that the line often moved depending on Duo's mood. Did he want rough or did he just want to be commanded? Milliardo considered Nick and considered the man's language and his assumptions.

"You're certain Lori won't be back?" Milliardo asked.

"Very sure," Duo chuckled. "Are you scared of my Dad?"

"Yes," Milliardo joked.

Duo was suddenly testing again. "Me?"

Milliardo pulled Duo in close. "No."

"I'm not going to be your agent, or move away from this place," Duo affirmed, drawing that line at least. "What are you going to do about that?"

"I'm assessing the situation," Milliardo replied formally.

"Yeah?" Duo jerked his braid free and gave Milliardo a push so that he could stand up. He walked to the living quarters as he threw over his shoulder, "Why bother? You're wasting your time."

"I don't think I am," Milliardo replied as he followed him.

"I'll shower first," Duo told him, ignoring Milliardo's reply as he began stripping. "You can go second."

Milliardo was treated to Duo's ass shimmying out of his overalls, rippling with muscle and rounded in a lovely curve to a waist as tightly knit as the rest of him. The small of Duo's back caught all of Milliardo's attention, a meeting of all points in a wonderful flat plane that begged for a firm hand to touch it.

Milliardo was suddenly there, fisting Duo's overalls before they could drop past Duo's knees and using them to pull the man hard against him. Duo glared and made as if to push him off again, but Milliardo saw his eyes, saw the need for his strength there. Milliardo ran a broad hand along Duo's side, down to that perfect point and splayed his hand there. He looked down at Duo's rounded shoulders, at his chest and his hard nipples. His fisted hand was at Duo's crotch, bunching the material there, using it to stroke the obvious hardness underneath, and then he was releasing Duo and shoving him aside.

"I will shower first. I like hot water," Milliardo announced. He had the door to the bathroom closed before Duo recovered. He heard a muffled, "Bastard!" and then Duo chuckling appreciatively.

Milliardo grimaced as he peeled off his own dirty work clothes. His impressive erection sprang free and he leaned back to balance it. It hadn't wanted to stop, yet Milliardo knew that the time wasn't right. Duo wasn't his, yet. This wasn't going to be a conquest or a submission. This was going to be a delicate dance and he had yet to learn all of the steps.

Milliardo stepped into the hot shower and soaped himself thoroughly. Stroking his thick, needy erection, he imagined his hand was Duo's tight mouth, sliding up and down it. Milliardo bucked forward, pretended to make Duo take it deeper, imagining Duo's cheeks filling with his cock.

"Suck me," Milliardo whispered to the erotic image and felt a deep thrill that shook him to the core. He leaned into the wall, against the soap slick heat of the tile being pounded with water, and humped it, his hands down as if he were forcing Duo, jerking him up and down on his length, not enough to choke him or to hurt, but letting him feel who was in control."Suck!" he growled into the noise of the water.

It wasn't enough friction. Milliardo sank to his knees, imaging himself pulling Duo underneath him, imagining himself mounting the man on all fours as he cursed and tried to throw him off. "Take it!" Milliardo growled. "Take my cock!" He slid his hand into the tight sheath of his hand, felt the throbbing, massive length of it and imagined it going into Duo, stretching him, filling him, and making him writhe as he was impaled. Milliardo shook, moaning into the pounding water. His mind filled with the vision of himself ball deep into Duo, the smaller body captured underneath him, waiting for his orders, his pleasure, and ready to be thoroughly fucked by the impossible length stuffed inside of him.

A hand pulled his away from his throbbing cock and a mouth fastened onto the soapy length. The vision shattered and Milliardo opened his eyes to find a lithe body almost flat against the tile and under his own. A rounded ass was lifted and Milliardo had a clear view of a puckered entrance being inundated by hot water, as a talented mouth suckled him, milked him harshly, tighter than his own fist almost, as if Duo intended to pull it off with every hard suck.

"Suck me!" Milliardo groaned and wrapped a big arm around Duo's thin waist, pulling him further underneath him. "Suck my cock!"

Duo couldn't take it all, but he made the attempt, andt then he paused as if in sudden contrary defiance as if needing something from Milliardo to help him continue. He wanted...

"Suck me off, bitch!" Milliardo felt his face flush hotly as the crude word came awkwardly from his cultured tongue, but there was a heightened sensation of power that came with using it, an even greater sense of control and Duo wanted that, wanted that leashed threat, that illusion of being controlled completely. That it equaled being cared for in his mind, was something for a psychologist to examine, but Milliardo couldn't deny his own response, his own rush of need that wanted to possess and control the strength of the man beneath him.

Duo began taking him deeper then, sucking with greater vigor as much of Milliardo's cock as he could manage. Leaning into Duo, using him to prop himself up, Milliardo soaped a thumb and then worked it into Duo's entrance. Duo shivered and bucked, but Milliardo had him pinned. He worked his thumb in an out, making it disappear completely and enjoying the feel of the tight sucking sensation of Duo's flesh. Duo's ass danced as if it were trying to escape, but Milliardo kept his hold tight as he replaced his thumb with his middle finger. Thick and long, the feel of it's intrusion seemed to make Duo frantic. He shoved back onto it and took it up to the last joint as Milliardo began to fuck him with it.

Milliardo came then, harder than he'd ever come before, and Duo swallowed, sucking like a madman to take it all. When Milliardo collapsed onto his smaller lover in exhaustian, his weight taking him down almost flat to the tile, Milliardo kept his finger still buried inside of Duo. Duo didn't protest. He seemed to enjoy that position, that finger deep inside of him, doing nothing except claiming him in a crude fashion.

Shaky, Milliardo finally levered himself up to a crouch, still keeping his finger buried. When Duo looked up at him, streaming water, he pulled that finger out slowly, making him feel it, and then straightened and left the shower.

Duo made a noise of complaint, but Milliardo ignored it as he toweled off. Duo hadn't come. Milliardo could see he was still hard as Duo sat up, legs sprawled open as he stared angrily at Milliardo. When he saw that Milliardo was going to leave the bathroom, he was up and grabbing his arm.


Milliardo looked down at Duo cooly, though he was anything but cool playing this game. He reached down and jammed his finger back into Duo as deeply as he could. Duo's eyes glazed and he leaned into Milliardo to catch his balance.

"Jerk off," Milliardo ordered him. "I didn't want this. I planned to wait and do things properly. You took that choice from me when you wrapped your lips around my cock like a bitch in heat. I don't like that, not at all." He pulled his finger out and then walked out of the bathroom.

"Fucker!" Duo shouted after him and Milliardo heard his angry panting.

Milliardo found his clean clothes and put them on. He was arranged comfortably in an over stuffed chair when Duo finally joined him. The man's anger was less, but Milliardo could still see it sparking behind his eyes.

"I had to take a peek," Duo admitted as he sat on a work table and let his legs dangle, only a towel wrapped around his waist. "Once I saw what you were doing, that you were really that huge, I decided that waiting was for the birds. I needed that. You were doing it all right... everything. I had to be in on it. You probably think I'm a sick bastard, right? Needing to have you... call me things, treat me like that..."

Milliardo didn't reply. Instead, he stood up and approached Duo. Duo eyed him warily.

"I need you to prove something to me, before we go any further," Milliardo told him. "It was the reason that I wished to wait."

Duo grunted, guessing what that was. "Nobody's ever cared about that before. They liked thinking they had it over me."

"I don't," Milliardo told him.

Duo grinned, but there was an impish humor too it; Shinigami daring Milliardo."Try me then."

Milliardo had been trained since he was a boy. He was larger than Duo and stronger. He didn't want to hurt the man and he was careful as he moved in for the attack. He wasn't certain what happened next. The towel was a weapon, an old empty beer can, a rug under his feet, and the stiff finger Duo held poised in front of one of his eyes as he landed on his back with Duo on top.

"I can drive this right into your brain," Duo promised and his eyes were deadly.

"That isn't necessary," Milliardo assured him.

Duo's cock was suddenly in his face, hard and tempting. "Suck me, then, Milli, if you want to live."

That wasn't part of the game. Milliardo dared and shoved Duo off of him, making the man land on his ass. "No, and I told you why already," he replied and went to sit in his chair again as he asked casually, "Is there anything else to drink beside beer?"

"Bastard," Duo growled, but there was respect in the tone of that curse. He stood, gave his erection a hard stroke, and replied, "I'll go take care of this and then I'll see what Lori has stashed around here."

Milliardo watched him go and then sank back into the chair as he finally allowed himself to react. He felt weak, as if he had just run a marathon or fought a day long battle in a hot mobile suit. He had just opened the door and let his inner desires run rampant. For a man who prided himself on his control, on his impeccable restraint in all things, it was a life changing moment. Far from courts and halls of government, he was sitting in a dilapidated work shop, waiting on a crude drink, and contemplating a relationship that seemed the stuff of torrid, elicit back rooms. He hadn't like the end fight with it's violence. He had his own lines in the sand and Duo would have to accept that. They were at the give and take before the launch of their relationship, going through their own personal check lists, and it wasn't going to be easy..

Milliardo recalled Duo's tight mouth sucking him, his lithe body in his strong grip, and felt himself go hard again. He wasn't sure what was in store for their future, but he knew that he didn't want to lose this, didn't want to lose Duo whether he became an agent or not. His life was already becoming inexorably twined with the living dynamite that was Duo Maxwell.

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