Author: Kracken
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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.

Cadence + Part 11

"But it was on my list," Duo complained as they sprawled on the futon in the living room, sipping coffee and tea, and trying to come to terms with suddenly becoming intimate. It was difficult, especially when Duo began things with an argument.

Heero looked perplexed as he cradled his tea and looked sideways at Duo. "You enjoyed it."

Duo blushed as he looked down into his coffee . "Yeah," he admitted, but then scowled, "But it was on my list!"

"That you didn't wish to do that sort of act," Heero tried to clarify and then Wu Fei sighed, suddenly understanding.

"But you saw nothing wrong with doing it yourself?" Wu Fei asked Heero.

"No," Heero replied.

"It's the same thing!" Duo snapped.

"No, not to him," Wu Fei replied. "Heero is very literal, you know that."

"Oh...." Duo frowned, tried to stay angry, and then gave up. He said to Heero, "It's like a flight plan, okay, Heero? Clear it all with the tower first before you do anything next time."

"But you liked it," Heero persisted. "You don't want me to do it again?"

Duo blushed even deeper. "It's nasty. I just... well, in the heat of things, I guess a person says yes to a lot of things if it feels good, but when I think back about it..." He made a face. "I really don't want you doing it."

Heero looked at Wu Fei. Wu Fei knew what the question was and it was his turn to blush. He knew he had to be honest. "I... I liked it. It's all right with me."

"Fine, you two, but keep that kink between yourself," Duo snorted.

They were collectively uncomfortable then, sitting stiffly. After a few moments of that, Duo shot a glance at his companions and then suddenly draped himself across their laps. He looked up at them, grinning.

"We had sex, all together, and it was really good.," Duo said. "So, stop looking like someone died and we don't know what to do with the body. Nobody is going to knock down the door and take us to prison."

There was a knock on the door. They all froze. Duo snickered, reached up, and gave both their faces small slaps before he sat up.

"You see who it is, Heero. Put on some pants first, though," Duo told him as he stood up and headed for the bedroom. Wu Fei followed him.

The last thing Wu Fei wanted just then was company. They needed to talk some more and make sure that everyone was still agreeable to their arrangement.

"Stop thinking," Duo told him and he suddenly found himself with an armful as Duo melted against him and looked into his eyes."Love you," Duo told him. "You love me. Heero loves us. I love Heero. You love Heero. We all said it. No guilt, Chang. No second thoughts. No running away because it's not the 'ususal kind of relationship'."

"I just wanted to know how you were doing, personally," Quatre's voice came from the livingroom.

Wu Fei went pale, but at least it wasn't Sally. He didn't think that he could face her just yet. He caught the shorts Duo tossed him and put them on. He watched Duo's rounded ass slip into his own shorts and he thought about what it had felt like to be in that hot tightness.

When Duo turned back around, he smirked. "I know what you're thinking." He tossed Wu Fei a long, loose shirt. "Better cover your pup tent."

Wu Fei looked down and saw his obvious excitement straining against his shorts. Mortification was enough to tame it, but he put the shirt on anyway. Duo was leaning into him again and reaching around to squeeze his hips.

"Next time, it's going to be my turn to ride," Duo promised.

Wu Fei felt another wave of excitement, imagining Duo over him, thrusting. He made certain that the shirt hung very loose as Duo laughed at him, kissed him, and then moved past him out of the bedroom. Wu Fei took a moment to compose himself before following.

Quatre Winner was seated in one of the chairs, being handed tea by Heero, who had put on a pair of his exercise shorts. They clung like a second skin. To Wu Fei, it was an extremely erotic sight. To Quatre Winner, who considered them dear fiends, it was interesting, but nothing much. He sipped his tea and smiled at them as they sat on the futon, but then his smile dropped and his mouth hung open, incredulous.

"You..." He looked from one to the other and then at Heero. His eyes went wide; blue, shocked saucers, and then he blushed a deep red and didn't seem to know what to say next.

"That obvious?" Duo finally quipped. He laughed. "Should have known you'd pick up on it."

Quatre looked as if he were mentally flailing. At last, he managed, "When..? How...?"

Wu Fei was stunned. "First, how did you guess?"

"I can see it," Quatre retorted and then looked down into his tea, his hands clenching the saucer and cup tightly. "The room smells like sex too."

Wu Fei smelled experimentally, so sure Quatre was imagining it, but there, one the air, was the scent. He looked at Heero and Duo, feeling as if he could easily crawl through a crack in the wood, and then saw what Quatre was seeing. Languid bodies, messy hair, and everyone barely dressed. It was out of character for all of them.

"Quatre, I'm sorry," Wu Fei began, "If we've offended you-"

Quatre's head came up sharply. "Offended? No, not at all. I... I'm just..."

"Not the kind of guy who knows anything about gay threesomes, especially when they include his best friends," Duo finished for him.

Quatre smiled weakly, "Yes. That's right. I'm... I'm not sure how to act."

"Happy for us?" Duo wondered. "It took getting blown up and shot for us to realize we go good together."

"But... three?" Quatre persisted and then said seriously, "I'm not sure that can work. It doesn't seem..."

"It's a relationship," Heero said firmly and his blue eyes were intense. "There may be three of us, but we do all feel for one another. We wouldn't have reached this step if we weren't certain of that."

Quatre still didn't seem sure. He sipped at his tea as if it were required and then he was putting it down on the coffee table and rising. "Perhaps, I need to-"

"Get your head out of your ass?" Duo snarled and stood as well.

Quatre went pale, but Wu Fei had a firm grip on Duo's braid. He said calmly. "Let Quatre finish his sentences, Duo. You are ready for battle when one hasn't been declared yet."

Duo snorted and sat down again, but it was obvious that he was reserving judgement. It took a moment for Quatre to regain his composure.

"I was about to say," Quatre said carefully, " That perhaps I need to congratulate you. I hope that this is what you've all been needing. It's been my wish, since the end of the war, that we could all find happiness." He smiled gently at Duo. "You've never done things the proper way. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised now."

Duo grinned. "I just need more loving than the next guy, that's all. It takes two people to keep me happy."

Quatre laughed, but then he looked uncomfortable again. "It will take getting used to." He blushed again. "I should, perhaps, go now that I've seen that you're well... more than well, I suppose. I feel I've... interrupted... something."

"Just talking," Duo snickered. "You missed all the good stuff."

"Duo!" Wu Fei snarled.

Quatre wasn't sure how to reply to that. Heero rescued him. He put a hand under Quatre's elbow and walked with him to the door, talking in low tones. When Quatre was gone, he came back to the others and looked disapprovingly at Duo.

"Quatre was understandably surprised," Heero told Duo. "You shouldn't be angry."

Duo ducked his head. "Sorry... I guess I don't want him giving you two any support for backing out of this."

Heero sat beside Duo's and pulled him against him. "I know it won't be perfect for some time. We need to learn more about each other. I'm not leaving, though, unless you ask me to."

"Neither shall I," Wu Fei agreed.

"Then you're all just prudes," Duo sighed. "Here I thought you were just chicken."

Wu Fei glared and then smiled. "I must admit that I am..."

"Uptight," Duo supplied. "Maybe that'll change?"

Wu Fei abruptly found himself on his back, Duo on top and hooking arms under his knees. Duo bent him double and he felt Duo's pelvis slap against his ass.

"Even if I have to work at this, night and day, " Duo promised with a lear ,"I'm going to get both of you so used to this, you won't even remember what the word 'prude' means."

Heero was suddenly on top of Duo, arms hooking around Duo's waist and his own pelvis finding Duo's ass. Melded together, he said, "I think we will need a lot of work. Can you start now?"


"Miss me?" Duo chuckled as he leaned against the shower stall wall and allowed strong fingers to play with his nipples as the water cascaded over him.

Wu Fei pressed against his back and bit at Duo's earlobe.

"Ouch!" Duo hissed.

Wu Fei said reprovingly, "That's for being allowed to return to work before me. I was left with Yuy and his radio and not even paperwork to keep me occupied."

Duo glared over his shoulder at Wu Fei. "You can't blame me for healing faster."

"I think I can if it makes me feel better," Wu Fei replied as his hands slid down Duo's sides and then cupped Duo's ass. "Especially when you get to please me in recompense."

Duo groaned and then grinned. "That's a punishment? It's supposed to be my turn to be in the pilot's seat."

Wu Fei felt a moment of nervousness. It was because he had been thinking of Heero in the dominant position for some time, but Duo was someone he had wanted to dominate. Reversing roles was unexpected and new territory. Duo saw his uncertainty and looked reproving as he turned to face him.

"You look like you're afraid I'm going to hurt you," Duo grunted. "I wouldn't do that, Fei."

"I realize that," Wu Fei growled back to hide his misgivings. No, he wasn't afraid that Duo would hurt him, but it was the fear of their partnership changing. Respect was very important to Wu Fei. Was bending and allowing his friend to be dominant going to change how the man thought of him?

"I can hear the stupid wheels spinning," Duo sighed. "I'm not imagining you with ribbons and a see thru pink teddy, Fei, you're a kickass agent who could probably drop me to the floor in any fight nine times out of ten. Just because I want to have a little fun, is no reason to think I won't respect you in the morning."

He had come so close to the core of his thoughts that Wu Fei felt embarrassed. He nodded, unable to find words, and then he smiled a little and held out the soap to Duo. Duo grinned and dropped it.

"Oh, look, Fei. Sorry about that. Mind getting it for me?" Duo snickered.

"Maxwell!" Wu Fei warned, glaring, but he felt that nervousness again when Duo firmly turned him towards the wall and bent him over.

Duo was pressing his body down onto Wu Fei's back then, his long arm reaching to snag the soap, and then he was rubbing it over Wu Fei's rising excitement. When there was a good lather, he dropped the soap and then slipped his own hard erection between Wu Fei's legs. He stroked them both with the lather, with a firm, calloused hand.

"Ready?" Duo breathed as the water poured over their backs and his long hair trailed like a wet curtain over them both.

"Yes," Wu Fei replied and then felt Duo begin lathering his entrance. It felt wonderful. He pushed back into those questing fingers, moaning and shivering with the sensations they were causing him. At last, the blunt head of Duo's erection was pushing in, slow and careful.

He filled Wu Fei, holding onto him around his waist, and when he was seated fully, they remained very still, locked together.

Duo said, "Fei, this feels terrific. I... I never imagined. It's like..." He pushed tentatively even deeper, "like we're connecting down deep somewhere... in a place that I didn't know I had. I've never felt this before."

"Maybe you never cared so much?" Wu Fei offered and held his breath for the reply.

"I didn't," Duo told him and then kissed his neck tenderly. "I do care now... a lot."

"I do too," Wu Fei admitted, "And it does feel wonderful."He gave a small shove back into Duo. "Are you going to do anything or just talk?"

Duo snickered. "Sorry. Fuck now, get in touch with my feminine side later, I guess."

"Maxwell!" Wu Fei growled.

Duo's arms tightened and he bit into Wu Fei's shoulder as he began to pump his hips. He started slow at first and then sped up until he was slapping against Wu Fei's ass.

"Good!" Wu Fei groaned. "So good!"

"Oh yeah!" Duo exclaimed.

Another body entered the shower and Heero, naked and stepping under the spray of water, knelt on the tiles. Wu Fei looked down in time to see the man, wet hair plastered around his face, wash off Wu Fei's erection and then swallow it whole.

Wu Fei bucked between his two lovers. Duo laughed and reached out to roughly carress Heero's face as he urged him on, "Take him, baby! Take him down good!"

Heero began sucking Wu Fei hard, head bobbing as he tormented Wu Fei's erection. Wu Fei writhed, whimpering, and bit down on his own hand to keep from uttering a shameful scream of pleasure as Duo unloaded hot and heavy deep inside him and his own orgasm exploded into Heero's sucking mouth. The man swallowed until he was dry and then Wu Fei was collapsing onto the tile in a boneless heap. Duo followed him, but Heero needed release as well.

Heero pointed his aching erection at Duo, swollen and large, and his eyes pleaded. Duo grinned wearily and lifted his legs as he rolled onto his back. More soap and preparation was completed while Wu Fei was barely aware of anything but the heated water washing over him. Then he turned his head and saw Heero thrusting fast and furiously into Duo, the man's legs held up high to give Heero access. Duo was crying out with every thrust, but it wasn't in pain. His pleasure was clear on his face, and on Heero's, as the man exploded into him, coming hard.

They all sprawled under the water then and quiet reigned for a few long moments. Then Heero said softly, "Welcome home, Duo."

"Good to be home," Duo replied with a bright sparkle in his eyes.

Wu Fei smiled, feeling decadent and sated. "Perfect," he said and reached out to his lovers.

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