Author: Kracken
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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.

Cadence + Part 13

"This is it." Heero said as he sunk lower in the front seat.

Both Wu Fei and Duo were down low in the back, staring at a very mundane warehouse in a row of them that ended at a cement wall covered in gang symbols and razor wire.

"You know," Duo muttered, "If I were an insane terrorist, making bombs for the ultimate destruction of the Earth Sphere Alliance, I'd find a split level house, with a big garage, in a nice neighborhood.. The bad guys always think they're being clever with these ratty, on the edge of the slum, lean two's."

"Clever enough," Wu Fei growled back. "They have an actual company as a front."

Duo snorted back. "Wheelchairs? Why not air lock seals or carpeting?"

"Regulations," Heero replied. "They'd need inspections and permits."

They sat and watched the building, noting how many came and went, and then Wu Fei asked,"Plan, gentlemen?"

"Buy a wheelchair?" Heero suggested. "It's possible he is only working for them."

Hunched over his laptop, Duo snorted. "With these satellite readings? I've already downloaded the position and stats to headquarters. They think it's definitely a hot potato."

Wu Fei started. "They know we're doing surveillance? What did they say?"

Duo grinned. "I'm not sure, too much atmospheric interference. Someone there has a colorful vocabulary, though."

"Which means they'll be down on this place as soon as they pick the team," Heero knew, but didn't seem upset by that fact. "We'll need the extra guns."

Duo scowled. "We can take them, Heero."

Heero replied, "Yes we can, but we don't have to alone, Duo."

Duo was quiet and then he sighed. "I guess I just need to prove myself."

"If you're dead, you wouldn't be able to enjoy it," Wu Fei pointed out. "It's much better to admire your laurels on the wall and in old age."

"Well, when ever you ladies are ready then," Duo grumbled.

Wu Fei checked their ammunition clips and extra weapons. He found himself asking, "Do you have your bomb kit, Duo?" He swore at himself in the next moment for being a fool.

Duo gave him an angry look. "What do you think? I'm not going to chicken out, Fei."

"I know that," Wu Fei assured him. "Forgive me. I..."

"Worry about me," Duo finished and managed a grin, though it was a tight one. "I know. I worry about you too, but we can't let it mess us up. Do your jobs. I'll do mine."

"Let's move out then," Heero said impatiently as he moved to open the car door. "Recon only."

"Agreed," Wu Fei replied.

Duo only grunted as if he didn't want to make any promises.

They slipped through the shadows along the rusted sides of the warehouse, their nondescript clothing giving them some cover. If anyone noticed them, it was possible that they would just suppose that they worked at one of the other warehouses.

"Window." Duo nodded upward and the others looked up at the narrow, clouded pane of glass. Wu Fei and Heero both eyed Duo's narrow body and his wider shoulders.

Duo snorted and gave Heero a small punch on a shoulder. "I know, I know! I'm not the skinny kid from L2 anymore, but I can still squeeze myself into a soda can if I have to. Give me a leg up."

Wu Fei took a firm hold on his braid. "Don't go in. Recon only. You may be able to monkey into that window, but we can't. If you get into trouble, the only way that we could rescue you is with a frontal assault."

"Understood," Duo replied and pried his braid from Wu Fei's grip. "I just wanna look."

"Do it," Heero ordered and easily lifted Duo up. Duo was able to grab the window ledge with his fingers and Wu Fei watched with amazed respect as Duo easily pulled himself up. The window swung inward and Duo squeezed halfway through it. He was back out and down almost at once.

"We gotta get in there now," Duo told them anxiously as he took out his gun and checked the clip. "They have barrel bombs hooked with sequence charges. Just one is enough to blow a square mile."

Wu Fei felt a chill run up his spine. "How many men?"

"Our target gleefully seeing to the last minute timing," Duo replied, " and at least sixteen armed goons salivating over the coming boom boom."

"Floor plan?" Heero demanded.

"Upper storage lofts," Duo replied. " Lower middle bay for working under cargo carriers. Two white panel trucks to the left being loaded with coasters and bumpers for the bombs. Parts tables to the right. Back room, unknown."

"Then there could be more men," Heero pointed out. "We need back up."

"Common sense," Wu Fei agreed.

"No time," Duo told them with a glitter in his eyes, adrenalin flooding his system and almost visibly tingling on his skin as he nodded to a side door. "Call in the troops, shoot off the lock, and charge. You guys keep them off my back and I'll make chop suey out of their sequencer system. We might survive."

"Not likely," Wu Fei growled as he checked his guns, testing their balance and the muscles in his hands and wrists, and trying to ignore the voice that was telling him that it was happening again. It wasn't happening again, he argued with himself. This mission was clearly suicide. There wouldn't be a surprise this time.

"Love you guys," Duo said gruffly, not looking at either of them.

Heero grabbed him by the neck, pulled him in close, and then let him go. A hard clap landed on Wu Fei's shoulder. Wu Fei didn't trust his voice. He bowed deeply to them, his heart in his eyes, and then made sure of his grip on his guns again.

"Don't let him fall, Yuy," Wu Fei couldn't help warning.

"Together, we'll make sure he doesn't," Heero replied. "Stay to my right."

Heero punched the code on his cell phone for immediate backup. Duo shot out the lock. The noise was deafening, announcing their presence. Wu Fei was first in, guns blazing.

With their protection, Duo made it to the bombs, braid snapping back and forth as he dodged and ducked. Skidding to a halt on his knees, he unrolled his tools, and began dismantling the sequencer. Wu Fei and Heero both knocked drums and crates down as cover as they took up positions on each side of Duo and prepared to protect him with their lives.

"Cover off!" Duo called and it clattered as he tossed it aside.

"You're gonna die!" a voice shouted over the gunfire. "You're outnumbered!"

"We are well aware of that!" Wu Fei shouted back as he fired in the direction of the voice.

Bullets peppered a crate by Wu Fei's head and one shot past to hit the concrete at Duo's feet. He hissed in pain as chips splattered his right ankle, but his hands didn't falter as he continued to work.

"No booby trap," Duo muttered. "Just straight wiring."

Wu Fei heard tension draining from Duo's voice, his worst fear not realized.

Heero grunted and his right arm went limp. He reloaded a clip in his gun with his teeth, and an impact on his shoulder, and kept firing. They didn't have much longer, Wu Fei knew. They were badly outgunned. He was surprised that they hadn't fallen already. He remembered the last mission, trying to cover the same situation with two guns, and wondered that he had felt so sure that Heero could have saved Duo. He smiled tightly at his own foolishness. One man couldn't have done it, not even Heero Yuy. Now, even though there were two of them, with all of their combined skill, they were most likely going to fail just as badly, except that this time they would all die rather than end up in the hospital.

"Almost done!" Duo shouted at them. "Keep 'em off me guys!"

Wu Fei felt a shot whiz past his head. He whirled in horror, knowing that Heero was just behind him, and saw the man stagger and go down.

"Heero!" Wu Fei shouted and felt a fist squeeze his heart. Once again he was grabbing up another gun and trying to fire in both directions. Once again, he saw men boiling out of hiding, knowing that he couldn't shoot them all and willing to die for their cause.

"Done!" Duo shouted and yanked wires violently to completely ruin the operating system of the bombs. He turned then and saw Heero. "Goddamit, Heero! " Duo cried out, his voice catching on a sob, and then he was standing shoulder to shoulder with Wu Fei and joining him in trying to simply stay alive.

"Preventers!" The door burst open and agents poured in, firing as the men turned and began to try to repel the new attack.

"Agent down!" Duo shouted over the noise and then he and Wu Fei crouched to see whether their lover was alive or dead.

"Medic," a man warned and then he came scrambling over the debris with a case in hand. "Give me room, boys."

Heero was pale, but breathing, blood oozing from a shoulder and arm wound. The man ripped open cloth and then packed the wounds with a stabilizer agent to stop the bleeding. He then checked Heero's vitals and grunted. "He'll make it. Ambulance is outside. Get him there without adding to the casualty list, okay?" and then he was gone back into the fighting.

Wu Fei helped Duo lift Heero and carry him cautiously towards the door of the building. Duo managed a weak grin. "We did it."

Wu Fei returned the smile. "Yes, we did."

"We're one hell of a team," Duo said excitedly. "Chang, Yuy, and Maxwell. We're unbeatable."

Duo was riding an adrenalin high, his cheeks flushed with it, but when they reached the ambulance and helped load Heero into it, the excitement of a victory turned to concern for Heero. They were forced to drive to the hospital in the car, following the ambulance, and Sally was there to meet them when they arrived. She glared as Heero was rolled into an operating room, but only said, "You owe me lunch and I want my laptop back." and then she went in to the do the surgery personally.

Wu Fei and Duo settled on a bench in the waiting room, quiet and worried. Duo finally said, "We did everything right, didn't we?"

Wu Fei gave him a look and then put an arm over Duo's shoulders and hugged him. "You know we did. Heero knows, as well. He'll be all right, Duo."

"Maybe we should do something else for a living?" Duo said thoughtfully. "Give out parking tickets. Engine specialists. Trainers. Flower arrangers..."

Wu Fei lifted a thin eyebrow. "Flowers?"

Duo smirked. "Maybe not flowers."

Wu Fei stared and then asked, "You're joking, right?"

Duo sighed and slumped in his seat. "Yeah, I'm just..."

"Tired. I know. It's all right," Wu Fei replied. He pulled Duo against his shoulder. "Rest. I'll keep watch."

Duo smiled and let himself go. He was asleep and snoring within a minute and Wu Fei smiled lovingly down at him, not caring who saw them.


"It's our turn to take care of you," Duo said sleepily into his pillow.

"Yes, it's only fair," Wu Fei said as he shifted and then began to drift off to sleep again.

At their center, a white sheet wrapped around all of them, Heero glared from one to the other of his lover's and observed sourly, "Unless you have learned to levitate..."

"Fei?" Duo prodded.

"Maxwell?" Wu Fei shot back. He turned to face Heero, reached over the bandaged man , and then shoved Duo out of bed. Duo fell to the floor, taking the sheet with him. "We were allowed to bring Heero home on the express promise that he would stay in bed."

"Yeah, but we promised Sally," Duo groaned as he stood and hugged the sheet to his body, scowling at Wu Fei. "That doesn't count."

"I gave my word," Wu Fei stressed. "Now, it's your turn. Fetch Heero his morning tea."

"While you...?" Duo wondered sourly.

Wu Fei looked pointedly at Heero's morning erection. "I have my own duties."

"Hey!" Duo climbed back onto the bed. "You are not going to get all the good jobs!"

"We all have our special talents," Wu Fei replied as he stroked Heero's erection with a firm hand.

"And mine's making tea?" Duo shot back. "I don't think so."

"I don't have to think. I know it is the truth," Wu Fei told him.

Duo put his hand on Heero's erection as well. "I think we can let Heero be the judge of that, Chang!"

They both looked up Heero's body. He blinked at them and then said carefully, in a strained voice, "You both have special talents. It would be hard to compare them without numerous examples."

Duo snickered and then looked at Wu Fei. "Think he's up for it?"

Wu Fei laughed. "I think we're holding the proof."

"Let's forget the contest," Duo suggested with a gleam in his eyes. "Teamwork is what we're best at."

"Agreed," Wu Fei replied with a warm smile.

Heero put a hand on Wu Fei and Duo's heads as they both bent to give him pleasure. He moaned and then sighed in contentment. "Perfect."


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