Author: Kracken
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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.

Cadence + Part 10

"Well, I would have predicted two coffins when you started this," Sally grumbled as she checked Wu Fei, "but you seemed to, not only have survived, but healed decently as well. Yuy is a good nurse after all." Sitting on the futon with his shirt off, Wu Fei found himself smiling gently and saying, "Yes, he is."

Sally, who was checking his bullet wounds, started and narrowed eyes at him."Duo can go back to light duty at HQ, but you still need a few weeks more," she told him. "I suppose you'll be glad to get him out of your hair at last?"

Wu Fei frowned. "No, we've been getting along very well."

"Really?" Sally was puzzled now. "Heero is all right now and Duo isn't annoying... have you been taking pills that I don't know about?"

Wu Fei gave an angry snort. "No, woman, we've simply grown to understand one another better. It seems that we were under some misconceptions."

"Oh," Sally raised an eyebrow as she handed Wu Fei back his shirt. "I thought something was up when I saw you and Duo cuddling on this futon."

Wu Fei rounded on her. "We were not 'cuddling'! We were taking advantage of a piece of furniture that we both felt comfortable utilizing."

"Ooookaaaay," Sally drawled and grinned."Do the others feel the same way?"

Wu Fei was thoughtful. "I believe so."

Sally grew more serious as she tinkered with one of her instruments. "You know, I always wondered why you three didn't get along very well. When you partnered with Duo, I was glad. I was hoping all along that you two would finally make friends with Heero as well."

Wu Fei thought about the long days of one step forward and two steps back that they had suffered through and was amazed himself that they had finally reached a point where everything was said and settled. Now, they were hovering, in a holding pattern, waiting for something... what, Wu Fei wasn't sure. Duo was eager enough to cross that barrier between comrades and lovers, but Heero and Wu Fei were both hesitant still, afraid it could go wrong and destroy their respect for one another. "We have something in common," Wu Fei replied cryptically. "It brought us together."

Sally smirked and Wu Fei felt his face get hot with embarrassment. She knew, he thought, or she was making a good guess. She straightened and gathered her things. "So, when will Heero and Duo get back. I really need to check Duo's throat and grafts one last time before I sign off on his return to duty papers."

Wu Fei had answered the door and Sally had focused entirely on him. It hadn't occurred to him that she had assumed that the other two were gone."They're sleeping in the bedroom. Duo had a bad night. I think we're both finding it hard to forget our last mission. So many died...."

"And you two blame yourself, I know," Sally sighed. "You need to visit Psych for a few sessions."

"So they can convince us that we did our job correctly?" Wu Fei retorted. "We didn't Sally. We weren't expecting the second charge, we weren't expecting that many troops, and we certainly weren't expecting that much firepower. We were wrong on very critical information. That's unforgivable."

"Because you didn't have it, doesn't make it your fault," Sally protested."Intelligence only goes so far. Sometimes, the bad guys are good at keeping things a secret."

Wu Fei frowned and didn't reply, not convinced, as she went to the bedroom door and wisely called out a warning.

"Everyone get decent, Sally's here!" She stepped inside then, but came back out in the next instant, cheeks pink and eyes wide.

Wu Fei stood up. "Sally?" He hurried to the door and found two sleepy ex gundam pilots twined around each other and just waking up.

"Uh, Sally?" Duo slurred, rubbing at his eyes. "Heero, I think she knows now."

"I think so," Heero replied dryly.

Sally laughed suddenly, but it was filled with embarrassment. "I... I guess that answers my question about how 'friendly' you've become."

Wu Fei glared at Heero and Duo. "We agreed to-"

"We didn't do anything, Fei!" Duo protested. "Heero becomes Mr. Tentacle man in his sleep. He always has."

"Always?" Wu Fei was startled by that.

Duo grinned. "Well, we ended up in the same hidey hole more than once during the war."

Sally looked skeptical. "So, you're saying that nothing happened here, and that I should take my good doctor self out of here and mind my own business?"

They all stared at her and then Duo said shortly, "Yeah."

"I need to check you before I sign your papers allowing you to return to work," Sally replied, "So I can't do that. If you're done... holding each other... I'll get on with the physical now."

Duo snickered as Heero rolled off the bed. He was wearing a pair of dark sleep pants and his muscles flexed as he tossed on his shirt. Without any hint of embarrassment, he padded into the kitchen. The rattle of pills in a bottle betrayed his real mood a few moments later.

Duo sat up and Sally checked his grafts. "Looks good, Duo," she finally said and then she smiled at him."It's okay, you know, if you and Heero..."

"And Wu Fei, " Duo added with a devil's glint in his eyes.

"And... Wu Fei?" Sally went pale, mouth hanging open slightly. She recovered enough to stammer. "All... All of y-you... together?"

Duo grinned. "Still not bother you?"

"No... I guess," Sally replied as she put her instruments in her case and closed it. She smiled in the next moment and laughed. She said, "It's just..." she ran out of words.

Duo laughed and said to Wu Fei, "Look! She doesn't have a snappy come back for once. Call the vid news stations!"

Sally grumbled something under her breath and then turned to Wu Fei. She changed her mood when she saw Wu Fei's _expression. She threw over her shoulder. "Seems you three need to talk about this some more. I don't think Chang is happy with you right now."

"Huh?" Duo grunted, but Wu Fei was escorting Sally towards the front door.

Halfway through it, Sally said seriously. "It really is all right. I was just surprised. I suspected Duo was gay, and Heero entrusted me with that secret some time ago, but you? I didn't have a clue."

"I think you did," Wu Fei disagreed. "I'm not ashamed, " he added. "You don't have to soothe my pride."

Sally sighed and admitted,. "Okay, I did know. All together, though... I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years."

"We feel that it is a union that will be beneficial to all of us," Wu Fei replied stiffly.

Sally cocked her head at him. "You're supposed to say something about loving each other."

Wu Fei's nostrils flared indignantly.

Sally chuckled, "Okay, okay. Not the kind of thing that Chang Wu Fei wants to talk about."

"Goodbye Sally," Wu Fei urged her.

"Okay, I'm going," Sally replied, giving up. "I'll be back for your last check up in two weeks. Then you can hobble around HQ with Maxwell." "Until then," Wu Fei replied and closed the door behind Sally. He turned and walked back into the bedroom. He found Heero there, picking some of Duo's clothing off of the floor, and Duo sitting up in the bed and looking nervous. "We need to talk, I think," Wu Fei told them sternly.

"Look, Fei!" Duo protested. "I swear that nothing happened with me and Heero!"

"I know," Wu Fei replied, "But... perhaps, it should. I think we have waited long enough."

Duo's mouth opened and closed and then he put on a serious face. "Fei, come on, talk to us. This isn't like you. Chang Wu Fei is not spontaneous."

Heero stopped cleaning and sat on the edge of the bed, eyes studying Wu Fei."It isn't like you," he agreed.

Wu Fei sat on the bed as well and tried to keep his hands from clenching. "Perhaps not, but neither of you can deny that I'm right."

"Now that I think about it, It's not really spontaneous," Duo mused. "How long has it been..?"

"Duo," Heero warned.

Duo was unrepentant. He smiled and crooked a finger at Wu Fei. "Come on, then, let's do it."

Wu Fei felt his gut clench and he didn't make any move to comply.

Duo sighed in exasperation. "All talk, just like I thought. Fei, you still have some issues and we need to talk about them. The first thing I want to know is, why you went all ballistic when I made the bad mistake of comparing you to a woman." When Wu Fei bristled in fury, Duo pointed a finger at him. "Hah! See, there it is again! You want to strangle me. Why don't we clear some air? Tell Uncle Duo what's bugging you."

Heero snorted. "Uncle?"

"Okay, so that was weird," Duo admitted sheepishly, "How about telling your future lay what the problem is then?"

Wu Fei hunched into himself. "Women are weak."

"Don't let Sally hear you say that, she'd shove a buster rifle up your butt," Duo warned with wide eyes. "So, this is a bunch of backward L5 macho gone wrong?"

"There's more to it," Heero said with certainty.

Duo glanced at Heero and then narrowed eyes at Wu Fei, "You know how good Heero is at reading people. Tell us the rest." Wu Fei stared at nothing for a long time and then he said softly, "I've had trouble coming to terms with my... desires."

"Ah!" Duo leaned forward. "Now we're getting to why you really want to leave me and Heero celibate. You think that wanting a guy to 'do you' makes you a woman, don't you?"

Wu Fei snarled and began to get up to leave, but Duo caught him in a hard grip, his eyes angry

"Is that what you think?" Duo demanded hotly. "Should me and Heero put on skirts, then? Should we go in for manicures and have our hair done? Geez, Wu Fei, you really haven't done it much if you think sex with either one of us has anything to do with women, or that women are weak, or that... okay, let's not try to throw all of your crappy L5 'wisdom' in the garbage at once. Let's just start with three men fucking, shall we?"

Duo suddenly jerked Wu Fei hard against him, circled his waist with one arm, that was as strong as a band of steel, and devoured Wu Fei's lips with his own. Wu Fei broke the hold with furious strength, but Duo was on him again. Wu Fei's buttons popped as Duo ripped his shirt off, surging out of the blankets to push him down onto his back. Wu Fei rolled, but his hands found naked flesh when he gripped Duo to shove him away. Duo's lips found his again and their pitched battle suddenly turned into something else. Blankets scattered, bruised and panting, Wu Fei wondered why he was fighting at all. He had Duo in his arms, naked, strong, back supple all the way down to his firm, rounded ass. Duo was pressed full length on top of him and grinning like a devil, purple eyes alight with passion.

Duo wound a hand in Wu Fei's pony tail, as he broke the kiss, and yanked, making Wu Fei wince. "Give up?"

"No," Wu Fei growled and Duo was under him as he hooked a leg around him and used his greater strength. Calloused hands, grabbed Wu Fei on both sides of his face and then knotted in his hair there. A hard erection bucked up against his pelvis. Duo was still grinning and Wu Fei found himself smiling fiercely in return.

"Feel girly?" Duo wondered. Wu Fei shook his head, speechless, and then Duo was reaching out, grabbing Heero, and pulling him close as well. "What are you looking at?" Duo wondered. "It's the three of us, not two and a voyeur."

It was easier with Duo, Wu Fei realized at once as Heero undressed.. His fear of disappointing Heero, of losing his respect, almost killed his new found confidence, but when lips kissed his shoulder and a hand trailed down his spine to cup his ass, he couldn't deny the need in Heero's eyes. The man wanted him. The man cared about him. This wasn't weakness, not when he turned to hook a hand behind Heero's neck to bring their lips hard together. He thrust a tongue into Heero's mouth and felt the man open to him. It was Heero who melted, who sagged under the assault and closed his eyes to the power of what he was feeling.

"Beautiful, the both of you," Duo breathed and then he was pulling them down to him and they were together.

Mouths, lips, and tongues played first, tasting and exploring and making each other writhe. At one point, Duo was sitting and two dark heads were bowed and in his lap, his hands twisted in their hair as he threw back his head and groaned at the sensation of two mouths on him.

Later, Wu Fei was sprawled on his back, legs wide apart as Heero and then Duo prepared him. Having two sets of strong fingers at and then in his entrance with cool gel, should have made him fear weakness again, but he was in control. Kissing and caressing them, it was Heero's lap he straddled when he was ready, and Heero's erection he willingly lowered himself onto. It stretched him, filled him, and made him shiver with sensation. Heero squeezed his ass with both hands, but it was Wu Fei who controlled the motion, looking into Heero's eyes as he rode up and down on him. He stopped before Heero could come and pulled off of him, despite the man's pleading. Wu Fei wanted it to last longer.

"That was fantastic, but..." Duo licked his lips and grabbed the gel. "I want to try it, too. Time to find out how much control you have, Heero."

Wu Fei wasn't sure what Duo was planning, but he enjoyed preparing Duo, sliding his fingers in and out of Duo's entrance while the man groaned and tried to keep from coming. His erection was stiff and red against his pale belly, and Wu Fei teased it by licking up and down it's length.

"S-Stop!" Duo moaned and sat up again. "I want it good, not fast."

Wu Fei smiled and slid out his fingers. He was conflicted as to what he wanted. Part of him wanted Duo under him, his erection buried where his fingers had just been, but another part of him wanted Heero again. Duo took the decision out of his hands. He turned and put himself on all fours, grinning at Wu Fei.

"Let's give Heero a workout," Duo suggested.

Wu Fei was startled. He looked at Heero and saw that the man understood what Duo was suggesting. His anticipation was clear on his face, and his eagerness. Wu Fei opened his mouth to decline, but Duo snickered.

"You can just watch us then and lose out, prude," Duo chuckled. "If you're ever going to enjoy yourself, you gotta loosen up, Fei, and stop worrying about being weak, or how you look." He raised his ass and gave Wu Fei a clear view. "Are you going to tell me this doesn't turn you on?"

"It... does," Wu Fei managed.

"Then what's wrong with it?" Duo demanded. "You like it, I like it, and..." He looked back at Heero and saw his dripping erection, "Heero sure loves it. So, come on."

Slowly, Wu Fei joined Duo on all fours, side by side, facing away from Heero. He couldn't keep from being embarrassment though, and he almost began to decline again, but a tongue swirling around his entrance, made him choke on the words. It was Heero's tongue. It was lazy and thick, making patterns, swirling, and then leaving off to minster to Duo. Duo panted and groaned.

"Oh, yeah! Was that on my list of don't want to do?" Duo moaned. "Someone cross that out!" Heero went back and forth between them until Wu Fei was dizzy and overwhelmed by pleasure. His embarrassment was forgotten. He wanted Heero. He needed Heero. The torment couldn't go on much longer, yet Wu Fei wanted it to go on forever, that lapping, swirling tongue that was making all of his nerves quiver. When Heero lowered himself onto his back, a powerful arm on each side of him and a stiff erection at his entrance, Wu Fei couldn't help thinking of stallions and mares, especially when Heero nibbled at his neck, as he pushed in, and made a low rumbling noise deep in his throat. He didn't care, Wu Fei thought, pride and manhood, and ancestors of his ancestors be damned! He lowered his chest into the mattress and pushed himself back onto Heero, impaling himself and uttering a long drawn out, "Yeeeeees!"

Heero chuckled and thrust back. He pumped a few times and then pulled out. Wu Fei groaned in protest, but Duo's echoing groan told him where Heero had gone. He turned his head and saw Heero thrusting into Duo and Duo clutching the mattress with both hands. He reached out, took hold of Duo's braid and pulled the man close so that he could kiss. His tongue did a dance with Duo's as Heero rode him and then he reached under Duo and stroked his erection.

Duo laughed, short and sharp, and then he was reaching under Wu Fei and stroking him in turn. Heero moved between them, riding them both, but then he began to sweat and he finally rolled onto his side in defeat. Wu Fei was there, not giving him time to rest and going onto his side as well. Pushing back against Heero, he reached back and made Heero enter him again. He then grabbed Duo by the hips and pulled Duo into the same position as himself. He sunk his erection into Duo and heard the man groan. Reaching around, he stroked Duo's erection as he pumped in and out of him. After a moment's hesitation, Heero began to ride him as well.

They came, not all together, but like a cascade, crying out and writhing, held together by strong arms.

"I'm dead tired," Duo sighed at last as he rolled away. "And sore... and ... damned happy."

"I never imagined," Wu Fei said as he rolled onto his back and stared blindly at the ceiling. He felt covered in fluids and, yes, sore, but there was a calm satisfaction at his core. He didn't want to think about what they had just done together too hard. In the afterglow, it was possible to find embarrassment again. It was much better to think of the new bond between them and to know that they were now one.

"Heero?" Duo wondered. He turned his head lazily to look at the man. "S'okay?"

Heero smirked and nodded as he reached out and pulled them both into his embrace. "This is good."

"Simple, but, yeah, that's the way I feel," Duo replied. He eyed Wu Fei. "You aren't going to guilt trip yourself now, are you?"

"No," Wu Fei whispered and smiled. "You were right. Something that we all like, isn't wrong, and... I don't feel weak, I feel loved."

Duo laughed. "The L word has been spoken." He looked nervous and then he sobered and said tentatively, "I... uh... love you guys too."

Heero looked trapped and then, as if he were cracking under OZ torture, he admitted, "I.... love.... I love both of you."

"Did you hurt something, Heero?" Duo teased. "Okay, sappy stuff out of the way. Should we hit the shower and soap each other off now? I've had wet dreams about that for years."

Heero blushed and admitted, "I have too."

Duo laughed and rolled off of the bed. Swaying as if his knees didn't work properly, he used his weight to tug Wu Fei, and then Heero, up with him. He kissed Wu Fei and then he leaned in to kiss Heero, who leaned in at the same time and banged his forehead into Duo's.

"Ow! Crap!" Duo swore as he rubbed his head and grimaced. "We have got to work on that, Heero!"

"In the shower?" Heero suggested, deadpan.

Duo smirked, "Yeah, in the shower. Come on guys."

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