By: Kracken
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Dragon's Home + Part 11
Let's Dance

"It's all in the flick of the wrist," Duo explained as he sent small round bombs sailing down a corridor. They bounced against a wall and shot into a connecting hallway. Men screamed and several small explosions quickly silenced them.

"I make a timer around the charge and then dip it into thick rubber." Duo showed Wu Fei the trigger; a small button. "Hit the button and let her fly. It's just like a ball."

Wu Fei snorted as he finished rebinding his wound. "It shouldn't work."

Duo touched the side of his nose impishly and winked. "But it does and that's my secret formula."

Wu Fei put his good arm around Duo and they limped down the corridor, stepping around debris. Heero and Milliardo were long gone. Wu Fei and Duo had finished covering their escape. Getting out themselves seemed an impossibility now that the entire complex knew where they were, but Duo, at least, was undaunted.

"They're running like rats out of trap," Duo told Wu Fei.

Wu Fei eyed him as if he had lost his mind.. "Are you saying that they are running... from us?"

"Yes," Duo grinned back.

Wu Fei frowned. It was true that they hadn't run into the troops they had expected. "Is it a secret as well, or are you going to explain?"

"They might think that a little group like ours would sneak in to get Zechs," Duo explained, "but, three men taking them on like this? Not likely. They are so damned sure that we have a force coming down on their heads, that they are bugging out of here in droves."

It actually made sense. Wu Fei grunted. "I suppose they are blinded by a sense of their own importance. I'm sure they don't realize that they are considered such a low security threat, that Une didn't bother sending an actual force. She considered them a nut fringe and she's only had them on a surveillance schedule."

Duo snorted, "I guess they showed her when they kidnaped Zechs."

"He'll never live this down," Wu Fei agreed.

"'cuz we won't let him," Duo chuckled.

"You sound hopeful that we'll be around to tease him." Wu Fei paused to readjust Duo's weight. "I must inform you that I'm about to pass out."

Duo's arm was suddenly around Wu Fei as well. "Okay, we have to make a plan."

"Rescue?" Wu Fei sighed dejectedly.

Duo frowned. "Dying might be better."

"Agreed," Wu Fei replied bitterly. "I can see the report now, 'Gundam pilots defeated by third rate insurgents.' Une won't be pleased."

"Sixth rate," Duo corrected glumly. "Are you sure you're going to pass out?"

"Most definitely," Wu Fei assured him.

Duo leaned Wu Fei against a wall and pulled out his cell phone. "Backup and evac," he said into it and didn't wait for a reply as he dropped it back into a pocket.

"If you had been alone," Wu Fei wondered, "Would you have called?"

Duo shook his head and then gave Wu Fei a look from under his tangled bangs. "You?"

"No," Wu Fei admitted.

"Is that good or bad?" Duo wondered thoughtfully. "Maybe everyone's right, that you shouldn't work with people you care about? They make you want to stay alive."

"Cancel the backup," Wu Fei suddenly told him and pushed away from the wall. "We have a job to finish." He looked up and down the corridor. "I wonder where their main power supply is?"

Duo laughed as he pulled out his cell phone again to make the call. "Let's show them just how sixth rate they really are."


"You with me, Fei?" Duo was in his face, shaking him a little. "We have to get out of here. This place is gonna blow."

Wu Fei blinked stupidly, not sure how he had ended up sitting on the floor. "Charges set?" he slurred and peered blearily at the thrumming generators all around them.

They had forced their way in and hadn't met anything but minimal resistance. Wu Fei was certain they could get out again just as easily, if he could only stay conscious long enough and keep his feet under him.

"Charges set," Duo confirmed. "We have ten minutes, max, to clear the perimeter of the blast." It was then that Wu Fei noticed that Duo was sitting on the floor. "Fei," Duo told him anxiously. "My ankle swelled up... I can't walk, man." Yet he had set the charges anyway, counting on Wu Fei to pull off a miracle, only Wu Fei was almost certain that there wouldn't be one.

Center. Concentrate Wu Fei used every technique that he had learned from masters to bring his body back under his command. He would pay for it. It might kill him. Saving Duo was worth the risk, though.

Adrenaline pumping, Wu Fei stood, swayed, hooked a hand under Duo's elbow, and pulled the startled man to his feet. "We have to hurry," Wu Fei gritted out. "Shoot anything that moves."

"Roger," Duo replied through his pain as they limped out of the maintenance room and began making their way out of the complex.

Wu Fei was counting seconds in his head, his vision narrowed down to the floor in front of his feet, trusting Duo to clear the way for them both. He simply had to walk... and keep walking, keep carrying the man he loved out of there.

Strong arms were going around them both suddenly and Heero's welcoming warmth and scent were close at hand. Wu Fei silently said a prayer of thanks to his ancestors while he cursed Heero aloud. "You are jeopardizing our mission! Your job was to get Zechs out of here."

"He's clear," Heero replied, irritated that Wu Fei would doubt him.

"Heero!" Duo exclaimed. "We gotta get out of here! This place is gonna blow any minute!"

Heero shoved to their center and held onto them both as he half carried them down the corridor as fast as he could manage. Wu Fei's mental clock was ticking down to seconds. The corridors were confusing and he was weakening. He wasn't sure if they had cleared the perimeter.

"That way! Shortcut!" Duo exclaimed. "Reinforced walls."

Heero steered them down a connecting hallway.

Wu Fei's mental timer ticked the seconds down to zero. He shouted, "Cover!"

Heero pulled them down flat near a wall.

The complex heaved and the force of the explosion deafened them. After the debris settled, they sat up shakily. Heero scowled and complained, "You always use too much charge, Duo."

Duo scowled. "Better too much than not enough."

Wu Fei continued to sprawl on the floor. Heero bent over him in concern. "Chang?"

"Argue later," Wu Fei grumbled. "I'd like a hospital now, please."

"Hospital?" Duo snorted. "Getting soft in your old age?"

"No," Wu Fei muttered as Heero helped him up. "Just remembering how terrible you are at stitching wounds."

"You were damned happy about my skills during the war when you-" Duo began hotly.

"Later," Heero cut him off. "We observed personnel from the complex bugging out. I contacted backup and ordered them to mop up. Zechs was taken to safety and I returned here. There are still enemy personnel on site, though, so I suggest-"

Duo chuckled. "Would you listen to Heero. That's more words than he's said in years. I think you're good for us Fei."

"Two men who talk too much, instead of one. I'm not sure that's an improvement," Wu Fei growled, but he was unable to stifle a smile.

"Fuckers!" A voice shouted up ahead, furious, and machine gun fire came from a connecting hallway. "I'm going to kill you! All of you!"

Duo started to push himself away from them as he tossed an explosive, but Wu Fei caught him around the waist and pulled him along with Heero against a wall, for whatever cover it could give them. The explosive bounced against a wall and shot into the corridor occupied by their enemy. Wu Fei felt a bullet clip his thigh and his cheek, heard Heero snarl in pain, and then he was hitting the wall and falling into darkness.


"Drink," Duo said as he held out his hand.

Heero took a bottle of water from a cooler by the bed and tossed it across Wu Fei to where Duo was lying on his other side. Duo caught it deftly, opened the bottle, and took a drink.

"Must we watch these vid game shows?" Wu Fei complained to his two bed companions..

"Movie instead?" Heero suggested as he eased his bandaged shoulder.

"Not the kind Duo enjoys," Wu Fei protested.

Duo tipped the bottle of water towards Wu Fei's lips. "Drink?"

"Yes," Wu Fei replied and Duo helped him drink.

"Just because I like to watch slasher movies...," Duo began.

Wu Fei eyed him.

Duo relented. "All right. What do you want to watch?"

Wu Fei smiled. "Nothing."

"Boring," Duo complained.

"Doesn't have to be," Heero told him with a smirk.

Duo went wide eyed. "Here? Now? Fellahs, I have to tell you, I'm not exactly mobile with my ankle in a brace. And you." He glared at Wu Fei. "Since you have bullet and knife wounds, do you mind telling me exactly what you're going to do with two messed up arms? As for Heero, he's out for the count with a bullet wound in his shoulder."

"Duo, we're a team," Wu Fei explained. "Teamwork."

"Teamwork," Duo repeated. "Okay, so what's our orders then?"

Heero's smirk grew. "I like that."

"Wu Fei giving us orders, you mean?" Duo chuckled. "Maybe I do too."

"Anyone on pain pills?" Duo wanted to know. "A chorus of negatives greeted that question. "Good, can't dock with booster inhibitors in your systems,"he snickered.

"This is not a good idea," Wu Fei protested. "Heero's shoulder, your ankle, my arms... someone will get hurt."

Duo sighed, flipped the blanket aside, and then gingerly sat astride Wu Fei's hips. "Why Fei, is that a rocket going critical under me or are you lying?"

Wu Fei made a face, blushing. "I didn't say that I didn't desire-"

Duo reached and retrieved a bottle of lube. He showed it to Wu Fei. "I have a perfect way to pass the time, Fei. I can sit. You can lay there. Heero can use one arm and most of his body."

Wu Fei turned a deeper red. "What are you suggest-"

"Less talk, more tango," Duo grinned as he squirted lube into his hand. He tossed the tube to Heero who began putting some on his own hand. Wu Fei swallowed hard. "Come on," Duo urged him. "Nothing to be shy about. Nobody here but us. You know you want to... so let's make love."

Love. It's the word Wu Fei needed. This wasn't just sex. This wasn't breaking all convention and common sense to relieve sexual need. This was love. "If..." He cleared his throat and tried again. "If anyone starts feeling pain, then we stop."

Duo frowned. "Of course," he agreed. "I think that's a given, don't you?" He leaned close and looked into Wu Fei's eyes. "I think you're calling the shots, though. You were the worst. Three days in bed might not be enough."

Heero was kissing Wu Fei's neck. Wu Fei shivered and moaned, especially when. Duo rubbed himself against his erection. Wu Fei made a decision, he turned slightly so that Duo didn't have to put weight on his ankle and Heero had access. It was hard not to feel a touch of embarrassment, of shame, at doing something so decadent, but Wu Fei loved the men in bed with him. He wanted them, wanted their closeness. It over rode all of his inhibitions and his body's own weariness.

"Partners," Wu Fei whispered as he felt Heero's lubed fingers at his entrance.

"Partners," Heero agreed as he slid in a finger and worked to prepare him.

"Partners," Duo echoed as he slicked lube onto Wu Fei's raging hard on.

Heero pushed in. Wu Fei gasped, but tilted his hips to take him in completely. Heero sucked and bit lightly on his shoulder, his neck, and clasped him around the waist with his good arm to hold him steady as he began moving in and out.

Duo tilted to the side, and balanced on his good knee, as he pushed Wu Fei's erection into himself with a groan. Their first time. Wu Fei felt his eyes water as he sank into Duo's heat. He wanted to grab him, posses him as Heero was possessing him, but Wu Fei's arms were both wrapped and too sore. He had to rely on the snap of his pelvis, and Duo's own motions, to drive his needy cock in and out of his new lover. The feeling of being impaled and being sunk deep in Duo, all of them writhing in rhythm to bring their bodies to completion, was nirvana. Wu Fei didn't want it to end. He wanted to stay on that pinnacle of feeling, that tremendous feeling of being one with the two men with him.

A body could only take so much, though, and Heero came, hot wetness filling Wu Fei as he voiced a primal groan in Wu Fei's ear. Wu Fei twisted to kiss him, deep and long, and then Heero was sliding out. Wu Fei was free, then, to roll and pin Duo beneath him. Fuck arms, fuck pain, fuck Duo.

"I'm teaching you bad language," Duo breathed, letting Wu Fei know that he had spoken his thoughts aloud. Duo hitched his legs up and kept his bad ankle out of harms way. That left him spread beneath Wu Fei and Wu Fei took full advantage.

Arms over their heads, but throbbing at his thrusting motions, Wu Fei rode Duo, filled him completely again and again, and almost howled when he came with an explosion of come and an incredible sensation that shook him from head to toe. He wanted to collapse on Duo, but Duo wasn't to be denied his pleasure. He shifted and gently settled Wu Fei onto his back again. He felt Wu Fei's chest as if gauging his heart rate.

"Okay?" Duo asked.

Wu Fei nodded as Heero pressed against his side again.

"My turn, then," Duo said with a grin as he lay sideways over them both and presented his needy erection. "Oh, God!" he exclaimed when both men began devouring and licking him. "You two have no idea how good this looks," he groaned.

"Looks good from here, too," Heero mumbled.

They brought Duo to completion, both of them milking him as he shuddered and bit back a cry as his orgasm overwhelmed him.

Panting and spent, they curled together as best they could with their injuries.

"Okay?" Duo asked again and everyone hummed affirmatives. "Liars," Duo snorted. "That hurt like hell... but it was worth it because it felt damned good too."

"I'm not sure Sally Po would think of that as part of her prescription for recovery," Wu Fei said. "But... the hell with her." He smiled into Heero's wide eyes as the man held him close.

"I'm corrupting him completely," Duo snickered as he snuggled against Wu Fei's chest.

"I think I needed to be corrupted," Wu Fei replied. He kissed Heero and then Duo. "Otherwise I would never have found where my true home lies, where the missing pieces of my soul have been residing. It's here, with you, with both of you."

The End

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