By: Kracken
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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence

Dragon's Home + Part 9

"This one," Duo, sprawled on his bed at Preventer headquarters, pointed to an small, nondescript add in a newspaper.

Heero, sitting beside him, looked down at it skeptically. "Why?"

"Three bedrooms, large balcony," Duo replied.

"We should call before we go," Heero suggested."Do a background check of the area. Make certain the landlord doesn't have any priors-"

"Heero," Wu Fei said gently. He finished making tea in the small kitchenette and brought it to them on a tray. He put the tray on a low table, took his own cup, and sat down in a nearby chair as he gingerly sipped at it.

Heero grunted. He considered his words and then said, "We'll look at it."

Duo grinned in triumph, but Wu Fei cleared his throat. Duo looked exasperated and then conceded, "Uh... well, we could call first. That's a good idea."

Heero was relieved. He took his tea. They sat in silence.

Duo sat up and it was obvious that he was troubled and holding back. His foot made an agitated movement like an involuntary twitch and he gave out a long sigh.

Wu Fei regarded him over the rim of his tea cup, waiting, knowing that Duo would reveal what was troubling him eventually. Their last few days at the cabin had been quiet. They had decided, in a mutual, unspoken agreement, to give their new awareness of each other time to develop. They had taken boat rides, hikes, and sat watching nature on the porch of their cabin, and Wu Fei had talked to them, in depth, about some of their more minor problems, the ones that he thought that he could help them over come. The rest, the deeper rooted ones, would need therapy, and it had taken every ounce of his skills of persuasion, to convince both Duo and Heero to approach the Preventer psychologist.

"Could everyone stop acting like nothing happened!" Duo suddenly exploded.

Wu Fei raised eyebrows sharply at Duo's sudden anger. When Duo stood up and took the tea cup out of his and Heero's hands, and put them aside, he didn't protest. Duo glared at them both, hands on hips.

"Okay!" Duo said briskly. "We're back on home turf. Me and Heero are trying to learn how to express 'feelings'," he rolled his eyes, "not be so impulsive, not expect the other person to read our minds, not be afraid to say or do something wrong, not treat everything like a mission, and not... well, a lot of things... but we aren't talking about us!" He made a motion between the three of them.

Wu Fei looked down, knowing how he had wanted to avoid this. "I have duties," he told them. "However I feel about you both, I will be expected to marry and to produce an heir for the Dragon Clan. It would, perhaps, be best if we remain friends and not pursue a course that is also very unconventional."

Heero and Duo exchanged looks. Heero understood sacrifice and duty. Duo frowned, seeing that he was not going to get support from Heero. He reached out and grabbed Heero by his shirt collar. Heero started, wide eyed, as Duo said fiercely, "If you want to live outside of the war, Heero, you have to stop thinking you're not worth more than other people."

Heero blinked, thought about that, and then nodded. Duo smiled softly at him as he said, "Wu Fei thinks he knows everything, Heero. He's going to reason himself away from us. I say we stop him, convince him that he's worth something too, worth more than being some clan's sperm bank." He snorted. "Half the colonies are populated by test tube babies. I think his clan needs to get over themselves and do the same. " He shot a hard look at Wu Fei, "Don't you think so, Chang?"

"I..." Wu Fei thought about duty and honor, about a life of marriage to someone he didn't want, about living his days at the beck and call of his clan. His life had begun that way, before he had ever heard of the Gundams, and he had hated it then. He tried to imagine telling the elders that his life was his own and giving them a sperm sample. The image wouldn't come.

Hands pulled at Wu Fei. He came back to himself looking into Duo's amethyst eyes as Duo guided him to the bed. Heero locked the door, shoved a chair under the knob, and set a security system.

"No," Wu Fei began, but his voice trembled as Duo lay down with him, body to body, holding him tightly, even though Wu Fei was strangely finding it impossible to fight back. Duo was wearing a simple t-shirt and cotton pants, as was Heero. Wu Fei had just come off of duty and he was still in his uniform. When Duo's crotch pressed against his own, and Heero spooned up behind him, Wu Fei felt as if they were wearing nothing at all.

"What are you afraid of?" Duo wanted to know. He smiled, even though his eyes remained serious. "We'll respect you in the morning, honest Fei," he joked, but then more intensely, "We care about each other. We think we're all hot. We've been secretly wanting to jump each other. What's the problem? You've been doing this dance every since we left that mountain top, like... I dunno... like you don't want to disappoint us, hurt us, or screw things up between us, but..." His hand slipped down Wu Fei's pants and he leaned close so that his hot breath tickled Wu Fei's throat as he finished, "It's our decision too. It's not like we're going to marry you, chain you up, and expect you to form some sort of alien symbiotic link with tentacles or-"

"Duo," Heero sighed.

Duo chuckled and it thrummed against Wu Fei's skin."I'm just saying," he amended, "That we both care about you, about each other, and we want to do you really bad, so stop with the virginal honor thing, okay?" He nuzzled. "Me and Heero have both watched things come and go in our lives, so we take what we can get when we can get it. Maybe you will go away, maybe this won't work out, but no sense in worrying about that until it happens... otherwise you miss out on some real good stuff."

Duo's hand found what it was looking for , but Wu Fei took hold of his wrist and removed it. "Duo it's more to me than that."

Duo snorted. "Yeah? So you were never thinking of throwing my legs over your shoulders and doing me... you know, without all the serious attachments?"

"I am a man," Wu Fei admitted in embarrassment.

"I know, I felt that," Duo chuckled. "So what's the deal? What are you waiting for?"

Duo smelled like a spicy aftershave. It was intoxicating. His hard, wiry body and Heero's firmness behind Wu Fei, was robbing him of coherent thought. He was in real danger of.... of what? Of doing what he did really want to do? Every fiber of his body wanted to strip Duo bare and plunge into his heat, while a new part of him, that he had never suspected existed, wanted to bend to Heero's strength and let him finish what he had started in the kitchen of the cabin.

"Fei," Heero murmured against the back of his neck. "I'm the one who finds it hard to talk."

"I..., " Wu Fei struggled.

"Love you," Duo suddenly whispered in his ear.

After a moment's hesitation, Heero's voice said in his other ear, "Love you."

"You've been a war buddy," Duo told him. "And you're our friend. We go together, somehow. We always do good when we're partners. You... make us balance, cancel out our bad points. We've been needing you and we didn't get it until we went on our little vacation. So, yeah, we love you, okay?"

Is that what he needed? Or was it duty that was holding him back? Wu Fei warmed. He felt that connection too. Tangled together on the bed, they made a whole, and Wu Fei could sense the same balance that Duo had. Love. They loved him. They wanted him to be apart of what they had, that closeness that he had envied. Lust, love, completeness. It was everything a man could dream for, so what was holding him back, if it wasn't his duty? Wu Fei knew suddenly.

"I can't do anything that is less than honorable," Wu Fei told them. "My body may want things, and my heart, but I can't live with myself letting those things rule my life. I can't live in the moment and not think of commitment and consequences. I can't forget that what I do may damage something that is precious."

"Arrogant, isn't he?" Duo snorted at Heero.

"Very," Heero agreed and Wu Fei could feel his smirk against his neck.

"What?" Wu Fei asked, confused.

"You think you can mess up what me and Heero have?" Duo replied, "Didn't you tell me that I'm not responsible for the world? You can't live your life thinking you have to sacrifice and protect everyone else either, Fei. Sometimes, you just have to trust that everything will be okay."

Wu Fei was silent, frozen, trying to digest that, trying to embrace it. When Duo loosened his tie and began undoing to buttons of his uniform, he didn't protest. When Heero reached around to unbuckle his pants, he felt a surrender throughout his entire being that almost made him weep.

Duo gently opened his shirt, laid him bare, and then blew a sensuous breath along the line of his throat. Wu Fei shuddered and his body responded instantly and strongly. It was done with abstinence, done with being denied, and done with logic. It wanted what it had always wanted, the slim, muscled body of the handsome man in his arms and the dominance of the man behind him.

Clothes were shed and with them any lasting inhibitions. Wu Fei gave most of his attention to Duo at first, indulging in the body he had spent long nights fantasizing about. He licked, suckled, and tasted every inch of it. Duo hands were roving over him with equal enthusiasm. Duo was a laid back lover, liking the passive role, but he wasn't unresponsive. He seemed to know just how to touch, just how much warm sucking on an ear lobe, and a skilled tongue along sensitive flesh, could make a man writhe.

Hands were pulling Wu Fei up and he found himself sitting between Heero and Duo. Two heads lowered themselves into his lap and he clutched at fiery cinnamon hair and dark chocolate as two talented mouths made him groan long and loud with intense sensations.

Wu Fei's hand left Heero's hair and smoothed down the man's strong back, feeling scars and rippling muscles. He explored this new lover of his and found a desire that rivaled what he felt for Duo. He did want Heero, did want to explore, plunder, and submit to him. And, he admitted to himself with a smile, he wanted to love him, just as much as he wanted to love Duo. He had blinded himself to it, not imagining that he could ever have what he was being offered now by the incredible men claiming him.

"Need you, Fei," Duo said as he suddenly rolled away. He reached back, body stretching sensuously as he searched under his pillow and pulled out a tube of lube. He grinned ferally at Wu Fei's wide eyes. "Unless you don't want to?" He opened his long legs, folding them back, giving Wu Fei a clear view of what lay between them.

Wu Fei's brain short circuited, every hormone his body possessed screaming for him to take Duo hard and fast. He reined in that raging desire with all of his strength of will and his need not to hurt Duo. Instead of taking the proffered lube, he rose on hands and knees and went down on Duo with his mouth, intending to wait until he was certain he could control himself.

"Yeah, so good..." Duo moaned as his hands guided Wu Fei up and down on his raging erection.

A weight settled on Wu Fei's back and kisses and nips landed on his neck. Heero reached forward and took the lube from Duo. "Say no," Heero whispered into Wu Fei's ear, giving him that choice.

Wu Fei shivered. He had never been taken. The body over his own, Heero's arms and legs on either side of him, spoke to Wu Fei on a very primal level. The nips, the hot breath against his neck, the aggressive pressing down on top of him, asked for his submission.

Wu Fei lifted his hips and bent lower as he continued to swallow Duo whole; offering himself. Heero kissed him with great emotion along his cheek and then he was shifting, bending, moving so that his fingers, covered in lube, could find Wu Fei's entrance.

Wu Fei heard Duo murmur, "Relax, Fei," in encouragement, but Wu Fei discovered that he wanted the thick fingers sliding into him, loosening him, and igniting his need for something more. Discomfort turned to pleasure. Heero left off tormenting him at last and his weight bore down on Wu Fei again.

Wu Fei thought of animals mating and the image sent an erotic thrill through him that surprised him. Heero was very basic, very physical. He smelled of sex and pheremones and he was strength and dominance; alpha without any doubt. He mounted Wu Fei, filling him with short motions that made his erection slide in, one careful inch at a time. The sight made Duo clutch at them. He kissed them, caressed them, overwhelmed with desire for them both.

Heero's motions became stronger. The sound of flesh slapping flesh, as his pelvis met Wu Fei's backside, made Wu Fei flush and want to hide his face. When he grabbed Wu Fei's hips and rose up, riding him, knees on either side of Wu Fei, the feeling of being pounded, filled, over and over again, and the sensation against sensitive nerves, sent Wu Fei to a pinnacle of pleasure that he had never attained before.

Wu Fei swallowed Duo's erection again, working him with his mouth, determined to give Duo as much pleasure as he was receiving..

"Oh, God!" Duo moaned. "This is... This is... Love you... God, I love you!"

Duo was the first to come, throwing back his head and letting out a strangled groan as Wu Fei replaced his mouth with his pumping hand, milking Duo dry. The sight of Duo's come spilling from between his fingers, and the raw feel of Heero still thrusting in and out of him, was enough to make Wu Fei orgasm a moment later. He thrust his hips back at Heero then, taking him in completely, making Heero shout and unload hot come deep inside of Wu Fei as he shuddered and trembled on top of him.

The world faded into panting breaths and thundering pulses as they lay tangled together, recovering. When senses returned, Wu Fei found Heero holding them against him, their heads pillowed on his chest. Wu Fei smoothed sweaty bangs out of Duo's eyes and Duo grinned at him, unrepentant and unselfconscious.

"I never would have guessed," Duo chuckled. "You are one damned hot man, Chang Wu Fei." When Wu Fei remained quiet, Duo became instantly concerned, "You're not... not having second thoughts? I mean... you seemed to like..."

"He did like it," Heero assured him, nuzzling the top of Wu Fei's head.

"I..." Wu Fei thought about embarrassment, duty, propriety, and pride. He thought about love. There were truths in the world that were undeniable and Wu Fei was a wise enough man to know one of those truths when it was before his face. "I'm going to be very sore," he finished at last and Duo chuckled and looked relieved.

"Small price to pay though, right?" Duo wondered.

"Yes, a very small price to pay," Wu Fei agreed and felt Heero's arm tighten around him in gratitude.

They held on to each other for some time, relaxing, and then Wu Fei saw Duo look up at Heero with a warmth and love that told him nothing had changed in their relationship. Heero's hand caressed Duo's cheek and then Duo was looking at Wu Fei, including him in that warmth.

Duo began to say something, grinning mischievously, but the vid phone chose that moment to ring. He swore as he rolled, jerked on his pants, and then strode over to answer it, first swiveling the view screen away from his naked companions.

"Maxwell, here."

A man in a crisp Preventer officers uniform glared back at him and ordered briskly, "Assemble yourself, Yuy, and Wu Fei in hanger fifty six. You're mission bound in thirty minutes.... mark."

The screen went blank. Duo whirled and began yanking out field cloths from a low trunk of clothes. "You heard the man," he called to the others. "Time for work."

Wu Fei jumped up, hissed at the sharp pain of his backside, and then glared ruefully at Heero as Heero rolled to his feet without any trouble. The only sympathy he received was a quick squeeze on one arm, before Heero's mind switched to 'mission mode'. Then they suddenly ceased to be new found lovers. They were field agents, partners, Preventer soldiers. As Duo had said, it was time for work.

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