Author: Kracken
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I don't make any money off of this.
Warning: male/male sex, wereperv, violence, language, graphic, light were-bondage.

Instincts + Part 13

Quatre and Trowa seemed very close that evening. Heero watched them shyly as they lay together near the small fire and ate their cooked food, talking in low tones. There was a softness about them, especially in the way that they looked at one another. They looked warm and comfortable and...

Heero looked over at Duo, who was busily crunching the bones of his latest kill. It was the part that he had refused to let them cook. Duo's face was full of blood, his sharp teeth bared, as he worked over the leg bone. His purple eyes were glowing in contentment. He didn't look soft and warm or prone to sit and talk. He looked like a creature of the moment, a creature of savage action; all muscle, teeth, and claw. Still, Heero felt an appreciation of that, a tingling excitement watching Duo's claws flex on the rent hide of the beast, and an uncomfortable heat when he finished and began cleaning himself with a large, rasping tongue.

"Heero," Wu Fei said in a low tone meant for only his ears.

Heero sighed and looked at his one time guard. He felt at a loss that he had given up at least that part of his life. Without his title, he couldn't understand why Wu Fei would risk himself and follow a foolish were. He would sorely miss that unquestioning devotion, that constant companionship, if it proved that destiny was not enough to keep them together.

"May I give you some advice?" Wu Fei asked, as if he knew that it was going to be unwelcome.

Heero nodded, though he had more than proven that he wasn't willing to listen to it.

"Allow the were lion-"

"Duo," Heero corrected, not liking that tone that relegated Duo to the category of dumb beast.

The pause was telling, but Wu Fei complied, "Duo, then. Allow him to continue on alone once we reach the Savannah. We can hide ourselves while he discovers the mood and intentions of his people towards us. There isn't any reason to walk into our deaths. You will be near your... Duo... and still remain safe."

That was reasonable. "All right," Heero agreed and couldn't help grimacing. Their roles were reversed. Duo had hidden, like a fugitive, in the woods around the Keep, waiting for Heero to visit him. Now they would be lurking in the Savanna, waiting for Duo to come to them.

And if he didn't? What if Duo discovered that his old life was preferable to a perverted one with a were wolf?

"If it is meant to be, it will come to pass," Wu Fei told him, guessing his thoughts. "You cannot force destiny. It is or it isn't."

That was wisdom, but Heero's heart didn't care.

Quatre chuckled and then he said to them as he rose, "Trowa and I are going to... look at the stars."

Trowa smirked and said nothing as he followed the were fox into the rocks and scrub brush. Heero felt a hot blush, not too innocent to understand. Wu Fei hissed in disgust, not because he disapproved of them, but because he saw it as an unnecessary danger . The were tigress was still out there and there was no telling whether her mercenaries had decided to pursue them or not.

Duo was oblivious. Stomach over full and distended, he was flopped over on his side, a stomach with arms and legs. Wu Fei hissed again. "How will he travel like that?"

"He can," Heero recalled and smiled fondly. "I think that I will prepare myself for my ancestors," Wu Fei said under his breath. "I have little confidence that we will survive this idiocy." He moved off, composed himself, and seemed to meditate.

Heero felt alone and that gave him time to think. His eyes went to the darkness of the rocks and the scrub brush. His thoughts went to Trowa and Quatre and a thing he knew nothing about. He felt embarrassed, ashamed, but the thought that, someday, he and Duo might have that same closeness... He had images of hurting Duo, of making a serious mistake that might drive the were lion away. If he could see, if he could learn...

Heero went very low to the ground, ears flat and tail trailing the ground, as he used his odd spots to make him one with the shadows. Quatre was a pampered son, but Trowa was more canny. Heero knew that he would have to one with the night breeze to escape his notice.

He heard them talking softly first and then he heard Quatre sigh in pleasure.

"I love when you do that," Quatre said with a light chuckle. "Are you sure you weren't trained in a harem?"

"It's all natural ability," Trowa replied.

Under a low bush, Heero saw them laying together just ahead. Trowa was sensually licking Quatre's large ears, paying particular attention to the areas around his earrings. He was almost on top of Quatre, as if he had pinned him down. Quatre was smiling though, blue eyes half closed and the moonlight playing over their bodies.

Quatre rolled suddenly and then he was looking up at Trowa. He reached up and played in Trowa's hair, in his ruff, and then he was pulling him down for a kiss. His thick tail swished back and forth along the ground and Trowa's was stiff and bristled.

"Who knows what will happen when we go into the tall grasses," Quatre said. "We should be together, in case our days end there and we never have another chance at love."

Trowa snorted. "I thought you believed that we go on past death?"

"I might be wrong," Quatre replied and then they were kissing again.

Trowa moved off of Quatre then, but Quatre was smiling and parting his legs. Trowa rubbed his face along Quatre's fur there, making a sighing sound, and then his head was dipping down between them. Quatre gripped Trowa's hair and groaned, throwing his head back as Trowa's tongue stroked what was hidden by Quatre's fur. It didn't stay hidden long and Heero found himself swallowing hard, only his fear of discovery and his youthful uncertainty keeping his own body in check, as he saw a swollen, red erection present itself to Trowa's lapping tongue.

"Beautiful," Quatre moaned. "You are my sheik, Trowa."

Trowa chuckled. "And you are my Spring after a hard Winter."

"Poetry from a mountain were," Quatre marveled breathlessly.

"Don't tell anyone," Trowa grumbled and then his head moved lower and Quatre gripped his hair, legs rising higher as he groaned. It sounded like a growl, but it was deep and full of passion.

Heero knew what Trowa was doing. With great care, the mountain were was preparing Quatre to receive him with his tongue, his clawed fingers held away from sensitive flesh. Heero wondered how he kept himself under control. He could see Trowa's excitement, large and ready as it protruded from his fur, and he could see the small, involuntary thrusts of his hips from time to time. Trowa was ready and his scent was earthy and full of heated hormones as it mingled with Quatre's lighter scent.

Trowa waited, though, patience itself, until Quatre flushed a deep red and then turned and presented himself. Quatre's tail settled back and over his spine and his upper body bowed to the ground. Trowa was on his back then, legs and arms on either side. His teeth bit into Quatre's ruff and Quatre moaned, blue eyes rolling back, as Trowa entered him, slow and careful.

Locked together, Quatre filled with Trowa, they paused as if savoring the moment, and then Trowa couldn't hold back any longer. His thrusts were powerful, primal, and Quatre was moaning and lifting himself to meet them. His earrings jingled and his arm bands clashed together. He looked exotic, beautiful, and submissive. Trowa was strong, powerful muscles flexing and bunching, dominance itself.

Trowa came first, grabbing Quatre around the middle and driving in deep with hard spasms. Quatre came a moment later, spilling hot seed over his belly and the rocks. They didn't part immediately, though. Trowa settled on Quatre's back, still joined together, and cleaned Quatre's ears with his tongue, a smile on his face and his eyes drooped in contentment. Quatre was languid beneath him, obviously happy.

Heero slunk away, his own excitement heavy between his legs. He found a very cold rock and pressed himself down flat against it, allowing the shock of cold to make his own desires fade. It wasn't as easy to drive the images from his head, especially when he imagined himself and Duo in their place. Could he? With a were lion? Would it be the same? At least a were fox and a were wolf had common ground when it came to instincts. A mistake with Duo could end in a very messy death for himself, Heero knew, yet he wanted to try.

Quatre's words came back to Heero and he knew that he was right. They might all die when they reached the Savannah. There might not be another chance to be together. As Heero returned to the camp and settled near Duo, he decided that he would make Duo his before they moved down into the tall grasses.

Duo burped and rolled onto his back, exposing his distended, furry belly to the moonlight. Not tonight, Heero thought with an affectionate grimace. He nuzzled Duo, curled up beside him, and then went to sleep.


"I don't sense any pursuit," Wu Fei said with a frown. "Either the mercenaries are very clever at hiding themselves or they are too lazy to follow us."

"Too lazy," Trowa decided with a snort. He was in a relaxed mood and Heero blushed when Quatre nuzzled him, from time to time, as they walked. He wanted that with Duo, that sure knowledge that they were a couple.

Duo was uncomfortable, but he walked beside Heero, his body language telling Heero that he was irritable. He was going against a nature that told him to find a sunny spot and sleep until his heavy meal was digested. His belly still looked full, but not as badly as the night before.

Duo gave Heero a suspicious look. "You're staring," he said with a warning growl.

Heero dared to ask, "Why do you eat so much? We're not starving."

"We don't have servants to kill, cook, and serve our food on the plains," Duo explained. "We have hunting parties. Sometimes hunting is good, sometimes it isn't. You eat when you can."

"Why?" Heero asked and then added quickly, when Duo looked annoyed, "Why live that way? Why not live as my people do, by raising your own food, living in homes, and warming yourselves with fire?"

Duo gave Heero a disgusted growl. "If someone wishes to live that way, they know where they can go," Duo replied. "The forests weres to the south live that way. On the plains, things are different, but good. We like our life." His purple eyes sparkled. "Don't judge a life you haven't lived."

Heero nodded and then looked down the steep trail they were trying to negotiate. "I guess I'll have my chance."

Duo sobered then and replied, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Heero replied without hesitation.

"How can you be?" Duo demanded as if they were about to have an argument.

"If you have to ask, then maybe we don't feel the same way?" Heero replied and it pained him until he saw Duo nod in understanding.

"I know. I just wish-" Duo began, but Heero cut him off.

"I've decided and you know my reason for it," Heero told him. "Don't try to convince me to stay behind, Duo. I won't."

Duo sighed. "I don't know what we are going to do. It's..."

"Frightening, I know," Heero finished and ignored Duo's bristling and the lash of his tail, "I'm frightened too. I don't know what will happen to us, but I do know that we need to face it together."

Duo suddenly leaned and kissed Heero. He head butted him then and smiled as he said, "I've never met anyone like you."

"Good," Heero replied with a grin, "because I'm the only one for you."

Duo grinned, showing all his sharp teeth. He turned and his tail lashed Heero in the face. "You are very confident of that," he said.

Before Heero could reply, Wu Fei snapped, "Stop mooning over each other and watch how you travel! This trail is dangerous."

Admonished, Heero indulged in a last snatch at Duo's tail. He closed his teeth on it, gave it a tug that made Duo laugh, and then brought his concentration back to where it belonged.

When night came, the sky was clear and Duo's fur caught the glow of the moon on the tips of his fur. His eyes were purple fire as he looked at Heero in a way that made Heero tingle all over. Trowa and Quatre settled together and seemed to sleep, but Wu Fei was the self appointed guard, and it was hard to face his frown as Heero finally rose.

"Duo, would you... would you walk with me?" Heero asked nervously. "We can see the moon better from over... there." Heero felt himself go hot and cold as Duo looked at him curiously, as if nothing could get him out of the warm spot that he had made for himself. Then, with his ears cocked oddly, he rose. He looked over at Wu Fei.

Wu Fei hissed in disgust. His crest rose and then settled with a rattle against each other. He grunted and deliberately turned his back on them in disapproval.

"Bad tempered dragon," Duo growled under his breath.

"It's his way," Heero told Duo with a chuckle and then decided that playing the romantic wasn't in his nature. "I want you, Duo. Come with me and we'll be... together."

Duo blinked, shocked, but then he understood. "We may not have another chance..."

"No," Heero agreed softly, but he didn't want it to be a time of sadness. He carressed Duo's cheek and breathed in his ear with a smile, "Come."

Duo's ears came forward and he warmed. Heero could feel it against his skin. "Yes," Duo replied and he followed Heero into the rocks.

They found a flat spot bathed in moonlight and then lay together until it warmed under their bodies. They kissed and caressed, Heero licking Duo's delicate ears. He was pleased by Duo's soft growling purr of contentment, but that purr ceased when they both looked at each other in nervous anticipation.

Duo, surprisingly, was first to begin. He nosed into the fur between Heero's legs and Heero lifted one leg aside. He wasn't sure about what Duo intended until he felt the rasping tongue lap along his length. Heero twitched and refused the urge that wanted him to start away and close his legs. He was rewarded by Duo closing his mouth around him, warm, wet, and tight, and sucking him in.

Heero's hands locked into Duo's short mane and he bowed over the were lion, groaning. His scent was heavy on the air and Duo's scent danced around it, mingling with it, and driving him wild with want. Duo was careful to keep his sharp teeth in check and Heero wondered where he had learned to do it. He exploded into Duo's mouth all at once, unable to keep himself from coming.

Duo finally released him and Heero was panting as Duo looked up again into his eyes, smiling as he licked his lips.

"That..." Heero tried, but then couldn't say anything more as he struggled against a bodily satisfaction that was warring with his mental disappointment.

"I saw Trowa and Quatre do it," Duo said, his smile dropping and concern suddenly in his eyes. "Was it... you look... Was it wrong?"

Heero shook his head, embarrassed that Duo had been watching Trowa and Quatre as well for lessons, but then replied, "It was wonderful, but... I wanted this to be different. I wanted us together."

Duo laughed as he turned and lifted his tail over his back. Heero felt himself go stiff and hot at the sight. His body wasn't done yet and Duo knew it. "If you are done already, I'll return to camp," Duo teased.

Heero was capturing Duo then, locking strong arms around his waist and pulling him back until his pelvis met against Duo's ass and his obvious excitement. "I'm not done yet."

"Good," Duo purred and his eyes half closed as Heero nuzzled against him.

"So, "Heero whispered into a rounded ear. "You watched Trowa and Quatre as well. Did you see everything they did?"

Duo nodded and said huskily, "Yes."

"Is it something that you would like to do?" Heero wondered.

"Yes," Duo breathed and pressed back against Heero. "With you. I don't know why, but it must be with you. I only want you."

"I feel the same," Heero told him. "Careful," he warned. "Slow. I don't want to hurt you."

"And I don't want to hurt you," Duo replied.

A were lion was not a were wolf. Heero kept that firmly in mind as he released Duo and made gentle, tentative, touches on Duo's body. When Duo sighed in pleasure, Heero was confidant enough to go further. He leaned in and used his tongue to prepare Duo, every nerve alert for any sudden, negative reaction. Duo lifted his tail and couldn't help a wonton rise of his hips to meet Heero's tongue. His claws scratched the rocks.

Submissive, Heero thought. He is my mate. I will have him. I will be his dominate. It was hot instinct raging through him and centering heavily between his legs. When Duo opened to his tongue, Heero lost control. It was a trigger, a last surrender. He found himself gripping Duo and biting down on the nape of Duo's neck. His mouth filled with scent, were lion fur, and heated skin as his hips started forward to push into the body beneath him.

Duo went limp, completely limp, as if he had fallen asleep. He hung in Heero's jaws, falling out of position and foiling Heero's aim. He stabbed into cold air repeatedly before he gathered enough sense to rein himself in and let Duo go.

"Duo?" Heero exclaimed, worry bringing him back to himself.

Duo became alert at once, his muscles coming back under his control as he looked over his shoulder at Heero. "Why did you do that?" he demanded angrily and then one paw lashed out in his fury. "Were you going to force me?"

Heero jumped back and the claws rent the air. "I- I don't understand!" he exclaimed in confusion.

Duo was glaring, his purple eyes fire in the moonlight."You don't?" he demanded suspiciously.

"No," Heero replied anxiously. "Duo we are... different."

Duo took a deep, steadying breath. "Don't do that again. It's..." It was hard to admit to a vulnerability and Heero didn't want Duo to continue.

Heero dared to come forward and nuzzle Duo's face. Duo allowed it. "I'm sorry," Heero told him. "I won't do that again."

They lay together then, deciding not to rush to continue. Heero was ready to let the chance go all together, anything to comfort and reassure Duo, but Duo was suddenly moving and rubbing against him suggestively.

"Again?" Duo purred.

"Again," Heero agreed with a soft smile.

Heero took his time preparing Duo again and he had his instincts under tight control as he settled on Duo's back again. Instincts were strong and to be fought against. Trowa had told him as much. That lesson was even more important at that moment. Heero pushed into Duo slowly. Duo groaned and his claws spread out on the rock, but he allowed Heero to continue.

"Feels... strange," Duo breathed.

"Hurt?" Heero choked out as he was squeezed in a tightness that was making his every sense go mad.

"Mmm," Duo said as if he wasn't sure how to answer.

"Duo?" Heero prompted, knowing that he was on the edge of his control.

Duo pushed back. "All right... good..." Duo replied at last. "Need... I need..."

"I know, " Heero groaned and fell over that edge. He gripped Duo around the waist and could only keep himself from grabbing Duo's nape as he claimed his mate at last.

Strong, thrusting, bodies joined and exulting in that joining, every sense pulled under by that all consuming need. It lasted an eternity or only a few moments, it was impossible to know. They seemed suspended in time, bodies crashing together frantically as they both struggled to achieve release and an answer to the desires within them.

Heero came first, drawing Duo's hips up as he claimed him by filling him with his hot come in violent spurts. Duo cried out, and his orgasm hit him hard, as Heero spasmed inside of him and made him come over his furry belly and the rocks beneath them. They stayed locked together afterward, settling, Heero still on top and Duo stretched out beneath him, heavy lidded and sated.

With a smug and loving smile, Heero cleaned Duo's ears tenderly.

"My ass hurts... but... I want you again," Duo breathed languidly."I'm a pervert."

"So am I, because I want you again too," Heero replied.

"Keep doing that," Duo sighed contentedly.

"Forever, love," Heero replied with a chuckle and continued to lick his mate's ears.

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