The Lost Soldiers Series #11 (cont)
The Point

It was strange. Duo couldn't stop being nervous, or trembling against the larger man, even though Zechs was gentle and spoke encouragingly. Zechs' hands were smooth, the hands of an aristocrat. Duo's hands were rough, a laborer's hands. He felt bad for Zechs, having to feel his harsh calluses as he dared to reach out and touch the Lightning Count as the man was touching him.

That's all they did for the longest time, just touch, allowing Duo to relax and to grow comfortable with the man beside him, enough, maybe, to go further. When Zechs pushed it to the next level, Duo was ready and waiting. He wanted more. He had an insane desire to taste that smooth skin under his hands, to nuzzle and breathe in Zechs' scent. He was shy though. He held back, letting Zechs break the final barrier of reluctance.

Zechs leaned forward and gently took Duo's nipple into his mouth. Duo felt a tingle go from that nipple all the way through his body. He warmed and flushed as he felt Zechs' tongue rasp roughly and then the pull of lips and the hint of teeth. Zechs hummed appreciatively as he suckled, as if he were tasting honey.

"So good!" Duo managed, tossing his head back and groaning. The motion caused his body to arch against Zechs. He felt the man's rock hard erection. He must be in pain, Duo thought, more so than himself. Zechs at least knew what he wanted and what was in store for him. Duo dared and put his hand on it. He was surprised and embarrassed, when Zechs pushed his hand away.

"Not yet," Zechs breathed around his nipple. "I'm saving that for something special. Let me please you first."

Zechs played. Duo groaned and writhed under his ministrations. The sensations, the utter feeling of, 'This is right! This is what I've always wanted without knowing it!' throbbed through Duo's brain and body as he almost came again and again. Each time though, Zechs backed off, rose to kiss and to caress his face until the feeling of impeding explosion died, before beginning again.

"Zechs!" Duo groaned at last. "You're not torturing me for information! Do something, now, or I'm going to go crazy!"

"One might think you were gay, Duo Maxwell," Zechs chuckled as he squeezed Duo's ass.

Duo fumbled for words, fumbled to deny, even after everything he had just experienced, but then, he let out a long, shuddering breath. "Okay! I'm gay! I want you! I want you to make me come! Now! Okay? Happy? Man! You are the King of Tease, Zechs! Not me!"

Zechs frowned mockingly. "Me, a tease? Very soon, you won't think that at all."

Duo grew nervous again. Zechs rose up on his knees and opened a drawer in the side table. He pulled out a small tube. "Good, still here," Zechs said and Duo wondered about the other men and women Zechs had tumbled in the bungalow. It made him feel a little bitter, but then something inside of him, that was used to disappointment, shrugged. Even if Zechs had been lying about loving him, at least he was getting this experience out of the man before he was tossed out as used goods.

"Stop thinking that," Zechs said abruptly. Duo blinked up at him, confused. He gestured at Duo with the tube. "What did you think this was? It's petroleum jelly for the lips. I think it will do for my purposes." He leaned down close to Duo and gave him a deep, tonguing kiss. When he broke it, his eyes bored into Duo's. "It's true I've been with many people, Duo, but I didn't lie when I said I loved you. I've never told anyone that. I've never trusted anyone with my heart before. So, you see, we are on equal ground. You are a virgin of the body and I am a virgin of the heart. Let's both be gentle with each other, all right?"

Duo nodded numbly, wondering what purpose Zechs had in mind and beginning to guess. When Zechs squeezed some of the jelly out onto his fingers, Duo grabbed his wrist, eyes wide and on the verge of panic.

"I don't think I want to do that, Zechs," Duo said and then added in an uncertain, begging voice. "I, uh, maybe we could just... I'm not sure what gay guys do, but I've heard people say things... I could..." he blushed deeply and looked away. He was afraid to say it and yet he felt a violent urge to do just what he was thinking.

"Trust me,' Zechs whispered and ran kisses along Duo's neck as his lubed fingers found Duo's entrance.

Duo tensed at once. "Nn, Zechs! I really don't want - " he stopped protesting as Zechs' fingers began a circular motion that was half scratch and half rub.

Zechs smiled at Duo's sudden look of intense enjoyment. "I can stop. Is that what you want?"

"Uh," Duo panted and he found his hips moving back into Zechs' fingers despite himself. "Nuh, don't - don't stop. 'S okay."

Zechs kept rubbing as he watched Duo's face in the throes of pleasure, his half closed, purple eyes almost glowing with the intensity of what he was feeling, the exact color of the flowers strewn under and around them both. He was beautiful, Zechs thought and he felt a sudden, protective, possessive, loving mixture of emotions that was both strong and accepted. The battle was won and he was the victor, but it wasn't a battle any more, and had never really been one. Instead of fighting and forcing Duo to his will, he had ended up begging, pleading; a supplicant at Duo's feet. He had done it willingly, Zechs thought, and he would do it again, and a lot more, to have Duo in his arms and in his heart.

Zechs felt Duo relax and open. It was time. Very gently, he pushed in a finger. Duo jumped and started out of his daze of pleasure. Before he could protest, Zechs began to rub and to move that finger in and out.

"Just that," Duo whispered hoarsely as pleasure hit him again. "D-Don't do anything else, 'k?"

"Just that," Zechs agreed. He worked Duo with his finger, stopping when Duo was close to coming. Duo swore at him, growled, even begged, but Zechs remained deaf, swatting Duo's hands away when he finally sought to relieve his own need. "Patience," Zechs told him. "Patience, Sweet."

"Nicknames already?" Duo panted. "W-What should I call you? Snowy? Pookie? Honey Bear! God!"

"None of that," Zechs chuckled as he touched a sensitive spot in Duo. Duo writhed in his arms, eyes rolling up in his head. "I'm sure you'll think of something better."

"If I live!" Duo gasped.

Zechs breathed hot air into Duo's ear. Duo shivered. "It's better with two fingers."

"I-Is it?" Duo stammered. "It gets better?"

"Shall I?"


Zechs worked in another finger. Duo shuddered and then relaxed. Again he fell into a daze as Zechs worked him into a frenzy of need. Duo couldn't believe that he was allowing this, allowing another man to work him with two fingers in his ass. He couldn't have stopped Zechs though, if his life depended on it. Zechs had made him utterly helpless with pleasure. He was at the man's mercy. Keep doing it, his mind screamed, finish it! Do more! More!

"You can... Zechs..." Duo fumbled against embarrassment, "I think... if you want to... This feels so good! If two fingers feels like this... If you want to be on top..."

Zechs smiled. "Do you want me to fuck you, Duo Maxwell?"

"That's blunt!" Duo exploded with what little breath he had left, but then, in a small voice, he said, "Yeah. Do it. I might as well go all the way and get it over with."

"You're bold for a virgin," Zechs laughed and then more seriously. "I think that I am somewhat larger than two fingers. There will be some pain."

Duo's face pinched and he began to reconsider. "Pain?" he echoed.

"There is a tight ring of muscle to pass," Zechs explained simply. "Relaxing is the key. Once past that and it can be... very... pleasurable." Zechs licked the curve of Duo's ear.

"But, until then..." Duo turned his head, caught, and held Zechs' eyes with his own. "How much pain?"

"It depends on your sensitivity," Zechs soothed him. "Not worse than your ribs, but more than a paper cut."

"You'll stop if I say?" Duo reconfirmed.

"Always," Zechs promised and meant it.

"Okay," Duo agreed in a small voice. "What do I have to do?"

Zechs slid his fingers out of Duo and Duo felt their loss. "Relax," Zechs told him, "and enjoy."

Duo stared at Zechs' cock, measuring the width with his eyes. He wasn't sure how it was going to fit. It was wider than two fingers and it look hard, bobbing between Zechs' legs as Zechs slid down Duo's body and kneeled between Duo's legs.

"I'm going to hold you up by your hips and slide in," Zechs explained. "I can't lie on top or I'll hurt your injuries. Remember. Relax. You must relax and let me in."

"'K," Duo said with a short nod and tried to breathe normally and not think about this giant step he was about to take. An hour ago, he had been so sure of his sexuality. An hour ago he couldn't have imagined himself letting Zechs pull his ass into his lap in preparation to fuck him. Now, he was assisting Zechs, opening his legs as if he were as loose as Karen and just as eager for a hot tumble and a man between his legs.

Duo blushed and turned his face into the pillow, suddenly ashamed and doubting the sanity of what he was doing. Zechs waited, poised. Duo became aware of it, aware of the man's concern for him and his willingness to back off if Duo asked.

"Do you really love me?" Duo asked, feeling like a fool, like a young virginal girl needing the reassurance of some randy boy who's only intention was to tell her anything necessary to score.

Zechs reached across his body and grabbed his chin. He pulled Duo's head around and made him look at him. His blue eyes were very intense. "Don't doubt me. Not now."

"It's just hard to believe," Duo said softly. A tear escaped his eye. He felt stupid when Zechs brushed it off with the tip of his finger and then kissed it with his sensuous lips.

"Believe it," Zechs replied. He lifted Duo's ass higher and then Duo felt it, that impossibly wide, round tip at his entrance. "Let me in, Sweet."

"I-I'll try," Duo gasped and then squeezed his eyes shut and tried to relax.

The tip massaged Duo's entrance, rubbing more lube there copiously. When it began to push in, Duo squirmed at the sudden, shocking pain, and tried to back away. Zechs' hands were tight on the globes of his ass, holding him still.

"It's too big!" Duo protested. "THAT is not going in me!"

"It will," Zechs promised and then with a teasing smile, "I haven't even started, Duo! I thought you were trained to withstand pain."

"Yeah, for a good reason!" Duo shot back, flushing hotly. "To withstand torture not have a guy stick his cock up my ass!"

Zechs' face hardened and his hands tightened. "I can stop."

Duo swallowed, remembering Wu Fei calling him weak. He said, hesitantly, "The pain will stop? It will feel good, eventually?"

The hard expression on Zechs' face softened. "Even a virgin woman feels some pain, Duo, but yes, it will feel good, eventually."

Duo looked at Zechs, at his slim, yet steely strong body. He felt again that rush of need and want, that desire to bury his nose against Zechs' silky skin and breathe in his scent. It was all he could do not to crush Zechs against him, despite his injuries and the pain it would cause.

"I do want you," Duo whispered and then closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip. "Do it."

"My brave Sweet," Zechs breathed and began pushing in again. Duo bit down on whimpers. His body cringed and tried to back away again. Zechs held him in place, pushing, stretching, causing stinging pains and shocking aches that thundered through every nerve in Duo's body. Finally, that hard rod of flesh stopped and Duo felt his ass pressed up against Zechs' pelvis.

Duo felt as if he were strangling on the pain and he felt stretched impossibly wide. Every instinct within him told him to get the intruder out. "Out!" he hissed. "Zechs! Please take it out! Hurts!"

Zechs reached up Duo's body and caressed his cheek. Duo knew there were tears in his eyes. He was on the verge of blubbering like a baby. He was ashamed of himself, but he couldn't help feeling that he had made a terrible mistake. This couldn't be right, this pain, he thought, what he was trying to do was harming him. It wasn't natural. Zechs didn't belong inside of him like that.

"If I pull out," Zechs replied breathlessly, every muscle clenched as he tried with all of his willpower not to come inside of Duo's incredible tightness. "If I pull out, " he repeated, "It will hurt MORE, not LESS, Duo."

Duo couldn't help a whimper. "Why is that?"

"I'm through the ring of muscle," Zechs replied. "If you make me back out now, I'll have to go through it again. Patience, Sweet. Wait. Relax. I'm going to start moving. It will release your endorphins. You'll stop feeling the pain then."

"No," Duo panted. "Don't move! Please don't move, Zechs!"

"Trust me," Zechs replied. "Please trust me, Duo."

Duo could only give Zechs a sickly nod, not sure what else he could do. He felt trapped, invaded. He had an irrational urge to claw at Zechs, and instinctive impulse to defend himself.

Zechs moved. At first, it didn't lessen the pain. Duo moaned and whimpered, but, before he could forget all common sense and begin to panic completely, the pain suddenly took a downward step... and then another... and then yet another until it was barely noticeable. What replaced it made Duo shudder and forget all about fighting Zechs.

"Hnn! Zechs!" Duo moaned and felt his cock go rock hard as Zechs touched something deep inside of him with the tip of his cock. Sudden pleasure replaced the pain, a rubbing, scratching in a place he could never reach before, pleasure that had Duo writhing again and clawing at the blanket as if he needed it as a lifeline.

"Like that, Sweet?" Zechs purred. "See, I kept my word."

Duo's muscles relaxed and stretched, finally, and Zechs was moving in and out of him more easily. His cock took on a rhythm and Duo found himself lifting his legs, wanting it to touch that spot within him again. It shocked him, that involuntary motion. He was being fucked, Duo thought hazily. He was being fucked by another man and he was loving it. It wasn't wrong anymore. They fit together perfectly. Duo had never felt so right in his entire life.

Zechs found that magic spot again and angled his thrusts to touch it and rub it with the head of his cock. Duo arched his back and thrashed, crying out. Zechs held him with a grip that was surely bruising his ass. Duo didn't care. He only cared about the building pressure within him, a pressure that felt so strong that Duo was afraid.

Duo tried to push away again, but his body was contrary. While his mind began to run in little circles, wondering if an orgasm could be strong enough to kill, his body was opening his legs wider, inviting harder thrusts, inviting Zechs' pelvis closer and Zechs' slim belly to rub against his swollen, purple cock.

Zechs ignored Duo's pushing hands and took the invitation of Duo's body. He leaned forward, pelvis slapping into Duo in a rutting, rapid motion. While one strong hand held Duo against him in an iron grip, his other hand took hold of Duo's cock.

"Uhn!" Duo whimpered, meaning no, a last denial that he didn't mean at all. It was a last cry against what was about to happen, an exclamation of fear. The orgasm hit him shortly after that and Duo's 'uhn' turned into a scream.

The orgasm was indescribable. Zechs had stoked the fire of the volcano expertly, building the flames until they had become a contained inferno. The final eruption arched Duo off of the bed as he splattered hot seed over them both. He collapsed at once afterwards, every muscle loose, ever nerve singing. Sparks and stars danced in front of his eyes as Zechs came too, his hot fluid shooting against Duo's outraged flesh and a rubbed raw prostate. Duo twitched at the new sensation, every nerve overloaded.

"Duo, Sweet?" Zechs said softly into Duo's ear some time later.

Duo pried open an eye. "Did I actually pass out?" he croaked.

Zechs was stretched out beside him on the bed, on his stomach, creamy ass displaying perfectly rounded globes. Duo found his shaking hand running over them, marveling at how soft every part of Zechs was despite his muscles and masculine physique. With his white hair tumbled about him and his face relaxed and loving, Zechs could have passed for a sensuous woman. Duo pushed that thought out of his mind. It wasn't a woman he wanted and he didn't need to think of Zechs that way.

Very slowly, Duo touched a finger to Zechs' entrance. He pushed in, just a little. Zechs looked at Duo in surprise. Duo smirked. "When I'm healed up, and my ass isn't feeling like a Gundam flew up it, I'm going to see what it's like on the other end." Zechs' face went very still. Duo prodded with his words. "Well, you wouldn't order your men to do something you wouldn't do, would you?"

Zechs sighed and then smiled. "No, I wouldn't. It's just that it's been a long time..." he trailed off and went distant.

"Who was it?" Duo asked, feeling a prick of jealousy coupled with his concern.

"Treize," Zechs replied as if the memory were unpleasant. "We've both done things in our life that we aren't proud of, it seems."

Duo pulled Zechs close to him and he liked the wave of protectiveness that came over him as he stroked the man's white hair and kissed his lips. When Zechs put arms around him and responded to the kiss, Duo felt that he could live forever just like that, forever immersed in passion and…

"I just found it," Duo said suddenly, breaking off the kiss.

Zechs almost pouted. "Found what?" he asked and then wickedly, "The will to try it again?"

Duo winced. His ass was hurting a lot. "No, not that," he said with mock irritation and then smiled. "I was told that my life would always be messed up until I found one thing."

"What was that?" Zechs asked, curious.

"The Point," Duo replied and then nuzzled along Zechs' neck. "A reason for living my life right; a reason for not wallowing in depression and letting it destroy me."

Zechs felt his heart constrict, not daring to hope. "And you found it?" he said in a small voice, trying to remain calm. "You found what the point to you life is?"

"Yes," Duo replied and let it hang.

"Well!" Zechs retorted in exasperation and anticipation. "Tell me what it is!"

Purple eyes met blue ones. Zechs felt himself drawn into them, soul touching soul, as Duo replied, "It's you, Zechs. I-I love you. I want to spend forever with you, in this moment, in this bed, having our first time together forever. You can be the point of my life, if you let me, if you can look past the fact that I'm nobody, an orphan, an ex-thief, a worthless, weak - "

Zechs put a finger against Duo's lips. "That's not who you are anymore, Duo. If you can forget that I'm a jaded, spoiled aristocrat and Relena's poodle, I know we can start fresh and make a new life for ourselves together."

Duo felt the tears. He searched Zechs' face suspiciously, but found only honesty and an answering tear in Zechs' eyes. "Okay, from now on, two soldiers from the war are missing in action, lost, never recovered, forgotten. Duo and Zechs just met on a lovely beach in South America. Duo was sunbathing in a skimpy Speedo and Zechs was wandering by looking for..."

"Beautiful men in Speedos," Zechs chuckled, falling into the game that really wasn't a game.

"Uhm, the other half of his soul, his one true love, the other half of himself," Duo corrected and his eyes told Zechs that he meant those words. "When he saw the HANDSOME man sunbathing, he knew at once that he had found that person."

Zechs smiled warmly and cupped Duo's face gently in his hand. Nose almost touching nose, he finished, "And they fell in love, and were as one, until the end of their days."

"Until the end of their days," Duo echoed and kissed Zechs for all that he was worth.


Wahhhh! Kleenex! I'm sobbing like a silly onna. Well, this is the end of the series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. BWAHAHAHA! On to the next arc! :)

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