Building Bridges -- The Tenth Chapter of The Lost Soldiers Series
BY: Kracken
WARNING: Guys talking about having sex with guys. Language. Violence. Graphic. Wu Fei the masochist and maybe not so much of a jerk.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them and I don't make any money off of this.
SUMMARY: Duo has dinner with Zechs and Wu Fei isn't going to let Heero go without a fight.

The Lost Soldier Series #10
Building Bridges

"Heero," Wu Fei said calmly, staring at the barrel of the silencer. "Would you like to tell me what you think you're doing? You do remember that the war is over, don't you?"

"Tell that to Zechs," Heero replied stonily.

"Zechs isn't my friend," Wu Fei said, "and I'm not your enemy. I'm working for Relena now as her Head of Security, but you know that. I've sent you enough messages, messages you didn't answer."

"No point," Heero replied.

Wu Fei frowned sharply. "No point?" he echoed angrily.

Heero's head jerked impatiently. "This conversation is at an end. Try to stop me, or call for security, and I will kill you."

"You won't kill me," Wu Fei replied arrogantly. "It's against your training to kill noncombatants."

Wu Fei dared to slowly reach up and carefully push the gun barrel away from his forehead. Sweat trickled down his sides, but he wasn't a coward. He wasn't sure that his words to Heero were true, but if Heero did try to kill him, Wu Fei intended to die in action, not cowering and begging for his life.

"Answer one question and then I'll pretend that I never saw you," Wu Fei bargained. "It's no business of mine if you want to make trouble for Milliardo Peacecraft."

"It's unnecessary for me to make bargains with you," Heero replied. "I have the advantage."

"Do you?" Wu Fei smirked. "It's true that you have the weapon advantage, but I think I have the mental one."

Heero frowned. "Explain."

"I will, if you answer my question," Wu Fei replied, crossing his arms over his chest and relaxing, as if he had all the time in the world, and he wasn't facing a very dangerous Heero Yuy.

Heero stewed for a moment, but he had a curiosity as keen as his trigger finger. "Ask," he said at last, "but I may not answer."

"All right," Wu Fei replied. "Here's my question. Where's Duo?"

Heero blinked and frowned at the unexpected question. "With Zechs," Heero answered promptly. "Duo was injured and Zechs brought him here."

"Willingly?" Wu Fei asked, knowing the rumors about Zechs' eccentric behavior all too well.

"They seem on friendly terms," Heero remarked, as if that was a truth he would have liked to deny. "I have been observing them for many days now."

Wu Fei studied Heero's stony, blank face. "Did you have reason to believe otherwise?"

"Yes," Heero replied impatiently. "Zechs was our enemy. Duo was injured. Zechs brought Duo to this place in a state that wouldn't have allowed for consent."

"But you think they're friendly now?"

"Yes," Heero bit that out, hand tightening on his gun.

"You're jealous," Wu Fei dared.

Heero glared. "Your assumption is incorrect."

"Then what are you still doing here, in the bushes, now that you know that Duo is staying here willingly?" Wu Fei pointed out.

"I came to reclaim Duo," Heero replied.

"Reclaim him?" Wu Fei went sour. "Why aren't you glad to be rid of him? He was irresponsible, unable to keep a job, and unable to keep his face out of the news. He wasn't worthy of you, Heero. You should leave him where he is." Wu Fei gave their surroundings a distracted glance. "This place suits him; lazy and indolent. He'll thrive on it. Zechs will let him stay as long as he likes, as long as Duo spreads his legs for him, I'm sure."

Heero's fist was suddenly twisted into the front of Wu Fei's uniform, his face burning with fierce, hot emotion. "Duo is not having sexual relations with Zechs!"

Wu Fei tried not to panic. He kept his voice calm. "No? Is he wounded that badly? I'm sure he'll be in Zechs' bed as soon as he's healed, though, don't you think? That's why you kept him in your apartment for so long, after all? It's not like he kept a job long enough to pay his half of the rent. A child of L2 either steals or whores and that's a fact."

Heero's gun came up again and Wu Fei swallowed hard. He had wanted information, but not at the price of his life. He wasn't certain why Heero was reacting so strongly to his words, but he knew he needed to know.

"Duo and I did not have a sexual relationship. I proposed the arrangement to him and he refused," Heero grated out.

Wu Fei was stunned. "You did? That doesn't seem like you, Heero. I pictured Duo taking down that long hair of his and seducing you. He's the one who needs you, after all." The rest of Heero's words penetrated and Wu Fei was startled. "He refused you? Why would he do that? He had everything to gain."

"He stated that he was not homosexual," Heero replied stiffly.

Wu Fei laughed. "That's ridiculous! Of course he is! When we were all together, I remember how he constantly tried to seduce you."

Heero grunted. "You are mistaken. We were partners. We were together only for missions. Not at any time did he make advances towards me of a sexual nature."

Wu Fei quirked a black eyebrow. "Would you have noticed? I seem to remember that you were always on your laptop and planning bombing raids, when you weren't fucking me, that is."

Wu Fei pried Heero's hand off of his uniform. It wasn't easy. He took a step back as memory washed over him, ignoring the gun still aimed at his head. He remembered a mission briefing. Wearing only a white robe with his black hair down, he had quietly sat on the bed of the safe house next to Heero, listening to his precise voice outline a plan. When Heero's voice had stopped, Wu Fei had looked up into Heero's intense blue eyes. What had happened after that was hot, hazy, and shot with memories of pain. Heero had grunted something about needing release, and being efficient about it, so that they could continue the briefing.

Wu Fei, secretly drawn to Heero and hardly believing that he had been propositioned by the young man, had barely given his consent before being pushed down onto the bed on his back. He had been strong, but Heero had been stronger. Wu Fei had gone down in thrashing limbs, but, once pinned to the bed, Heero had completed the act with dispatch, using Wu Fei's body until he orgasmed and then pumping Wu Fei's cock until Wu Fei had come as well. There had been blood, Wu Fei remembered. He had been a virgin and Heero hadn't used anything but spit and his own dripping need to ease the act.

What had followed after that had been the development of a relationship that hadn't been loving, passionate, or even friendly. It had been a relationship of a warrior with a warrior, the missions and perfecting their abilities first and foremost in both their minds. Sex had been a necessary action, as necessary as eating and sleeping, and something to be dispatched and pushed out of the way as quickly as possible. In that Wu Fei had approved, never protesting his submissive role. Heero had been the natural leader and Wu Fei had bowed to that strength.

The cold, efficient Heero Yuy, and the man's complete dedication to the war, had appealed to Wu Fei at every level. Instead of being repulsed by Heero's almost machine like personality, Wu Fei had found in him a kindred, warrior spirit, instead, an honorable, worthy partner for him. Being with Heero during the war, had been the highlight of Wu Fei's life, a time when he had felt at his very best, spiritually and physically.

After the war, when all the Gundam pilots had been at loose ends, uncertain how to lead normal lives, Heero had proceeded without a break in stride, becoming a Preventer and continuing the role of warrior that Wu Fei had found so appealing. Wu Fei had tried to join him and continue their relationship, but Heero had sensed a new, emotional attraction from him and had denied Wu Fei a place at his side. Heero hadn't wanted a relationship, only a quick fuck to keep his sexual urges from interfering with his job. He hadn't wanted Wu Fei living with him and trying to make it more than that. Wu Fei had been hurt, and surprised, that Heero had known him so little to believe that he would have done something like that. Even now, his role as a warrior, as Relena's bodyguard, was far more important than anything else in Wu Fei's life. Like Heero, he had shunned relationships to pursue perfection.

Wu Fei had missed Heero and, on several occasions, had tried to get together with the man hoping for, if nothing more, than to feel Heero's strong arms around him again and the pain/pleasure of being claimed completely by the only man he considered his equal. When he had heard that Duo had been the one to worm his way into Heero's apartment, Wu Fei had feared the worst. He could imagine the smaller ex-pilot being easy prey for Heero's personality and strength. Controlling such a weak individual, to give him the release he needed, would have been ridiculously simple for a man like Heero.

To now discover that Duo had been allowed to remain with Heero, even without the reason of sex or the ability to share the expenses, was far more threatening to Wu Fei. It insinuated a deeper reason that Heero had wished to keep the ex pilot of Deathscythe with him, a reason Wu Fei didn't want to accept. Duo Maxwell was not worthy of Heero Yuy. Wu Fei didn't want to believe that Heero could fall so far from perfection as to have feelings for such a braided fool.

Wu Fei peered through the bushes. The lawn was empty. If Duo or Zechs had been there, they were gone now. He turned back to Heero and once again reached out and moved the gun aside. "I told you that you were at a disadvantage mentally with me. Come with me, have a drink and I'll tell you why. You have the time. I doubt that Duo is going anywhere soon if Zechs is keeping him as his pet."

Heero was suspicious. Wu Fei was glad that Heero hadn't forgotten the way of the warrior even in peacetime. As he watched Heero consider his offer, he tried to see the man he had known in war time, the man who couldn't stand a puzzle unsolved or information unknown, the man who wouldn't fail in his mission of seeking perfection for anyone. He needed desperately to see that man in Heero again and to reassure himself that he still had an equal in the world.

Wu Fei couldn't help the feeling of relief when Heero suddenly grunted agreement, even when Heero added in a cold, deadly voice, "Reveal me in any way to security and I'll blow your head off before I escape."

Wu Fei smiled. "Of course. I didn't expect anything else."


"I'm sorry, sir, but Prince Peacecraft will be late arriving for dinner," the servant said apologetically. "He has directed me to serve dinner, if you are hungry and don't wish to wait, and to provide you with any amusement you desire."

Duo, sitting in a high backed, leather chair by the flickering fireplace of the well appointed room, sighed and opened the collar of his red dress coat. "I'll wait until he arrives, but I will need a drink and some snacks."

"We have fine, imported wines, liqueurs, brandy... anything sir wishes."

"Sir doesn't drink," Duo said with an easy smile. "I'll have some fruit juice and… I don't know, any kind of appetizer you can think of. I'm not real picky when it comes to food."

"Yes, sir. I will have it sent shortly." The servant bowed stiffly and withdrew, closing thick, double doors behind him.

"Sir COULD use a drink though," Duo muttered as he thumped his feet, in black ankle boots, up on an ottoman and surveyed the room irritably.

In a white, button down shirt with ruffled sleeves, a red coat that looked more like a uniform jacket, and black pants with a red stripe down the side of each leg, Duo had felt completely over dressed. He had wanted to protest the clothes and send for something else, something dark and more suited to Shinigami, but Gibson had brought the clothes so late, that Duo hadn't had any time to get something else.

Duo was almost certain that Gibson had been late on purpose, expecting a rebellion. Now, surrounded by a huge mansion, extremely expensive furnishings, and the prospect of having dinner in the opulent dining room he had passed on the way, Duo was feeling glad that Gibson had been so devious. Even in the clothes he had on now, Duo was still feeling underdressed and intimidated. The intimidated part bothered Duo the most. He didn't like to feel that he wasn't good enough for the chair he was sitting in, but he had felt that way often about so much in his life.

A street kid from L2 couldn't look anywhere but up, the saying went, and Duo still felt that to be true about himself. Digging food out of garbage cans, and making his bed on the cracked concrete floors of abandoned buildings, hadn't been very good for building self-esteem. Now he was surrounded by riches, waited on hand and foot by servants, and his company was appreciated by a man whose motives he suspected, but whom Duo respected nonetheless. It was too much like a dream, too much like everything Duo had ever dreamed of. It couldn't last, he thought, something had to sour it sooner or later. That's the way his life had been up until then. There wasn't any reason for it to change now. He would screw up eventually, Zechs would get tired of him, or Zechs would do something that Duo couldn't accept, something he would have to run away from.

That last thought was odd and Duo frowned. Run away from what? Was he really afraid that Zechs wouldn't take no for an answer? Duo had made it clear that he wasn't gay and that he didn't want Zechs to proposition him. That should be enough, he thought, he shouldn't be afraid of Zechs ignoring his wishes. Zechs was intelligent, rich, and eligible. He didn't need to pursue someone who didn't want him. There were enough willing men and women to take Duo's place. So, Duo thought, why was he still feeling nervous about the man? Why did he still feel that he needed to be prepared to defend himself and what was he thinking he needed to defend against? The gun in the holster at the back of his pants was a cold comfort to him and he didn't know why.

Duo ran a distracted hand through his bangs and sighed, "Maybe I shouldn't have stopped seeing that psychologist..."


Duo started. "Gibson!" he snarled as he jerked his ribs painful to turn and look at the man. "You're going to get yourself killed if you keep sneaking up on me like that!"

Gibson didn't change expression. He didn't look afraid, only his usual blank, slightly judgmental, self. He was holding a tray with a drink and some meat rolled into baked bread and stuffed with some sort of green filling. "Sorry, sir. I brought you appetizers."

Gibson placed the tray on a table next to Duo, close enough where Duo didn't have to strain himself to reach it. "Thanks, man, but... never mind! Your funeral!" Duo snapped as he grabbed a roll and bit into it. It was warm and tasted like melted butter, garlic, and herbs. "Mmmmm," Duo said around his mouthful. "Th's 's g'd!"

"Yes, sir. I'll inform the cook that you are pleased," Gibson replied stiffly. "If sir needs me, I shall be just outside. Sir has his pager?"

Duo touched the touch pad in his jacket pocket. "Right here. Thanks, Gibson. Sorry, I'm just not used to, uh, servants hovering around all the time. I guess I still don't know how to act."

"Understandable, sir. Think nothing of it." The words should have been reassuring, but Duo frowned at the tone. Gibson definitely did not approve of him. It heightened Duo's sense of insecurity. It was bad enough to have to deal with such attentive, ever present servants, but to have them not respect him was troubling to Duo. It gave him an unpleasant sense that he was still a street rat waiting for a handout from the master of the house, and that the servants were watching him in case he stole something.

Duo felt depression grip him as Gibson left the room and closed the doors behind him. Left with the rich furnishings, the fine food, and his borrowed clothes, Duo began to feel very critical of himself and unaccountably sad. His thoughts turned to Zechs again. How could he ever hope to be that man's equal? A Gundam pilot. A military officer. A wealthy man. Prince of the Sanq kingdom. Brother of Relena Peacecraft, Queen of everything on Earth and in Outer Space. The man was the definition of 'accomplishment'. Duo was only an orphan of L2, a thief who had stolen his one accomplishment in life rather than had it offered to him. He had stolen Deathscythe and stolen glory, holding it tight for only a brief amount of time and then releasing it and becoming once again, nothing, forgotten, a young man who couldn't keep his life in order or keep Heero Yuy from beating the crap out of him.

Pathetic, Duo labeled himself, and Pet, he added derisively: the novelty of a wealthy man who needed a distraction and an amusement. Duo would never believe that Zechs' interest was more than that. Street trash didn't really become friends of princes. Princes played with them and then threw them back in the garbage where they belonged. In that large, well appointed room, nothing belonging to him, his future a blank, empty of possibilities, and pain still gnawing at his insides, Duo curled up in the chair, knees tucked in and arms wrapped around his aching middle. He cushioned his head on the soft leather arm of the chair and felt a few tears sliding down his cheeks. Really pathetic, he thought, but couldn't help himself.