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Warning: Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence

Opposites + Part 6
Two Step

"Talk," Quatre demanded.

"Long coat or short coat?" Duo asked as he held up two, tailored coats.

"Long," Qautre replied in exasperation. "Duo... What happened?"

"We had dinner. We talked." Duo replied as he chucked the short coat and held up two shirts. "Ruffles or pleats?"

Quatre made a face. "Pleats, of course."

Duo snorted. "You're the one who bought me the fancy clothes, remember?"

"That's before I saw you in the ruffled shirt. You look like a pirate," Quatre retorted and leaned into the view screen of the vid phone. "Tell me details!"

"Pirate?" Duo held the ruffled shirt against him and looked in the mirror. He liked the look and stacked it with his long coat. He held up silk ties next. "This scarf thing or the long tie?"

"Neither with a ruffled shirt. Wear the amethyst pin I gave you level with your breastbone," Quatre told him impatiently and glared, his blue eyes fierce. "Did you or did you not have one on one relations with Heero Yuy?"

Duo grinned as he tossed away the ties and held up black boots and dress shoes. "Ankle or regular?"

Quatre fumed and then asked tightly, "Where exactly are you going?"

"A fancy dress party," Duo grimaced. "Not my kind of thing, but Heero has friends on both sides of the tracks. Good thing you gave me some social graces, Quatre."

Quatre looked skeptical. "Did you actually learn some of them?"

Duo laughed and then asked, "Boots or shoes, Quat?"


"Not me."

"Standing and drinking?"

"I hope so."

"Formal dinner?"

"I think so."

"Shoes," Quatre replied. "Now, can we talk about something beside your clothes?"

Duo dropped the shoes and laughed. He sat in front of the vid phone and leaned on one fist. "Okay. We hugged. We clowned around. He gave me a kiss. That's it."

Quatre's eyes were wide and then he looked annoyed. "Duo, you're not sixteen. You had Heero in his apartment and didn't..."

"No, we didn't." Duo poked the screen with his finger. "Is that what you and Trowa did?"

"Yes, and we were sixteen at the time, Duo," Quatre replied and looked embarrassed.

"So what's wrong with you two?" Duo wanted to know. "You want me and Heero to knock boots and get together, but you two have been going at it for forever and you're still not staying in the same bedroom."

Quatre looked down and Duo imagined him twisting his hands into a knot. "Trowa is a free spirit. He visits when he can and then he leaves."

"No house in the country and a bed for two?' Duo sighed. "Sorry to hear that. Sounds like Trowa, though. I know the guy loves you, Quat."

"He does," Quatre replied firmly and then looked up. "But this isn't about us. This about you and Heero. Neither of you are wanderers. Both of you want that home and that bed for two."

"We want something solid and real," Duo replied. "I can go out and fuck anyone, Quat. I can't go out and find another Heero."

Quatre blushed a deep red. "Now I'm sorry."

"You're a romantic," Duo told him. "I'm not and neither is Heero. We hang out together. We talk. We have pizza and maybe we'll have sex later on, but only when we're both okay with that."

"But tonight it's a party?" Quatre asked with a smile.

"Yeah," Duo picked up his braid and swished it across the screen. "Bow or no bow?"

"Red bow," Quatre replied.

Duo snickered. "A red flag bumping my ass? You're still trying, aren't you?"

"Yes," Quatre laughed.

Duo sighed. "I guess that's what friends are for."


"You're drunk! Get your damn hands off me!" Duo whispered low and harsh to the tipsy party guest trying to grope his ass.

The party had run smoothly up until then. The home had been comfortingly average, nothing on a grand scale, and Heero had, thankfully, been as disinclined as Duo to dance. He was  friends with most of the people at the party, to Duo's surprise, and Duo had to admit that he had imagined Heero sullen, friendless, and unsociable. Duo had even felt a few moments of jealousy, seeing Heero so familiar with other men and women. Heero had seemed his, and his alone, even though Duo had never acted on his feelings for the man.

Now, as the party began to wind down,  and the bar had been open and flowing for some time, some people were losing their thin veneer of civility. Duo had already managed to keep his temper after over hearing several crude remarks about Heero and himself, a few mutters of disgust, and the advances of several women who had been confidant that they could steal him away from Heero for the night. This, though, was far more direct and intolerable.

"You like cocks, right? I've got a good one and it needs some blowin'." the man slurred as he leaned into Duo and breathed alcohol into his face. "Let's go out to my car. You can do it all you want. I like women, but... no luck tonight. You'll do. I'll give ole'Heero a fifty to cover it after we're done."

Duo narrowed eyes. "What?"

"He said you were from L2," the man chuckled and tried to hook an arm around Duo's waist.

Duo shoved his hand away and said dangerously, "What the hell makes you think everyone from L2's a whore?"

"Whores, thieves, or idiots," the man snickered. "That hair... I think I know what that makes you."

"You forgot one L2 profession," Duo replied with a glint in his eyes and a tight grin.

The man looked confused and bleary. "What's that?"

Duo leaned in very close and said, "Murderer. Are you sure you got my profession right?"

The man searched Duo's face, saw the hard edge there, and then went pale. "Uh, gee, didn't mean nothin'. Just thought... I think I'm going to be sick!" The man rushed off, hand to his mouth.

Duo sneered, turned, and found Heero looking like Death personified. His face was hard and his eyes were the eyes of a killer, almost all pupil under the shadow of his dark brows. "Guess you heard that," Duo chuckled. "It's okay. He was drunk."

"It's not," Heero growled and was suddenly standing very close and looking into Duo's eyes. "He thought that you were my whore. He didn't think that we were a couple. That's not going to happen again."

Heero hooked Duo close with one strong arm and then pulled him into an embrace. There was the rise and fall of surprised voices all around them as Heero cupped Duo's cheek, caressed it, and then bent for a deep and thorough kiss. Duo grabbed him in turn, fisting his dress coat, and holding on to him tightly.

When Heero broke the kiss, a woman said, "About time Yuy found someone." There were chuckles, and some agreement, and then the party resumed.

"Cheesy," Duo snickered and gave Heero's face a light slap, but then he whispered under his breath, "but I liked it."

Heero took Duo's calloused hand in his and pulled him towards the front door. "Let's go."

Duo followed, feeling  relief, but he had to ask, as they retrieved their coats, "A couple? Are you sure?"

"Yes," Heero replied, but then gave Duo a keen, hopeful look as he opened the front door. "I'm not going too fast am I? If you think we need more time..."

"How many years have we been dancing around each other, Heero?" Duo retorted. "Any more 'time' and we'll both be in a retirement home."

Heero smiled and Duo stared.

"What?" Duo prompted as they climbed into Heero's car.

"I never imagined that I would be doing things like this," Heero replied, bemused, as he started up the car and turned up the heater. "Dating, first kisses, presenting the person I care about to my friends... It's almost as if I changed places with someone else."

Duo reached over and squeezed Heero's shoulder. "I don't know the ins and outs of the relationship thing, but you gotta know I... I love you, Heero."

"Duo," Heero looked very intense. "I-" His eyes narrowed and then he said, "Don't move. I'll take care of it."

Duo froze. A voice shouted through his car window, "You think you're a bad ass, cocksucker? I'm taking you out first!"

"The drunk from the party?" Duo wondered with an arched eyebrow. "Friend of yours?"

"No, friend of a friend, I think," Heero replied.

"Shut up! Get out of the car so that I can get a clean shot!" the man shouted.

"Left shoulder," Heero murmured.

"Watch the ear, I like that one," Duo muttered back.

Heero smirked and then, suddenly, he was a blur of motion. Nothing human moved that fast, Duo thought, even as the window shattered and three bullets from Heero's glock went over his shoulder. He ducked and covered his head, safety glass raining down everywhere.

"Dead?" Duo gasped out.

"I shot his gun hand and nicked his forehead to knock him out. He'll live," Heero grunted as he opened his door and went to arrest the man.

Duo cautiously brushed glass out of his hair as he joined Heero. The drunken man was sprawled unconscious, his gun close by on the ground. Duo snickered. "That couldn't kill a cockroach. Do you think he thought he was a tough guy carrying that around?"

"Probably," Heero snorted as he took out his cell phone. He paused and then looked at Duo, pain in his _expression. "I was hoping for a warm evening together. It was wishful thinking, I suppose, to hope that we could have at least a small bit of the normal life that everyone leads."

Duo sighed and then he laughed. "There's an advantage to that though."

"What would that be?" Heero wondered with a frown.

"Instead of needing a councilor and therapy after what just happened, " Duo replied, "We can dump this moron off with Preventers and then go have that nice evening together. Nothings' ruined unless you want it to be."

"I don't," Heero replied, smiling again.

Duo laughed and motioned to Heero's cell phone, "Then hurry up and call, Yuy, so we can get  rid of this guy."


Driving to Duo's apartment, Heero cast several furtive glances towards Duo, who was staring out of the passenger side window. Finally, Heero said softly, "It's all right."

Duo came out of thoughts about work and how his small delivery job was nothing compared to Heero's. Watching the man in his element, directing arresting agents, citing chapter, subchapter, and amendments to all the laws that their attacker had broken, Duo had felt marginal, unimportant, and worse, as if he had run away from a duty that should have been his as well.

"Hm?" was all Duo could find to say.

"Adrenalin makes you think that you can do anything," Heero explained. "Once it runs out, though, we realize that we aren't supermen."

"I should be working for Preventers," Duo blurted, knowing that he had to unburden himself then and there. He needed to know what Heero thought about it, about him not being an agent.

"Should or wish to?" Heero wondered with a frown. "I wished to. I can't imagine a life not working for Preventers."

"I could help a lot of people," Duo replied and twisted the end of his braid in agitation. "I could stop assholes like that guy back there."

Heero snorted. "Isn't that what you just did?"

Duo grimaced. "Not legally."

Heero was quiet for a long moment and then he said, "Preventers has enough trained agents capable of upholding the law and protecting citizens."

Duo stared and then he grinned. "Meaning I shouldn't think so much of myself?"

Heero's eyes sparkled. "We can operate very well without you as an agent."

Duo let out a breath and tried not to think of it as a sigh of relief. "I just want..." he tried to find words.

"To be at peace," Heero finished. "You have earned it, Duo."

"So... delivering packages isn't stupid?" Duo wondered.

"No," Heero replied, but then added carefully, "It's not my place to say, but I  think you have the skills-"

"My peace, my job," Duo said, cutting him off.

Heero chuckled and it was deep, almost a low rumble. "Then it's perfectly all right."

"God, you're sexy when you laugh like that," Duo breathed. The tightness in his pants let him know that his adrenalin rush wasn't gone completely. In fact, as he reached out and gripped Heero's muscled arm, he suddenly found his desire for the man impossible to control.

They came to a stop light. Heero glanced over at Duo and saw the need in his eyes. "Almost there," he promised and Duo heard the same thrum of need in Heero's voice.

Duo looked around them as he shifted his pants. He shivered as he slid his hand up and touched Heero's cheek. He imagined Heero's skin in other places and wondered what it felt like, tasted like, and knew that he needed to find that out as quickly as possible.

"There!" Duo exclaimed as he pointed to a parking garage. "In there?"

"Duo?" Heero sounded uncertain, his face tense. "We don't have anything... your apartment is only ten more blocks."

"In this traffic, that's forever," Duo almost panted and tugged on Heero's lapel. "In there or I'm ripping your clothes off right here."

Heero's jaw hardened. "No."

Duo felt a rush of irritation. "I'm not a kid!" Duo snapped. "You don't have to play violins and roses with me."

Heero reached out and squeezed Duo's hand hard. "Maybe I want to," he replied.

Duo simmered, but Heero refused to pull off the road, even when Duo took his hand and put it over the bulge in his pants. Heero gasped and his hand closed reflexively, but then he was pulling his hand away and frowning in determination.

"You're killing me!" Duo hissed angrily.

"I don't want to remember our first time together in a parking garage!" Heero snarled back.

Duo went cold and he slumped into his seat, face burning with embarrassment. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Heero took a steadying breath. "Duo, we have time. You aren't going to lose me over sex. You are not going to lose me before we have sex. You are not going to lose me, ever."

"Okay, so I'm feeling kind of insecure, but I really do want you right now, Heero," Duo argued.

Heero finally pulled into the parking garage of Duo's apartment. Heero leaned over then and kissed Duo deeply. He broke the kiss and slid out of the car, leaving Duo panting and dizzy with desire. He scrambled after Heero as Heero walked to the elevator.

Inside the elevator, Duo watched the floor numbers light up as they rose, and fidgeted. Heero slipped an arm around his waist. "Almost there," he breathed.

Duo took out his door keys in anticipation."You might want to undo your coat buttons," he warned. "I don't want to pop them when I rip off your clothes."

Heero chuckled, but abruptly ceased when the elevator came to a halt. The lights flickered and then an emergency light came on.

"Back up generator should come on in a sec," Duo assured him.

Nothing happened. Heero used the emergency phone, informed someone on the other end that they were stuck between floors, an then hung up with an irritated scowl. "He said that maintenance is working on the problem and he stressed not to try and get out on our own."

Duo groaned and leaned against a wall. "Proof positive that God hates me."

Heero leaned against the wall beside him and adjusted his pants. "Then he must hate me too," he grumbled.

Duo eyed the small elevator. "No cameras."

Heero crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. "They'll have the problem fixed in no time."

"Those guys?" Duo snorted. "They took a week to fix the front door. It was hanging on one hinge. They probably exerted themselves long enough to put an out of order sign on the bottom floor and then went for coffee and some donuts."

"Duo, please relax," Heero begged him. "There's nothing we can do."

Duo suddenly pressed up hard against Heero and looked him in the eyes. "Heero Yuy, if you don't let me get off with you somehow, I am going to hurt in a serious way. It doesn't have to be all the way. Let's just..."

"Rub?"Heero suggested in a strangled voice.

"Blow," Duo said on top of that and then he snickered. "Guess I get the award for being the dirtiest minded."

"No, Heero said as he nuzzled Duo's neck. "I was thinking a lot more than that."

Duo was suddenly predatory. He backed Heero up into a corner and then used both hands to begin unzipping Heero's pants. "Just... Just pretend this isn't our first time," he said softly. "That'll be later. This is ... foreplay..."

"Foreplay," Heero echoed and then groaned as Duo's hands felt his erection.

Duo paused and looked uncertain.

Heero guessed his worry. "Duo... I feel the same way. You aren't..."

"A whore?" Duo bit out and then sighed as his hands began to stroke the silky hot flesh in his hands. "You'll respect me in the morning, right?"

Heero came all at once, jerking and moaning. His come coated Duo's hands. Duo grunted in surprise and then laughed when Heero gasped sheepishly, "Still respect me?"

Duo continued to stroke and Heero stayed hard. "You can redeem yourself," he promised.

Heero swallowed hard as Duo unzipped his own pants and let them down so that his hips were bare. Turning, he stepped back, looking over his shoulder at Heero. They were still mostly dressed. With Duo standing in front of Heero, no one entering the elevator unexpectedly would be able to see what they were doing.

"Screw foreplay," Duo breathed. "I want you."

Heero's calloused hands squeezed his hips and a cool draft caressed his entrance as Heero spread him to reveal it. Those hands trembled. "Duo..."

Duo took out his erection and his dress shirt, letting it drape over his hand. He began to stroke his own erection. He bent, offering himself. "Heero... Now!" he groaned.

Heero's erection, slicked with his own come, rubbed, coating them both thoroughly. When Heero pushed in, Duo hissed and tried to relax. It was uncomfortable, invading, and Duo felt stretched too far. He wanted to pull away, but he forced himself to push back instead. Heero, braced against the wall and pulling Duo's hips back until he was firmly seated, was shaking.

"Love you," Heero whispered. His hands smoothed over Duo's lower back, squeezed his hips, and felt around him until he discovered that Duo was jerking himself off. That was the moment when desire took over and negated any hesitation.

They rode each other. It was an odd mixture of endurance and pleasure for Duo, as he shoved back and Heero slapped in and out of him, causing a maddening friction that made his nerves overload with pleasure. He came quickly, bending over almost to the floor as he shot come into his shirt and hand. A wetness down his legs and a hissed exclamation of pleasure, told him that Heero had come a second time.

Heero pulled out, his erection giving his hypersensitive nerves a final, erotic rub before he was empty and dripping. Heero turned him as Duo pulled up his pants and struggled numbly to put himself back into his clothes. Heero kissed him, ravished his lips, and then sighed as he cupped his cheek.

"We're not done," Heero promised him. "When we get out of here, I'm going to make love to you."

Duo grinned. "It'll be a hell of a lot easier now that we can think with something other than our-"

The elevator jerked into motion.

"Shit!" Heero swore and began trying to pull up and zip his pants.

Duo felt the zipper close on his skin and his sleeve. He howled and tried to pull away, but found himself firmly latched onto Heero's crotch. Heero's hands fumbled as he tried to unzip Duo and himself.

The doors to the elevator opened and maintenance men were standing outside. Duo was facing Heero and Heero looked tensely over his shoulder, swallowing hard.

"Should we come back?" one of the maintenance men asked in disgust.

Duo cleared his throat and pulled Heero with him as he bundled them both into Heero's coat and made their way out of the elevator and between the men. "No thanks," he returned airily. "All done."

At the door of Duo's apartment, Heero was still vainly trying to free Duo. "I've never been so-"

"No?" Duo snickered. "I've had worse happen."

"When?" Heero grumbled as Duo opened the door and they stumbled inside. Closing the door and locking it, they stood, face to face, while Heero continued to work at the zipper.

"Uh," Duo ducked his head and watched Heero's strong hands work. "I was jerking off against a communal shower stall on Howard's barge. I didn't realize that Howard and a bunch of his guys had come in. They called me little firecracker for months afterward."

Heero chuckled, the tension easing from him.

"Heero?" Duo said, becoming serious.


"That was... really good," Duo said, unsure.

Heero looked up as the zipper finally released Duo. His warm smile told Duo all that he needed to know. "I would have chosen a better place," Heero replied, "but I think I'm going to remember you, and how wonderful you were... not the place."

Duo smiled back and leaned against him. "This is for real then? Not just... getting off?"

"You didn't stalk me all of this time just for sex?" Heero wondered, amused.

Duo laughed. "No. I had a lot more on my mind than that. I was thinking about how much I admired you, respected you, and how much I loved you. I kept thinking that I didn't have a chance, though, so I guess that's why sex never came up."

Heero released Duo and moved to Duo's small sound system. He chose an easy listening tune and then lowered the lights until they were a warm glow.

"Shouldn't I be doing that?" Duo wondered with a smirk. "It is my place."

"You had your way already," Heero replied. "Now I want my way."

Duo rubbed the back of his neck. "Since my way was having hot sex in an elevator, and then getting completely humiliated, I think I'll follow your lead this time."

"Good," Heero chuckled. He turned to Duo and undid his tie."First we shower. Then we have something light to drink. Afterward, we..." he eyed the apartment, "pull out the bed and make love."

The phone rang as Heero undid the buttons of Duo's coat. He took the phone out of Duo's pocket and tossed it aside. It opened as it bounced on the couch and Quatre's voice could be heard faintly saying, "Duo? Duo? You were supposed to call me and tell me how it went!"

Trowa's voice sounded very faintly, "Come to bed , Quatre. Leave Duo's life to Duo."

"But... Oh... Trowa...," Quatre breathed

"As you can see, I need you more than Duo. Come to bed," Trowa urged.

Heero leaned over the couch and turned the cell off with a grimace.

"I feel like a voyeur," Duo said in disgust, but then leered as he caught Heero's hand and pulled him toward the promised shower.

"We have time," Heero said softly as he caught Duo around the waist and held him. "Don't hurry. Slow. We're making love."

"Love," Duo agreed. "Lots of time."

"The rest of our lives," Heero promised and kissed him passionately.


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