by Kracken
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Paparazzi + Chapter 3

"Is the hair standing up on the back of your neck yet?" Duo wondered under his breath as they surveyed the small room. "I thought not asking for the 'dungeon' would get us something less creepy, but this... reminds me of an Oz interrogation room."

A hard 'exam' table and several restraining cuffs for wrists and ankles were the only features in a room that was made out of metal from top to bottom. Duo held their purchases in his arms and dumped them onto the table as he took a slow look around.

Heero was frowning, a twitch traveling across his shoulders as he remembered similar rooms filled with pain and blood.

"We could leave," Duo suggested, eyeing Heero now. "I don't like that look on your face."

Heero grunted and tested a manacle on one wall. "I could break this easily. That's all that I need to know. Let's get on with it."

Duo pulled out his small vid device and spent a few minutes simply looking down at it.

"Is something wrong with it?" Heero wondered as he began taking off his shirt.

Duo started and then looked embarrassed. "No, I just... uhm... realized that you're going to strip for this."

"Of course," Heero agreed as he kicked off his shoes and began unbuckling his pants. "The man at the counter suggested that it would heighten the experience."

Duo snickered, but it was forced. "You sound like you want to enjoy it."

Heero paused in the act of tossing his clothes into a pile and looked at Duo without answering. The man was staring at him with his mouth slightly open, as if enthralled. Duo looked away abruptly and acted as if he hadn't just been staring at Heero's body.

"The collar," Heero said, trying to retain his detachment, even though he was feeling surprised by Duo's interest. "And the clamps. My tollerance for pain is high. It won't affect me." He eyed a few metal hooks and loops on the wall. "The leash. If you tie it there," he pointed to a point high above his head, "I should look suitably restrained."

Not looking him in the eye, Duo handed him a collection of snaps and bits of leather. "You should... put that on. It goes-"

"I know where it goes," Heero grunted. "The man did explain the function of every item that we bought."

"I was too busy wanting to sink through the floor," Duo replied and then he exclaimed in consternation, " Doesn't any of this make you feel weird as shit, Heero?"

"Of course," Heero told him, "but it's... necessary."

Duo sighed as he picked up a leather whip. "Everything for the mission. You're so damned good at doing that. I never had any hope of..." He stopped and his mouth went into a tight line as if he'd said something he hadn't wanted to. After a moment of running the leather strips through his fingers and not watching Heero put on his leather harness and cock ring, he said, "I didn't understand why you decided to take a desk job, why you wanted to do mission setups and-"

"I was tired," Heero replied. "I still go on missions that required my expertise, but... I would rather have quiet... peace. "

"If this works," Duo chuckled, "We'll both get that."

"I'm ready," Heero told him. He was finding it hard to follow Duo in his conversation. He was feeling things too sharply and he didn't trust himself to speak before he understood what was happening between them. It was more than a ridiculous stunt to make them unpalatable for Preventers... or anyone else for that matter. It was a sense that there was something that had always been there... an uncharted part of both of them that had to do with the other person.

"Yeah, okay," Duo replied and stepped forward to lock the manacles in place around Heero's wrists and ankles. Getting the leash through the ring was harder. Duo wasn't tall and neither was Heero. After several scrambles and jumps, Duo was still unsuccessful and stumped.

"There's nothing to stand on," Duo said and then began tossing the leash aside. "Let's forget it."

Without it, Heero didn't think that he looked convincingly restrained. Certainly Wu Fei wouldn't be fooled, knowing his strength. "We need it. Get the attendant to help."

Duo shook his head. "Hell, no. If you can't get out of it, and I can't get you loose, it's not going on."

That showed an understanding, one soldier to another, of being unable to escape in unknown circumstances. Heero couldn't help a deep relief, yet he knew that more needed to be done. "You could attach it to-"

"Jeez!" Duo exclaimed, one hand going to his own crotch in trepidation. "If you're about to suggest what I think you are..."

"It would explain why I'm not escaping and killing you," Heero reasoned. "Do it."

"ME?" Duo went wide eyed, the leash trembling along with his hands.

"I'm already restrained," Heero explained patiently. "You only need to clip it onto the ring."

Duo tested the catch of the leash and eyed Heero's ring. "O- okay, but, if it hurts... Let me know."

Duo had to touch him. The feel of warm, calloused fingers, trembling with nervousness, made Heero's nerves tingle and his body stir. Duo's hands jumped back and he choked, but the leash was attached.

"Guess you couldn't help that," Duo mumbled in acute embarrassment, "Guys being guys."

"I...." It had been more than that, more than just his interest in Duo. There was some part of him that was responding to this type of treatment."Yes," was all Heero could find to say, but his mind was already remembering Duo's vid appearance and the psychologist talking about how soldiers still needed that control that they had experienced during war time. Could it be true of himself as well?

"Heero," Duo said suddenly, bringing Heero back from his thoughts. "Are you sure this isn't turning you on?"

Holding onto the end of the leash, Duo was staring fixedly at the fully erect member that it was attached to.

There was a brisk knock on the door. Duo jumped and dropped the leash, but Heero was tense, yet not alarmed. "The attendant," he told Duo. "There's a peephole. He said that he was the 'police' and that he might intervene if he thought that it was necessary.

Duo swallowed as a key began to rattle in the lock. "Uh, should I get you some cover?"

Heero looked down and saw that he wasn't aroused any longer. His nakedness wasn't a concern to him. "No."

"Okay." Duo turned as the door opened and a tall, hatchet faced attendant swept them both with his dark eyes.

The man made a testy noise and approached Heero. "No, no. Weren't you two listening? You'll hang him like this. I knew I had to check on you. This way. Through here, under here..." He threaded Heero's collar restraint through the loops and hooks on the wall. "Pressure sensitive," he explained. "You can play, but nobody is really getting hurt here, okay? Bad boy puts too much weight on this, and it'll immediately release."

"Well, if you made this stuff for short people..." Duo grumbled, but the man narrowed eyes at him and pushed a small control that lowered the hooks and loops. "Oh," Duo said sheepishly.

The man checked Heero's harness in a very intimate way and Heero glared. The man glared back. "Look, you bad boy, if you want children someday, you'll make sure you don't strangle the family jewels, all right?" He gave Heero's leash a little snap and Heero gasped. "I don't think your 'master' is up to the challenge, if you ask me. If you want, I'll show you how it's really done."

"No," Heero replied.

The man looked disappointed, but then he was heading for the door again and tossing at Duo, "Bend him over the table and let him have it on the ass with the whip. A nice big butt plug does wonders too, especially the vibrating kind. Puts them in the right frame of mind quickly. The way you're going at it, it'll take hours...."

The door closed and Duo turned angrily to Heero. "I'm ready to get out of here. Let's get this over with."

Heero nodded, jaw clenching. The attendant had been very forceful, very dominant, but Heero hadn't felt the same excitement that he had with Duo. He was confused, now, and he didn't like that feeling at all.

"Heero..." Duo picked up the leash again and then started the camera. It's clicking and flashing filled the momentary silence and then Duo said, "I know I wanted to get back at you, and I do want my place damned bad, but...I don't feel good about this."

Heero stared down at his renewed erection and the way Duo pulled on it lightly with the leash. He was almost overwhelmed by a need for more and it was hard to think about what Duo was saying. Yes, he would rather not have to go this far, but Heero knew that short of death, only PR was any real weapon against the reach of either the government or the Preventers. They thrived or withered on public opinion.

"Enough, you think?" Duo said as if he had run out of breath, "or should I... whip you?"

Heero's skin twitched. "No, not that. Maybe..." He almost suggested bending over the table, imagining Duo's hands on him, helping him, and he blushed red.

"Heero? You okay?" Duo wondered. He turned off the vid camera and dropped the leash.

"Yes," Heero replied and then, daring, "We should be closer in a few shots... perhaps..."

Duo turned the camera back on and he blushed as well. "You want me... I-I guess I could..."

He moved into the shots as the camera began clicking. He twisted a hand into Heero's collar and shoved his body up against Heero's. Looking into his eyes, Heero saw a glint of deep blue and purple. Indigo, he thought. Another of Duo's hands tangled in the harness that strapped Heero's ass and pulled until Heero felt cool air on his entrance. It made him shiver.

"I... " Duo swallowed and looked very uncertain. "I kind of... wanted... you might get pissed, but I wanted to do this under better... uhm... circumstances."

Heero frowned, "Tie me up and torture me?"

"No!" Duo snickered. "Normal, I meant. On the couch, old movie, beer and popcorn... that kind of thing."

"I didn't know," Heero sighed and felt a tension release. Some wall had gone down that had been crumbling until then, an automatic defense against pain and rejection. Duo... wanted him.

Duo looked down between them and then up again, worried. "Maybe this spoils things, huh? Maybe we won't be able to get over having this kind of ... well, I forced your hand, so you probably hate me or something, right?"

"No," Heero replied and then strained forward and claimed Duo's lips. Duo's eyes went wide. His lips tasted dry and a bit salty. The kiss wasn't awkward and it was welcome. Duo smiled as Heero pulled back. "It doesn't spoil anything. Nothing's really begun yet."

"Oh," Duo said in a small voice and then looked bemused. "This is all just too weird." He reached and clicked off the camera. "Show's over. Let's get out of this place and have a real talk about things, okay?" Duo eyed Heero up and down and then he reached for the restraint release. "Unless you want to try the butt plug idea?" he added jokingly.

Heero had a momentary erotic image of Duo bent over the table, not himself, and then he lowered his head and shook it to hide his flush of excitement as he began unsnapping his harness. He couldn't hide the proof of his interest down there, though.

"Didn't think so," Duo chuckled. He fingered the harness as Heero shed it. "Let's keep all this stuff, though. We might need it again." He tossed the harness onto the pile of phallic and leather items. He realized what he had just implied, then, and stammered, "I-I meant... in case Preventers needs a few more shots to convince them... not that we ... um... Forget it."

"Duo," Heero said as he began pulling on his clothes."Let's allow these shots to make news without us for a short time. I think it would be better if we weren't available for Wu Fei to contact or the news vid stations. I would like to see this land of yours also."

"Okay," Duo replied as he lifted his bundle. "Then you can see why I'm willing to go through so damned much to have it."

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