by Kracken
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Paparazzi + Chapter 4
Field of Dreams


They stood on a ridge and looked down at a small house, a weed garden, and a few trees near a ribbon of stream.

Heero frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "The soil looks poor, the land is situated in a bowl, and the river is too close to the house."

"Okay, farmer Yuy," Duo shot back sarcastically, "Let's see what you come up with for that kind of price." He eyed the land and smiled. "See that stream? It gets nice when it's warm. If you stand on the bank, you can see fish swim by. That house... it's wood inside and out, not poly-fiber blocks. It has five rooms... small... but good for anything you can think of. The kitchen looks like something from those old vids; sink, cabinets, and an actual stove. The land's rocky, but I'm not planting crops or raising cows, so who cares? It's..." He tried to explain as he looked up at the blue sky and the mountains nearby. "Out here... free... no pressures."

"There's no road access," Heero pointed out critically as he repositioned his pack on his back. "We walked miles over rough country."

"But there's a little town with supplies," Duo argued. He pointed Eastward. "Just over there."

"Three miles," Heero grumbled.

Duo scowled. "You don't have to live here."

Heero looked startled and then Duo seemed to find his boots interesting. Heero looked over the land with new eyes and then said, "I suppose with some improvements..."

Duo brightened and laughed as he looked up again. "I'm not afraid of some hard work. Besides, I want a machine shop and some electronic gizmos. I'm not running away from technology, after all, just..."

"Everyone," Heero finished tentatively.

Duo rubbed the back of his neck and then shrugged. "I need some space away from them."

"We're now the feature of most news shows. We won't get space for awhile," Heero told him as he began walking down to the house. Duo followed a few steps behind, looking thoughtful.

"Out here, away from everything.... it all sees kind of nuts, doesn't it?" Duo asked.

"Embarrassing?" Heero replied.

"Yeah," Duo replied uncomfortably.

"I suppose that we both were suffering stress. Perhaps our decisions weren't very good ones?" Heero surmised thoughtfully.

"Let's not think about it too much," Duo suggested with a grimace. "At least we don't have any way to watch..." He shook himself. "Sometimes, I think I'm a complete freak. Probably comes from my bad upbringing. When you don't know what normal is, you don't act it."

"I agreed to do the vid," Heero reminded him.

"Yeah, King of Freaks, you did," Duo chuckled.

They threaded their way over rough ground and then through the tall weeds to reach the front door of the house.  Duo unlocked it and pushed inside. The inside of the house was a marked difference from the dilapidated outside.

Duo gaped at warm wood floors, whitewashed walls, and an open doorway that led into a cleaned and newly repaired kitchen. "This is... different. It was home to a couple of foxes, last time I was here, and some birds were nesting over a doorway. The floors were all warped and old and the kitchen looked like someone had started demolition."

"Here." Heero pulled off a glove and picked up a white note card on a polished side table. He read out loud, "Duo, one of my servants reported that the cottage was not livable. I felt that I was doing you a disservice and had it repaired. Cordially Yours, Milliardo Peacecraft."

"That's so rich of him," Duo chuckled. "He even gave me a few sticks of furniture."

Heero frowned. "Duo, is there..."

Duo saw his look and glared. "No, we didn't do it, Heero. He just thinks he owes me. The guy isn't my type anyway."

Duo opened a bedroom and saw a plain queen sized bed dominating the small room. "Well, we have a place to sleep."

Heero walked up behind Duo, tossing the letter aside. He felt heat pool in his groin and in his heart as he looked at the bed over Duo's shoulder. The memory of being tied, of being naked and aroused, before Duo's eyes made him swallow. Knowing that the entire world was seeing that image as well, made his heat grow even greater. He needed and didn't know how to express that need. If Duo rejected him, if it had all been only talk under the stresses of what they had been doing, then he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with it.

Very carefully, Heero reached forward and touched Duo's braid. Duo looked over his shoulder at him, frowning, and then his frown smoothed out. "You... wanna...?"

Heero grabbed Duo all in a rush and took him to the bed. Duo gasped as they both hit the mattress. Heero was holding Duo, touching him, looking him over wildly while Duo begged, "Take it easy... easy now... "

Heero took a shuddering breath and tried to get control of himself.  How long had he bottled up his feelings? How long had he pretended not to have any? It was as if a wall was breaking now, and it was hard not to shiver as Duo pushed off his backpack and then began undoing his shirt. With Duo sprawled on his back, legs wide and upper body raised slightly, it was a tremendous effort not to grab Duo's jeans and yank them off.

"Easy..." Duo kept repeating, their eyes locked. "You don't want to hurt me and I don't want to kick your ass." He pulled open his shirt and revealed a long, tightly muscled upper body. His pink nipples were hardened into nubs with the sudden chill air. "We can't just go at it like rabbits."

Duo  hands went down to his own bulging crotch. He undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans.

"Look at you looking at me," Duo breathed. "What the hell, Heero? Why did you live in that boring, do nothing but what you're ordered, shell of yours for so long?"

Heero didn't want to talk about it, didn't want to delve into the pain and the confusion of living past his only purpose in life. If he wanted to admit it to himself, he had been retreating, just like Duo. He had wanted to escape, but his solution had been to escape within himself. Now, he wanted to feel. Now, he could see how life could be worthwhile living.

"We need... you know," Duo said with some embarrassment. "I think that guy sold us some. It's probably in the bag still."

Heero leaned over the bed to reach his discarded pack. He heard Duo moving as he searched past large dildos and leather goods, to the small packages of lube. When a hand snaked down past him to grab a rather large phallus, he flinched a little and then straightened.

Duo was holding the thing with wide eyes. "Can you imagine?" he teased. "If you wanna try it out, it might be fun."

"For who?" Heero grumbled as he pushed Duo's hand aside. Then he froze. Duo was completely naked, resting on his heels on the bed. 

"I should come back," a familiar voice said.

Duo and Heero looked up, startled. Heero had pulled his gun automatically, but he didn't shoot. The figure in the door way was Trowa Barton. Their one time comrade raised an eyebrow at the large dildo. "Housewarming gift?"

Duo chucked it aside and yanked a blanket up around him. "Fuck you! What the hell are you doing in my house?"

"Why do you suppose?" Trowa replied as he turned and left the room, making a curt, waving motion. "I'll stay out here until you finish, then we can talk."

Duo and Hero exchanged looks. Duo swallowed hard. "Okay, I didn't think I could get embarrassed as hell at this point, but... Maybe we should kill him and bury the body?"

"Agreed," Heero replied, jaw working.

"I was joking... kind of," Duo grumbled. He began pulling on his clothes, but then he paused and eyed Heero again. "This wasn't a mistake, right? We are going to get him the hell out of here and try again?"

Heero looked at Duo's pink nipples and the long sweep of his waist before he buttoned his shirt over it. "Yes."

"Good." Duo slammed a fist into his open palm. "Now, let's stay tough and get rid of Barton."

Trowa was lounging in a chair, one leg thrown over the arm and chin on fist. He eyed them as they joined him, and didn't change position, but they weren't fools enough to think that he wasn't ready for trouble.

"Talk and get out," Duo growled as he sat down and began pulling on socks. Heero didn't sit. He stood on the balls of his feet, arms crossed over his chest and glaring.

Trowa snorted at Heero. "When they told me that you were with Duo now, I thought it was a bad joke. I didn't even know that you had a sexual preference, much less one that included bondage."

"Cut the crap!" Duo snapped. "You know what's going on. Don't think you're going to play the dumb game and get us to tell you anything."

Trowa sighed and straightened in his chair. "I'm a Preventer agent part time, just like you are," he replied. "I find this distasteful and a waste of time. I know that your abilities are ready to be offered when ever the government needs them, but you've made everyone think that you're going to become rock farmers here, instead. That's making them do desperate things."

"Such as?" Heero wondered.

"Everyone is clambering to interview you," Trowa told them, as if ignoring Heero's question. "But that's going to be short lived. Public opinion, on the whole, isn't swinging towards wanting to know the depths of your 'interests'. You won't get the kind of money for the publicity that you imagine."

Duo scowled, but his hands were tight on the arms of his chair. "Okay, what if that's true?"

"Then the offer I'm about to make will sound worth accepting," Trowa replied. He took an envelope from a pack and tossed it into Duo's hands. Duo didn't bother opening it. It was covered with official stamps.

"Preventers thinks they can still use you, if you cooperate," Trowa continued. "But they now realize what lengths you'll go to, to avoid their control and interference. " Trowa looked uncomfortable. "That video, from the waist up, but still... provocative and a clear indication that you don't care about your reputations."

"Heero had one," Duo snorted. "I just made myself a glam boy for the money. I didn't care about it, not really."

Heero shrugged. "I've never cared what people think of me and some things are more important." He looked over at Duo and Duo went wide eyed.

"Really?" Duo wondered, astonished.

Trowa cleared his throat. "May I finish?"

Duo blinked and nodded as he sank back in his chair. "Get it over with, Barton. What do they want?"

"They're giving you the deed to the property," Trowa replied, "But only if you continue to work special assignments for Preventers. If you break that contract, then the property mortgage will be re-activated, including interest, and you will be expected to pay in full or have it revert to the government."

Trowa stood and straightened his shirt with long fingered hands. "No more interviews. No more news stories. No more scandals. They want you to avoid all public contact until you, and this 'episode' are forgotten."

Duo was suspicious. He waved the envelope. "Is this the contract?" Trowa nodded. "They actually put all of that on paper?"

Trowa shrugged. "In legal terms, of course."

"And they sent you to deliver it," Heero said, perplexed. "Why?"

"Wu Fei felt that you might shoot before he could discuss it with you," Trowa chuckled. "He thought that I was neutral enough to come and go safely."

"I guess he's right," Duo muttered and smoothed a hand over the paper. "I'm not stupid. I'm reading over this," he said.

Trowa nodded, but looked bored. "Send it in when you've signed it." He picked up his pack and looked around the house with a sweeping gaze. He shook his head. "I'd rather have my wagon and the circus."

"Yeah, but that's you," Duo retorted. "We don't do trapiez in tights either."

Trowa smiled, made a lazy wave, and went out of the front door. Duo closed it after him and turned to Heero.

"Let's see, how many breaks has someone given me in my entire stinking life?" Duo wondered suspiciously.

"Dr. G," Heero replied with a grimace and then, "Me."

Duo's eyebrows rose in amusement. "You?"

"I didn't shoot you when you first punched me," Heero explained.

"Or when I suggested you put on a cock ring and get tied up on a vid camera," Duo added with a smirk, but then grew serious as he walked back to Heero and confronted him. "Tell me truth, okay? Do you like that stuff?"

Heero thought about it, about Duo taking command and being in control of him. He felt an instant hard on. "I like..." He chose his words carefully. "You," he finished.

"Doing that stuff to you?" Duo pressed, cocking an eye at him.

Heero felt heat growing. He tugged at the collar of his shirt. "Maybe."

Duo looked bemused. "But you don't know which part?"

Heero shook his head.

"Maybe..." Duo went thoughtful and then he reached out and twisted a fist into Heero's shirt. "Maybe you like me wanting you and tying up all that strength of yours? Maybe you feel safer that way? Maybe it turns you on not having all that muscle and reflexes getting in the way?"

Heero felt a flush. "Yes," he admitted, seeing it too.

Duo grinned. "I kind of like that too... I mean, it made me real hot having you under my thumb, even when I was making you crazy with the rumors. Heero Yuy, dancing to my tune. What guy wouldn't like that?" He saw Heero frown and he added quickly, "Not that I'd hurt you, okay? That's not what it's about, right?"

Heero nodded. "I wouldn't like that."

"Me either," Duo assured him. He went and locked the door. When he faced Heero again, he tugged Heero towards the bedroom. "Let's see what we can do about our wants, okay? Let's worry about contracts and slimy government clauses later."

They simply explored each other first, took off their clothes and felt with hands and mouths. After that, Duo pulled out a leather restraint harness from the bag, took his time sorting it out, and then tied Heero up with it. Lashed to a headboard with his hands above his head, Heero's blue eyes were glowing at Duo as Duo sat slowly down on his slicked erection.

Duo didn't move immediately. His eyes stayed closed for some time as if he were exploring the sensation. "You know,"  he said at last, still not opening his eyes. "I had a lot of dreams about doing this. I never thought... but here I am, sitting on your cock. The tied up part wasn't in the dream of course, but it's making you harder than gundanium, isn't it? I feel like I just sat on a booster rocket."

Heero was finding it hard to talk, but he managed, "I like this... Duo... I didn't know what I wanted before... but... " He looked down at their joined bodies, suddenly anxious. "I'm going to come!" he warned.

Duo snickered as he opened his eyes and looked down at Heero. "That was romantic. I thought you were gonna say something else... like 'Love you', or something sappy like that. Instead, you're telling me you're a one second ride."

Heero bit his lip and tried to concentrate on the pain. The feeling of imminent explosion subsided.. "Duo," he tried again. "I want to live here... with you... not just for... this.... or to get away from people."

"Good," Duo said as he lifted up and came down on Heero's cock slowly. His face screwed up in discomfort mixed with pleasure. "I thought I was pretty clear that I wanted you to stay... and not just so I can hollow out my insides on this thing between your legs."

Duo lifted up and sank down again and his face didn't look so tense any longer. He sighed as he ran hands up Heero's arms and gripped his leather bound wrists.

"We're not like anyone else," Duo told Heero and kissed him. He said softly, an inch above Heero's face. "So we can shitcan the 'normal' expectations and get on with being our screwed up selves. Don't be scared to tell me what you like.. Or don't like. Do you like this Heero?"

"Yessss," Heero breathed and tried to lift his hips against the restraints to bury himself deeper into Duo's tightness. His hips were firmly bound down to the mattress though and he could only manage a slight flex upward.

Duo sat up, grinning like a manic, and began to ride Heero, up and down. Heero writhed under him, groaning. "This feels so weird. I've never been on this end of things," Duo confessed with a panting moan of his own.. "Having a guy's cock up there... I feel like I'm your special gal or something." Duo laughed.

Heero didn't have the presence of mind to glare or to say the muscle heavy ex pilot of Deathscythe was in no way a 'gal'. In fact, his hard thighs and solid backside were hurting Heero as they slapped against him. Those thoughts disappeared all together, though, when Duo took hold of his own cock and began jerking off while he moved on Heero.

They came shortly after that, panting and falling into a tumble of limbs covered in semen, Duo's braid snaking over them both. He released Heero with a languid hand, eyes closed and face resting on Heero's chest. When Heero's leather bound arms came around him and held him tight, it seemed to complete them somehow.

"Heero," Duo breathed against Heero's collar bone.

"Hm.?" Heero hummed in contentment.

"I think I found a kink of my own.... How do we find someone who can tie us both up... together?"


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