Crossing Paths + Part 28 (cont)
Shake Down

"Give a guy some privacy," Duo said roughly. "At least look the other way until I get into the water."

"Duo...," Heero began, but then did as Duo wanted, staring at the wall, while Duo dropped his hated suit and stepped into the steaming water.

"You can burn that," Duo said as he sat down gingerly in the tub. It felt as if his skin was being seared off and he groaned and winced as his frozen body defrosted in several, painful, seconds.

Heero kicked the suit into a corner and then sat on the closed toilet facing Duo. "You don't have to hide your body from me," he said.

"Yeah?" Duo stared down into the water. "Well, I don't really want to talk about it, right now, okay?"

"No?" Heero was suddenly kneeling by the tub, face inches away from Duo's. Duo swallowed hard and stared into cobalt orbs. "We have to wait until the search for you expands away from us before we can attack Santoro."

"And I'll be using that time to prepare and get myself ready," Duo replied.

"Right now?" Heero wondered with an arched brow.

"I can think in the tub," Duo replied defensively. "C-Can you give me a little space, Heero? You're kind of making me uncomfortable."

"Why?" Heero wondered, but his soft expression told Duo that he already knew the answer.

Heero's hand rose and gently caressed Duo's cheek. Duo could feel callouses and a cut on the tip of his index finger. Duo wanted to pull away, but he couldn't. He unconsciously pulled his thin body into a ball and hugged his knees.

"Let me love you, Duo," Heero asked softly. "Don't run away. Don't feel ashamed. Let me lock the door, lock the world out, and be with you. We don't have to have sex, it isn't about that. I just want you to understand that you are what I want, that your body doesn't disgust me, that you are the man I want with me, always. I don't know what's going to happen when we attack Santoro. I know we should be using every moment to prepare. That's something I would have done during the war. Now, I need more than that. I have a reason to fight. I want to hold that reason close to my heart, if you'll let me." Heero paused and then asked huskily, "Unless you have changed your mind and you can't accept me... You've been so angry, so betrayed... maybe you can't trust me either."

Duo scowled and clenched his knees tighter. "You can do better than me Heero. That's what's holding me back. Maybe my 'charming' personality is enough now, but, later, after you get what you want, you'll wake up and realize it isn't enough."

Heero's hand caught Duo's chin and pulled until Duo was facing him. Heero said intensely, with all seriousness, "You are everything that I want and, somehow, I'm going to make you believe that."

Heero leaned in even closer and his lips touched Duo's lips in the barest of kisses; soft, sweet, warm, electric. Duo shivered and not from fear or cold. Heero began to lean back. The cold seeped into the space he was making between them. Duo suddenly couldn't bare that cold. He leaned forward and recaptured Heero's lips, giving the man a deeper kiss than the one he had received.

Heero made a sound, a low, throaty expression of relief. He didn't press his advantage. He continued to kiss Duo gently. It was Duo who drank him in. He felt Heero press against him as he pulled the man closer to him. Water sloshed out of the tub. As Duo's head swam with emotions, and his body heated up until it was hotter than the water he was sitting in, he didn't notice that he was pulling Heero into the tub with him.

Heero peeled off his wet shirt, lips still pressed to Duo's. The sodden shirt hit the floor as Heero threw it away from him. Duo's hands slid over Heero's now bare shoulders, kneading hungrily, fingers making the tiger tattoo move as if it were alive. Heero's tongue went into Duo's mouth and Duo sucked at it, tangled it with his own, and felt his body suddenly responding.

Duo broke the kiss, eyes wide. Surprise almost killed his excitement, but Heero, searching his eyes, understood. He kissed Duo again and his hands slipped under the water. Duo felt his strong hands slide over his legs and then one hand closed on his cock. Duo whimpered into Heero's mouth, shy and nervous. A small, childish part of his brain protested, but the stiffness that Heero teased with light strokes, made need over rule it.

Rippling muscles, bright tattoo, wild, chocolate hair, and blue eyes that Duo could drown in. This handsome man was touching him; obviously enjoying himself, obviously wanting more. He was waiting though, poised, holding back, not going any further, not wanting Duo to do something he wasn't ready for.

Duo touched Heero's hand on him. Heero broke the kiss and Heero let go with a tight expression, fearing rejection. Duo grabbed the back of Heero's head and pulled the man to him until their foreheads were resting together. Duo smiled sadly into Heero's anxious eyes. "I know you think I deserve candle light, violins, and poetry for my first time, but... I think just being with you will be special enough, Heero. I-I don't want to stop, k? I'm not good at this, I've never really done it before. I know, though, that I want you to-to lead the way. Understand?" Duo blushed and felt nervousness twist his gut. He wasn't surprised that he had the courage to ask it or to go through with it. Sitting in a cell with his own thoughts had given Duo time to do a lot of thinking. He had missed opportunities to know love with Heero. He wasn't going to miss another with the future so fraught with danger and possible death.

Heero turned and went through the medical kit. Pulling out a tube, he shoved it into one pocket and then face Duo again. "I know you're right. I know you're willing, I see it in your eyes. I won't...," Heero swallowed as if he was on the verge of tears, "I won't make you regret it, Duo."

There was a moment of awkwardness. Now that Duo had decided, he was finding it hard to act. The though of finally being in another man's arms and... he looked up at Heero for help.

Heero smiled and reached down. Duo was pulled out of the water and held in Heero's capable arms. The man didn't dry him off. He captured Duo's lips again with his own and slipped in his tongue. Locked together, he left the bathroom and went to the bed. Stretching out there with Duo beneath him, dripping with water, Heero managed to slip off his pants and shoes with amazing dexterity. Retrieving the tube, he placed it carefully in reach and then gave Duo all of his attention.

"Say stop, and I will," Heero told him. He waited for Duo to nod and then Heero's kisses were trailing down Duo's neck. Duo had ample time to shiver and stare at the hard, long line of Heero's body, at his adult definition, at the hair that powdered him lightly on arms, legs, and belly. Everything about him was larger and stronger than Duo. He was beautiful.

Heero's tongue swirled at the hollow of Duo's neck just above his collar bone. Duo shrank into himself, wanting to pull into an ashamed ball of nerves and avoid Heero looking at him. Heero put a hand under the small of Duo's back and lifted him up to meet a hungry mouth. When Duo felt lips, teeth, and a rough tongue on his right nipple, he gasped. When Heero moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, Duo was shocked at how erotic and good it felt. He stared down at the tousled, chocolate hair moving over his chest and then Duo lifted hands to lightly touch and urge Heero to continue.

Heero suddenly rolled and Duo was above him, dripping water still, beads of it glistening all over his pale skin. "Hair," Heero urged inbetween tormenting Duo's nipples.

Duo fumbled with his braid, raked the braid apart with trembling fingers, and then let it flow down and around them both like a curtain. Heero broke off his gentle torment and stared up at Duo. His eyes were full of wonder, full of love.

Deep in his throat, a needy growl wrapped up with his heart, Heero said. "Beautiful! You are so beautiful, Duo!"

Duo, far from scoffing, flipping back a rude answer, or hating a lie, believed Heero's words. He could tell, without a doubt, that Heero wasn't handing him a line to make him more confident. Heero believed what he was saying. He did think that Duo was beautiful.

Heero's hands ran over Duo's narrow rib cage, smoothed along his hips, squeezed, and then came up to cup Duo's face and bring it down for a deep kiss. Duo lay atop Heero, feeling Heero's long, hard erection against him. Duo tentatively reached between them to touch it. He heard Heero's breathing change, become more ragged. Duo rubbed and Heero groaned, his eyes closing as his back arched in pleasure.

"Sensitive," Duo murmured, not sure what to say as he broke the kiss and looked down at what his hand was doing. He felt a sudden urge. He looked anxiously at Heero's face, but the man was beyond speaking. Duo decided to act on his own. Uncertainly, he moved down Heero's body until he was face to face with the head of Heero's cock. He eyed it as his hand continued to smooth over it, enjoying the hot feel of baby soft skin over steely hardness.

Duo had seen vids. He had heard enough talk. He knew what he was supposed to do. Seeing it and actually doing it were two different things. Tentatively, Duo opened his mouth and took the swollen head of Heero's cock into his mouth. Salty precum touched his tongue and a taste that was uniquely Heero. Heero gripped wet bed sheets in anticipation, but held perfectly still otherwise as if he was afraid of scaring Duo by moving.

Duo felt something inside of himself respond. Something instinctive wanted Heero inside of him, wanted that taste to last, felt the rightness of what he was doing and urged him to do more. Duo carefully took more of Heero into his mouth. He gagged a little, recovered, and then tried again. Experimentally, he swirled his tongue into the hole. Heero gasped and shuddered and Duo tasted more precum.

Duo sat up a little and said, almost breathlessly as he let Heero's cock slide out of his mouth, "I-I like this, Heero."

Heero sat up too and pulled Duo to him. "I'm glad, little love. I know you told me that you were bisexual, but I wondered the way that you avoided me."

Duo blushed and felt guilty and foolish. "I was afraid," he admitted. "I thought that you couldn't love a skinny loser like me."

Heero put a finger to Duo's lips. "No, don't say that again. It isn't true. It'll never be true. Trust me, Duo. Trust me to love you. In my eyes, there isn't anyone more beautiful or desirable than you."

Duo felt tears. Heero brushed them away with a thumb and they began again. Bodies moved together, rubbed and touched, kissed and sucked. When Heero's mouth took in Duo's cock, the sensation was indescribable. It was warm, moist, tight, Heero's tongue a roughness as it moved up and down over swollen flesh. Duo went hard and then he came in an explosion that made him cry out in a half squeal of terror and a shout of pure ecstasy as he thrashed and shoved Heero off of him in a panic. Heero caught him before he could roll off of the bed and held him, soothing Duo with soft words and comforting caresses.

"It's all right, Duo. We can stop if you want. I didn't mean to frighten you," Heero murmured over and over.

Duo regained his breath. The room steadied, the lights behind his eyes went away, and his vision cleared along with his mind. "That-That...," he panted, trying to describe it. "I've never felt anything like that!" he finally finished. "Not with myself. It- I thought my heart was going to stop!"

Heero kissed him on the forehead. "We can stop now," he said softly. "I can wait if you need-" His mouth was covered in a kiss and Duo pressed close, still needy.

"More!" Duo begged around Heero's lips. "I don't care how tired I am or what's left of me in the morning. I want more of you, now!"

"Are you sure...?" Heero began as if he was considering stopping things himself.

Duo rolled and tugged hard at Heero until Heero was above him. He gave Heero an intense look. "You started this Yuy! Finish it! I'm giving you my cherry right now! You better take it or I-I'll give it to the next perfect soldier that walks by!"

"Over my dead body," Heero growled and reached for the tube.

Duo was afraid. He wasn't sure how it was going to feel, if it might be humiliating, if it might be painful, or if Heero might actually hurt him. He was tense as Heero turned him on his side and changed position to press up against Duo's back. Duo had seen several porn vids of men together. This wasn't the way he had seen it done. It made him even more nervous.

Heero kissed Duo's shoulder. "This position makes it easier. We can try others, later, when you're more used to it. You have to relax Duo. You have to open up to me."

Duo tried. It was hard when he felt Heero's lubed finger swirl around his anus. He was embarrassed and unsure. When that finger began to rub, Duo felt an intense, unexpected pleasure. He found himself lifting his hips to accommodate Heero. It seemed a raunchy thing to do and Duo blushed red again, wondering what Heero was thinking.

"That's right," Heero murmured, reassuring him. "Relax. Enjoy. Don't be afraid. It will sting, at first, but stay with me Duo and I swear it will feel good eventually."

Eventually? Duo braced himself.

"No," Heero admonished, "You must relax, Duo. You have to allow me in."

Heero's finger slid in. It did sting. It did seem a violation. It was only one finger. Duo began to move away. "Heero, I don't-"

"Trust me," Heero told him.

Duo froze. Heero's heart seemed to be pounding against his back. Duo loved Heero. He loved the man's body. There wasn't denying either one of those things now. Duo had to trust now, too. Love without trust wasn't love at all. Duo relaxed back into Heero's embrace and nodded nervously.

Heero took his time. The stinging went away. Duo began to stretch and the pleasure came back. He sighed and moaned and found himself pushing back against that finger. He was hardly aware when another joined it. He stretched even more and the pleasure grew until Duo was panting. It was the best feeling he had ever felt in his life. If he died in the next instant, he thought, from those fingers touching and igniting every pleasure center in his brain, he didn't think he would care.

When Duo felt the swollen head of Heero's cock touch him, he didn't care. When it swirled and began to ease in, there was a sharp pain. Duo expected it. Duo was willing to endure it, trusting that, like the fingers, there was going to be pleasure beyond that pain. Heero slowly filled him. He felt very large and it did feel like an uncomfortable invasion. Duo stretched, more than he thought possible or safe, until Heero was seated inside of him fully, pelvis against Duo's hips.

Heero didn't wait. The pain was intense. Duo bit his lip. Heero explained, as he pulled that large, swollen cock slowly out and then pushed back in again, "The nerves will deaden in a moment. Your endorphines will take over. Just hold on." He groaned the words as if he were on the verge of passing out.

Duo felt tears on his cheek. He gripped Heero's arms as they wrapped around his waist and couldn't help a panting whimper. Out, in, out, in, and then it happened just as Heero had promised, the pain suddenly stepped back and pleasure began to take its place.

"God!" Duo groaned. "Heero! Man! This-This is good. You're so good! Love you! Love you!" There was still a bit of pain, but the pleasure was incredibly intense. Duo went blind and deaf, every part of his being centered on the large, hot organ, pumping in an out of him and rubbing ultra sensitive nerves.

Heero's hand slid along Duo's belly and then took hold of Duo's cock. Duo hadn't thought that he could stand much more, or that there could even be more, but when Heero began stroking him to life, his movements in rhythm with his thrusts, Duo cried out and thrashed. Heero held him tightly and continued. Duo whimpered, gasped, and then let out a low moan that punctuated each thrust.

"EEEEHHHHGGGG!" It was a wordless, incoherent, primal sound that erupted from Heero as he shot hot cum up into Duo. That triggered Duo's own orgasm. They both cried out and convulsed, pumping and stroking, Duo twisting to kiss Heero savagely on the lips as the world thinned and went away on a wave of sensation.

When hearts slowed and pulses stopped racing, Duo became aware that they were tangled together, full of fluids, wet with water from the bath, and surrounded by soaked bed clothes. He laughed. It came out hoarse. Heero pried open an eye to look at him.

Duo turned and wrapped himself around Heero. He kissed Heero gently, passionately, and Heero relaxed and smiled. "My ass is soooo sore!" Duo complained.

"What about the rest of you?" Heero wondered.

"Wonderful," Duo sighed blissfully and let his cheek rest against Heero's chest, draping himself loosely over the man he loved. "Wonderful," he repeated. "If this is a dream, and I'm still in that damned prison cell, I never want to wake up." He thought about what had just happened, how he had let another man totally possess him. Duo had often wondered if he could or would want someone to do that to him. With Heero, it was absolutely right. Duo had a feeling of being complete, of their two souls becoming one.

Duo laughed again. Heero arched an eyebrow.

"I'm going to start spouting poetry in a minute," Duo explained. "I've never felt this GOOD!" He groped for more words and couldn't find any. He looked at Heero. "Stay with me," he asked simply, his heart in his eyes. "Never leave."

"I'm yours, body and soul," Heero replied seriously as he wrapped his arms around Duo and cradled him close. "For the rest of our lives."

The rest of their lives. It made Duo think of their mission and he felt depression try to steal some of his happiness. What if the rest of their lives wasn't very long at all?


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