Warning:Nc17 Lemon!!!
By: Kracken
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Warnings:Male/male sex, graphic, violence, language

Princes and Soldiers series + Part 15

Milliardo struggled up the last few feet of the rock wall, sweating and breathing hard. Duo grinned at him, already comfortably positioned and waiting for him. The younger man had beaten him easily, scaling the wall with the speed of a mad monkey, daring as always, reckless to the point where Milliardo was gasping out his outrage as soon as he was even with the ex Gundam pilot.

"Duo! That was the single most irresponsible... reckless... insane climb I have-"

Duo swung close, carefully latched onto Milliardo's harness with one hand while maintaining his three point hold with the rest of his body. He planted a deep, tonguing kiss on Milliardo's mouth and Milliardo was lost for the space of a few heartbeats. When Duo broke away again, he was panting too, both of them needing air. His eyes were soft wells of purple that begged Milliardo not to start an argument. His mind quickly going over the climb, Milliardo banked his anger and was slightly embarrassed to realize that his judgment of Duo's climb had been solely based on his anxiety for the man. In reality, Duo had used all the precautions and had made certain of all his hand and foot holds before proceeding to a higher level.

"See, we're both recovered, "Duo said gleefully. "Time to send us both out on some missions, don't you think, sir?"

Milliardo grunted. "It's the medic who makes that determination," he pointed out.

Duo scoffed. "You know you can override that decision. They're always too careful." He nodded to the fake mountain wall. "This is the real test."

"Adrenalin junkie," Milliardo grumbled and blew his bangs out of his face with an annoyed puff of air. Duo had braided it back from his face, but sweaty strands had escaped.

"Like you're not?" Duo returned good naturedly. He looked unsure for a second and then asked cautiously, "Heero's done playing mother hen for now. He's gotten over that 'incident' of ours. If you want..." He paused and Milliardo saw him duck his head, and hide behind his cinnamon tangle of bangs, as he asked quickly, "Wanna come over for dinner, just us two?"

Milliardo still couldn't help that uncertain hesitation, that double check of making certain it was both proper and not something someone could make a scandal out of. After the unexpected kiss, he had found himself looking down at the ground far below and making sure that they were still alone in the gym. He knew that he needn't have bothered. Duo, over the last week, had shown himself to be a model of good conduct and had been very careful to maintain the line between the professional and personal sides of their lives. He had not once shown Milliardo anything above what was due a commanding officer in front of other people, but, on the other hand, he had been very reserved when alone as well. The kiss had been the first show of intimacy that he had initiated after their meeting in the bushes.

Not that they had been alone together much for anything to have happened between them, Milliardo sighed inwardly. Now that he had made up his mind, he had entertained thoughts of taking Duo back to his home and going to a deeper, more serious level, but Duo had strangely been standoffish in that respect, and Milliardo had been treated more like a friend Duo was trying to get to know than a new lover. He supposed that was wise, but his body protested. It was thinking at a baser level, one he didn't want to analyze too deeply. While he did want to get to know Duo as a friend and then take the more serious step later on, an instinctive urge within him wanted to test the young man, to see who would bend, who would give a little in the game of masculinity, who would surrender first.... Milliardo would have liked to be more certain that Duo would be the one to do that. It was in Milliardo's nature to be the protector/ the strong one/ the one in command, and he wasn't so sure that he would enjoy it any other way if Duo insisted.... but Duo was so strong for such a small, wiry man. He was masculine, take charge, and bold. Milliardo thought of Duo's hands taking hold of him, how he had kissed hungrily and taken what he had wanted without hesitation, of how he had wrapped his strong arms around Milliardo's slim waist and met Milliardo's advances just as forcefully. The thought that their relationship might be of two strong personalities and that the giving in might have to be done in turns, made Milliardo pause and consider.

"Earth to Mil," Duo called with a grin. "I asked if you wanted to come back to my place for dinner?"

Milliardo blinked, blushing and trying to bring his thoughts to order. He said without thinking, with a hint of the uncertainty that he felt, "Will you put poor Heero out on the doorstep like a cat until we're done?"

Duo looked hurt, very briefly, and then his face did something... Milliardo tried to figure out what that _expression was as Duo replied, "We're not glued together, you know? It isn't like that. He's my best friend. He's always going to be there, Mil, but he's not going to be sleeping with us or getting in between us."

Milliardo deciphered the look at last. Duo was expecting their relationship to end because of Heero. His other ones had in the past. That look had been of someone sensing the inevitable. Milliardo wanted to ask, 'but what happens when we become more intimate?' and 'What happens when we become a couple and move in to the same home?' but those were questions he could only ask if he had made those decisions to begin with. Voicing the possibility that they had reached that point was farther than Milliardo wanted to go just then.

"Heero does have a life, by the way," Duo added. "Tonight's his meeting with the Decorator Club." Milliardo's eyes went wide.

Duo snickered. "Just kidding. It's actually a group of other agents who like to talk about martial arts theory." Duo pantomimed a yawn. "I went once. They go on for HOURS. It's very dry and technical. If I give Heero the sign, he'll gladly stay all night and love every minute of it." Duo winked at Milliardo, "Mil, you have these problems with ANY roommate. One guy or girl has to sit outside and find something to do while the other has someone over."

Milliardo relaxed. "Tonight?" Duo nodded. Milliardo took a deep breath, settling his nerve and quieting that annoying aristocratic voice of alarm that worried about a prince being hosted in less than royal surroundings. Allowing that voice to rule his decision would have been intolerable. He wasn't going to forget Commander Sharp's unintentional lesson in the ugliness of snobbery. There weren't any class distinctions any longer and Duo's simple home was not beneath him. "I'll go with you after work," Milliardo said at last. "I don't have any prior engagements."

Duo beamed. "I don't cook and Heero won't have time. How about ordering Chinese?"

"Italian," Milliardo suggested with a frown. "I enjoy Chinese, but-"

Duo laughed. "First one down gets to choose!" And then he was repelling downward.

Milliardo swore and began following more slowly, already knowing that he had lost. No, Duo wasn't going to be the submissive/cared for/ protected half of their relationship, he thought with a sigh and then, looking down and seeing Duo's confident descent, his strength and daring, Milliardo wondered if he would mind that so much.

After work, Milliardo drove a car to Duo's apartment, following Duo in his. Duo soon lost him in traffic, speeding ahead and not waiting. That puzzled Milliardo, but, when he reached the apartment building and made his cautious way up to Duo's apartment, he heard Heero and Duo talking loudly enough to be heard even through the door.

"You need to go now, Heero!" Duo said breathlessly. "Bye and all. Have a good time!"

Hero's voice sounded grumbling and lecturing. "If you had asked, I would have come home earlier and cleaned. You should plan better."

"I know! I know!" Duo shot back. "It was a spur of the moment thing though! Thanks for getting dinner, now take yours and see ya later! I want as much time as I can get with Mil."

Milliardo could almost see Heero's smirk of amusement. "You like him a great deal, don't you?"

"LIKE doesn't even cover it, best friend o'mine!" Duo replied warmly. "No calling! No coming home early! I'm in our apartment and Milliardo is-"

"Capable of taking care of you, yes I know," Heero finished. "I'm leaving. Have fun."

"Oh, I intend to!" Duo laughed.

The door opened just as Milliardo decided it was time to knock. Heero was standing there with his car keys and a bag of what smelled like Italian food. Heero had a small piece of garlic bread in his mouth. He let it drop onto his burden in embarrassment and said, "Good evening, sir, I was just leaving. Duo is inside and expecting you."

"Sorry if this is an inconvenience, agent Yuy," Milliardo apologized automatically.

"None at all, sir," Heero assured him. "Have a pleasant evening."

"Thank you," Milliardo replied and Heero was moving past him and walking down the hallway. Somehow, despite the neutral conversation, Heero had made it feel as if it was a changing of the guard and Milliardo was certain it was intentional.

Going inside, Milliardo called out, "Duo! I'm here!"

The apartment looked clean enough, Milliardo thought. A few things were out of place or left out, but nothing to warrant a mad dash to straighten. When Duo appeared, breathing hard and smiling apologetically, he said, "Sorry about the mess. Asking you here was kind of an impulse."

"It is quite all right," Milliardo assured him. He was dressed casually, having changed before leaving work. He wore a soft pair of black pants and a loose, light blue shirt with a polo collar. Duo had changed into blue jeans and a red shirt that kept slipping a bit towards one rounded shoulder. it showed the enticing line of his collar as he moved nervously, motioning to the couch.

"Sit down, Mil. Would you like something to drink?" Duo asked. "Juice, tea, coffee, soda...?"

Milliardo sat gingerly and then forced himself to relax and sit back. The couch was very comfortable. It seemed to take the bone weariness of the day into itself and cradle his body. Milliardo could have easily closed his eyes and gone to sleep there. His own furniture in his apartment was tasteful, but its main function was to look good rather than to be comfortable.

Duo stood looking at him, rubbing the back of his neck and looking nervous. Milliardo realized that he was still waiting for an answer.

"Tea?" Milliardo asked tentatively.

Duo smiled. "Heero made some before he left so there's still hot water. Be back in a sec."

The kitchen was small and it had a half swing door. Milliardo could see Duo's legs as he walked about and made the tea. The smell of Italian food was very strong. "I thought that you wanted to have Chinese!" Milliardo said.

"You're the guest, though," Duo called back with a chuckle. "I remembered my manners about an hour before quitting time."

Milliardo laughed at that and then looked carefully about the little apartment. He hadn't noticed much when he had visited last, but, now that he had more time, he could see that there were many touches that were meticulous and well arranged. A shrine of framed photos showed a collage of Gundam pilots in various activities, Duo making a face at the camera and flashing a peace sign, Quatre looking reserved but smiling in his goggles, Trowa appearing in the act of turning away from the camera in a mercenary's instinctive reflex to remain unnoticed, Wu Fei scowling and lifting a finger as if admonishing whoever was taking the photo, Heero standing silently with a small smile next to the foot of his Gundam, and a few group photos that Milliardo recognized from an awards ceremony. The awards themselves were in a display frame above the photos.

There was a weapons locker against one wall. A rack with flack jackets, a piece of chest armor with a blast mark on one side, and several coats next to that by the door. Someone had painted the locker gray and made a faux granite finish on it.

Turning, Milliardo saw two bedroom doors. They were darkened inside, but he could make out the messy, unmade bed in one, a scattering of magazines and books over the rumpled blankets and a few soda cans on a side table, and a neat queen sized bed in the other room that matched the same blue and gray decor in the living room.

"Yeah, I'm not the cleanest guy in the world," Duo lamented in embarrassment as he handed Milliardo his hot tea.

Milliardo twitched instinctively at Duo's sudden appearance, calmed his soldier instincts, and took his tea graciously. Duo sat on the opposite end of the couch, one leg hitched up as he faced Milliardo sideways and sipped at a cup of coffee. He still looked uncertain and nervous.

"At least Heero makes me keep it all in my own room," Duo added.

"That's wise," Milliardo replied and smiled. "I don't need to be impressed by housekeeping skills, Duo. I was mostly brought up in a soldier's barracks."

"In an Oz officer's quarters," Duo corrected him with a wink. "That's a bit different."

Milliardo shrugged, amused, "Officers can be just as messy as regulars."