Princes and Soldiers series + Part 15 (cont)

Milliardo put his tea down and Duo, after a moment, put down his coffee mug. Duo sat up and inched a bit closer as he asked, "I hope you don't mind lasagna and garlic bread?"

"No, not at all," Milliardo assured him. He felt that he needed to ease some of Duo's tension. "I assure you, I'm not expecting anything other than a meal tonight, Duo. We should talk and get to know each other. I think you were right to pursue a friendship before going any deeper into trying to form a relationship."

Duo's eyes widened a little. One of his hands reached out and felt the collar of Milliardo's shirt. "Actually, I didn't want to rush you. Heero told me that I'm real good at pressuring and overwhelming people. He said that I should wait for you to make the first move, so that I would know that you were ready and that it's what you wanted."

"Wise man," Milliardo whispered, feeling a heat start to build inside of him. "So, if he hadn't given such sage advice, what would we be doing now?"

Duo had another flicker of uncertainty and then he seemed to toss that aside as he smiled softly and replied, "I think we've already established that we have an attraction to each other and that we want things to develop between us. I think we're past the point where we need to figure out what we really want. Mil..." Duo swallowed and looked down. "Can we... I don't want you to think... or... feel... What I mean is..."

Milliardo hadn't foreseen this at all. He had thought there would be a slow moving forward, maybe nothing more than friendship for awhile. He forced himself to weigh consequences. Was it the right time? Would he regret it? What if something went wrong? Was there a chance that this might damage what was forming between them? Was he even ready for this?

"Skip dinner," Milliardo said quietly and his hand slid up under Duo's shirt, moved along the warm skin of his back, and then pulled Duo gently to him. He stood and brought Duo to his feet along with him, lips hungrily tasting that line of Duo's neck that had been teasing him since his arrival.

Holding Duo against him with one, strong arm, Milliardo's free hand smoothed along Duo's face, his cheek, and then ghosted over his lips. He felt Duo give his fingertips nipping little kisses and then Duo surprised Milliardo by swallowing his middle finger whole and sucking hungrily on it. Milliardo felt the rasp of a swirling tongue.

Milliardo shivered under that onslaught and turned his head in time to witness Duo pulling back and letting that finger do a slow, warm, wet slide out of his mouth. Milliardo gasped, feeling his pants go very tight at the crotch as an intense heat scalded him from the inside out.

Duo ran strong, calloused hands up under Milliardo's shirt. Lifting it high, while Milliardo stood, stunned, Duo winked, then ducked his head underneath. Milliardo clutched at Duo when he felt that talented mouth latch onto one of his nipples and suckle.

Breathe, Milliardo told himself as he trembled and tried to keep himself from tossing Duo onto the couch again and having him then and there, especially when Duo began to alternate between his nipples, tormenting them both equally. This wasn't a quick conquest, this was someone he truly cared about, Milliardo told himself. He couldn't allow himself to lose control.

"Bedroom?" Duo whispered against his skin and his hot breath made Milliardo's nipple go rock hard.

"Yes," Milliardo replied and it came out as a groan.

Duo came out of hiding from under Milliardo's shirt and they moved into Duo's bedroom, lips still kissing and hands roving and pulling at clothing. Duo's shirt ended up on the top of a lamp and Milliardo's ended up tangled at their feet. When Duo's back hit the bed, Milliardo was instantly climbing on top. It was his turn to torment.

Duo's jeans rode low on hips and his tattoo was prominent, so was his nipple ring and the light tracery of scars, that even surgery hadn't completely erased, that hinted at his ugly past. He was breathing hard. Milliardo could see knots on his ribs where they must have been broken at one time.

Duo wasn't perfect. He was wiry, all muscle, and as lean as an alley cat. Yet... he WAS perfect, Milliardo thought, but in a different way entirely than he was used to judging such things. Duo had a glow, a vibrancy about him. His energy was on his skin and it was almost electric. When Milliardo smoothed hands over his washboard stomach, he almost imagined that he felt a charge.

Duo smelled masculine, but in a way that was like fresh bread in the morning or pastries cooling on a tray. It made Milliardo's mouth water and his body long for a taste. The way he shivered, the small undulation his belly made as Milliardo made a trail of kisses and licks down to his naval, and the tensing and flexing of his muscles, was like an erotic dance. Milliardo couldn't help wrapping both arms about his waist and bringing him up to open the snap of Duo's jeans with his teeth. Duo gasped and his large eyes went wide, but he reached down and helped Milliardo with the zipper.

Milliardo slowly pulled Duo's jeans and underwear down to his knees and then took them off entirely, tossing them aside without taking his eyes from where Duo's legs came together. Duo's erection was hard and red, the tip tinged purple with need. It was long and narrow, the organ looking almost delicate against his pale skin. Milliardo looked up the length of Duo's body and found Duo watching him anxiously, with a man's need to know that what he had was all right and that another man wasn't about to ridicule him. Milliardo knew that he didn't have to speak with words, instead, he put his hands under Duo's hips and let his mouth speak for him. He bent and took Duo's erection into his mouth.

Duo made a noise that was half cry and half moan, as if he were in pain and experiencing great pleasure at the same time. Milliardo wrung more of those noises from him as he milked Duo's erection with his warm, moist mouth as if he were enjoying the greatest delicacy. I felt that way to him, Milliardo thought. He had been with other men in his life, but none of them had made him experience the sensations that Duo was effortlessly creating within him. None of them had made him want them more than anything else on Earth or in Space.

Milliardo released Duo's erection and Duo reflexively reached for him with a groan of frustration. Milliardo felt Duo's strong grip on his arm as he looked into Duo's pleading eyes and asked, "How do we do this, Duo? Tell me what you would like me to do."

Both of Duo's hands were on him then, smoothing over his large, rounded shoulders and then down his broad chest. "You're like a mountain compared to me," Duo said breathlessly. "Try not to squash me, that's all." He chuckled, but it was weak as he reached over to the side table and brought out a package of condoms and a tube of lube. When Milliardo looked surprised at Duo's choice, Duo chuckled again and joked, "What? You thought I might want to be on top? You're the commander sir. You out rank me, right?" He gave Milliardo a look that had a daring glint to it. "We'll talk about giving me a promotion later."

Milliardo prepared his erection, trying not to think about when Duo might ask for a fair turnabout. When he was ready, he positioned himself over Duo and kissed him deeply. As his lubed fingers found Duo's entrance, he felt Duo tense. He looked down into Duo's shinning eyes and saw a sudden tension. Was Duo afraid? How long had it been since he had been with anyone? Was he afraid that he, Milliardo, might hurt him? Duo looked small and boyish underneath him, but Duo was definitely a man in every way that mattered, and he was a trained killer. Milliardo discarded the idea that Duo was afraid of him. If not that, then, what?

"Duo," Milliardo said seriously, "you can change your mind."

"So can you," Duo replied, as if it were a challenge.

"That's not what I want," Milliardo assured him.

"Neither do I," Duo said as his hands touched Milliardo's erection and checked the condom there. That touch nearly sent Milliardo over the edge. He tried to keep focused on Duo, on waiting, on not letting his twitching erection have its way.

"What is it then?" Milliardo wondered.

Duo looked embarrassed. "I... well.. Is this all right? I don't know what you're used to. Maybe you think I'm being... easy?" He winced as he said the last word. "That's dumb," he amended, "I mean.... I don't want you to think this is just any other jump in the sack. This is... kind of... special." His blush deepened. "Okay?"

Milliardo felt relieved, all of his worries melting away. He devoured Duo's throat and licked under his ear. "I'm glad," he whispered into Duo's ear. "It's special for me too."

Duo laughed. "Next we'll be braiding each others hair and painting each others nails."

Milliardo laughed as well. "I don't think either of us have to worry about our masculinity, Duo."

Duo's hands brought their erections together and rubbed them. "No, I guess we don't, do we?"

"Now?" Milliardo asked, desperate.

"Yes," Duo replied and his legs opened and his knees raised. He visibly braced himself as Milliardo's fingers began to prepare him.

"Look at me," Milliardo told him and Duo looked up into Milliardo's face as Milliardo's fingers opened him up. "I don't want to hurt you. You will tell me if it does."

"Yes, sir," Duo whispered. "Any other orders?"

"Raise your legs higher, pilot," Milliardo ordered, falling easily into his role.

Milliardo saw Duo's look of pleasure grow more intense. He liked the game. He liked having the responsibility taken out of his hands, the worry that he might be doing something wrong. If he only had to follow orders, then he didn't need to be anxious. Milliardo's fingers felt him relax at last and he knew that Duo was ready for him.

"Bend, soldier," Milliardo ordered and hooked Duo's slim legs with his arms and helped him to stay in place. "Ready?"

"Yes, sir," Duo replied, but Milliardo heard him swallow.

"Pain isn't in the mission plan," Milliardo assured him again.

"Sir," Duo replied, sounding confident at least.

The tip of Milliardo's erection touched Duo's entrance. As he began to slide in, he found Duo extremely tight. Duo winced and groaned, clutching at his arms, but his knees rose higher and he pushed back, taking more of Milliardo in when Milliardo faltered. Halfway, Duo began to pant. Milliardo did stop then.

"Duo? I ordered you-"

"Haven't done this in years!" Duo shot back between breaths. "Course it hurts a bit! Push the damn thing in and get it over with!"

"No," Milliardo told him and pulled out. Duo hissed, angry in his frustration as Milliardo applied more lube and then positioned himself to try once more. Halfway in again, he began a slow, shallow, rhythm of tiny thrusts. Duo's tightness was driving him crazy. He wanted to drive in as hard as he could and pump for all that he was worth. Duo's _expression stopped him from doing that. Duo was feeling pain again. "Have you even done this before?" Milliardo finally wondered.

"Not with someone built like a horse!" Duo retorted and then laughed. Startled, Milliardo wasn't prepared when Duo drove himself upward and took in Milliardo's entire length. "There! Mission accomplished, sir!" Duo gasped out.

"Duo!" Milliardo exclaimed as he caressed Duo's face anxiously and kissed him tenderly. He watched Duo's _expression change from pain to a middle ground, a middle ground that Milliardo knew was only going to turn into pleasure if he began to move and loosen Duo up further. "I'm going to write a report about your insubordination, Duo Maxwell!" Milliardo growled as he began to thrust very slowly and carefully.

And then Milliardo forgot about everything. Duo did loosen, but his body was like a hot sheathe, still tight enough to give Milliardo a sucking sensation as he thrust in and out. Milliardo couldn't help pumping in earnest then, especially when Duo grunted with every thrust, moaned, and made small, desperate noises, his hands gripping Milliardo's back..

Duo came first, crying out with a long drawn out moan as his hot cum splattered both their bellies. Milliardo was only a moment behind. He reached around Duo and cradled him up against his body as he rocked above him in a violent orgasm more powerful than any he had ever experienced before.

Milliardo wasn't certain what happened after that. It was almost as if he had fallen unconscious, his mind over loaded with pleasure. When he could make sense out of the world again, he found himself stretched out on his back, sated and cooling off, except where Duo was sprawled across his chest. He reached out a trembling hand and smoothed it over Duo's hair. Duo turned his head and grinned at him like a cat with cream.

"You're a great first date," Duo joked.

"So are you," Milliardo replied, but he was more serious. He brushed sweaty bangs out of Duo's face and felt a wave of protective tenderness. It was attached to an inner instinct that told him that it had claimed Duo as his mate. The rational Milliardo Peacecraft scoffed at the notion, but he couldn't reason with something that had been operating within men for millions of years. It didn't care that Duo was a male and perfectly capable of caring for himself, it still sent a wave of testosterone and alpha maleness that made Milliardo put an arm around Duo, hold him close, and feel as if Duo now 'belonged' to him.

Duo had other ideas. He sat up, sliding out of the embrace, and wrinkled his nose. "Let's get cleaned up and then have dinner." He stood, took hold of Milliardo's arm, and pulled at him. Milliardo almost protested. He wanted to enjoy the sated feeling a little longer, but Duo was insistent. "Come on, Mil!" He winked suggestively. "I'll help you wash."

Milliardo was up then and more eager to clean up. As he followed Duo, watching the man walking gingerly in front of him, he felt a stab of guilt at having caused Duo pain, until Duo half turned and asked anxiously, "I wasn't too rough, was I?"

Milliardo blinked stupidly.

"I mean, the way I was pushing up and down like that?" Duo clarified. "I know I was tight, but it felt so good after I got used to it, and you were being so careful. It was like an itch you weren't scratching deep inside. I needed you in there scratching it good," Duo chuckled.

"I thought..." Milliardo smiled slowly. "No, you didn't hurt me, Duo."

"Good!" Duo crooked a finger then. "Come one, then, sir, and you can order me to wash whatever you'd like."

Milliardo watched Duo go into the bathroom ahead of him, long braid swinging behind him. Milliardo lifted a hand to his heart and rubbed. A pain there blossomed and throbbed. He knew what it was. He wanted to say that it was too soon, that he didn't really know Duo, but arguments were useless. He had known the truth of the matter from the first moment that he had met Duo in the Preventer gym, when they had first kissed in the parking garage, and when he had affirmed his intentions behind those bushes. Having released all of his pent up needs for Duo, he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that what he was feeling wasn't just a physical attraction. Milliardo was in love.

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