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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now no where to be found, it's cuz either the site has closed or I got sick of it *grin* ]

= japanese site... (oooo -- pretty flashing stars...)
[ note: a hint about navigating japanese sites, for those of us who don't parlez the nihongo. ^_~ even in you can't read kanji (or don't have a japanese font and only see question marks, like me -_-), the links (not the links themselves -- the code) are all in english so if you look down there at the addy link zone at the bottom of your browser window, it's easy enough to figure out what everything is... hey -- if I can do it, anyone can. ^_~ ]

-- *pant* *twice* one of my very favourite art sites...

-- Yami no Matsuei fan art

-- warning: this is a yaoi shota site (read 'underage boys in sexual situations'). the art is gor-ge-ous *swoon*, but it could very possibly induce squick-age. (with many thanks to basilbadger)


-- Yami no Matsuei fan art

-- Koko wa Greenwood fan art

-- (LAMP) the English entrance to a Russian site... Again, not alot of GW as far as I can tell, but then I'm really not that single-minded. ^_~

-- Gravitation fan art...

-- (Siberia no kizoku)

-- (Sexist Society Sankazok)

-- Yami no Matsuei fan art

-- Yami no Matsuei fan art

-- beautiful and original manga by Aoi Hayashi

-- Gravitation fan art