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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now nowhere to be found, it's because the site has closed. ]

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>> doujinshi

my dj page -- now that Zillah has thrown in the towel, mine is the only site I know of to have scans set out by dj with information and summaries (I got the idea from her, after all...), and not either misc. (if beautiful) images or a few entire dj's.

-- GW, Gravitation, etc...

Candy Factory

dj obbsession -- Marilyn's Oz page...

dragynVille.com -- scans of entire dj's

Echoes -- dj images. There's other fandoms here besides gw... browse around... drool a bit... try to forget that you're on MSN...

Gundam Wing Corner -- scans of dj covers

kore ga mitai -- "Looking for yaoi pics of your fav. G-boys? Need an idea for your latest fanfic? Shopping around for a good Djka/circle? Or maybe you want more info on your favorite dj. You'll find all of this and more here at Kore! ^_^ "

Mind Education -- lists of, and info on, GW doujinshi... an invaluable site.

Moments of Rapture

ouru robe -- (ouru robe) a 3x4 shrine with a few scanned djs...

Skin Ship
-- by Altir, a scan of the 2x1 dj...

The Yaoi Hell -- "you' ll go to Hell for this, I'm sure about it..."

>> places to buy doujinshi
[ note: if you are aware of additional sites that sell dj's to those of us who don't parlez the nihongo, please do let me know... ]


bdr517 Hentai and Yaoi Doujinshi Sales


Doujinshi Direct -- a site "dedicated to bringing you the finest anime and manga merchandise available."

-- duh ^_~

Gundam Wing Doujinshi Site
-- home to my former dj pusher, the divine Mary Ann...

The Happy Hentai Home -- direct from Japan

jpqueen -- sellers of "used anime / manga related items", also direct from Japan

Japan Manga Bookmart
-- a bit confusing if you don't know exactly what you're looking for...

>> scanlations

[ * = downloads on site ]
* nakama ~ circle of friends * let there be yaoi sakura-crisis.net * essence of purity *
obsession shi-ran :: the orchid lounge * MegKF scanlations * * hochuuami *
* mochi mochi *

sweet lunacy

>> images

2-Tone -- this site has fics on it, too, but as they aren't up yet, I figured I stick this down here with the art stuff since this page is overflowing with cool pics. As if any GW yaoi pics could not be cool! *^_^*

-- I actually stumbled across this site when looking for a few good Wufei pics. Who would've thought I'd find them on a Quatre site? ^_^ But find them I did. Be warned -- this site is not yaoi friendly. Sha. No accounting for tastes...

-- a very nice Treize shrine...

Sumire's Semi-Obscure Gundam Wing Cel Art Gallery -- Sumire's not into GW much anymore (I know!!), but she's kindly left this site up. Some of these scans you're not likely to find anywhere else.

The Ultimate Wufei Shrine