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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now no where to be found, it's cuz the site has closed... ]

1x2ml.com -- archive of the 1x2 ml...

Abode of Mikkenekko


Aenai~Ai -- Aya & Sonny's site, formerly known as 'Stellar Soldiers'

AJ Maxwell's Fanfic Realm [ warning!: more-obnoxious-than-normal pop-ups... ]

Amiko's fanfics

Angel Ran's Gundam Wing Fanfic Archive

The Angelic Demon
Good fics. Dark fics...

Aquatic Dreams

Arigatomina's Anime Page

Ashkara's Fanfiction Vault

The Asylum
home to Kat's delectable fiction, co-authored by Tzigane and Kumiko...

Atharaenea's's Yaoi Page

babaca's GW Fanfics
-- I usually don't link to GWA author sites. after all, if it's on GWA, why would you need to go anywhere else? that plus the fact that most authors rely so heavily on GWA that their own sites are pretty much worthless. so why is Barb's up, you ask? well, I figure she deserved some recognition for having a site that's well worth visiting. besides, I really do prefer more personal sites... ^_^


-- Maaya's site, and home to a very satisfying archive

home to Zooie, a damn fine author, not to mention a possessor of similarly damn good taste ^_~

Blue Roses -- a fracking brilliant 13x4 shrine... (that seems to be missing. >_< )

Blue Violet's Gundam Wing Zone
quite a large fic archive. I haven't been all the way through it, but I'll just go ahead and assume that it's worth all those little flashing hearts. ^_~

Bob Did It

boys next door -- a good-size collection of what are, and you can go ahead and take my word for this ^_^ , really good fics.

A Buffet of Bishounen

COTB Matrix
these warnings symbols confuse the heck out of me...

The Collector's Archive of Gundam Wing
-- looks like this site hasn't been worked on since sometime in 2000. *shrug* Like that's gonna stop me... ^_~

Crossed Swords -- formerly 'Cromlech'

CutterFics, Ltd.

DHML Archive

Daemonchan's Fan Fiction

DamnVespa's Fic Archive

Death and the Dragon -- Mel and Christy's site. *melts into puddle*

Decayed Cotton Candy


Desert Rose

Desolation Angels -- home to Ashura

destiny interrupted -- *swoon* *twice* the fics... the art... and, of course, the Pond... ^_~

The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library -- yah, I know ^_^ but there are some really good gw fics here, including, not one, but two of the ones I've rec-ed. the gw stuff is on the 'other series' page...

Dragon Love -- Wu-centric. does this really surprise anyone? ^_^

Duo x Heero.com -- formerly 'And Then a Hero Comes Along...'

-- in english and german...

endless dedication -- (endless dedication) angst, angst, death fic, angst... I think I sense a trend, here... ^_^


The Entity's Throne Room

Eos' Shrine To Gundam Wing

The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbott -- home to 'Wildflower'... if you need any push to read this fic, go check out my recommendations page...

Evolution -- home to WingxDuALity. if you guys haven't read her 'The Seven Rainy Days', you've simply got to...

fablespinner.com -- cool as all get go on its own, Fablespinner also houses my very own 'Rapunzel' with her collection of Fractured Faerie Tales. check out her original artwork, too.

Fandomination.net -- I don't know if the content is any better than ff.net, but the layout and navigation definitely are...

Fanfiction.net -- I'm sure it's a wonderful thing, but I don't really like fanfiction.net -- they're not reliable enough, though they are making changes. I think it's actually kind of sad if you're an author and this is the only place you're archived. get yourself a free site, submit somewhere -- anything but this...

-- run by Suzume, this site is one of the best rec sites around, no matter if you're into yaoi, yuri or het.

Fate's Couch -- another small personal site...

Firecat Fanfics -- only 2 GW fics (she's also done some CLAMP and X fics, among others), but they're so good they make it well worth the effort to visit

Firedancer's Universe of Chaos -- home to Tayla Firedancer. she's no longer writing gw fics *sob* *twice* which is a real shame seeing as how she's so good and all. ^_^

the flambeau factory -- torch san's site... lots of other stuff here besides gw, including one of my fav Here is Greenwood fics...

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