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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now nowhere to be found, it's cuz the site has closed... ]

God of Death
-- shrine to Duo Maxwell [ note: god, but I love this banner... Yes, I know that has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I'd say it anyways!! ]

Golden Yaoi Huggle -- home to Arithion and Garnet, as well as to some of the best Duo angst since 'Dangerous Liasons'...

Got Fics? -- an anime fan fic archive. Mind you, it's so blatantly GW-centric that it might as well just be a GW shrine. Heh, heh. This being a very good thing. Tons of fics...

Gundams 'N Roses -- a 1x4x1 shrine...

Gundam Deathscythe's Domain -- fics by Gala-chan. 'Marital Bliss' is what first pulled me into this one...

The Gundam Nook

The Gundam Wing Palace

The Gundam Wing PANTS Page -- " 'Open up your [pants] Zechs. You're hiding far too many secrets.' - Noin" HA!

Gundam Wing Quarters -- a small site, but chock full o' high quality fics. This chick has taste. ^_~

Gundam Wing Universe

Gundam Wing Yaoi Heaven

The He-He Room


-- a Heero shrine...

Heero's Heart -- home to Steve Parker, infamous author of the ever unfinished, yet universally beloved, 'And Never the Twain Shall Meet'. As a side note, his definitions of 'yaoi' and 'shounen ai' are the best that I've found...

Hoshikuzu no Senshitachi -- an Oz site, run by ederyn. can never have enough Oz sites... ^__^

Hugs & Kisses

Ides' Anime Addiction

Itsuki's World

Jaded -- home to Jade. Imagine that... ^_~

Joygasm -- oooo -- pretty... This is actually one of the first sites I frequented when I first got into GW fan fiction... Who knows why it took me so long to get this link up. *shrug*

katsudon.net -- their Motto: "If we haven't pissed you off yet, you're not thinking hard enough." ^_^

kebzero's notepad

Keelywolfe's Fanfiction Shoppe -- 1x2x5 is such a good thing. I am so getting into Wufei. That might have something to do with her 'From A Goodnight Kiss' series...

Kellryn's Gundam Wing Fanfiction -- a worthy personal site, no matter that there are songfics based on the Backstreet Boys *shudder* *twice*

Kitsunehi's Garden of Forbidden Prose

Kiyakotari's Yaoi Fan-Fiction archive

Kyoki's Koi Archive -- lotsa 2x5/5x2

Lady Darkangel's Fanfiction Library

Ladydouji's Addictions Page

Lady Bast's Fanworks

Lair of the Lyon

Lemonaide -- "So what are you getting (er, going to get) on this page? Quotes and insights from yaoi, yuri, lemon, lime, and shonen-ai authors on how to write a good lemon. Lord knows most of us could use a little help." Not an archive, per se, but I figure it has to do with writing better fics, so I'd might as well stick it with fics. ^_^


Leviathan's Lair

Lily-chan no Uchi

Liquid Inspiration

Little Scholarboy -- "The Chang Wufei Archives"

Lone Wolf -- *sigh* I think I'm in love. Lone Wolf is no longer writing in the GW famdom, but he's graciously left his fics up...

Lost Atlantis -- formerly 'The Drowned World' -- Flamika san's site...

-- IsNotSane's site...

Lunadeath's Gundam Wing Shrine

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