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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now no where to be found, it's cuz the site has closed... ]

-- home of the beloved Mair. As if you couldn't guess... ^_^

Maxwell's Gundam Wing Page

Maxwell's Salavge -- Home to DC Logan... Wonderful fics... yes, yes. That's obvious. ^_~ But the art, people, the art... The ones of Duo are best and no I'm not being biased.

MediaMiner.org -- an ff.net alternative that, 9.9 times out of ten, DOES NOT LOAD *ahem*

Mes Ecritures -- I've put this in with fan fics, but it's got some cool pics/doujinshi snaps as well. You can even send Quatre/Trowa cards. Need I add that this site is 3x4/4x3-centric? I didn't think so. ^_^

message in a bottle -- home of the divine Caroline

Miko no da's Homepage

Mission Acknowledged

Moments of Rapture "The idea for this site came when I saw a fanfiction posted to the 1x2ML... a story with stunning accompanying art. I started to think how wonderful it would be to combine some of my favorite doujinshi art with passages from some of my favorite fanfiction. Thus, Moments of Rapture was born." -- Zero Two Fan

My Writings on the Wall -- home to Karen san, author of the Murder Saga, which is, let's face it, cooler than heck... ^_~

Niche Recommendations -- "a Gateway to the Strange and Wonderful World of 1+2+1

Nightmares and Dreamscapes -- a small site that isn't updated anymore, but what the hell. We're all GW addicts here, right? ^_^ Besides, this is the home of the Evil Overlord pointers that I came across so long ago... Small world, ne?

Ninjababe's Adult Fiction -- this link is directly to the GW stuff...

The Obsidian Blaze -- for more Duo-angst (and we all know how I love Duo-angst), check out Stormy. And Amanda. And Meiran. Not to mention 'Weakness' by Arigatomina... Sha -- this is my kind of site...

Olygrrl's Gundam Wing Fanfiction -- home of Olygrrl, a fellow Seattle-ite. *grin* None of those links in the main image work for me, but if you go below the image, there are alternate links there...

Peaceful Moments With You


Precious Moments -- Minky's page... Don't forget to check out her GW applets -- they are so fracking cool. Cool enough that I don't mind, and even like, the music! How amazing is that?! *grin*

Qirfae's Secret -- Seraph's site...

Razorqueen's Fanfic Archive -- gone. but you do realize she's archived here. right?

Realm of the Solitary Dragon

reishin's corner of insanity -- "Website officially dead ^_^, but everything's still clickable"

The Revolution

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