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[ note: if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now nowhere to be found, it's cuz the site has closed... ]

Saphire Kitten's 1x2 fansite -- that is one quick little kitten...

sanctuary -- "escape from reality with Gundam Wing..."

Saintly Shinigami

Scathed Light -- "it's all so pale..."

The Scribs -- Cassima san's site...

-- a dedicated 1x2x5 links site *rowr*, put together by Asuka Kureru and Erynna

Serendipity -- an incredibly worthy 3x4 site run by Raletha, offering not only her own (fracking brilliant) fics, but much, much more...

[ serpentine * inscribings ]

Sgáith Tor -- pretty swirling bullets on the fic page, but don't look too long -- you'll hypnotize yourself, I swear... @_@

Shades and Echoes

Shattered Realities

shinigami and wing -- the 1x2x1 site, run by Jana

Shinigami no Seishi's Webpage -- I think I've become addicted to 2x5/5x2...

not exactly a fic site, but... just go see, 'k? ^_~

silent passion


Sin -- home to trowacko

The Slash Database Project -- yaoi and slash, all in one handy database. If you're looking for 'it', no matter what 'it' is, it's here. *grin*

Social Reject's Corner -- Chibi Hentai-chan's site, formerly MoNKeYCRaCK!

Soldier of Death -- Reen's site...

Songs From the Fire's Heart
-- Lodrelhai's site...

Stardust's Fiction Page


Subtle Hints

Sunfire Cafe

Sweet & Sweet -- mostly 3x5/5x3 (duh), but there is some 1x2/2x1 if you look for it. which only goes to point out how much I'm really not into 3x5. *shrug*

Tales From The Death Scribe
-- "a fanfiction site dedicated to the one who calls himself Shinigami -- Duo Maxwell..."

Top Ace's Anime Fan-dom

Totally Kawaii!

Tralla's Lair

The Trent Faction -- Heero Yuy and Trent Reznor... I'm sure there's a connection here somewhere...

finally... now you don't have to go searching all over creation to get a 6x2 fix. ^_~

The Turnip Patch -- home to Kyuuketsuki Duo...

Twisted Perspective
-- home to Spooks, who seems to have the corner on the oishii best overall category... ^__^

Whispers in the dark -- lotsa 2x5x2...

White Crystals

Winter's Run -- Alana Winters' site...

WufeiDuo.net -- home to the Wufei Duo Yaoi ML archive. You've gotta love 2x5x2. *growl*

- formerly 'Ferli's Secret Hideaway'...


Zechs' Lair
-- Loopergirl's site...

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