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if you're looking for a link that used to be here but is now nowhere to be found, it's cuz the site has closed...

[ note: craving some other series' fan art? go here... ]

series/games covered: ai no kusabi, arislan, bakuretsu hunters (sorcerer hunters), dbz, dc, earthian, escaflowne, fake, final fantasy (6-10), flame of recca, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gravitation, harry potter, inuyasha, kizuna, koko wa greenwood (here is greenwood), rurouni kenshin (samurai x), samurai troopers (ronin warriors), slayers, trigun, vagrant story, weiss kreuz, yami no matsuei, yu yu hakusho, zetsuai/bronze

Addiction -- screen captures as well as (and more importantly ^_^) art book and manga scans [ gravitation -- [ dbz, escaflowne, ff (various), flame of recca, gravitation, gw, ronin warriors, sorcerer hunters, trigun, wk, yami no matsuei, etc.

::angels of white:: -- Deamonchan san's site of fics and original art [ gw, weiss kreuz

Bastmoon -- Roo san's site... everything Roo writes is simply heavenly, so you can't really go wrong here [ arislan, bronze, escaflowne, gw, fake, fushigi yuugi, here is greenwood, kizuna, rurouni kenshin, weiss kreuz, etc.

b i s h o n e n i n k -- *swoon* llamajoy and Tenshi sama's fabulous site
[ bakuretsu hunters, escaflowne, ff6, ff7, ff8, ff9, ff10, fushigi yuugi, samurai troopers, trigun, vagrant story, weiss kreuz, yuu yuu hakusho, etc.

Blood, Love & Rhetoric -- brilliant fiction by Sleeps With Coyotes... sha... and I have the nerve to wonder why I don't write anymore... [ vagrant story, yami no matsuei, etc.

Boxer & Rice - The Tale of Two Princes -- dedicated to the Gohan x Trunks (Mirai Trunks) pairing, this site has... darn well everything you could ever ask for concerning Vegeta's purple-tressed heir and the eldest son of Goku, and is updated regularly as well. [ dbz

boys next door -- this site is positively addictive... ^_~ [ ai no kusabi, bronze, escaflowne, fake, ff (various), fushigi yuugi, gw, kizuna, rurouni kenshin, trigun, weiss kreuz, yuu yuu hakusho, wk, etc.

Consequence Free -- Emungere's fic (aka Eleanor K). Her wk fics are di-voone. [ demon diary, fake, hp, trigun, wk, etc.

Crossed Swords -- [ gw, wk, etc.

East of Sanity -- [ wk, yuu yuu hakusho -- I may not like, but... heck, maybe you will... [ just about everything...

Firecat Fanfics -- home to Natalie Baan, a girl whose writing makes me swoon, even when there's no yaoi/shounen ai involved. is that a miracle or what? ^_~ [ gw, weiss kreuz, etc.

Firedancer's Universe of Chaos -- [ ff (7-10), flame of recca, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gravitation, gw, kizuna, rurouni kenshin, vagrant story, weiss kreuz, yami no matsuei, yuu yuu hakusho, etc.
[ note: don't miss the 'bouncer' fic ]

The Hentai Institute -- the navigation in this site is confusing as hell, being a prime example of my 'unfathomable link names' pet peeve, but, well... I gotta have my dbz! *cough* [ dbz

The Infinite Game -- Lemonaaeren's LJ [ hp

Jaded -- home to Jade, lemon writer extraordinaire... *growl* [ gravitation, gw, weiss kreuz, etc.

~ the keelan chronicles ~ -- [ koko wa greenwood

Love & Gundams -- bonne & von's site, home to their non-gw fics... [ escaflowne, yami no matsuei, yuu yuu hakusho, weiss kreuz, etc.
[ note: whatever you do, do not miss the PoH fics... ] -- an alternative...

Miko no da's Fanfiction Archive
-- [ gw, rurouni kenshin, wk, etc.

m . i . s . t . -- [ Koko wa Greenwood

--->> mono-coloured trip voyage -- [ inuyasha, etc.

Paxnirvana's Circle of Hell
-- [ ff7, ff8, ff9, weiss kreuz, etc.

a Prince and his boy -- dedicated to the Vegiita x Gohan pairing, including a wonderfully well-done, and annoyingly unfinished, Goku x Vegiita x Gohan. incest rocks! *ahem* [ dbz

Red for Pleasure -- home to some of the hottest lemons I have ever read.... *purr*
[ gw, samurai troopers, weiss kreuz, etc.

Rood Awakenings -- Lunar's site [ ff7, ff9, vagrant story (main)

The Silver Snitch -- author of note: Vorabiza. I know there's more good authors on here, but she's the one I specifically go here for. [ hp

Smoking Mirror -- [ ff7

Sorceror -- Tami's delicious fics, mostly sibcest [ soreceror hunters, misc.

:: soul circuit :: -- my (very humble) koko wa greenwood shrine [ kwg (duh... ^_~)

Teland -- the definitive DC site [ DC

Title Pending -- Seifer is no Sephiroth (though I'm not sure that is such a bad thing...), but he's certainly got it goin' on. his relationship with Squall in these fics makes me not even mind the few mpregs that snuck in... (be flabbergasted -- this never happens ^_~ ) [ ff8

Totally Kawaii -- [ flame of recca, fushigi yuugi, gw, slayers, yu yu hakusho, etc.

Walking the Plank -- Snarry *drools* There's tons of worthwhile stuff here. I've actually gone through the whole list of authors and, though everything wasn't for me, I was not disappointed. Some fav authors: asnowyowl (which I always read as 'as now yowl' ^_^;;), Barbarella, Cluegirl, Jadzialove, lilyseyes, Maeglin Yedi, odogoddess, RaeWhit, Sushi, thesewarmstars, Yukipon (artist) [ hp

Xero Sky -- live journal [ dbz

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shuichi + yuki

koko wa greenwood
[ greenwood ]
shinobu + mitsuru

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harry + severus

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[ kizuna ]
kai + masa

[ rurouni kenshin ]

[ samurai troopers ]
ryo + rowan

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[ trigun ]
wolfwood + vash

[ vagrant story ]
weiss kreuz
[ weiss kreuz ]
omi + aya +
yohji + ken

yami no matsuei
[ yami no matsuei ]
tsuzuki + muraki

[ yu yu hakusho ]
hiei + kurama

[ zetsuai / bronze ]
izumi + koji