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Angel Black

Bishonen Obsessed

Blade & Claw
-- Anna & Gal 's Ran x Ken fanfiction archive

cat's dreams -- Nekojita's site. sure, her fics are everywhere, but it's always rather special to get it from the source *ahem*

Dreamwalker's Weiß Kreuz Fanfic Page

Eines Tages -- an infant wk site run by Miko. with authors like Deena and Nekojita... well, let's just say I see good things happening here... ^_^

Eternal Obsession -- a Brad x Schu shrine

Hollow Lands

House of Love

~ Mayfly ~
-- a Nagi Shrine (no longer updated)

Misc. WeißKreuz (no longer updated)

Mission 01: Weiss Kreuz -- an info site, very cool... Just keep scrolling down -- you'll get to it eventually (you'll understand what I mean when you get there...)

Nocturne -- images and what not, as well as the home of the 'Aya Uke Fanfiction Contest' *pant* I rec. Zheyrryhn's 'Amethyst Eyes' and Rina Garet's 'Deceptive Pleasures' (in the contest archives); nekojita's 'violet eyes' series and Mami-sama's 'Temporary Peace' (and its sequel 'Peace's Struggle') (in the normal archives)...

random little scribbles
-- Marith's site of her own work, plus a satisfying amount of worthwhile recs...

Red Orchids -- a Yohji x Aya shrine

Scarlet Seduction -- a seme Aya competition, presented by Gwendolyn Flight and Scribblemoose

Schu's Thin Mint -- a shrine to Bradley x Schuldig (no longer updated)

Schwarzere Seelen
-- Zheyrryhn san's site, formerley Weiss Kreuz: Resurrection

Takuhitsu Fanfiction Awards
-- and what's an awards site without an archive? Gotta love it. ^_~ (no longer updated)

Twisted Humunculus

Velvet Underwear -- a shrine to Yoji Kudou (no longer updated)

Weiss Kreuz: The Black Dream -- part of Madahydra's lair and home to her 'Der Schwarze Traum'

Weiss Kreuz no "yo bishounen hana-ya"

White June
-- *dacias' eyes glaze over* so... many... fics.... I especially rec. Deena, Goddess, Jade (yes, that would be our Jade ^_~ ) and Sailor Mac. As to the others... well, I have to admit that I haven't read a lot of these, if only cuz incomplete fics vex me

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