A Good Catholic Boy By LoneWolf (kodoku na okami)
COMMENTS: Darkflame asked for a 1x2 songfic based on Billy Joel's (old) song "Only The Good Die Young" with Heero seducing a pious Duo (who doesn't speak Japanese, I decided <g>). I didn't use the song, but I wrote the fic. I make some false generalizations about "good Catholic boys", don't take them personally if you are one, just consider it poetic license.
WARNINGS: yaoi, AU, OOC, angst, sweetness, voyeurism, and, oh yeah, citrus, citrus, citrus

A Good Catholic Boy


"Hey, pretty boy."

"I'd like some of that."

Duo ignored them as he approached, passing between them. The four boys had been taunting him for weeks now. They were not the kind of boys a good Catholic girl would date -- and no good Catholic boy would think of hanging around with boys a good Catholic girl wouldn't date.

He felt a tug on his braid.

"Duo Maxwell."

He turned automatically, responding to his name, hating himself for it as he recognized the steady, edgy voice of the Japanese boy who was the leader of the gang. Blue eyes caught his and Duo felt something flutter inside him. The Japanese boy blew him a kiss, staring at him with those eyes.

Beautiful eyes, Duo thought. He felt his cheeks warm. Good Catholic boys certainly didn't think about other boys that way. Father Riordan would have given him three "Hail Mary's" for the thought. He decided to make it four and not tell the priest.

"My name is Heero Yuy," the Japanese boy said, releasing the braid.

The other boys laughed, breaking the spell. Duo turned away and walked quickly along the sidewalk as the other boys resumed their jokes. One of them, Duo thought it was the blonde, shouted, "Hey, Heero! What are you going to do with him when you catch him?" The other two boys made some suggestions he didn't quite hear, but Heero didn't say anything.

He didn't have to. Duo could imagine the smirk on Heero Yuy's face.


"Duo, you have a visitor," Mrs. Murray called from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a minute," he shouted. He wrote out the last line of the calculation, wrote the answer and drew a box around it. Who was here to see him? All his friends would be busy doing homework too. He hurried down the stairs and stopped short when he spotted his guest waiting in the foyer.

"Duo Maxwell." He was wearing the same thing he'd been wearing outside Duo's school. Blue jeans, a snug, light blue T-shirt and a dark blue denim jacket with a pair of white angel's wings embroidered on the left arm.

"Heero Yuy?" Duo asked, pretending he wasn't sure.

"Aa." Heero pointed toward the door. "Front porch. Let's talk."


Heero smiled and walked to stand close to him. Duo caught a faint sweet smell. Vanilla. He'd always thought Heero was much taller than he was, but now he saw the difference was less than an inch.

"Because you're a good Catholic boy," Heero whispered, "and I know you don't want your grandmother to hear what I have to say." He glanced toward the parlor where Duo knew Mrs. Murray was standing, just out of their sight, listening.

Duo cringed. He suspected he knew what Heero was going to say, and that he'd say it, even if Mrs. Murray was listening. Heero was right. Duo didn't want Mrs. Murray overhearing whatever it was. She was nearly 78 and had already had one heart attack. He didn't want whatever Heero said to spark the next. He walked to the door, Heero following him, and opened it, stepping out onto the porch.

He felt Heero's hand squeeze his butt as the door closed behind them. He jerked around to face his tormentor. "Don't start that, Yuy," he hissed.

Heero raised his hands in acquiescence and sat on the porch swing, patting the seat beside him. Duo took a chair facing him. Heero shrugged. "You are one beautiful boy, Duo. I'd like to get to know you better."

"I know what you want, Yuy." He didn't, really. He knew it was something a good Catholic boy would never do, though, and he knew he'd be doing a lot of penance for it if he did it. Not to mention having to tell Father Riordan in confession. "Forget it."

"A good Catholic boy, huh?"

"You got it."

"That's just what I was hoping for." He smiled.

"I'm not interested."

Heero leaned toward him, coming close again. "Then what are you interested in," he asked softly. "Girls?"

Duo had never really considered it. He didn't think he was. Certainly none of the girls he'd met. Oh, they exchanged hair-care tips sometimes, but that was all. They were so -- so -- Duo didn't know what they were so. He caught himself looking into Heero's eyes again. None of the girls he knew had eyes that made him feel like that. Four more "Hail Mary's" and what Father Riordan didn't know...

He needed an answer. He knew that "No" was exactly what Heero wanted to hear. "Maybe," he said. It wasn't a lie. He hadn't said he *was* interested in girls.

Heero sat back. "Well, don't rush into anything until you know. I'll walk you to school tomorrow."

"No thanks." Duo had enough on his mind already without that distraction. Besides, he wasn't sure he wanted to be associated with Heero and his friends. They had a bad reputation at his school. Anyone could look at them and tell by the way they dressed and the way they behaved -- and the fact that they weren't Catholic -- that they were the wrong kind of boys to hang out with.

"It isn't a problem," Heero chuckled. "I live just a few blocks away. You're on my way to school."

"You don't go to my school."

"P.S. 127, three blocks past St. Brigid's. I'll meet you at the corner at 7:30. Oh, you might not want to tell your grandmother. I wouldn't want to ruin your reputation." He grinned. Not yet.

Duo felt the blood rising in his cheeks again. "She isn't my grandmother." It was a much safer topic. "Mrs. Murray found me on the streets when I was six and took me in. I don't know who my parents are -- were." He shrugged. That last part was something he didn't like to think about.

Heero nodded, his face suddenly softer, and reached up, putting his hand on Duo's shoulder before he could pull away. "An orphan on the streets? Tough life, koi. I'll see you in the morning." He stood. "I can see myself to the sidewalk."

Duo watched him go. He knew what a koi was, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out why Heero had called him a fish.


Heero arranged himself carefully among the branches of the tree. It was 8:55 PM. He pulled a beaten pair of binoculars out of his jacket and trained them on the window before him. Duo was getting ready for bed. Heero had known a few good Catholic boys before, one intimately. They always went to bed at 9:00.

He watched as the shirt came off first, giving just a peek at the slim waist and almost flat navel before the T-shirt fell down and concealed them again.

Then came the T-shirt, revealing his torso in all it's glory. A firm abdomen, not very muscular, but he had lost the paunch many younger boys had. A nice, broad chest -- he'd guessed that, but seeing it was better than imagining it. His skin was perfect, not too tan, not too white, just that perfect, soft flesh tone. His nipples were small, dark nubs, each surrounded by a slightly lighter pad of flesh the size of a quarter.

A gold cross dangled in the shallow line of his sternum. For all its religious nature, Heero found the sight mildly erotic. He scanned up Duo's body. A few freckles across his shoulders and down his upper arms. Seeing how the muscles moved beneath Duo's skin, Heero wondered if his PE classes included weight lifting sessions. There was a whisper of definition and strength about his chest and arms that spoke of more than just normal teenage play.

Duo yawned, stretching, almost as if he was showing off for Heero. The binoculars traced up his neck, pausing at his mouth. Mmmm, Heero thought. That looks delicious. And deep. He smiled, thinking of what he'd like to do with that mouth. Then it closed again, treating Heero with a view of the cute little nose and those violet eyes, tinted just a step toward blue. Those were two of Duo's best features. Duo's head shook, arranging his braid -- another of his best features -- then looked down.

Heero followed across the hairless chest and belly to his waist. He was undoing his belt, unzipping his pants, unbuttoning them, revealing -- red? He wore red... boxers? Heero had never met a good Catholic boy who wore red boxers. They usually wore boring white briefs.

Duo turned away from him as the pants dropped. At first Heero was frustrated, then he saw Duo's pert, round behind come into full view, wrapped in the red. As Duo bent forward to pick up his pants, the fabric pulled up, revealing the crease where his butt joined his legs and the lower curve of those soft globes. Heero nearly fell out of the tree. He hadn't realized Duo's underwear was so short. What a view!

Duo tossed the pants into the corner with the shirt and T-shirt, then sat on the bed and bent forward again to pull off his socks. Heero was treated to a tantalizing view of nearly two centimeters of butt-crack before Duo sat back up, then gave a repeat performance as he bent down again for the other sock. Heero sighed.

Duo stood and turned, facing him. Heero was disappointed that the boxers weren't as revealing in front as they had been behind. All he could discern was a soft, triangular lump -- that disappeared as Duo knelt beside the bed. Heero watched his prayers. He'd learned to read lips while learning English as a child -- it made it easier to wrap his mouth around the different sounds. Mrs. Murray, Father Riordan, various names he didn't know, probably Duo's friends.

Then he saw eight "Hail Mary's", Duo's hand moving from head to chest, shoulder to shoulder as he said them. Why was he saying "Hail Mary's"? Catholic boys usually reserved those for penance. He smiled. That was about right for two wicked thoughts, so he'd learned from the other good Catholic boys he'd known. He'd seen the way Duo looked at him -- twice.

Duo stood, then laid down on the bed. Heero was disappointed that he didn't sleep naked, but then, most good Catholic boys slept in long pajamas. He'd gotten to see a lot more than he'd hoped for. Duo reached up toward the light, revealing a brief glimpse of his back. Heero had been too busy looking at his butt earlier to notice the sleek ripple of muscle there. Definitely some weight training in his PE classes.

The light went out.

Heero lowered the binoculars and sat in the tree, eyes closed, replaying the scene in his mind, wishing he'd been in the room to help Duo undress, imagining what lay under the red boxers. *Short* red boxers -- he still couldn't get over that. He sighed, and opened his eyes, waiting a while longer until the tightness in his pants subsided enough that he felt he could climb down without injuring himself.

"Good Catholic boy," he mumbled, looking up at Duo's window. He smiled, remembering the question he'd asked Duo earlier. "No good Catholic boy answers that question 'Maybe' when he means 'Yes.' " He chuckled. "You are mine, Duo Maxwell. You just don't know it yet."


"See you this afternoon, Mrs. Murray," Duo called as he rushed out the door on his way to school. He was leaving ten minutes early. If he was lucky, he'd avoid Heero Yuy. He paused on the porch to scan the street. Nowhere in sight. Thank you, God!

He dashed down the street to the corner and crossed the street, feeling safe again as he came to the next corner and turned it. No Heero Yuy. Thank you, God! He'd escaped.

At the next intersection he stopped, waiting for the light to change.

"Duo Maxwell."

It wasn't Heero's voice. He turned slowly. It was the Chinese boy, leaning against the side of Mrs. Peterson's grocery store. "Chang Wufei," he said, then frowned. "You Americans would say it Wufei Chang." He pushed off the brick wall and walked to Duo, laying an arm across his shoulders. "I was hoping to find you."

Something about the way he said it told Duo he didn't really want to be found.

"I know Yuy isn't your type. You don't want someone who is always in control. You want someone who is more responsive." His lips pulled into a knowing smile. "Someone like me."

"Uh, Ooofay, is it?"


"I, uh--" He drew back as Wufei leaned toward him.

"Don't worry, Maxwell. Just a kiss. I'll be gentle."

God, help me, please! I promise I'll always be good if you just help me out of this. I'll even become a priest if you want. Anything! HELP!


Duo felt relief rush through him when he heard Heero's voice, then realized it was Heero's voice. You have a bad sense of humor, God, he thought.

"Yuy." Wufei fairly snarled the name as Heero ran to them. Heero's face was deadly. No wonder Wufei wasn't happy to see him.

"Hello, Duo," Heero shot a quick smile to him -- he wasn't mad at Duo -- then turned back to Wufei with ... that look. "Wufei." He nodded. Duo saw his lips move. He'd worked with some deaf students at school for a few months and had picked up the rudiments of lip reading. "Mine," Heero mouthed to Wufei. "Hands off or I will kill you."

Wufei glared back at him, mouth opening as if preparing to accept the challenge, then he shook his head. "K'so!" He turned and walked down the street, leaving Duo alone.

"Stupid Catholic boy."

He'd forgotten about Heero for a moment.

"You should have waited for me."

Duo guessed his game. "So you set him on me so you could arrive to 'protect' me. Big deal."

Heero grabbed him and turned him, catching him with those deep, blue eyes. Duo chalked up four "Hail Mary's" on his private penance list, then decided to make the best of them -- he saw a hint of anger rumbling in the heavenly eyes.

"Duo no baka. I didn't set Wufei on you. Do you think I'm the only guy around who thinks you're beautiful enough that he'd want to do something about it?"

Duo frowned. He hadn't expected that! "I'd kinda hoped so," he mumbled, not thinking. He heard what he'd said, then the second meaning he hadn't intended. He was so preoccupied with his embarrassment that he didn't see Heero smile for just a moment.

"C'mon," Heero said, face indifferent. "You'll be late for school."

They walked the rest of the way in silence. At least Heero kept his hands to himself, Duo thought as they parted at the gate.