A Good Catholic Boy (cont)

Duo had been nervous and excited all day. He knew the book Heero had promised him would be something forbidden, but he wanted to see it anyway. The more he thought about it, though, the more he had to admit that "knowing what to avoid" might not be his only reason. Mowing Mrs. Murray's lawn Saturday should make up for it. Heero was waiting for him with the umbrella again. He ran to him and, as soon as they were out of the gateway, put his arm around Heero's waist so he could stay dry.

Having his arm around Heero felt kind of nice too. Heero's waist was slender and Duo could feel the muscles moving at the small of his back as he walked. He had kind of noticed that on their walk to school. Now, he decided he liked the way they felt against his arm. He decided they felt... nice.

"Well?" Duo said as they turned the first corner, wondering if Heero had changed his mind.

"Just a little further." A minute later he turned them into the alley. This time he led Duo further -- to a staircase that led to an abandoned basement entrance. It was covered, dry and private. He put the umbrella aside. "Kiss me, koi."


"Do you want the book?"

Duo considered, then remembered how Father Riordan was always saying the thought was as bad as the deed. If that was the case, maybe the deed didn't merit any more penance that the thought. Four "Hail Mary's". He added two more just to be safe. "OK."

He watched as Heero pressed him back against the wall and leaned forward, touching his lips. The scent of vanilla filled his nose. He felt Heero sucking on his lower lip, pulling it down. This was different. He closed his eyes, letting the tingling sensations run through him undisturbed by vision.

It felt good. Heero's tongue touched the inside of his lip. He jumped, surprised. It pushed up against his teeth. Well, Heero seemed to know what he was doing, and if he was going to do the penance, he might as well make the sin worth it. He let his jaws spread as Heero's tongue crept into his mouth, reaching for his tongue. Duo brought it to him.

His eyes opened wide as he felt Heero sucking, pulling their tongues into his mouth. Heero's eyes were closed. Duo let his tongue touch the roof of Heero's mouth, Heero's tongue teasing the bottom of it, moving it around to his teeth, his cheeks, introducing it to his whole mouth as their lips worked against each other. Then Heero was pushing back into Duo's mouth, gently exploring the soft insides. This was definitely better than the last one.

Duo felt dizzy, his legs wobbly. Heero pulled away, breaking the kiss and air rushed into Duo's lungs. "You have to remember to breathe, Duo," Heero said, panting slightly. "Is that the first time you've ever been kissed?"

He knew Mrs. Murray didn't count, but he didn't want Heero to know what a novice he was. Then he remembered. "No," he said, defensive.   Heero laughed. "Is it the second?"

Duo nodded. Oh well. He couldn't lie.

"Did you like it?"

Duo looked at his feet, ashamed to answer -- and noticed the slight bulge just below his belt.

"I thought you did."

He sounded... relieved? Duo glanced up and saw Heero looking at his crotch, then Heero met his eyes. "You are a damn good Catholic boy," Heero said, licking his lips. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a thin book. "Here. This is the first one."

"First one?" Duo looked at it. "Hey. This is just a comic book." He looked again. "Hey, they look like me and you. And what's this stuff on the front?"

"It's a Japanese comic book -- a doujinshi -- and that's Japanese writing."

"I can't read Japanese."

Heero laughed, taking the book from him. "You won't need to. There aren't that many words." He turned Duo around and stuffed the book into his backpack. "It reads backwards from English books, so start at the back. Just look through it tonight before you turn out the light. Oh, and you don't want Mrs. Murray to find that or she'll put you in a convent."

"Monastery. Girls go to convents, boys go to monasteries"

"Whatever. Let's go before she thinks I've waylaid you and ruined you."

They walked back into the rain under Heero's umbrella. Duo wasn't sure, but he thought he might have just been ruined. No, Heero acted like there was more -- a lot more -- than kissing, but Duo didn't know how anyone could survive anything more devastatingly pleasant than that kiss. The electric thrill that had run through him as Heero's scent filled him and their tongues touched, the taste of Heero's mouth. Heero's strong hands on his shoulders, the way Heero's tongue had felt in his--

"Duo?" Heero's voice snapped him out of the memory. "Be sure you don't think about kissing in front of Mrs. Murray."


Heero's free hand brushed against the front of his pants. Duo saw the bulge had become quite noticeable. "Uh..."

"Don't worry," Heero told him. "It'll pass if you think about something else. Tell me about your Catechism class."

Duo brightened and set about trying to explain everything to him. Maybe he could convert Heero. Then Heero could go to St. Brigid's together and they could really be friends.

When they reached Mrs. Murray's door, Duo's pants fit normally again. He realized, as he waved goodbye, that Heero hadn't been interested in the Catechism, he'd been helping him forget the-- Duo thought about his homework instead.


Mrs. Murray always went to bed early on Friday nights. Duo had neated up the living room and had washed and put away the dishes for her. He'd decided prayers may not be enough to make up for the kiss after all. He lay on his belly on his bed in his boxers and got to the thing he'd been waiting for all evening, the comic book -- no, he'd called it a... doujinshi. He'd hidden it under his pillow when he got home. Now he would find out what Heero was really after.

He looked at the cover. The strange Japanese characters made no sense to him, but the boy on the cover looked a lot like Heero, and the boy he was thinking about looked a lot like Duo -- even had a long braid. He knew they couldn't be, who would draw a comic book about them? Especially a comic book about them kissing and stuff. He decided to pretend they were anyway.

He opened the book. The pictures were black and white, and there weren't any words. He didn't need them to follow the action. The first page showed Heero sitting in a bedroom working on something at a desk. He scanned the panels and pages as they showed Heero thinking about him, then getting up from the desk, followed by several long, indistinct views of him taking off his tank top and shorts.

When he turned the page again his mouth dropped open. The first page showed Heero's butt as he bent over, pulling down his briefs. He'd never really looked at another boy's butt. He'd caught glimpses in the showers after PE, but the teacher, Father Padraig, was a sharp Jesuit who extracted penance in the boxing ring from any boy who looked too long in the wrong direction. Everyone quickly learned to keep their eyes on the wall in front of them. Now Duo saw smooth muscle, defining a hard hemisphere split by a deep crack. At the bottom of that crack was the faintest glimpse of a puckered hole.

He stared at the picture of Heero's naked butt for a while. It was beautiful -- but why? He gave up trying to figure it out. It was just beautiful. That was all there was to it. He wondered if others boys' butts looked like that. Carefully pulling up a dozen fleeting, unintentional views in the gym shower, he decided not.

The second page showed Heero's naked body from behind. The lines and curves of muscle in his back sweeping down to his narrow waist, that butt again -- Duo couldn't find words to describe it -- curving into the tops of his thighs. He turned the page again.

His mouth opened wider and he turned the book sideways to get a better view of the two page spread of Heero, from the front, standing there, completely naked, legs slightly apart, lips parted, eyes closed, thinking about him, one hand at his crotch but concealing nothing -- in fact, pushing it out further so it was clearly visible. Duo had never seen him without his jacket -- certainly never naked -- but based on what he'd felt when Heero held him against the wall and pressed against him, and as he'd walked with his arm around Heero's waist, and the feel of Heero's leg as they'd walked under the umbrella, he thought it was probably close to what Heero really looked like.

He studied the picture, committing it to memory. The open mouth, the tip of the tongue visible, was an invitation that made his lips burn as he remembered the afternoon's kiss and the feelings it had stirred in him. His eyes walked down the long, corded neck to the broad shoulders, finely muscled. Then came Heero's chest, the cleft splitting it, clean, hard lines announcing the strength beneath the skin, the small nipples faint arcs and circles drawn almost as an afterthought. His abdomen showed a hint of rippling and a narrow, narrow line of hair that ran from the base of his navel, down his waist, into a thin patch of short hair around his... dick. Duo shivered at the thought. It was a forbidden word at St. Brigid's, but this picture would have been too and all the other words he knew for it were so childish. This was no childish thing. It looked heavy, almost as if it were swollen.

Like his had been this afternoon. Maybe that was it. Maybe thinking about him had made Heero's dick swell like kissing Heero did his own. Thinking the word the second time didn't startle him as it had the first. His fingers touched the page where Heero held himself. Duo blinked. He was definitely going to have to mow the yard tomorrow to make up for this. Maybe more.

He forced his gaze back up the arms studying the curves of muscle, that told him Heero worked out regularly. He wondered what they'd feel like around him. He raced back down the arms, tarrying at the crotch again, not knowing why it excited him so. Maybe because it was different from his. He shivered again and moved down the legs, long and thin, but underlain with fine cables of muscle that whispered strength.

Pausing in his study, he became aware of the swelling in his boxers, pressed uncomfortably against the bed, and flipped over onto his side, facing the window, the book before him. He turned the page again. Now Heero was laying on his back on his bed. Some of the panels showed his hand fondling and squeezing himself, some his hand moving up and down, and some his face as he did it. He seemed to like it. And at least once a page, one of the panels showed he was thinking about Duo -- his body, kissing him, holding him, touching him.

It ended quickly. Some words he couldn't read -- all made up of one or two simple, repeating characters. Heero's face, mouth open, eyes closed, clearly in ecstasy of some kind. Then a view from his crotch that swept up to his face, a single repeated character on his lips as something came out of his dick. Duo thought at first he was peeing on himself, but it didn't make sense that he'd go through all that effort just to pee on himself, or that it would feel that good.

The last pages showed Heero laying on the bed staring up at him, a smile on his face, his dick small again; his hand coming up to his lips; a closeup of his tongue tasting the liquid on the fingers; him sucking on his fingers and thinking about Duo laying next to him.

He turned the last page and found a last picture of Heero on the bed, eyes closed, maybe asleep. Written in the margin were English letters. "Try it."

Duo realized he was breathing heavy.

Duo realized that somewhere during the whole experience his hand had slipped into his boxers. He was feeling himself much as Heero had in the doujinshi. He didn't yank the hand back, though. It felt good.

Try it.

He thought about that. This was definitely in the "sins of the flesh" category. He'd never done one of those before, but he knew they were bad. Well, having started, he'd have to do the penance anyway. He could weed the front flower bed tomorrow after he mowed the yard. That would be more than enough, he was sure.

He turned back to the beginning of the book, running through the pictures again, pausing at the two-pager of Heero, finishing. He got up and walked over to his dirty clothes pile, finding a sweaty T-shirt and walked back to the bed. If he reacted like Heero had in the book, he might need something to clean up the mess. He didn't want Mrs. Murray to know about this. He pulled off his boxers and slid his hand down to his naked crotch, trying to emulate Heero's pose.


Heero had been careful to choose a steady position in the tree tonight. He'd scouted it out over the past three nights until he knew it well -- as well as he knew Duo's almost naked body. He'd watched the boy reading through the doujinshi, knowing when he got to the spread. He'd seen the hand slide into those very un-Catholic red boxers. He'd felt his own desire surging, but had ignored it.

Then he saw Duo get up and...

Naked. Damn! He was beautiful posing like that. Uncircumcised like many good Catholic boys -- but then Heero remembered Duo had been an orphan before he became a Catholic boy, so maybe that wasn't it. He had less hair than Heero and it was rich brown like the hair on his head. Beautiful. A too-short glimpse of his ass as he sat on the bed, then he lay down. Damn, Yuy. You know how to pick them.

He smiled as Duo mimicked the pictures in the book, long fingers wrapped around himself, moving up and down, slowly at first, then faster as he got the hang of it and felt how good it was, flailing on the bed until he reached the explosion of pleasure. The warm, creamy fluid splattered over his chest and belly, his soft cries of bliss carrying through the open window to where Heero sat. He watched the last drops oozing out to cover Duo's hand.

Heero was sure it was his first time. He wanted nothing more than to creep along the branch to the porch roof, climb in the window and take him there and then and to Hell with what Mrs. Murray may find out. But he'd promised Duo he'd let him ask, and so he would. It would take longer, but Heero knew the day would come when Duo would want him. Then...

He let the thought rest and watched as Duo lay there in the aftermath, seemingly unconscious, breathing rapid. Finally, the hand moved toward his mouth. Heero had wondered if he'd try that too. A tentative taste, then Duo swallowed the fingers greedily, cleaning them one by one. The hand returned to gather more of the nectar and brought it to the mouth. When it finished, there wasn't much left to wipe off with the T-shirt. Heero smiled. That was a promising sign. It was one of his particular kinks, but he always wanted his lovers to like swallowing as much his he did.

Duo took the T-shirt and buried it in the dirty clothes pile, giving Heero a view straight to the bottom of the cleft in his butt as he bent over. Heero zoomed the binoculars on the tiny, deep-pink rosebud. A tight, cherry ass. Well he'd do something about that soon enough, and he'd make sure Duo enjoyed it. He had a feeling that it would always be tight, though, even after he claimed Duo's virginity. That was fine by him.

Duo stood and walked back to the bed, pulling on his boxers. He sat on the side of the bed and looked at the doujinshi for a moment before taking it to his chest of drawers and sliding it into the bottom drawer, burying it under the clothes there. He went back to the bed and laid down and turned out the light.

Heero sat staring at the dark window. This time, instead of replaying Duo, he thought about why he wanted Duo so badly. He was beautiful, yes. Heero lusted for his body, yes. But why had he picked Duo in the first place? There were other good Catholic boys at St. Brigid's who looked just as good. He could have selected any of them. Maybe it was the innocence that Duo radiated. The others boys had a hint of worldliness about them that reminded him of himself.

He remembered how he'd felt just a few minutes earlier when he thought about making sure Duo enjoyed their first time together. Maybe he really liked the boy. Maybe he really cared about him. He'd never worried much about what the other boys he'd slept with felt. Oh, he'd wanted them to like it so they would come back for more, but he'd been most concerned about his own pleasure. If they couldn't deal with that, there were plenty of other fine fish in the sea.

When he thought about taking Duo and Duo enjoying it, it wasn't the same. He hadn't really thought about himself. Yes, he was sure he would enjoy it too, but Heero wanted Duo to enjoy their first, and every other, sexual encounter. He wanted Duo to enjoy more than that. He wanted Duo to enjoy being with him, even when they weren't making love. He was no longer sure he could find a better catch than this innocent Catholic boy. Maybe he was in love with Duo.

He shook his head. The other three Fallen Angels would laugh at that. He had a reputation for being a taker even among them. He and Wufei had never been able to come to an accommodation because Wufei wouldn't put up with his demands for experimentation -- ending anything between them before it could start. He'd shared Trowa's and Quatre's bed a few times. It had been fun, exciting, but as he'd watched them making love together while he rested, or even just sitting there holding each other, he'd understood that they had something he had never known. They welcomed him and tried to make him comfortable with them, but it wasn't the same. In the end, he'd given up on that avenue. Maybe he needed his own Quatre.

Maybe that was Duo.

If that was the case, he would need to be careful. He didn't want to rush Duo. He didn't want him to feel he'd taken advantage of his innocence. It might take a little longer than he'd planned to get into Duo's pants, but if taking his time got him what Quatre and Trowa had, it would be worth it.

Yes. He'd take his time. Maybe he should talk to Quatre about it. The boy chattered, but he could keep a secret and was wiser than Heero was about such things.

Heero sat in the tree, guarding his sleeping angel for another hour before he climbed down. Tonight, alone in his room, he knew who he would be thinking about.  


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