A Good Catholic Boy (cont)

Saturday. Duo woke knowing something was different. Then he remembered what he'd seen and done last night. He grinned. Then he remembered what he'd said he'd do to atone for it. He frowned.  Well, better that than telling Father Riordan. He was going to confession this afternoon, so he'd better get up and get to work.

After mowing the yard and weeding the flower bed and raking up all the debris and putting it in trash cans on the curb -- Duo had decided to be sure he had everything covered before confession -- it was almost noon. He had maybe two hours before Mrs. Murray would want to leave for St. Brigid's and Father Riordan. Just enough, if he hurried.

Out of the shower, he opened the bathroom door a few inches and listened. Mrs. Murray was moving around in the kitchen downstairs. Safe. She wouldn't see him. He ran naked along the upstairs landing to his room. He'd closed the door before he saw Heero sitting on his bed.

"What are you doing here?"

"I thought we could go for a walk in the park this afternoon." Heero smiled faintly.

"I have to go to confession."

"So Mrs. Murray told me. She said we can go after we walk her home." He saw Duo's look. "I'm coming with you. I've always wanted to see the inside of one of your cathedrals."

"St. Brigid's isn't exactly a cathedral, Heero. Mrs. Murray let you into my room?" Duo blushed bright red as he realized he was naked in front of Heero.

"I can be a very nice guy when I want to be. We had a little chat. She trusts me about as much as she trusts anyone who isn't Irish or Catholic." His eyes meandered up and down Duo for a moment. "Turn around, koi."


"Just turn around for a minute." Duo did. "Mmmm. Nice. Now, hurry up and get dressed or you'll make Mrs. Murray late."

Duo blushed deeper as he realized what Heero had been doing, but part of him -- the part that liked the kisses and the pictures in Heero's book -- was glad that Heero liked what he saw. He pulled on his boxers, pants and T-shirt, then sat down on the backless chair beside the bed and began brushing his hair. It took an hour. He felt Heero's eyes on him the whole time.

As he separated three sections for braiding, a wisp of vanilla wafted over him and Heero's hand caught his. How did he get so close without me hearing him, Duo wondered.

"Let me," Heero said.

Duo turned on him, "Oh, like you know how to braid hair?"

"Only one way you can find out."

Duo thought about it. The worst thing that could happen would be he'd have to braid it again, and it was a pain to get started by himself. "OK."

Heero's hands took the hair and began shaping the braid.

It felt good having someone else's hands moving through his hair like that. Sometimes Heero tugged a bit while pulling the braid tight, but never so much that it hurt. As he moved down, Duo felt Heero's knuckles resting against his neck, then his back. It felt good, like a gentle massage. Heero's hands traveled past the small of his back, then they were brushing against his butt, nudging the crack, fingertips ghosting against his cheeks. Duo was about to complain about it when Heero pulled the end of the braid up and held out a hand. Duo passed him a short blue ribbon from the bedside table, waited as he tied it off, then walked over to the dresser and looked at it in the mirror.

"Not bad." Actually, it was better than what Duo usually did, but he didn't want Heero to think he'd liked it.

He saw Heero coming up behind him in the mirror. Firm hands settled on his hips. Heero leaned against him, chin on his shoulder, looking at them in the mirror. Duo felt something nudging against his butt, reminiscent of Heero's knuckles earlier. Duo knew it wasn't his knuckles.

"Want a quick kiss before confession?"


"After, then."

Duo felt himself nodding. That would give him a whole week to find a way to make up for it and the thoughts it would bring.

"Let's go," Heero said. "It's almost 2:00. We donít want to be late."


"So, you didn't tell the priest about the doujinshi?" Heero asked as they walked along the path in the park.

Duo blushed. "You're not supposed to listen to that."

Heero shrugged. He wasn't Catholic. He'd listen if he wanted to. There was nothing Duo had told Father Riordan that surprised him. Just the usual fare of thinking angry thoughts about this person and being unkind to that person and saying something impolite about the third person. Nothing dramatic. Nothing like what he'd witnessed last night.

"Why do you think the yard looked so nice?" Duo asked.

"Aa. So you tried it?" So that was what he'd done to pay for his pleasure. Silly Catholic boy.

Duo didn't answer. "Is that what boys do with each other?" He looked at the trees, the gravel, the bushes, anywhere but Heero.

Heero chuckled. "How many boys did you see?"

"Well, just you really."


"Yeah, the boy in that book was you, right?" He met Heero's eyes, automatically adding four "Hail Mary's" to his list. "And you were thinking about me."

Heero's hands fidgeted with the hem of his jacket. "What makes you think I'd pose for an artist drawing that kind of book?"

Duo frowned. "Oh. It wasn't you then?"

Heero just looked at him, a hint of the glare on his face.

"Oh." Duo seemed disappointed.

"That's one of the things boys can do by themselves." He sighed. "I think it's more fun when there are two boys together, though. I'll bring you the next book on Friday."

"There's another?" As he asked it Duo remembered Heero saying something about this being the "first" book. He'd been too surprised by the faces on the cover to pursue it at the time.

"There are several others." Heero laughed. "I don't want to overwhelm you with too much at once."

"Will it have two boys in it?"

Heero looked at him, considering. Duo seemed very eager to move on to bigger and better things. No, best not to rush him. Best to move slowly. "That's a couple of books down the road. But I think you'll enjoy the others too. They'll teach you things you can use when you finally ask me for more." He grinned as they turned into a small tree-shrouded arbor beside the overgrown path in this disused part of the park. "Ah, here we are, koi. A private place."

Heero turned, catching Duo in his arms and holding him close. He brought his lips to Duo's and was surprised to find his good Catholic boy's mouth open and waiting. He felt Duo's arms close around him, hands digging into the muscles in his back, bringing a small mental sigh of contentment. He's coming along nicely, Heero thought as he tasted Duo's tongue in his mouth. I just need to be patient and let it happen when he's ready.


For the third Friday in a row, Heero perched in the tree. Last week he'd been rewarded with a view of Duo giving himself a blow-job. Duo hadn't seemed to mind that the boy in the second book looked like him. Heero had been pleased to see Duo was flexible enough for it and even more pleased when Duo sucked down every last drop. He seemed to like that part as much as Heero had hoped. Perfect.

Tonight was important. He'd told Duo what he'd need when he gave him the book, but hadn't told him why. He'd made him promise not to look inside the doujinshi until he went to bed.

Like clockwork, Duo walked into the room and began undressing. Those red boxers still got to Heero every time he saw them. They didn't stay on tonight. Duo didn't know what was in the book, but he knew he was going to try it. Heero liked that. He was adventurous, willing to take risks. Well, tonight was going to be a new ball game.

Heero smiled at the pun and watched as Duo lay on the bed, fondling himself as he opened the book. Heero knew what he was seeing as he turned the pages and watched his face as he paused, gaping at the new act before him. After a few minutes, he moved on, slowly, then more rapidly as the book showed the progression of pleasure, finally ending in the release. As always, Duo flipped through the book again, reviewing the process. Then he went through it a third time.

He was uncertain, Heero decided. He could understand that. He was asking a lot of his good Catholic boy. That was why he'd chosen to draw himself this time instead of Duo. He had hoped it would put Duo more at ease to see another boy doing it first -- make him feel it wasn't so weird.

Finally, Duo turned on the bed and lay on his belly, letting his legs hang over the side, ass to the window -- Heero had been hoping he'd do that. Duo didn't know he was there, of course, but for some unknown reason he always put the action right where Heero could see it. Heero adjusted the binoculars for a very close view as Duo dipped his fingers in the Vaseline and moved one to the tight pucker, touching it tentatively. His vision filled with Duo's finger and the rosebud.

Delicately, as the book had shown him, Duo ran his finger in circles, gently pressing. Heero saw the first flutter of opening and Duo's finger sank in to the second knuckle. It paused for a moment. Heero moved the focus up and out and almost laughed aloud at the surprise on Duo's face and his struggle to look over his shoulder to see what was happening. Duo's eyes grew wider and Heero moved back down. The finger was moving, circling, stretching the hole. Moments later a second finger joined it. A quick glance back up. Duo's surprise had passed into pleasure. The third finger penetrated deep inside him, and again the fingers moved, stretching the muscles. Heero saw them spread the opening and got a glimpse of the warm, moist interior before Duo stopped and removed the hand. He saw a look of disappointment at the sudden vacancy.

Don't worry, Duo. I know how it feels to be empty like that. It's worth it.

He nodded as Duo took the zuchinni, rubbed the narrow end with Vaseline and pressed it against his loosened hole. Heero hadn't been sure he could take anything larger. That's right. Just take your time and be-- He winced as the green squash slipped in two-thirds of its length in a single push. That had to be uncomfortable for a first timer. Then he heard the soft "Mmmmmmmm". He had underestimated him. Duo stretched quickly and deeply, he noted. That could be useful knowledge.

He watched as his proxy began to move in and out, drawing more soft moans from Duo. He saw Duo's erection surge from semi-hard to solid in a second as he touched that particular place inside him let out a loud, "Ooohhh!" of pleasure. He stopped, listening -- for Mrs. Murray, Heero guessed -- then flipped onto his back as the book had shown him, his ass still aimed straight at Heero. His hand began moving up and down the hard shaft. Seconds later, a muted shout sounding as if it had squeezed between clenched teeth and he came, harder and more than Heero had seen the first week. That wasn't surprising.

Duo's fingers kept moving the zuchinni inside him long after he had shrunk back to normal. Good, he liked it, Heero thought. His only regret was that Duo's head had been on the other side of the bed. He would have loved to see his good Catholic boy's face as he had his first two-way orgasm. Well, he'd have plenty of opportunities to see it later, and he would make sure Duo found it as good as the first time every time.

He saw Duo slide the zuchinni out. No blood. He nodded to himself. That was good. He had hoped Duo wouldn't hurt himself this first time -- had been careful in his choices to prevent it. It only took a minute before the tight little pucker returned to normal. Heero smiled when he saw that. He'd guessed right about him staying tight. Duo sat up and cleaned himself, a sight that made Heero want to go help him, then wiped the last wetness off with the T-shirt. He stood, unsteady on his feet, and hid the zuchinni and the doujinshi in his drawer before laying on the bed, naked, and turning out the light.

Heero sat watching the darkened window, considering. Duo had adapted to his little precursor to seduction well. He should be ready for the next step. Next week, he would find out. Eventually, he was able to climb down from the tree and leave. Tonight was going to be a very exciting night when he got into bed. Images of Duo and the zuchinni blurred with imaginations of Duo and him. Yes, very exciting.


Heero was frustrated Saturday. He wanted to go meet Duo for a walk in the park and find out what he thought of last night. Unfortunately, Trowa and Quatre were out of town with the school orchestra and he and Wufei had to cover their chores. He knew from trying that Mrs. Murray refused to let Duo have visitors on Sunday. He had to wait until Monday to see Duo, and then, Trowa and Quatre were with them. He was never going to get a chance to see how Duo felt about the third book until Tuesday afternoon when they had orchestra practice.

At least he didn't have to worry about Wufei's presence. Wufei hadn't been with them for the past week and a half. He was too busy walking his girlfriend to school -- Mary Ann, or something like that. He seemed to be very serious about her, moving slowly, even slower than Heero was with Duo. Heero knew that if Wufei felt about her like Heero did about Duo, he'd found the last one he'd ever want. He hoped he did. Wufei's life hadn't been any easier than his. He deserved a little happiness.

He felt Duo's arm slide around his waist. "Is that what you want to do to me?" Duo whispered.

Trowa and Quatre discreetly fell back a few paces. Heero silently thanked them, simultaneously amazed that Duo would talk about it when they might hear.

"Hmmm?" Duo said, squeezing to get his attention.

"Nani? Oh. The next one will show you one of the things I want." Heero wanted Duo. Completely, not just as a bedmate. He wanted that too, but he really wanted Duo and was willing to do whatever it took to convince the boy to be his. This was definitely love, he'd decided. He liked being in love.

"I can't wait."

"We're getting close to St. Brigid's." He dropped a quick kiss on Duo's cheek and felt a little warm rush in his belly when Duo didn't object. "You don't want Father Riordan to see you with your arm around me." No need to ruin his reputation.


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