A Good Catholic Boy (cont)

Back in the room, both pulled on boxers. Duo sat and brushed his hair while Heero took out his papers and pencils and pens. He worked, waiting, knowing what was coming.

Duo finished brushing and watched him for a moment. "Heero, I want 'more' whatever it is."

"Not until you know what it is." Heero didn't look up from the page before him.

"Well, where's the next book? I want to know."

Heero turned to him and shook his head. "Duo, look, you're going through a bad time and you don't know what you want. I'm not going to take advantage of you like this." His lips quirked into a smile, softening the words. "I want to take advantage of you, but only when you're really ready." He put away his work and walked over to Duo, taking the hair from his frustrated hands and braiding it as he had his foster sister's. EX-foster sister's. He pushed the unhappy thought away, turning his attention back to Duo. "I don't want to hurt you. Just be patient."

The words and the act seemed to appease him. When Heero finished, Duo lay down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Heero saw the sadness creep back into his face. "What's wrong?"

Duo looked at him. "The funeral is tomorrow afternoon."

Heero took his hand. "Want me to come with you? I'll wear a suit and everything."

Duo nodded. "I'd like that."


The next day Heero found out how long a funeral could run. He'd been to a couple before, but they'd been simple, graveside services that lasted maybe half an hour.

Mrs. Murray's funeral started at St. Brigid's with a long mass. Lots of flowers. Lots of music. Lots of priests and altar boys moving around and doing things he didn't understand. He spent most of the time pretending to follow the ceremony, keeping his hands carefully on his legs before him, his knee touching Duo's, a gentle reminder of his presence. The rest of the time he spent stealing glances at Duo. Whatever was going on seemed to make him feel better.

Then came the slow procession to the grave. Fortunately, Mrs. Murray was being buried on the church property. As slowly as everyone moved, Heero guessed it would have taken at least an hour if they'd had to walk to another cemetery for the burial. A long speech from Father Riordan, proclaiming what a good woman Mrs. Murray had been and comparing her to various women from the Bible. Heero didn't recognize any names, but he agreed she'd been good to Duo. That counted for something.

When he saw Duo starting to tear up, he slipped an arm across his shoulders and held him -- not possession, not a lover, just a friend. His sharp ears heard a woman behind him whispering what a nice boy he seemed to be, being so kind to poor Duo who he barely knew. He almost smiled at the last phrase, but the first part made him wonder.
Back into the church for another hour as people got up and talked about Mrs. Murray and what a kind, good-hearted lady she had been. Heero could believe their stories of her. He'd seen the way she'd tried to protect Duo from him until he'd convinced her he was safe. After that she'd been quite nice to him, if a little preachy sometimes because he was of no particular religion.

Duo stood and walked up front and thanked everyone and said his piece. When he broke down crying, Heero wanted to run to him and hold him tight, comforting him, but didn't. It wasn't that he cared what the people of St. Brigid's thought about him, but he didn't want to damage Duo's reputation, and he knew Duo needed to cry about it a little more before he could get over his loss. Finally, Father Riordan stood in front of them all and said a prayer for Mrs. Murray's soul.

Afterwards, the others gone, Heero waited as Duo spent a few minutes at one of the candle racks, praying, moving through another ritual of grief and hope, lighting several candles, hand moving from head to chest, shoulder to shoulder. Duo paused to make an obeisance in front of the altar, then walked to where Heero sat and nodded. Heero stood, laid his arm around Duo's shoulders in that chaste, friend hold and they walked out of the church together.

Father Riordan was waiting for them at the door. "Duo, me lad." Duo looked at him, uncertain, knowing the Irish brouge only came out he had something important to say. "Your tuition at St. Brigid's is covered through the end of the school year." He glanced at Heero dubiously. "I expect to see you in chapel Monday morning."

"Thank you, Father. I'll be there."

As they walked through the gate of St. Brigid's, Duo sighed. "Well, I guess I'm not going to be your good Catholic boy for much longer."

"What do you mean. He said you'd still be at St. Brigid's."

"Yeah, but what he didn't say is that I'll have to go the public school next year. Only one more month here."

"Public school isn't that bad," Heero said, and smiled, letting his hand fall to Duo's waist. "Besides, you'll always be my good Catholic boy."
Duo almost turned down Mrs. Murray's street, but Heero gently guided him four more blocks to the orphanage.


Four weeks passed as Duo settled into life at the orphanage with its daily rituals of meals, chores and showers. Heero thought Duo liked their showers best, though Heero had been more careful and they hadn't had another like the first one.

Now, Heero hurried down the hall to their room. It was Friday, his night to man the library until it closed at 8:30. After locking up, he'd been cornered by the director, checking up on Duo. Now, it was nearly 9:15. He thought Duo was ready for the next doujinshi, but he'd decided to expand it into a double-issue and it wasn't finished yet. Working on it secretly with Duo sharing the room was difficult, sometimes impossible. He found it funny -- and frustrating -- how the very thing that should have made it easier for him to get Duo in bed was making it harder. Of course, technically, Duo had asked, but Heero wanted to be sure he understood what he was asking for. It could be scary the first time, even if you knew what was going to happen.

He walked into the room. Duo was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "Oyasumi, koi." No response. Oh well, he was thinking about something. Probably Mrs. Murray. He still went through little spates of wistfulness every few days. They were becoming less frequent. Heero knew it was a normal part of grieving and moving on. He'd read up on the subject during library duty that first Friday after Mrs. Murray's death.

It was odd for him to be up this late, though. He may not be living in a Catholic home any more, but he was still a good Catholic boy, dutifully saying his prayers and going to bed at 9:00 every night. Heero sat down at the desk and turned on his work light, then opened the drawer and pulled out the last page he needed to finish. The pencils were done, he just needed to ink it.

He looked over it one last time to make sure it was right. It was a two-page picture of him and Duo making love. Duo sitting, legs spread and stretched out before him, Heero with his back to him, kneeling, straddling him, half-impaled on Duo. Duo's head curled around Heero's right side, watching as his hands worked at Heero. Both boys genitals were clearly visible in the picture, and both of their faces made it obvious they were more than enjoying the proceedings. He'd always found it odd that as long as he looked his erotic art as the person drawing it, it didn't turn him on, but if he stopped and looked at it as an observer, he got hard in seconds. He pulled out his pen and prepared to ink the word balloons. And froze.

Penciled in beside the katakana characters were English letters. "Heero!" in Duo's mouth, "Duo!" in his. A book thumped on the desk, startling him. He recognized it -- a book from the library on kana and kanji.

"Is that what you want me to do to you?" Duo asked from behind him.

Oh, shit. He'd gotten suspicious and found it. "Who says I'm not doing it to you?"

"I think we're both doing it to each other."

Heero nodded. That had been his intent.

"I thought you said they weren't us."

Heero shook his head. "No. I never answered your question." He knew he had earned Duo's trust over the past month and a half. He also knew didn't want to lose it.

Duo was quiet for a moment remembering their conversation that day in the park. "You're right." Then he added. "I saw the other pages too. Is this the fourth book?"

"Yes." Heero turned and looked up at him. What he saw made him smile.

He stood, taking Duo by the shoulders and kissing him as he pushed him to the space between the beds. He kissed him again and Duo's mouth opened, drawing Heero's tongue into him. Heero's hands rose to Duo's chest, undoing the shirt buttons at a fevered pace. He pushed it back, pinning Duo's arms behind him as the sleeves caught. He pulled away from Duo's mouth. It tried to follow him, but he was too fast for it. It moved along his neck and the back of his head as he loosed the shirt cuffs so they could slide over Duo's hands.

"I thought you were going to wait until I asked," Duo said as the shirt fell to the floor.

Heero stepped away from him, appraising, uncertain. "Your eyes did ... I thought." He wanted this to be right. "Do you want to do this?"

Duo nodded, grinning, moving to him. "Hai!"

"Tease." Heero chuckled and yanked the T-shirt over Duo's head. As the cloth cleared Duo's face, Heero was on his mouth again, probing deep into the warm, wet opening with his tongue. He traced Duo's teeth and ran circles along his hard palate, then stirred his tongue and retreated. Duo pushed into his mouth, repeating the procedure, eyes opening as Heero's tongue rose to meet his. They smiled against each other's lips as they jousted, Duo finally yielding to Heero, accepting the intrusion again.

His lips were burning, his mouth was steaming, but it felt so good. He loved kissing Heero's lips, feeling Heero's mouth with his tongue, tasting him. Tonight he tasted different. Duo couldn't explain how, but it was something new. He liked new and different.

Heero slid a hand down Duo's chest and gently pinched the nipple.

"Mmmm!" That was very different.

He felt Duo moan into his mouth, saw the lovely blue-violet eyes glaze briefly at the touch. His finger traced through the shallow valley in Duo's chest, sliding down to catch on the gold cross. Heero pulled himself out of Duo's mouth and bent to kiss it, feeling Duo shudder at the touch of lips on his chest, Duo's hands on his head.
Heero slid his hands around Duo's ass, holding him, and gave a quick, soft nip on the hard nub he'd touched before.

Duo whimpered. Heero's teeth there had hurt a little, but it felt good a lot more than it hurt. "Good. More."

Heero's teeth closed slower, harder until he felt Duo's fingers twine tight in his hair and heard the soft whine escaping Duo's throat -- the precise balance of pleasure and pain.

Duo felt like his body was on fire. The mild pain flamed at that one point and sent a burning, throbbing surge of pleasure through his entire chest to flow out across his skin. His breath ran out, his lungs almost collapsed from the keening exhalation. He moaned, sucking air in, sweating now as Heero released the nipple and moved away. He wanted it back, then felt the butterfly-touch of kisses, tracing a line up his breast-bone, hands drawing curves of white hot flame up his spine. The tender lips moved along his collar bone, up his neck to his ear, over his shoulders and down to the small of his back. A soft nip on the lobe and then the tip of Heero's tongue ran a shivering spiral along ridges and valleys, ending pressed against Duo's eardrum. Duo sighed against him and began tugging at his shirt.

Heero stepped back and let him remove it, then yelped in surprise as Duo grabbed both his nipples between thumb and forefinger and tenderly twisted. Heero sat on the bed, escaping his grasp, and seized Duo by the waistband of his pants, pulling him to stand between his legs. He moved Duo's right hand to his chest and guided the fingers, showing him how to massage the muscle under the skin, tease the hard point in the small rosy circle, and how hard to hold him to reach his own balance.

Heero chest felt good. He'd been in such a hurry he hadn't noticed until Heero showed him how to do it right. On a whim, he reached his left hand up and held Heero's ear, his thumb tracking along the curves and turns much as Heero's tongue had done his.

He smiled at Duo's innovation. He learned quickly. Now, it was time for the next step.

Heero didn't bother with the belt. His fingers opened the zipper and lured out Duo's hard cock and the jewels that hung beneath it. He grinned at it, watching as it drooled in anticipation, then kissed the drop away. It jumped at the contact, bumping against his nose. Another drop. Another kiss. Another drop.

Duo half-shouted, half-squeaked as Heero grabbed him by the waist, yanking him closer and swallowed the head, his lips pushing against the foreskin to move it back the last bit, sucking hard to draw it up again, tongue burrowing the under the ring of skin, bringing whimpers of pleasure as it harried the sensitive tip.

"Mmmm." It was far better than his own mouth had felt. He wasn't all bent up uncomfortably, and Heero knew a lot more about this than he did. He felt himself tingling all over, but especially the end of his… dick, damn it. It was his dick and it felt like it was about to explode as Heero sucked and nibbled and teased it. "Feels good." He tried to buck against Heero's mouth, but felt Heero's arms wrapped around his legs and butt, holding him immobile. Well. Heero knew what he was doing. Duo just stood there gasping.

Heero opened his mouth and pulled back, still holding Duo from behind. Duo stared down at him, panting. "Don't stop."

Heero grinned up at him wickedly and leaned forward again. Duo threw his head back, hands on Heero's shoulders now, eyes closed in anticipation of more. When he felt Heero's lips close in a different place, his head jerked forward and his eyes flew open wide. He watched first one ball then the other being drawn into Heero's mouth. The sight made him tremble, but not with fear.

He felt them rolling against each other in Heero's hot mouth. "Mmmmmm. Heero." Sometimes the constriction bordered on pain, but then they spread apart again and Heero pushed them into his cheeks or nudged them against his teeth or the roof of his mouth, the different textures triggering their own distinct responses. "Ooohh, that feels good." When Heero began sucking on them in earnest, Duo would have sworn he could feel them swelling, about to spill over. "OH! Like that. Mmmm." If Heero hadn't been holding him, he was sure he would have fallen on the floor.

Heero pushed Duo back out of his mouth, kissed away the wetness he was oozing, and smiled up at him. "It gets better." He undid Duo's belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down slowly, letting the fabric dance against Duo's pleasure-sensitized skin. Duo stepped out of them and Heero caught each foot, removing the socks. He sat, looking up at Duo's chest, considering, then reached up and unhooked the chain, removing the gold cross and laying it on the bedside table. He finally had Duo naked, hard and wanting him. He kissed Duo's navel, dipping the tip of his tongue into the shallow crater and hearing a giggle.

"That tickles." He was naked before Heero. Completely naked. And Heero liked him that way. It felt good. "What about your pants?" Duo asked. He wanted Heero to be naked too so he could share the feeling.

Heero looked at them, surprised to find them still there, and started to remove his belt. "I want to," Duo whispered, kneeling before him. Heero nodded. He'd hoped he would. He stood, letting Duo unzip and unbutton his jeans, peeling them down to the floor.

Duo didn't waste time. He wanted Heero and he wanted him bad. As soon as he had Heero's underwear clear, he grabbed Heero's hips, spread his mouth over Heero and swallowed his hard dick in a single gulp. He felt himself gag, frustrated. He'd made it past that on himself once and it had felt good. He wanted to do it for Heero.

He felt Duo's throat constricting around the tip of his cock and felt his knees buckle with the sensation. "Duo," he groaned softly. He'd never expected this from his good Catholic boy.

Duo grinned at him as Heero landed on the bed, pulling out of his mouth. "I learned a few things experimenting that your books didn't show." He leaned forward, trying a more subtle approach, right hand in Heero's balls, left around his dick, mouth taking just the head, teasing the slit at the end with his tongue.

"Nnnnnnn." Heero moaned as he felt Duo blowing into the opening, inflating him. His fingers caught in Duo's hair and slowly guided him down the shaft. He'd just proven he could take it whole, now Heero wanted him to take it slowly. It was ecstasy. Duo's lips started at the head of his cock, moving up and down, each dip taking them a few millimeters lower than before, not rushing. He liked it slow. "Tsu." He gasped as Duo's tongue swirled against him in an imitation of his own tongue earlier. "Nnn." Drawing him deeper into arousal as he was drawn him deeper into Duo's mouth. "Nnnnn."

He had smiled at first, hearing the sounds Heero made, different from his own. Now, his mouth was filling with Heero and he didn't have room to smile. As he reached his hand, he moved it up to Heero's chest, pinching his right nipple soft, soft, hard, soft, harder. Heero's moans came in rough, jagged gasps now. He let his teeth touch against the sensitive skin in his mouth, drawing another "Tsu", then concentrated on relaxing his throat as he felt Heero pressing him gently down.

Heero felt the constriction. It released and he sank deep behind it. Then Duo's throat closed over the whole head and part of the shaft. "Aaaaaaa!" Heero could feel Duo's nose pressing into his pelvis. He was all the way in. Duo had swallowed him whole.

Duo felt a moment of panic, knowing he couldn't breathe if he tried, but it vanished as quickly as it came. He knew Heero wouldn't hurt him. He trusted him. He moved his throat in a swallowing motion, feeling Heero's dick as the muscles pressed against it. His fingers closed hard over the hard nub on Heero's chest, unrelenting this time.

Pleasure surged through Heero's body, tearing from Duo's fingers, across his heart, belly, into his crotch and down Duo's throat. "Nnnnn. That's good, Duo," he whispered, shivering as Duo swallowed again and again, throat muscles moving around him for ten, twenty, thirty seconds.

His lungs were beginning to burn. He needed to breathe. He nudged his head back.

No one had ever taken him this deep. It felt so good. He didn't want it to stop. He felt Duo try to draw away. He didn't want it to stop, but he didn't want to scare Duo either. He pulled him back.

Duo almost cried when Heero didn't just let him move, but lifted him off. He'd been right. Heero cared about him. Heero wouldn't hurt him.

Heero felt the rush of air over his cock as Duo inhaled. The fiery point on his chest began to cool as Duo released his hold there.

He was pretty sure Heero was about to come in his mouth. He didn't want that. Well, he did. Heero tasted different than he did, and he liked it. But the doujinshi had promised something he thought would be better. He pulled further back, then completely off. Heero tried to push his mouth back down, but Duo said, "You wanted a different hole in the book." His tongue darted out to tease the tip of Heero's erection, making it jerk.

He'd forgotten that somehow. "Yes." He did. Heero pulled Duo up onto the bed and turned them to lay along its length. The fingertips of his right hand caressed the inside of Duo's thighs stirring a soft cooing sound while his left fumbled briefly in his bedside table.

Heero's hands were callused from drawing and his daily weight lifting routine. At the first touch on the soft skin inside his legs, Duo had thought they would be rough and uncomfortable. He was right about the first part, but the roughness sent electricity racing along his legs to his groin. It was far from uncomfortable. He slid his hands along the hard muscles of Heero's chest and belly. They felt so firm, so soft, so good. He saw the tube Heero had pulled from the drawer. "What's that?"

"KY." Heero said quickly. He pushed Duo's feet along the bed until his heels were about twenty centimeters from his ass and to either side of his hips, toes pointing out, then positioned himself between Duo's legs, wanting to move to the thing he'd waited for so long. "Makes it easier on both of us. Trust me."

"I trust you." He said it simply, calmly, looking at Heero

In those with guileless, violet eyes, Heero saw that Duo meant the words and paused as they sank in. Duo trusted him. His good Catholic boy trusted him completely. He shivered. It was almost enough to make him come right then. Knowing that one thing was as good as everything they were about to do.

Duo saw the shiver, saw Heero's dick jump and his balls dance in their pouch, and knew he'd said something that Heero really wanted to hear. It wasn't a lie. He trusted him. He'd believed he could for a long time. Now he'd proved he could.

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