A Good Catholic Boy (cont)

Heero felt a soft smile on his face. "I love you, Duo." He leaned forward, letting his lips brush against Duo's. "Promise you won't leave me?"

"I promise. I love you too, Heero." Duo smiled and saw a tear on Heero's face as he said the words. Heero had told him about the people who had left him. He knew how hard it was for Heero to ask -- to take that risk. Though he'd never thought about falling in love, certainly not with another boy, certainly not with Heero Yuy, it had happened. He wouldn't dream of leaving him.

But right now Duo wanted something else too. "I want 'more'." He fidgeted against him.

Heero kissed him again. "Anything and everything you want."

He pushed up to kneel before Duo and squeezed a large glob of the jelly onto his fingers with one hand as the other closed on the jewels between Duo's legs, rolling them in his hand, squeezing them tenderly. "Remember the third book?"

Duo nodded, grinning in anticipation. Heero's fingers on his balls were sparking the same tingle they had on his legs, only this time, it wasn't dampened by the distance between thigh and groin. This time it was right where the surge hit hardest. He sighed softly as the felt the skin around them tighten, trying to draw them up against him as Heero's fingers stopped their teasing and gently stretched them down. Duo had learned they usually did that right before he came and knew Heero was trying to hold him off. The sensation subsided.
"Relax." Heero brought the other hand into the V of Duo's legs and the fingers rubbed against the tight rosebud.

Duo jumped at the contact. "That stuff is cold," he said, seeing Heero's concern. Heero nodded at him, understanding.

It would warm up soon enough. Feeling him Heero couldn't believe Duo would ever open wide enough. He pressed gently against the pucker with one finger, pressure slowly building, but Duo was still too tight. There was a way to take care of that. He bent his head to Duo chest and closed his teeth on the untouched nipple that stood rock-hard. Duo inhaled sharply and Heero felt Duo's ass swallow his finger to the last knuckle.

The pressure tickling against his hole and the sweet pain on his nipple connected in a searing arc. He felt himself open wide and Heero's finger shoot into him. It didn't hurt. It felt wonderful. The first step toward filling him with Heero. He wanted to be filled with Heero like the book had shown. The finger wasn't moving. He looked up at Heero and nodded, wiggling to tell him what he wanted.

He held it there, wanting to let Duo feel it, grow comfortable with his presence, but Duo was moving against him already. He remembered how quickly he had stretched a month ago. "OK." Duo's eyes closed in anticipation, and Heero began sliding the finger slowly back and forth, bending to search for--

Heero's finger moved in him, loosening him. It seemed to be feeling for something inside him. There was an explosion of sensation as the finger touched a particular spot. He screamed as it tore through him. "Ooooohhhhhh! God!"

He had found it. Heero paused, lifted his mouth from Duo's chest and grinned at him as Duo's eyes opened and a weak smile lit his face.

"That felt really good. Do it again, please." Please, please, please, do it again, Heero.

Heero saw the begging on his face and smirked wickedly as he moved his finger again. "Ooooohhh!" It worked relentlessly, heedless of Duo's soft cries, "Oh! -- Oooh! -- Mmm!", that matched its rhythm.

His awareness dropped into a soft fog as Heero probed him, touching him over and over in that spot that sent shivers of delight through him. He wasn't sure how long it went on, but then Heero pulled out of him. He whimpered at the sudden void inside him. "Don't st-- Oooohhh!" He felt two fingers push against him, gently forcing their way in. He was ready for them. They spread apart as they pulled back, loosening the tight rings of muscle that bound his hole. He could feel their gentle massage relaxing him, preparing him for the next. The hits against that hot spot within him were less frequent now, but they came often enough to put him back into the daze so that he barely felt it when Heero pulled out again and--

He added the third finger after another four minutes. Two fingers was usually enough, but he wanted to be sure he had Duo stretched well. He'd rather have his ass a little loose than have it too tight. It was hard to gauge just how ready Duo was, though. He could feel resistance as he pushed into him, but Duo accepted the fingers with no apparent pain. When he pulled them back, he felt the tightness that returned as the fingers withdrew, only to open as he pushed in again.

"Please, Heero." Duo reached down, his shoulders lifting off the bed, and grabbed at Heero's crotch, tugging on him, stirring him into a full erection again. "I want you. Now!"

"A few minutes more. I don't want to hurt you."

"Damn it, Heero! You're only a little thicker than that zuchinni and your fingers are bigger than mine. I'm ready. Please!" He knew he was ready. He could feel it, even if Heero couldn't.

His good Catholic boy had said, "Damn it". He must be serious. "Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop," Heero said, lifting Duo's legs onto his shoulders, raising Duo's butt off the bed to meet his crotch. Heero quickly rubbed a generous dollop of KY onto his cock, put his left arm around Duo's legs for leverage, moved his right hand to guide his cock, and pressed before Duo could close again. He need not have worried. Duo's greedy ass opened for him, swallowing the head in a single gulp.

"Ooohhh." That felt good. Heero was in him now. But why wasn't he moving? Duo concentrated on the muscles around his hole, trying to draw Heero into him. "I want all of you," Duo sighed.

Heero paused, holding himself just inside, feeling Duo trying to pull him deeper. "Just be patient." The muscles contracted around him again almost bringing him off. "Stop that, you're going to make me come to soon." Duo grew still beneath him and Heero grinned at him. "I want all of you too, but don't rush. I want you to enjoy this."

He thought he'd enjoy even if Heero rushed, but, he reminded himself, Heero knew what he was doing. Duo looked at him, waiting, Heero's dick broaching his hole. It was a tighter fit than he'd expected. He waited a bit more. He didn't like waiting, especially for this, but he trusted Heero. He lay there, feeling the small part of Heero inside him and savoring it. Maybe taking it slow wasn't so bad after all.

Heero felt Duo relax around him. That was what he'd been waiting for. He wrapped both arms around Duo's legs and pulled, drawing him closer.

"Oh." Heero was sliding deeper into him now. "Oh." He felt his mouth open around the gasping syllable. "Oh." He couldn't think of anything else to say. "Oh." Heero, pushing his way into him ever so slowly. "Oh." Filling him. "Oh." Stretching him so gently. "Oh." It felt so good. "Oh." Slow was good.

Heero watched the twistings and softenings of Duo's face as he nudged into the tight, cherry ass he'd dreamed about since that night nearly two months ago when he'd first seen it. He listened to Duo's breathing, rapid as he took Heero's cock, then it slowing into long, irregular breaths as Heero reached deeper into him.

"Mmmm," Duo sighed, then groaned as one of Heero's hands tweaked his right nipple, sending that searingly blissful arc through his body, down to the spot where Heero was pressing into him. He felt himself squeeze around Heero for a second. Oh, that felt good. "I don't feel empty anymore." He giggled.

"You're not." Heero felt himself slide in the last centimeter, his own jewels touching Duo's ass. "Do you know what those are?" he asked, moving out and in just that centimeter so they would rub against Duo.

Duo felt them and knew. He nodded, eyes suddenly solemn.

"And you know what that means?"

Duo nodded again. "I'm yours," he sighed happily. Then he grinned. "Or maybe you're mine since I've got all of you inside me." He concentrated and felt himself squeeze around Heero's dick again, drawing a soft "Tsu" from his lover. 'Lover'. That was a nice word.

Enough words. "Do what you did in the book, please."

My little adventurer, Heero thought, seeing the hunger in Duo's eyes. He moved his right hand, still slippery with KY, to Duo's hard cock. His left hand continued tracing designs around Duo's right nipple, occasionally moving in for a soft nip with thumb and forefinger. He drew out, slowly, hearing Duo whimper as the emptiness came, feeling Duo closing tight in his wake.

Oh, it feels so terrible.

He pushed forward again, slowly, hearing Duo moan as the emptiness fled, feeling Duo opening easily, but still tight before him.

Oh, it feels so good.

Convinced Duo was ready, Heero began moving faster. Duo's whimpers and moans blurred into a single series of soft shouts as he glided in and out. His hand slid up and down over Duo's erection, the fluids oozing from the head further lubricating their contact.

In, out, up, down. In, up, out, down. Up, in, out, down. Duo couldn't keep up with the erratic rhythm. He just let himself feel. His butt was off the bed and he swung slightly with each thrust, bouncing against Heero with the soft, smacking thwap of flesh against flesh. That alone felt good, but rising above it was the feeling of Heero's hand moving on his dick, and the feeling of Heero's dick in his hole as it rubbed against his insides, especially that spot that sent waves of tingling through his body when Heero touched it -- the spot he was touching constantly.

He paced them carefully, slowing, pausing sometimes. He wanted this first time to last.

He was disappointed the first time Heero slowed down, then really upset when he stopped. Why was he stopping? They weren't done yet. Then he felt the searing pleasure begin to fade and realized he'd been on the verge of coming. Heero was taking his time, drawing it out so--. Heero began moving again and he forgot what he was thinking about as the sensual throbbing rippled out from the place where Heero's body collided against his, and where the hand stroked his dick, and where the fingers toyed with his nipple. He heard sounds and knew they were coming from his mouth, but he didn't know what they sounded like.

Heero glanced at the clock. 10:12. He had almost lost it four times, but he'd been inside Duo for over half an hour now. He was proud of himself. He'd seen Quatre and Trowa do "The Long and Slow", as they called it. He'd tried it with them, but had never lasted as much as ten minutes before.

He and Duo were both approaching the precipice again, and Heero knew he wouldn't be able to stop wither of them this time. He slowed, sustaining the moment for a few seconds more, then felt Duo begin to clench around him.

He opened his eyes as he felt the change in their rhythm, finding Heero watching him. He tried to smile, but wasn't sure he did because at that moment, he felt himself drawing tight. Oh! This was it. He was going to--

He drove harder and faster, fingers tight on Duo's nipple, hand racing up and down Duo's cock, shoving Duo toward the edge and rushing quickly after him, watching Duo's face glowing with the ecstasy building inside him, the shouts no longer soft as they raced toward--

"Ooohh! Heero!" He couldn't feel everything at once. He wanted to feel everything at once. He wanted to watch Heero, but he couldn't see clearly, couldn't be sure if his eyes were open or--

The contractions around Heero's cock came in rapid bursts. Dragging him to the edge. He struggled to balance there for a moment, still watching Duo as--

"Ooooohhhh! OOOHH!" Everything resolved into a single, blinding burst of distilled ecstasy that exploded up from his hole and that spot, through his dick and balls and raged across his body like a lightning storm. He was suddenly speechless.

Heero heard a soft gasp as creamy white fluid shot past his nose before arcing down onto Duo's belly, a pool collecting in his belly button, overflowing it into the hollow created as his belly collapsed toward the pleasure inside him. At the same time, Heero felt Duo close tight on him, squeezing him almost painfully as he thrust in again. It threw him off the balance he'd held and left him falling after Duo. "Aaaaaaaaa!" He felt the surge inside him and then the hard stream of his own come shooting into Duo.

It reached over the other sensations tearing through him. He knew what it had to be. "Oh! I can feel you," Duo moaned and he spurted again, the gasp catching in his throat again. This time, it was too much. He was overwhelmed by the storm.

Heero wasn't surprised Duo could feel him coming. He felt Duo shrink around him again. "Aaaaaaaaaa!" He lost track of what was happening as his consciousness imploded into a tight, dark core of ecstasy.

He felt the haze fading. Only three minutes had passed by the clock, but it had seemed much longer. Somehow, he'd stayed in position over Duo without collapsing. Three more minutes passed before he trusted himself to move again. When he did, it was to take the hand that had held Duo's nipple and collect a sample from the still-warm pool Duo had filled.

Duo opened his eyes again as he felt the hand leave his chest and draw a line down to his belly. He knew what Heero was doing. Part of him wanted it for himself, but he saw the longing on Heero's face. A gift for Heero alone, he decided. He's never tasted me before.

As the hand touched his lips, he saw Duo watching him, panting, dazed, smiling. "Mmm," he said. "Good Catholic boys are sweet." Carefully, he pulled out of Duo, lowering Duo's legs from his shoulders, then bent, lapping away all signs of Duo's ecstasy.

He felt empty again. That had always been the worst part of his experiments with the zuchinni. Then he felt two fingers slide into the hole. Better. Heero knew. Heero cared. He sighed, content.

He moved slowly, as much because he wanted to enjoy this as because he was feeling unsteady after that mind-blowing-- He couldn't find a word that fit it. "Fuck" was so vulgar. "Orgasm" was so clinical. "Experience" didn't begin to describe it. He gave up searching and instead listened to the soft murmurs he stirred as his tongue cleaned Duo's belly. Finished, he removed his fingers from Duo's ass.

Discontent. He was empty again.

Heero stretched out beside Duo and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close, holding the warm body tight against him. He knew what Duo was feeling after his withdrawal. This had always made it easier when he was the one feeling it.

So much better being held. He could stand the hollow feeling as long as Heero held him. He knew it would fade soon, but Heero holding him distracted him from the wait, comforting him with his peaceful nearness.

They lay together half-asleep in the warm, hazy afterglow of their love making.

Duo stirred against him and said something to him. Heero's brain crawled to a more awake state. The clock said it was 11:22. An hour they'd been dozing. "Nani? What?"

"I guess I'm not your good Catholic boy anymore," Duo said wistfully.

"Silly koi. You are mine, and you are very good, and I will always think of you as a Catholic boy."

Duo smiled and kissed him, catching a taste of himself still on Heero's mouth. He cast a faint frown at Heero as their lips separated. "Why do you always call me a fish?"


"Koi. It's a fish, right?"

Heero chuckled. "It's short for koibito. It means 'lover', roughly."

Duo really frowned at that. "So you've been calling me 'lover' since the first day we met? Isn't that a little presumptuous, Heero Yuy?"

That made Heero laugh. He hugged a chuckling Duo close until their laughter subsided. "I'll show you presumptuous," he said, still grinning as he disentangled himself from Duo, then stood and pulled him up off the bed. He led them to his closet, where he reached in, fumbled for a moment, then found what he wanted and pulled out a dark blue denim jacket.

"Your jacket?" Duo asked, confused.

Heero shook his head, showing him the black, feathered wings on the sleeve. "Yours, my fallen angel."

Duo slipped it on, checking the fit. It was a bit big, but he'd noticed his clothes getting smaller lately. If that kept going like it was, by the end of summer it should be about right. It was summer! Today had been the last day of school. This was going to be an interesting summer. "Your fallen angel." He grinned. "I like the sound of that... my fallen angel."

Heero pulled them together and kissed him tenderly. After a moment, Duo's tongue pressed into his mouth and the kiss became more passionate -- until Heero broke away, staring down at Duo's growing erection, feeling his own desire stirring again. "Damn, you sure are horny for a good Catholic boy." He ran a hand along Duo's side and thigh, coming back up to rest on his butt.

Duo sighed at the touch, then caught Heero's gaze. "What am I going to do to make up for that sin we just committed... koi?" He liked that word.

Heero ran over to the desk and held up the uninked page. "This. And leave your jacket on."

Duo didn't know much Japanese, but he did know the word that mattered. "Hai!"


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