Inbound Telemarketing (cont)


"Then we went to the art exhibit."

Heero shook his head. "So you spent the whole time in the steam room staring at him, koi?" Duo no hentai. He smiled faintly.

"I told you he's gorgeous, Yuji. But it wasn't like that. I was looking at him and, yeah, I was enjoying the view, but I was thinking about how much I liked just sitting there next to him and talking about stuff. I mean, maybe we can't be more than friends in real life, but I like being his friend. Hell, I didn't even get hard the whole time."

Yes, and how difficult was that? Still, Heero was pleased to discover that Duo had so much self-control. He'd been trying to provoke a reaction from him. "So you're happy with things the way they are?"

Duo sighed. "No, damn it, or I wouldn't be calling you. But I'd rather be his friend than not, so I'm not gonna push my luck. Besides, he doesn't have that many friends. He doesn't need to lose one just because I'd like to be more than a friend. I can live with things the way they are."

Damn! He was serious. "You're a damn great guy, koi." Damn great, Duo. I'll have to remember to be nicer to you. "So how was the art exhibit?"

"Good. But... Well... He kinda weirded me out. We went to see the Maxfield Parrish exhibit. After we were done, I went to buy a poster-print of 'Evening (Twilight)' and 'Aquamarine' to go with the print of 'Daybreak' that I already have. Anyway, he wandered off into the museum while I was in line and it was an hour later before I found him -- in the Cicely Mary Barker room--"

"She was the lady who painted the Flower Fairy pictures, ne?" Fairy, gay, Duo. He wondered why he hadn't made the connection at the time.

"Yeah. I like her work almost as much as Parrish's. Anyway, he was standing there, staring at 'The Willow Fairy' -- have you seen that one?"


"I watched him for twenty minutes. He looked so calm, so peaceful. You don't know how rare that is for him. He's beautiful all the time, but when he's like that... God. ... I finally had to move because my calf was cramping and he heard me or saw me out of the corner of his eye, or maybe he's just psychic or something."

No, I heard you when you first walked in and listened to you breathing the whole time. "So? What happened?"

"I asked him if he liked the picture and... he said... he said she reminded him of me."

"And that was bad?"

Heero listened to silence for a moment, then heard a soft, shuddering sigh. "I thought for a second he was saying he thought I was beautiful. Then I decided it was because she was smiling, kinda like I do sometimes. I mean, he couldn't have meant it the other way, ne? He's straight."

Now it was Heero's turn to think. He remembered saying the words, but now he couldn't say how the girl had reminded him of Duo. Except that she shared more than his smile. ... Her hair was almost Duo's color ... And it was long, though not as long as his ... And there was something of his easy movement in her pose ... And his childlikeness as she dipped her foot into the water... And she was pretty to look at.

"I've seen that picture. You must be beautiful if he compared you to her. So then you went home?" ... That was nice of me, and I didn't even think about it until after I'd said it. And isn't like I was stretching the truth because he is beautiful. ... Shit. I think he's beautiful? But... Better move on.

"No. Then he really blew me away--"

"That sounds fun, koi." Heero wanted to kick himself as soon as he heard the words.

"Damn it, Yuji! I'm not baring my soul to you because I want you to make hentai jokes."

It was a line from a script. He'd found script lines creeping into his speech at odd and often inappropriate times lately -- especially when he was thinking and only half paying attention to a conversation. "Sorry, koi. It's a bad habit I've been picking up these last few months."

"S'okay, Yuji." Duo sighed again. "I guess being a phone sex operator isn't always fun and games, huh?"

"No, koi. There are some sick people out there."

"How do you know I'm not one of them?"

"That's easy, koi. We've talked for over an hour the past few days and you haven't asked me to be twelve. Or castrated me. Or raped me. Or made me beg to be fucked all the way by your meter-long dick even though I know it will kill me because--"

"Damn, Yuji. Why do you do this shit? Just hearing that makes me sick."

"It pays well. I had trouble keeping jobs before this one." It was the easy answer, but he wondered sometimes too. Maybe it was for the occasional caller like Duo who really wanted a person to talk to, instead a toy to play with. "Anyway, you were telling me how he surprised you."

"Uh... Yeah..." Duo sighed. "The bastard invited me to dinner.

Bastard? Why the Hell am I a bastard for inviting you to dinner? "Why the Hell is he a bastard for inviting you to dinner?"

"Because, damn it, I was about to cream my jeans and desperately needed to go home and jack off and damn if he didn't ask me to dinner, which *really* almost made me cream my jeans."

"So you said no?" Why didn't you say no?

"Hell no! I said yes. We've had dinner together before, but I was always the one who asked. I... I felt like he really wanted to spend some time with me this time. It was like he'd asked me out on a date. No way I'd turn that down, even if I did risk sticky boxers. Even if I did know that wasn't what it really was."

Was it date? "Well, if he asked you, he probably did want to spend some time with you." Yes, it was a date. As much as his occasional dinners with Relena had been dates. And he had enjoyed it more, for some reason. Why?

"You think so? Wai! Maybe it was a date. Damn! You think I have a chance with him?"

Did Duo have a chance with him? If not, then why in Hell had he asked him to dinner? Maybe it was because Duo was fun, in his own, annoying way. Or was he trying to find the signs of affection that he'd missed before so he could say something about them? And if so, why? "Maybe. But you probably shouldn't rush him. He's probably trying to figure out what he wants." That was certainly the truth.

"Damn it, Yuji. I hate waiting."

"Well, right now I'm tired of waiting for more of my back rub, koi. Think you're up to it?" It was time to get into the fantasy. Duo was paying for the call, and while Heero had found he liked being Duo's confessor, they were on dangerous ground again, and he really did want more of the back rub -- even if it was just a hand-held massager in his hands and Duo's voice over the phone.

"Yeah... Heero."

"Okay. You were giving me a back rub, koi. And I was enjoying it, very much."

"Uh, yeah."

Heero waited a moment, then put the massager against his back. "Nnnnn. Your hands are so warm on my right shoulder. It feels so good."

"I knead the muscles in you shoulder, Heero. They're so tense. You're always so tense. But now I feel you relaxing. It makes me feel good too."

Why? "Anou... Why? ... Aaaa."

"Because I want you to feel good, Hee-koi. I like making you feel good. I move down your back, slowly, working the muscles in the middle part of your back."

"Aaaaa! Damn, that feels incredible, koi!"

Duo chuckled. "You really never have had a back rub, Yuji?"


"Maybe I should come over and give you a real one."

"Nnnn. That would be nice, koi." Wait a minute. What the Hell am I saying? "But I thought you wanted Heero."

"Yeah, but maybe I should give up on him that way and look for someone else."

"And that would be me?"

"You're damn nice, Yuji."

Well, I wanted to be nice to him. So now he thinks I'm nice. Sort of. "How much do you really know about me?"

Silence, then, "Not much. But I'd like to know more. Maybe we should meet sometime."

"Maybe you should think about it for a while and learn who I am before you decide you love me." But you've already decided that, haven't you? About the real me, anyway.

"Okay. So tell me -- Damn! Gotta go back to work."

"Call me tomorrow?"

"You bet."

"And koi?"


"Tomorrow I want you to rub my belly again." Heero tapped the button on the palm computer's screen, dropping the connection before Duo could reply. That would give Duo something to think about. It certainly gave *him* something to think about. He rolled over on his back and laid his hand on his belly, feeling the muscle there -- and saw the bulge in his Spandex. That gave him more to think about.



Heero sighed as he pushed the buttons on the palm computer, switching the phone from the business line to his personal line. Tanaka-sama was starting to get more demanding. The man was into young boys because he was a size-freak. Today he'd started talking about various ways to make "[his] precious little Yuji" bigger. Heero had read about pumping. It was a little strange, but, hey, some guys just weren't satisfied with what genetics gave them. He figured it wasn't much different than competition body builders, or sumo wrestlers. But he wasn't sure he even wanted to research some of the other stuff Tanaka-sama had mentioned, much less play it over the phone.
It might be about time to start looking for a new job. Maybe he could find a phone sex line that catered to simpler tastes. He pushed the button for voice mail.

"Hello, Mr. Yuy? This is Rina Johnson from The Apartment Connection. I have information on a couple of units that seem to meet your criteria and I'd like to set up an appointment to show them to you. You can reach me at 4334-5613-2112. Or you can take a virtual tour at our site, The unit numbers are RG3878 and CC7943. Thanks."

Heero entered the phone number, the site and the apartment numbers into the palm computer. He'd do the virtual tour after he finished the rest of his voice mail. He'd taken this apartment because he could afford it when he was bouncing between jobs. Now that he'd found a something he could stick with -- maybe -- he could afford something better. Of course, he was going to miss hearing his neighbors' sex lives through the walls and ceiling. They had given him ideas he'd worked into the company's base scripts.

"Hello, Mr. Yuy. This is Mark Martinsen with WorldBanc. I'm pleased to be able to offer you our gold card with a low, (introductory) rate of 5.87%--"

Heero hit the delete button. He had two credit cards, and that was plenty. He'd recently paid them both off and intended to keep them that way.

"Heero, it's Duo. I just wanted to call and say thanks for Saturday. I had a great time and... uh... I was hoping we could do something like that again sometime... If that's okay with you, I mean... I don't want to be pushy or anything... Uh... Well... Anyway, give me a call when you get a chance. Bye."

Damn! Heero pushed the "envelope" button. The computer-generated voice recited, "Call received... today at... 14... 27." So, a couple of hours after their conversation. Damn. Duo had decided to take a chance, and Heero wasn't ready for it. He wasn't sure what he wanted.

"Hi, Heero. It's Relena. I just wanted to let you know that my calendar is free Friday night. I called the anime club at the university. The 'Dirty Pair' marathon starts at 20:00. Let's meet at the Greek restaurant across the street from the gym at 19:00."

Maybe he could talk to Relena about his dilemma. ... Like Hell he could. He was better off pretending to be Yuji and talking to Duo about it. He sighed. Well, he was the one who'd suggested the date. He pressed the callback button and got Relena's voice mail. "Relena. Heero. 19:00 Friday."

Now, what to do about Duo.

He still wasn't sure.

Well. It could wait.

He pulled up the apartment site on the palm computer. Maybe after he was done with that he'd know what to do.

An hour later, he didn't know what to do about Duo, but he'd found the apartment he wanted, complete with an optional steam machine in the all-tile bathroom. He called Rina Johnson, expecting to get her voice mail. He preferred to do business over voice mail. Funny, considering the business he was in. He was surprised when she answered.

"Oh, this is my 'follow-me' number. I'm soaking in the tub right now."

That was certainly an interesting place to do business, Heero thought. Of course, he did some of his work in the bed. "I'll take RG3878 -- with a steam unit in the bathroom."

"That's great, Mr. Yuy. How soon do you want to move in?"

Heero thought for a moment. "As soon as I can get my business line moved? I work from home." Which, allowing for all the usual paperwork, should be about a month.

"How does Thursday sound?"

"Nani? What?"

"The unit is in a new complex that didn't pre-lease out before completion. It's basically waiting for you. You're in one of our apartments now, so Apartment Connection can handle the line transfer internally, and we can roll over your lease so you won't need a new deposit or two month's rent, just the difference for River Garden Courts' rates."

"Sugoi!" Damn. He was starting to sound like Duo.

"Just a couple of notes. The terms of the lease will change to reflect the new rent and some changes regarding pets, renters' association dues, and access to the gym, pool, and tennis courts, but they're all pretty normal. Oh, there's also a clause about the furniture. Basically if you stay in the same complex for three years you own your furniture. And I think that would include your steam machine."

"Ryoukai. Email me the documents and I'll have them back to you in the morning."

"Yes, sir." She was silent for a moment. "Just sent them. You should have them shortly. If you have any questions, please call me. You have my number. And I'll call you Tuesday to set up an appointment for our moving crew to transport your belongings on Thursday."

"Aa. Thanks, Rina." This was why he used this service. They handled everything. Except the packing. He looked around the bedroom and decided he could do that Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. That way he'd only have to miss one day of work.


The call came later than usual.

"Hello, koi."

"Heero... I'm sitting on your delicious ass, rubbing your back. My hands are working their way down to the small of your back--"

So, he was jumping straight into the fantasy. That wasn't good. It said he was a bit out of control. "I turn over underneath you--"

"You try. No, Hee-koi. Let me rub your back."

"I want you to rub my front."


"I'm stronger than you. I lift my ass and flip underneath you."

"What are you--"

"Rub my belly, koi. Please." Heero decided he was a bit out of control too. Well. It was too late now.

"I-- I--"

"Don't you want to? You feel me swelling beneath your ass."

"Oh, fuck, yes. I lay my hand on your belly, feeling the firm ripples of muscle there. Oh God, I've wanted to feel that for so long, Hee-koi."

"You did before, koi."

"You had your shirt on then. Now, your skin feels electric against my hand. I run my hands up and down over the ripples, like I did before, letting my fingers run into the valleys--"

"Nnnn. Koi, I didn't know..."

"I move..."

"... I could feel so good."

"... my hand ..."

"You feel me getting harder under you."

"Naaniiii? ... Oh fuck. ... Yes, Heero. I trace my index fingers up the shallow line that runs from your abdomen to your breast bone and arc them out to circle your nipples."

"Aaaa! Koi, that's so ... They're standing up beneath your fingers."

"I pinch them gently between my thumb and forefinger."

"Haaa. Haaa. Haaa."


"Oh fuck. Oh koi. More. Please."

"Harder. Watching your face soften with the pleasure."

"Yaaa! And a little pain, but-- Yaaa!"

"It's a good pain, ne, Yuji?"

"Yes, koi. I press up against your ass, harder than I was before. Oh, koi, this feels so good. Please. More."

"God, Yuji," Duo muttered. "You must be a virgin."

"I am, koi."

"Oh God. I take off my shirt."

"I reach up and grab your tits, squeezing them gently." Heero kept his hands on his own, though. It felt better than anything they'd done so far.

"Oh, yes! God, that's so good. I want you. I'll do anything for you."

"While you're running your mouth, koi, I unbutton and unzip your pants and slide my hand into your boxers."

"My dick is hard and wet. Ooohhh! Fuck! Yes! But I want more than your hand, Yuji. I climb off of you ..."

"I keep my hand in your pants."

"... And pull your shorts down ..."

"I'm not wearing any underwear. My hard cock pops up. It's as wet as yours."

"... then yank my pants off, pull the Astroglide out of my pocket and climb back on top of you."

"I lift my legs--"

"I push them back down. I want you inside me first, Yuji."

"I hold out my hand."

"I pour some lube on it, then on my hand. I begin rubbing your beautiful cock with it, watching it glisten."

"I roll the Astroglide on my fingers and slide one slowly into your ass."

"Ohhh. God! I push myself down on it, then pull back up. Give me another, please, Yuji."

"I hold out two fingers--"

The was a faint buzzing sound in the background, then, "Oh shit! SHIT! I gotta go. I'm ten minutes late already."

"Damn it, koi, I want to finish this. I want to fuck your ass."

"I'm sorry, Yuji. I wouldn't stop this close to, uh... well... but the boss can be a hardass about lunch breaks. Tomorrow? Please?"

Shit. "Of course." He sighed.

It wasn't until he'd finished the next call that Heero realized he'd meant it when he said he wanted to fuck Duo's ass. It was a couple of hours later before he realized Duo had been calling him Yuji.


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