By: Lyssira
Disclaimer: Dude...I'm not delusional! I do not believe I own them!
Warning: POV. Another weird ficlet.

Standing Alone

You were standing alone, like you often do.

You didn't feel the snowflakes on bare skin, their icy fingers did not seem to touch you.

You were standing abandoned, at the edge of emptiness.

The darkening sky didn't bother you, only watched your sorrow, unfeeling.

Like me.

You were standing by yourself again, ignoring the cheerful shouts of the children, the deep, caring looks of lovers sharing the park with us.

You closed out the world.

The tears froze where they streamed down your cheeks, perfect crystals on perfect skin.

You didn't feel them.

Winter exhaled her frigid breath upon the world, whipping your hair into your eyes, as it had done so many times.

And you stood alone, letting her sing that cold song and not saying a word.

Not protesting.

You simply listened.

She stung exposed flesh with needles so bitter and cruel they burned.

But you didn't feel them.

Only stood there, apart from mankind.

And I could only watch you.

If I had spoken up, what would I have said?

Would you heed my words?

Or am I like Winter, a force that never touches you?

Maybe I did nothing that day.

You stood alone, shutting out the world, closing your heart.

Yet someday, I knew.

You will feel Winter's cold.

And I will be there, watching and waiting, when you do.


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