By: Lyssira
Disclaimer: My storyline. Your characters. I play nice. You play nice. Deal?
Warning: Ficlet. Death. POV. 1 AM writing

An Instant

Most things in life take only an instant. The important things anyway. Life is created, in an instant. It takes that long for the foundations of our beings to join and spawn something new.

Life is destroyed in that same blink of an eye. Our mortality makes us vulnerable, our weak human bodies give Death silent, swift wings.

A child can learn from one moment in time, the human brain an advanced computer unchallenged by any technology. It records, studies, analyzes at speeds we have yet to understand. A second. A single tick of the clock.

Man forgets his upbringing-his morals-in an instant. The ruthlessness of our race has not been blunted over the years. Even now, decisions are logical and often deadly.

As hate and jealously breed in their short life-spans, so does love. We need only that first minute for a newborn infant to see love in his mother's eyes. It takes only a first, echoing heartbeat for the lost soldier to find his only ally.

It took me only an instant to cherish that feeling.

One tick, one breath in our lungs-that's all there has to be for a miracle to happen.

I don't claim to have seen many miracles. Just one.

His smile. That was miracle.

But it took me only an instant to pull the trigger.

One second for the bullet to shatter vulnerable mortal flesh.

It took a heartbeat for him to fall to the ground.

And one breath in our lungs spanned the time for the glow in violet eyes to grow dark.

Angels needed only the blink of an eye to steal their fallen comrade away from earth's plane.

I've said Death has silent, swift wings. I know. He's a good friend of mine. We had an instant together.

But that's all anyone has, isn't it?


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