By: Lyssira
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Shounen Ai. Utter Romance. POV.
Pairings: 1+2+1

Perfect Moment

There's no such thing as a perfect moment in time. That instant when everything is absolutely right with the world is an old cliche that deserves to be burned and buried a million times over. It doesn't exist. It never did. The perfect moment is another fairy tale that keeps dreamers dreaming and children disappointed. It has no purpose except to entertain idle minds.

I know. I've existed through so many 'perfect moments' that it sickens me. If I speak to him, just to have someone who'll listen, that moment passes. His head cocks a certain way when he's listening to me, as if he's trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the puzzle. But that time when I'm talking only lasts long. It ends, like everything else.

To hear his voice is a blessing I hold close to my heart. His voice is so alive, full of energy and emotion. I wish occasionally that I could borrow all the feeling in his voice for a day. Just so I could show them how I really feel. His voice is music to me, pure music. Yet, there are days when he says nothing at all and I mourn the loss.

Even when I touch him, when I simply bump into him ever so slightly and there is no better feeling in the world, there is no perfect moment. He passes by and I follow as if nothing ever happened. There is no perfection, no epiphany. The world continues her orbit around the sky and people go on with their mundane existence. There is no peace.

When he touches me, it is the same. His hands are always gentle, never demanding. I can feel the caring through that touch. He's always slightly hesitant about approaching me, making those soft embraces treasures I'll never forsake. But then, I cannot hold onto the moments. They pass me by. As much as I savor the mere feeling of his hand around mine, they pass me by.

In this moment, my lips touch his, my hands are buried in his hair. I can hear his breathing, feel it. It's almost as though, during this single moment we are one entity. He kisses back, hard, just as needing as I am. He can feel every ounce of emotion I hold for him -- envy, lust caring -- through this simple joining. I can taste him, feel him. I've never known a moment like this before.

There are no perfect moments.

Because every moment ends.

Love is always perfect.

It lasts forever.


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