Title: The Spun Sugar Dilemma
By: Lyssira
Disclaimer: I own only the sugar...
Warnings: Ummm...Lemon-Lime. Yaoi. Twisted lemon Humor. Nekky Hee-chan. Spun sugar. Changing POV
Pairings: 2x1
Spoilers: None really.
Note: For the irreplaceable Koko Kitty-san! Thanks for all the help and the challenge!!!

The Spun Sugar Dilemma


Three years ago the five of us had saved the Earth from complete destruction.

A year after that we'd done it again.

A third anniversary could've proven to be just as exciting, dangerous and resulting in the exact same events. Big, rich organization thinks they can take over the world and colonies. People want peace and freedom. Gundams come in and whoop ass. The end.

My opinion, as a former pilot of Gundam, is the least they could do is be original.

Though, that third year wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

By AC 198, nearly all of us had joined the Preventers. Pathetic, isn't it, that, though we have more than enough to retire at the ripe old age of 18, all of us continue working? Trowa seems to be the only one who's smart enough to stay at home. He's more famous than we are, being an inter-space renowned acrobat. I've seen his performances several times, myself. The guy is amazing, launching nearly fifty feet in the air, then flipping and twisting so many times you almost lose sight of what he's doing. It's no wonder Trowa was a Gundam pilot; people hardly ever ask him anymore.

Heero and I joined Preventers shortly after Wufei. It's odd, but our confused Asian friend seemed to know his purpose before the rest of us. He welcomed us to the Preventers' small network of people and thanks to him, I felt at home the moment I stepped through the door. Somehow Chang knew, when we didn't, that we couldn't help but fight, this one a battle for peace. He works with Quatre mostly. Those two are an almost unbeatable combination, with Quat's careful strategy and Wufei's quick thinking during a mission. Because of them, there are few casualties caused by a Preventers investigation, on both sides.

Heero and I were made partners almost immediatly after Quatre signed up; I suppose because we know each other pretty well, share an apartment and spend obscene amounts of time in each other's company anyway. I tend to bicker with him more than the others, but, then again, I'm the only one who has ever been able to get him to respond to anything besides a direct order. We may not be the genius team that Blondie and the AC Jackie Chan are, but we have cracked our fair share of hard cases and then some. Our latest one had been someone importing alloys into a city on earth for purposes we'd been unsure of until Heero and I tracked them to their headquarters.



Heero Yuy tucked and rolled, coming to a controlled stop at the end of one shadowy airduct. His gun was drawn, finger taunt on the trigger in case they met the enemy soon. A sixth sense alerted him to his partner's presence just behind, slinking in and out of the darkness like...well like Death. Silence descended upon the passagewa cloud, muffling all sound inside and out. The only break in the entire atmosphere was an occasional curse from behind him, Death' finding a multitude of things to complain about along the way. "God damn. . .ceiling. . .walls. . .so. . .freaking. . .insulation. . .hot as hell. . . shit. . . elbow . . . pain. . . hurt. . .dark. . .see. . .thing. . ."

"Keep it down," the Japanese agent grumbled in response, wincing when a loud thump echoed from behind him, " Or would you prefer we go back outside and a hang up a the Preventers are Here' sign on the front door?"

"Screw you, Heero. If it meant getting out of this duct, I'd hang the frigging sign, do a little dance and play our welcome theme in a one-man-band."

"If I'm good, might that be done in the nude?"Wing's former pilot replied absently, sliding the control panel off one wall and shifting so he could reprogram it. Incidently, this gave Duo a very good view of one spandex clad, super tight Yuy-ass. It took all of his Preventers' training, not mention more self control than should have been humanly possible, for the braided teen to not jump him then and there.

"Pervert," he grumbled to himself instead, tactfully ignoring his own baritone's very audible squeak. He scowled at Heero's not-so-invisible smirk.

"Thanks to you, O Master of the Whip [1]."

"You're 'bout to get backhanded, Yuy. Just open the damn door and get us out of here so we can figure out what the hell these bad guys want, kick their asses, go home and screw happily ever after."

The hatch swung open with an audible clang. Expectantly, the dark haired boy turned to face Duo again, undisguised lust in Prussian blue eyes. He slid a hand down the exposed skin of his chest, sending a shudder through both of them, glances lingering on what clinging fabric could never hide.

"What do you say?" Heero growled, "First to capture the leader gets top tonight?"

Duo groaned aloud. The last time they'd made a bet he'd been the one cleaning up whip-cream and chocolate sauce from the kitchen table. Not that it hadn't been fun on both parts but, Christ, those stains were hard to get out! [2]

Stains vs. pride...Stains vs. Heero limping tomorrow...Stains vs. pride...

"You're on, buddy," he nodded towards the opening. His lover chuckled darkly.

"That's great...Quatre already lent me his favorite pair of handcuffs and a bottle of caramel sauce..."

Caramel sauce? On my carpet? Hell NO!


They landed in a small office-type room, neatly lined with filing cabinets and overall very plain. A polished wooden desk was shoved against one wall, papers stacked on one side, the other holding a computer. Heero slid into the overstuffed chair and immediatly booted it up, eyes intent on the screen before him. Deathscythe's former pilot moved past him, cracking open the door in one corner and peering out into the factory's main facilities. His jaw dropped, involuntarily and one hand reached back to yank his partner over by a handful of shaggy brown hair.

"Crap! Duo! What?" One slender hand cupped his chin, forcing Heero to take a good look at the large chamber outside.

Several large vats dominated most of the space, above them positioned large mixers, which, at the moment, spun rapidly within their contents. Nothing could be seen of what they actually held but the scene was all too familiar to Duo, who was a regular customer at a bakery down the street from their office.

"So...?" Heero shrugged. It could be anything as far as he was concerned.

"We. Just. Infiltrated. A. Baking. Factory,"he sweatdropped briefly.

"It's probably just a cover-up."

Duo strode over to the loading computer. "Duncan's Frosting and Baking Goods Inc," he read aloud slamming braided head against the monitor.


The chestnut haired agent shook his dazed partner wearily, "Heero it's a baking factory. We were about to accuse a baking factory of disturbing world peace! God, while we're at it, let's name Little Debbie the next Mariemiea!"

Heero moaned audibly. "Shit! If it's just a baking factory...we have to disarm the bombs the team set earlier!" with that he had run out of the office, leaving a gaping Shinigami behind him. Duo eyed the slammed door once before sinking into the pleather arm-chair. He might as well do a routine check of their procedures while he was here. And disarming potentially lethal weapons of destruction was Heero's arena not his.

Minutes later a rather loud <<boom>> echoed through the entire complex and the one window peering out into the larger room was splattered a light shade of pastel-blue. Duo raced over to the door, now very glad he'd closed it after 01's mad dash into the factory's main room. The scene the young man was met with when he nearly pulled it off it's hinges was horrific in a Care Bears meets My Little Pony type way, considering that everything was splattered in rainbows of pale yellow, pink, blue, green and violet.

Apparently the mixers of vats containing spun sugar [3] had been the only to detonate, everything else successfully deactivated and functioning normally, albeit colorfully. The hero of the day' stood at the very center of the mess, covered from head to toe in the sweet decoration, scowling through his bangs which were no longer brown but violet streaked blue.

Duo's jaw dropped at that sight, wide eyes taking in every contour of his lover's form. Somehow the sugar seemed to make it a lot more interesting... Lord and heaven... he breathed, not sure whether it was aloud or to himself, Somebody get me a spatula!

"Heero?" the braided boy called, "You okay?"

Soft sugar clung to every muscle, every pore of the former-pilot's being. He'd scraped most of it away from his face but otherwise, there was no question. Yuy was coated.

He took a few hesitating step towards his partner, smirking at the way Duo's tongue nearly hung out of his mouth, violet eyes bugging out to twice their normal size. He stretched slightly, only to find his tanktop had already begun to crystallize, cheap polyester weighed down by the massive amount of sweetness. He slipped it up over his head, glad to find it was warm in the factory that night, though he still had a layer of foaming sugar to keep him warm. Duo's expression was decidedly predatory by the time he reached him; he practically devoured Heero from the force of his stare.

"Let's see if we...can clean you up, Heero," Duo hissed, eyeing formerly-black spandex shorts dangerously. He led the other boy to a second door, next to the offices entrance. It was labeled Janitor' in block letters, almost unintelligible through the goo. Inside, he ran water over one sponge, taking the task of scrubbing off the sugar onto himself. However, when something warm and wet ran across Heero's bare shoulder, it was most definitely not the sponge...

He suppressed a groan, the sensation immediatly soaring downwards, along with a great deal of heat.


Shinigami whispered something against caramel colored flesh, continuing to rid it of the hardening [4] sugar. Both hands slid around his waist to drag spandex shorts off and to the floor, where the owner obligingly kicked them across tiled flooring. Now all that remained was the sugar and that was rapidly disappearing by the moment, Duo's very talented mouth slowly trailing downwards. Meanwhile his hands wrapped themselves around him, hands that knew him fairly well. Heero fought back a moan, sagging against his fully clothed partner, now set on enjoying every last trace of frosty decoration.

It was not long before Heero lost control, sliding bonelessly to the floor alongside Duo. He smiled slightly at his partner who crawled over to him, the sound of a zipper not lost on him. He could feel Duo's familiar presence against himself, hinting at things to come. The braided boy was searching for something appropriate to use when the door behind them, the one of the main entrance, swung open, revealing Quatre, Wufei and an extremely amused Lady Une. She laughed loudly at the picture: one pastel-splattered factory, two of their best Preventers agents nude and fairly involved with each other in a sea of spun sugar.

Duo glanced up from where he crouched, blushing a heated red that melted the streaks of the sweet on his face. Heero glared pointedly at the trio, got up (heedless of his lack of clothing), pushed them back out the entrance, locked the door and turned back to his lover.

"Now," he growled, "Where were we?"


[1] Don't ask...just don't...kinky Hee-chan...
[2] Chocolate stains *are* hard to get out! Try cleaning up after five kids who wanna make sundays!
[3] Like spun sugar flowers on cakes! Ummm...I have no idea how they're made but...oh well...
[4] Pun very much intended...

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