Title: Everyone's Dream
Author: Mair
Pairings: 2+1 (Sort of... I think... I don't think there's anyone else...)
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Everyone's Dream + Part 1

"I can't believe it! NeoAero! God Quatre how did you get these tickets?"

Quatre laughed. "My family has connections Duo! It also helps that we own the amphitheater!"

Duo bounced in place waiting for the line to move. "But that doesn't guarantee you tickets to see NeoAero! They buy all the tickets personally for their fan club seating and then those pirates called TicketsPlus snags all the rest... How did you get them?"

Quatre ducked his silver streaked blond hair for a moment, then looked up and grinned. "Actually, Rashid is a long time fan club member... He told my father and I about the upcoming concert and offered us his tickets since he didn't want to go this year."

Duo's eyes widened. "Rashid? As in stuffy, really tall and over polite Rashid?"

Quatre nodded. "Tickets got expensive this time around because of the new arrangement handling with the fan club and as a result he didn't want to go."

"Wow... Q-man, I'm not even gonna ask how much these tickets were." The people in front of the two started to move and they exchanged looks of excitement. "Man this is gonna be great!"

The followed the bodies in front of them, clutching their ticket cards tightly. The line shuffled forward slowly making it hard for both of them to contain their excitement. When Quatre looked around he was a little relieved to note that he and Duo weren't the only ones in near fits of anticipation.

When they reached the front of the line they flipped their cards through the reader and allowed themselves to be patted down. Their ok'ed cards now read only the show name, date and seating.

Duo looked down at the card looking at the seat number. "Row Z? Orchestra? Awe man... I was hoping we'd be closer to the stage. I heard from one of the girls at school that people rush the stage and if you get their in enough time you can fake it like you're supposed to be there and get to spend the whole concert there. Row 26 is gonna be too far back to really do that."

Quatre smiled. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth Duo, even with my fathers normal connections we probably wouldn't have gotten this close."

"Yeah, I know... It's just that the lead guitarist is damn fine! Not that Relena Peacecraft isn't but she's the lead singer and everyone likes her."

"I know, my favorite is the base player. Trowa. Though Wufei Chang is pretty good and so is the guitarist, Dorothy Catalonia."

Duo laughed. "Dude, you realize we are one of the few who can admire everyone in the band for sexual reasons?"

Quatre smiled. "Well... I only wish we could. But I heard a rumor that Relena Peacecraft and Heero Yuy have a thing going on as well as Dorothy and the drummer."

"Which leaves our dear base player of Trowa Barton free to check out?" Duo teased.

Quatre laughed. "Come on, I want to see if they have a program." He said, heading off toward a concession stand.

Duo blinked and spread out his arms. "Quatre! Hey Quatre, wait up! It's a rock concert! Why do you need a program?"

* * *

Once Quatre managed to drag Duo away from the stand, with only a Poster and a t-shirt, they headed off to find their seats. At first the security guard wouldn't let them down to their seats but as more people walked up wanting to get down, the man finally relented. Duo bounced down the isles to row z, almost falling twice. "Be careful Duo! You don't want to crush your poster!" Quatre called after the second near occurrence. Duo grinned at him and made a big show of clutching the precious parcel to his chest in mock horror. Quatre laughed at his antics, taking the last couple of steps down to the row. "What are our seats again?"

Duo blinked and rummaged around in the back pocket of his almost skin tight leather pants for the ticket. "Ummm..." He pulled the card out, then flipped it over and right side up. "Seat 87 and I'm betting 88 for you." He looked up. "You wanna go first or just trade seats?"

"Go ahead Duo. It's not like the view will be all that different."

"True, just figured I'd ask!" Duo caroled as he made his way down the isle to their seats. "56... 60... 63... 67... 71... 75... 80... 86... 87 and 88!" He called as he reached the seats.

Quatre grinned. "Great! Now we only have an hour until the opening act." He looked around as he set the program down on the ground under his seat. "Wow would you look at that!"

Duo looked up, still holding on to his purchases. His eyes widened at the sight of the giant stage and the towers of speakers. "Wow. This is gonna be great! Those things have got to put out a ton of sound! We'll be deaf by the time the concerts over!" He studied the stage a moment. "Hey, why is most of it draped in cloths?"

Quatre gave the stage a thorough going over. "Well... It's probably NeoAero's stage underneath. The opening act probably doesn't have much in the way of stage presentation."

"I wanna see." Duo said, dropping his bag of stuff at his seat and preparing to jump over the next row of seats.

Quatre looked over and grabbed his mesh covered arm just in time. "Duo! You can't just go jumping over peoples seats and then onto the stage!"

"Why not?"

"Because they won't let you!" Quatre replied pointing at one of the security guards stationed at the stage steps.

Duo pouted and took his foot off the seat. "Fine, but you're gonna ruin my fun."

Quatre resisted the urge to shake his head at his exuberant friend. "Why don't you go get something to eat Duo. I bet you haven't eaten all day."

Duo brightened immediately."You know something Q, I haven't. Y'want something?"

Quatre shook his head. "I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Really, I'm fine, Duo."

"Ok! See you in a bit!" Duo hopped the seats in front anyway and took off toward the entrance to the amphitheater, leaving Quatre smiling bemusidly in his wake.

* * *

When Duo finally returned, the instruments for the first act were completely tuned and set to go, people were slowly filling the amphitheater in anticipation. "Not that many here yet. With any luck the people in front of us won't show and we'll be able to get their seats and be closer on up."

"Maybe." Quatre answered. "Why don't you sit down?"

"I can't! This is just so exciting! I'm getting to see my favorite band of all time on their most recent tour of "MechTech" and you want me to settle down? I can't believe I'm here, of all places at one of the hardest-to-get-into concerts of the season! This is a major trip for me! I can't just sit down! I have to enjoy every second of it..." People made their way down the row in front of the boys.

"Experience every moment..." The dressed-to-impress-money folks chatted their way down the isle to stop in front of Quatre and Duo.

"I'm here to make a memory I'll never forget." Duo stared as the people sat down in front of them, with the sole exception of the three women in the group who continued to stand and talk loudly.

"Every minute Duo?" Quatre asked eyeing the women ever so briefly.

"Yeah..." Duo sat down and leaned close to Quatre, "Is it just me or did they just get off the shuttle from Earth?"

Quatre hid a smile. "Duo... Just because they aren't dressed like me or you..."

"And what's wrong with the way I look?" Duo asked with a quirked smile.

Quatre obligingly looked him up and down. Long sleeve black mesh top, tight leather pants, long hair down with the barest hint of black glitter in it. "Nothing..."

"Ok. Now look Q-man, they're dressed in clothes that people 20 years younger would look ridiculous wearing. Their hair is fried and did you get a look at the jewelry? You don't wear stuff like that to a place like this!"

Quatre smiled. "I suppose you're right..." His voice trailed off as the opening act burst onto the stage, causing the women and men in front of them to stand up and applaud.

"It's just the opening act..." Duo protested as his view of the stage was effectively ruined.

* * *

When the opening act finally finished the people in front of them finally sat down long enough for Duo and Quatre to see the stage again.

"I hope they aren't planning on making it impossible for everyone to see when NeoAero comes on stage..."

The women in front of them excused themselves and left on some errand and one of the men went with them.

"It's not like you won't be standing anyway Duo."

"Yeah, but Quatre, I'm short! We both stood up to try and see the band on the stage and all we could see was the tops of the people's heads!"

One of the oblivious people in front of them whistled down the row at someone, then shouted and flicked them off.

Quatre sighed. Duo had a point. "Maybe if we asked them nicely..."

Duo shot him a frustrated look and looked up at the man now climbing out of the row he was in to a lesser populated one. They watched as he walked across peoples path toward someone they couldn't see. "You really think that would work?" Duo asked, doubt coloring his every word.

Quatre shrugged. "We won't know unless we try."

"Excuse me, but are these seats Z87 and Z88?"

Duo and Quatre turned to see a frustrated looking woman in front of them at the seats the others had just vacated.

"Actually those are our seats. We're in Z87 and 88."

The woman smiled a little. "Great. Well since you've been active members in the NAfan club for so long we'd like you to have these back stage passes so that you can watch the concert from seats on the stage."

The stunned boys looked at the woman. "You're kidding." Duo replied.

The woman's smile grew a little. "No. I'm not."

Duo and Quatre exchanged a look, jumped up from their seats and yelled. "We'll take them!"

The woman smiled and made a check mark on her clip board. "We've only got two to give you for your seats so here you go." She dug out two badges and handed them over to Quatre. Duo snatched one as soon as he could from Quatre. "Just go to the stairs on the right side of the stage and they'll get you set up on stage with the rest of the back stagers." She said.

Duo had his badge pinned on in a flash and as Quatre pinned his own on, Duo hugged the woman as hard as he could.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" He said gleefully as he released her.

The poor stunned woman managed a small smile. "My pleasure. If you'll excuse me gentlemen?" The woman walked off leaving a laughing Quatre behind.

"Oh Duo... that poor woman's face! You really shouldn't do such things!"

"Whaaaaat? I was just showing her my intense gratitude!"

Quatre just shook his head and continued to laugh as he picked up his program. "Come on!"

Duo grinned and grabbed the bag with the t-shirt and poster and followed as Quatre led the way out of their seats.

* * *

"Quatre... We're back stage at the NeoAero concert!" Duo could barely contain his excitement. His disappointment over the opening act and the people that he couldn't see over were farthest from his mind at this point as he waited for NeoAero to take the stage. The whole stage had been transformed into a giant cockpit and holo wings escaped over the screens to the sides of the stage. He felt as though he'd been waiting for this moment for his entire 22 years of life.

Quatre was silent, watching everything, eyes wide and shining as he watched. He didn't seem to believe he was actually here either.

Then some movement caught his eye on the other side of the stage and the houselights went down.

Screams erupted from the now packed audience and he heard a thump somewhere near his right. Lights came on and the two of them and the rest of the back stage pass people could see a large mecha face screen. Drums made everyone jump as Wufei Chang started them up.

Duo never saw him come onto the stage. The other band members strolled on stage from across the way and Relena gave them all a saucy wink as she took her place at the microphone. She spread her hands wide and the curtain fell. The crowd went wild.

For the next couple of hours the excitement ran high. At one point, Quatre actually made it on screen when Relena grabbed the dark silvery blue garbed guy and dragged him onto the stage to dance with her. When she returned Quatre to the wings, she winked and Duo yelled his appreciation. Neither one of them could hear one another speak but they sang along to all the songs and danced like there was no tomorrow.

The only thing Duo couldn't believe was that Heero Yuy, the sexiest thing on stage, looked his way quite often. When the lights went down the final time after the encore, Duo's throat was absolutely dry. He couldn't believe it. They got the opportunity to get up on the stage, sort of, with the best band in all the colonies and earth. Duo looked over at Quatre and they both smiled. It was magic.

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