Title: Everyone's Dream (part 12)
Author: Mair.
Pairings: 1+2+1 (definetly!)
Warnings: AU, shounen- ai, sap... angst... unease... rabid photographers. *shakes her head* Bad grammar.
Feedback: I crave it all... Disclaimer: I own nothing this is all for fan fiction purposes!!!

Everyone's Dream + Part 12

Duo leaned on Heero's shoulder, smiling happily. He looked down at their once more entwined fingers and laughed.

"What?" Heero asked.

"Nothing much. Just wondering if Trowa's asked anyone to place bets."

"On what?"

Duo smiled. "Us. How long it'll take us to end up in the same bed for a reason other than sleep." He looked up to see Heero with a startled look on his face. Duo made a questioning sound.

"He probably is."

"But?" Duo asked.

Heero frowned. "I don't... " a slow blush rose on his face.

Duo watched with a growing smile. "You're a virgin?"

Heero shook his head. "Relena."

Duo shut his eyes, making a face. "Oh jeez Heero, there are some bits of information I just don't need. Much as I respect you and Relena, that's one mental image I –DON'T- need."

Heero noticeably smiled. After a minute, he spoke up. "What about you?"

Duo lifted his head to look at Heero. "Huh?"

"Are you a virgin?"

Duo blushed. "Not quite. My ex and I experimented a lot but we never actually had sex. Not in the strict sense of the word anyway." Heero looked away.

"Does that bother you?" Duo asked.

He thought a moment. "No. He's your ex. He doesn't matter anymore."

Duo arched his eyebrow. "You're so sure my ex. is a 'he'?"

"Because you never mentioned dating any women. The only ex. you could have would be the guy you mentioned... Trieze." Heero answered.

Duo blinked. "You remember that?" He asked softly.

Heero smiled slightly. "How could I forget anything you said?"

Duo blushed and rewarded him with a mind robbing kiss only broken when the limo came to a stop at the hotel.

"Duo... " Heero struggled for anything coherent. "You told me that Trieze wanted to do things you weren't ready for... "

Duo flushed and disentangled himself from Heero. "And I'm still not ready." He squirmed in the seat as the door opened. "Call it my baggage Heero. I know I love you, but I don't know... I don't know if I know that you love me enough to not leave me." He got out of the limo. "After seeing what my mother went through, I want everything to be special. To mean something. An affirmation, a cementing... I don't know... What I do know is that just telling me you love me isn't enough to make me forget everything."

"Duo... " Heero struggled toward him, cursing his state mentally.

"Heero, if that's what you expect when you tell someone you love them and apologize and all, you're sadly mistaken." Duo turned and started walking up the steps to the hotel.

"Stop it." Heero stated. "That isn't what I meant and you know it."

Duo stopped and turned. "I... I know but that's what it sounded like." He started back up the steps again and pushed open the door. "But we need to go slow. For other reasons than me... A lot of things happened to you within the last day or so and I'm not going to become your replacement for those things."

Heero frowned, speeding up to catch up with him. "I'm not. Duo-"

"And how do you know?" Duo punched the elevator button. "You don't."

The doors opened and they stepped in. "You're being unreasonable."

"Or smart."

Heero took a deep breath. He needed to control himself. "I don't know. Neither do you. I'm not asking for it to happen tonight."

Duo didn't say anything as the doors shut. Heero leaned over and pressed the floor button. They stayed silent as the elevator began to move. "So what now?" Heero eventually asked.

Duo smiled to himself. "We take things a day at a time." Duo took Heero's hand in his. "Besides. Who say's other things aren't gonna occupy our time? There's the rest of the tour... That ends in about a month. There's songs to work on, shuttles to catch... "

"What about after the tour?"

"I don't know. As it is... Oh... shit." Duo paled.

Heero looked at him curiously. "Heero, I got leave from school but I still have to turn in a project of some kind and an essay for each class!" Duo recalled. "I have five classes! That's five essays and five projects due at the end of the month and they have to be supported by some sort of research!"

"So how hard can that be?"

Duo let go of Heero's hand, gesturing wildly as he explained what the problem was. "Heero, I'm doing a double major in English and Art. Three art classes; one on large scale design and monuments, one on figure sketching, and one on the history of art from 1980 to the present! My two English classes? I have to write a paper about the use of language in modern days and a persuasive argument paper. My other English class is a poetry class. I have to put together a scrapbook of poetry I've written around a specific topic."

The doors whooshed open and Duo stepped out. "I mean, the writing isn't hard but can you honestly tell me I'll manage to get this all-" A flash went off in his face as he rounded the corner from the elevators. "Back to the elevator NOW!" He snapped, stepping back. Duo felt a hand on his back, then felt the hand jerk away and the world turned bright again.

Fingers closed around his wrist and pulled him back to the elevator. "Mr. Yuy! Mr. Yuy! That dedication-"

The questions from the reporter were cut off as the elevator doors closed. The hand on Duo's wrist released him and he heard a click as his vision started to clear. He slid down the slick metal wall to sit on the floor. "Well this is delightful."

"They didn't get a picture of me." Heero said quietly.

Duo laughed hollowly. "No, instead they got one of me, they know I rode up to your hotel room with you, and they're asking questions about the concert tonight. Not a good combination." He propped his elbow up on his knee and rested his forehead in his hand. "I'm sorry Heero. I didn't think about that."

"It's not your fault."

Duo rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the spots from them. "Heero, part of the reason I'm on this tour is to keep you guys away from all of this and get you from point A to point B using my 'artistic ability' as Q so kindly put it." Slowly he took his hand away and looked up to see Heero kneeling infront of him.

"It makes perfect sense that they'd stake out the hotels. I mean, I'm surprised the dummy tactic worked for as long as it did with Quatre reserving hotel rooms all over the place for you guys. It doesn't take that much effort to find out that no ones actually in them."

"You can't think of everything. Look. They don't have any proof of anything between us. The rest of the band won't say anything."

"Heero! We ran! That's like shouting that there's something to hide! The press'll be on this like a bunch of horny teenagers at their first kegger-orgy." Duo yelled.

Heero studied him a moment, refusing to rise to his bait. "That doesn't change how I feel about you. The press may report this. Since we haven't done anything except this," he leaned over and kissed him gently, "we can use this opportunity to gauge the reactions of the fans. The obsessive one's won't give up on the band because of an unconfirmed rumor. They'll refuse to believe it."

Duo lowered his eyes. "And to think a second ago I was worried about homework." He blinked, realizing they hadn't moved. "How come the elevator's stopped?"

A smirk sprang to life on Heero's face as he pointed to the button pannel. The red emergency stoplight blinked a happy red at them.

"You know we're eventually have to come out right?"

Heero nodded. "But if we press all the buttons they won't know which floor we'll get off on."

"That'll also open the doors though, Heero."

"There's a button that closes them."

"Here's an idea. Press all the buttons. When we reach a floor, press the close door button one second after the doors almost completely open. Then we can slip out on a floor of choice and hit the door closed button on the way down." Duo shifted and stood up. "It won't be until they reach the next floor down that they realize the elevators moving slower and by that time we can make it to the other stair well and go back up to the rooms. Once in my room we can barricade ourselves in and call the front desk and have them arrange another room for ten separate guests. We'll just pick a room and crash in that one long enough to find a change of clothes." He grinned. "Then we bail for another hotel or the shuttle. Serves the hotel right for letting the press know where everyone stayed." Heero stood and smiled. "I knew I liked you for some reason. Think it'll work?"

"It'll take a miracle."(1) Duo grinned and kissed Heero for the compliment. "Remind me to thank Q for the loan of his sisters credit card. We'll use it to get the new rooms."

"You have one of Quatre's sisters credit cards?" He asked.

Duo nodded, still grinning. "All of them actually. One of his sisters has a fake identity I pinched her wallet once. I gave it back to her, but I asked if I could have one of the cards in case of emergencies." He started to punch elevator buttons. "She laughed when she found out what I did and gave me one of them and told me that as long as the need was great, I could use it." He repunched the emergency button and the elevator started to move again. "She knew I wouldn't take it on a spending spree. Student dorms don't allow much in the way of knick nack space."

Heero smirked enough to have a smile. "So you're a thief as well as an English/Art major?"

Duo smiled, shaking his head. "Ex thief. My short lived career took place when my mom was still alive."

The doors slid open and Heero punched the close doors button. Duo watched in satisfaction; the reporter lurking outside only saw a flash of a figure, nothing to indicate who was in the elevator. They played the elevator game for about twenty minutes before picking their floor. "9th floor coming up!" Duo chirped, good spirits renewed by the game.

The doors parted enough to let them know no one was in the vincinity. Duo hit the door closed button as they hurried from the elevator, running down the open hall.

"Change in plans, take the stairs!" Duo muttered.


"Our rooms are on the twelfth floor. The elevators'd be the easiest to use to get there. Come on." Duo replied pushing open the door to the stair well.

They thundered up the stairs, their feet making hallow metallic ringing sounds as they clamored ever upwards.

As they neared the twelfth floor, their steps slowed down and Heero poked his head out. "No one in sight," he panted.

"Good." Duo gasped, unraveling his braid.

Heero turned and gaped. "This isn't time to be fussing with your hair."

"Look, when my hair's down people can't tell if I'm a guy or a girl. If we get spotted, you won't nearly be questioned quite as much." Duo said, shaking out his hair. "Come on." He pushed open the door and strode down to his room.

He fished his key out and opened the door. They crowded into the room and Duo shut the door behind him. "Safe." He breathed. He dug his wallet out of his jacket and pulled out a card. "Here, make the hotel reservations while I dig up a costume."

Heero frowned at the order but walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Basma Gordyeva?"

"She's an odd one." Duo answered from the suitcase. He smiled as he found his wig. He dug out two spare pairs of socks, a skirt and a shirt. He tossed everything on the bed and went digging for the bra he knew was in there. Soon, a leather-studded bra landed on top of his mesh shirt.

Heero set the phone down in time to see Duo strip off his shirt. As if his mouth wasn't watering enough at the sight, the view of Duo shucking his pants made his own a little tight. "Duo... "

Duo stopped reaching for the studded bra to look up and see the lust shining in Heero's eyes. "Heero, have you jacked off at all in the last 4 years?"

Heero nodded.

Duo shook his head. "Put on the wig Heero, now isn't the time or place." He put the bra on and stuffed it with a couple socks. Heero took the wig out. "It's blue."

Duo smiled, pulling on the mesh top. "Just put it on." Duo turned back to the suitcase, obviously remembering something. He grabbed a pair of stripy looking tights and dropped his boxers.

Heero swallowed. Must. Put. On. Wig. He took the wig out, desperately trying to avoid looking at the half-naked Duo now sitting on the edge of one of the beds. When Heero looked again, Duo stepped into a vinyl skirt. He found himself wondering when Duo shaved his legs because he had fishnet stockings on and no leg hair.

Duo looked up to see Heero staring and smiled. "Theater tights. My own design. Fleshtoned tights, fabric paint and gray powder." Heero nodded, making a final adjustment to the wig. He held his arms out to the now very feminine looking Duo in front of him.

"Just one more thing." Duo grabbed the last pair of socks and slid his hands under Heero's shirt.

Heero tensed as he felt Duo's hands ghost over him, then fuss with the socks, getting them to stay. Duo slid his hands out, causing him to almost shiver at the sensation. Duo slid his hands back under and Heero felt something stick.

"Tape to hold 'em in place." Duo grinned, pulling his hands out almost reluctantly. "Wouldn't want your chest falling now would we?" Heero shook his head, eyes locked with Duo. After a moment Duo broke the gaze and grabbed his still packed bag, hoisting it up onto his shoulder. "I left my other bag on the shuttle. I figured we wouldn't need it 'cause we're only here for tonight and tomorrow."

Heero nodded and opened the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) "Think it'll work?" "It'll take a miracle."- Can anyone say the Princess Bride? I love that movie.

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