Title: Everyone's Dream (part 13)
Author: Mair.
Pairings: 1+2+1, 3+4+3, 5+M+5, D+R+D
Warnings: AU, shounen- ai, sap... angst… unease… rabid photographers. *shakes her head* Bad grammar.
Feedback: I crave it all…
Disclaimer: I own nothing this is all for fan fiction purposes!!!

Everyone's Dream + Part 13


Duo nodded as they left the room, checking the hallway for unwanted press people. "We haven't checked into a room and yet we're wandering around with a bag of stuff? If we're in the stairwell we could be going to a room. We can also hear people coming."

They hurried to the stairs they came up in and quietly opened the door. "I can't believe I let you dress me up like this. If they get a picture of this, it could do just as much damage as them finding out about us. Probably more." Heero muttered.

Duo poked his head into the stairwell, listening, then stepped inside. He held the door open for Heero. "Well before you get too bent out of shape, I'll be a little easier to recognize. This is all my hair, my clothes and I pull off the girl look a little to naturally when I'm not in drag." He sighed as they started down the stairs. "Don't worry about it. Just think of this as Halloween. Oh, and don't talk unless you have to. Your voice is a little low for a girls."

"Wait a second." Duo said, stopping on the stairs. "Why are we planning on changing in a room here?"

Heero stared at him. "We could still use the room to get my things out of my room. We could just have them brought down."

"We could but then how would we get out? The press would know what room you were hiding in. Why did we even pull that stunt it's not going to work. Why did I think it would?" Duo set the bag down on the stair and leaned against the wall. "Ok, that's it. You don't get to kiss me after a concert when the potential for getting caught is at a high possibility."

Heero smirked at the exasperated look on Duo's face. "Oh?"

Duo had the grace to look annoyed. "Yes. I can't think things out."

"Sounds promising to me." Heero's smirk grew as Duo blinked at him. "With the way you acted lately I'd begun to wonder if you thought you had all the answers."

"I'm not perfect."

"Apparently not. You have homework to do and you haven't thought things through since the dressing room." Heero decided this wasn't the time to start that kiss again. "Any ideas to get us to the airfield? It seems to me that the press will stake out just about any hotel on the colony."

Duo thought a moment. "We could call a cab…"

Heero looked at him. "Duo, you have us dressed up like two fan girls in a hotel with luggage." Then he thought of something. "What if we took the hotel room, called the cab, and staged something at the front desk and got turned out of the hotel?"

Duo shook his head. "Hotel's don't like loosing business. They'll put up with a lot."

A bang sounded somewhere below as one of the stairwell doors was thrown open. "Shit." Duo muttered, grabbing the duffel. "Start walking up, I'm gonna check out if we have a reason to be worried."

They started climbing back up and Duo leaned over the railing, searching for a clue as to who the people were.

"Kisama! How did they find out where we were?" One familiar voice growled, echoing up to Heero and Duo.

"This hotel doesn't have control over all the employees and this band is popular. It wouldn't take much for the press to get a hold of the guest rosters." Quatre's voice drifted up.

Duo smiled. "Keep your voices down or everyone's gonna know your in here." He called softly; knowing his voice would carry down. He looked up to see Heero'd stopped climbing as well.

"Is that you, Duo?" Quatre asked, leaning out into the stairwell and looking up.

"Yep. How close were they when you came in?"

"We saw them before they saw us. It helps that Relena went ahead of us inside then came back out as the press made for the doors." Wufei replied. "The driver drove us to the back side of the hotel and dropped us off, letting us into the stairwell here."

Duo nodded and started back down. "So far so good. What's the driver doing?"

"He's at the employee entrance. Dorothy called the hotel and demanded that every piece of luggage, clothing and toiletries be removed from the hotel rooms and sent down to the limo." Quatre answered.

Duo frowned. "So why are you two in the stairs?" He asked as they met outside the fourth floor door.

"Well, we saw your limo pass ours when we got stuck. We figured the two of you got stuck somewhere in here judging from the well populated loby and then empty limo at the entrance." Quatre replied, smiling. "Looks like you had a plan for getting out though."

Duo nodded and set down the bag. He unzipped the top compartment and rummaged around until he found a hat. "Wufei, put this on backwards and shove your hair up under it except for two bits."

"Two bits?" He asked, taking the hat.

Duo nodded sectioning off a small bit of his hair. "A bit. Stick it through the hole in the back of the hat and let it fall to the side of your face."


Duo grinned. "How often do you go for a different hair style Wu-man? I mean, come on. You always wear your hair back in a pony tail and you lookin' like you do will be what gets me and Heero caught."

Wufei frowned at the shortening of his name. "You know what my name is Maxwell. Use it." He tugged the hair tie out and shoved it in his pocket. He tucked his hair up as per Duo's directions as Duo zipped up the bag.

Duo stood up and held the bag out to Wufei. "What?" he asked. Duo nodded toward the bag. "Take it. You're a man, we're women, you're supposed to be chivalrous and carry it for us."

"Try again."

"Take the bag Wufei." Heero said suddenly. "Take it out to the limo and tell the other limo to wait for us in the drop off loop away from the doors." Three sets of eyes stared at Heero. "Duo and I will go out through the lobby. We aren't the press so we can't get actually into the hotel rooms without a room reservation. We'll hand you the room keys when we reach the lobby. They'll let us get out of the stairwell but then you can give them to the clerk at the front desk when they turn us away. This is a key active hotel remember? The key's, guest passes, press badges and name tags of the employees are the only things that allow people to get into the hotel rooms and elevators, correct?"

Wufei nodded slowly and accepted the bag. "Great idea Heero," Duo chirped. "The press won't have any reason to think Heero's Heero because without a room key he couldn't have gotten into the hotel! And the hotel will have a perfect excuse to toss us out 'cause we'll harrass the guests! When we get tossed out the limo will be there and off we'll go! You two will go back to your limo with my bag so we don't have luggage with us so we aren't suspect and that way you'll also be there to get the rest of everyone's stuff!"

Quatre smiled. "Sounds like the problem's solved."

"Yep! Come on!" Duo replied, hurrying down the steps.

"Duo, don't go so fast they'll hear you."

Obligingly, Duo slowed down and let the others catch up. When they reached the lobby door, Duo motioned for Quatre to peek out first. Slowly, Quatre turned the handle and peeked through the crack of the door. He watched the figures move back and forth, ignoring the door half hidden in the corner of the lobby. The eyes of the press were on the elevators and the front desk. "Clear." He whispered.

Duo nodded. "You two go out first, we're gonna chatter next to the door here and tug on it once you take our room cards."

"Lets hope this works." Wufei muttered.

"Give us fifteen minutes and they'll be thrilled to see the back side of us." Duo replied, an evil grin stretching on his face.

Quatre laughed and walked out into the lobby.

Heero and Duo slipped out in back of Quatre and Wufei and stood against the wall, hoping no one saw them. "Turn around Heero." Duo muttered as he watched them walk farther into the room. "Just act like an air head and follow my lead."

The closer Quatre and Wufei got to the front desk, the louder Duo started to talk. By the time Wufei reached the desk, Duo practically squealed and squeaked the entire time near the door as Heero tugged on it.

Out of the corner of his eye, Heero watched as the girl at the front desk watched them but took the keys from Wufei. She said something to Wufei then motioned to security. As security started over to them, he started listening to Duo.

"I can't believe we found out what -- HOTEL ROOM- he's IN! I mean, we're actually going to MEET Heero Yuy of NeoAero! I just know he called out that song 'cause he saw me in the audience! I mean, it's true love! All he had to do was see ME!" Duo squealed and jiggled in place. "I mean, I've -- always- known it was destiny. I've loved him ever since I heard his first song." Duo let a dreamy look cover his face as security reached them.

"Excuse me ladies, but do you have a key or a guest pass?" One of the guards asked.

Heero paused in his tugging on the door handle, hearing every word.

Duo said. "No, but I just know that I need to go up to the twelfth floor. My love is there and he -- NEEDS- me! He didn't leave a guest pass for me at the front desk because he didn't want to anyone to know he was here, I just know that's the reason!"

"Well I'm sorry Miss but unless you and your friend have a guest pass you'll just have to wait for him to call down for you or you'll have to leave."

"Leave? LEAVE? No that's -- NOT- possible. I know Heero Yuy wants me up there." Duo pleaded. "I just HAVE to get up there. Come on, Hermia, just pull I know the door will open. Nothing can stand in the way of destiny."

Heero tried not to look surprised at the name. And he thought the only one's whom ever studied ancient Shakespeare were himself and scholars. He tugged on the door handle again.

"Ladies, I'm sorry but Mr. Yuy is a respected guest. There are others waiting to see him who have passes. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premisis." The guard replied, sounding a little annoyed.

Deep down, Duo smiled to himself. He loved it when everything went to plan. He schooled his face into an angry mask. "Leave? Oh no I can't do that. Heero needs me and I love him. He dedicated a song to me because he saw me in the audience tonight! It was love at first sight and NOTHING is going to keep ME from HIM!" He yelled, gesturing wildly.

The guards hardened in front of him and the silent guard motioned for two others to come over. "Miss, the hotel Marcielle is sorry for the inconvenience but we need to ask you to leave."

The other two guards flanked the others as Duo drew in a sharp breath. "I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I SEE MY LOVE!" He shrieked at the top of his lungs. "I'M NOT LEAVING, I'M NOT, I'M NOT I'M NOT!" Two guards grabbed Duo's arms to restrain him. Two other guards took hold of Heero's arms.

Duo continued to shriek, scream, yell, carry on, and kick the whole way to the door. The guards half carried half dragged him out the door and set him down on the steps, releasing Heero at the same time, then retreating quickly to the doors and coding them to stay shut. Duo grinned and stopped screaming immediately. Heero smirked and took off the wig and pulled the socks off his chest, dangling them in sight of the press.

They both watched the stunned expressions on the other side of the glass. Duo waved at the press and they took off toward the limo as the press ran for the doors. They jerked open the limo doors and jumped in. "Leave!" Heero yelled at the driver as the engine started.

The limo pulled away from the curb as the hotel managed to re activate the doors. Both of them turned to see the press spill out into the circle as the limo drove off into the night.

Duo started to laugh as he turned and sank down on the seat. "That was the most fun I've ever had in my life! A little harsh on the throat but fun!"

Heero turned and looked down at the mussed figure next to him. "I didn't even have to do anything."

"What can I say it was fun getting carried away." Duo smiled, rubbing his throat. "The look on their faces was priceless when I suddenly stopped. I don't think they even understood why I hadn't rushed the doors the second they released me until you took off the wig."

Heero smirked, still watching him. "So do we count that as our first public date?" He asked, tossing the taped socks onto the other seat with the wig.

"I guess…"

"Do I get to kiss you goodnight then?"

Duo quirked an eyebrow at him. "That's what started this whole mess."

"You didn't object then."

Duo smiled. "And I'm not now."

Heero's smirk grew as he leaned over and kissed Duo. Their tongues danced lazily until a buzz from the driver interupted them.

Heero gave Duo a small peck then pressed the speaker button. "What?"

"Mr. Chang gave directions that we would convene some place but didn't mention where."

"The spaceport. We'll be spending the night there since the hotels are staked out."

Duo blinked. "We should let Wufei know."

Heero nodded and touched the call screen next to Duo and touched Wufei's name. His face came up on the screen.

"I take it you got away?" Wufei asked.

Duo grinned. "Did you see my performance?"

The screen moved and Quatre's face appeared. "We only caught the beginning Duo, we had to get back to the limo."

"I'll tell you all about it when we get to the shuttle then." Duo replied.

"The space port?" The screen swung again and Wufei appeared again.

Heero nodded. "The hotels are too likely to be staked out. Feel free to use one at your own risk."

Wufei's eyebrow quirked as he studied the two faces on his screen. "With you two, I think I might be tempted to try a hotel. In light of the recent flight I don't want to see that shuttle until I have to."

Duo grinned. "Suit yourself!" He turned off the call screen and looked at Heero. "Now, where were we?"  

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