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Title: Everyone's Dream (part 15)
Author: Mair.
Pairings: 1x2+1, 3+4+3, 5+M+5, D+R+D
Warnings: AU, shounen- ai, sap... angst... uh... lemon? *smirks* *shakes her head* Bad grammar.
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Everyone's Dream + Part 15

Heero fiddled with the tuning on his guitar, trying not to think about tonight. Four months had passed since that fateful concert at the beginning of the tour. Duo and Quatre worked their asses off to get their projects done by the end of the tour. Quatre finished first and Duo, with his help, finished this morning at 3:48am. Heero started playing the song the two of them wrote as he thought. The two of them hadn't had much time to themselves since they got together. He'd helped with his projects as much as he could but Duo usually ended up throwing him out of his room, calling him a distraction.

Heero smirked. Not like he hadn't been one on purpose. It took him all of two days into their actual relationship to figure out each and every way of "distracting" Duo. He had to admit that ended up being the clincher for Duo demanding separate rooms for the two of them instead of going the Trowa and Quatre route. They took up residence in the same room as soon as Relena informed the two of them of what Heero did.

Heero fought the urge to sigh as he ended the song. He started playing random notes that seemed to fit. He didn't want to think about tonight. Quatre and Duo had to go back to school to turn in their projects and attend a meeting with their teachers. Afterwards, Quatre would be joining up with Trowa for the school holidays but Duo...

Heero closed his eyes, listening to what he played. He knew that Duo was important to him. He knew he'd miss Duo. Even when Duo pissed him off and they didn't speak for almost three days he missed Duo. He didn't want to think about Duo's flight back to L2 tomorrow morning. He didn't want to think about this being their last night together.

A knock on the door caused him to jump slightly. "Show time, Heero." Duo's quiet voice announced.

Heero nodded, knowing he couldn't see. "Coming." He set the guitar down and stood.

As Heero opened the door and followed Duo toward the stage, both of them echoed the others thoughts. He didn't want him to go.

* * *

The concert went well and they played the instrumental that Duo and Heero wrote. It had become a minor hit for the band and many expected it to be on the next album. Thankfully, the song came at the end of the concert. As the band got off stage, Heero and Duo embraced in the wings.

A tug at Heero's shoulder brought their kiss to an end. Relena motioned toward the stage. Encore time. Heero nodded and gave Duo a small kiss then followed the band back out. They played Erobotica, took their final bows, and the hall lights went down. Only three of the band members actually saw the light sticks being flashed for the band.

Once more by Duo's side, Heero spoke. "This is your last night. I know you're packed. We're on Earth. Let me take you out on a date."

Duo blinked and smiled sadly. "You're determined to make me a mess for my flight back aren't you?"

Heero shook his head. "Duo, you've always gotten me to go places. I've never asked you if you want to go anywhere. I never do anything I don't mean and I know I love you and I want to do this."

Duo smiled again, pushing open the door to Heero's dressing room. "Where did you have in mind?"

Heero stripped off his wet shirt and tossed them at the chair. "Since we're in Japan, I thought about dinner at Ichiriki(1) then a walk in the Toji Temple gardens(2)?"

"I'll trust you. I don't know much about Japan other than the little bit I learned in school. Are we fine dressed-" Duo paused to admire Heero's undressed state. Mind out of the gutter, "as we are?"

Heero shook his head. "Do you have a nice suit?"

"At the hotel."

Heero smiled. "Good, I won't feel too guilty about postponing our date until I shower."

Duo looked puzzled. "Will these places be open then?"

Heero smirked. "Trust me."

* * *

Duo fidgeted in his suit. All black with a silk shirt and his hair down, he knew he looked good, but that didn't make him comfortable. He didn't know if this would be right. He asked Quatre if he'd ever heard about Ichiriki from his father. Quatre just smiled and asked why he wanted to know. When Duo told him, Quatre's jaw dropped and just told him to look nice and remember his manners. To say the least, he didn't help.

Someone knocked on the hotel room and Duo turned away from the mirror, forcing himself to be calm. He still couldn't believe Q talked him into buying this thing half way through the trip. He opened the door and was rewarded in seeing Heero rendered speechless. Eyes raked over his form twice before Heero stepped aside to let him out.

"You look nice."

"So do you." Duo replied. "And you know I don't lie."

The two of them cut quite the picture. Black met black and white without, strangely, looking like a wedding or a funeral. "I asked Quatre about Ichiriki... He seemed surprised... How long have you had reservations?" Duo asked mischievously.

Heero smiled bemusedly. "I requested the reservations a week after the dedication concert."

Duo blushed slightly and pressed the elevator button. "You've been planning for that long?"

"You're worth it." Heero smirked. "And it takes two months to get a reservation."

As they stepped into the elevator, Duo asked, "So how did you get reservations in five weeks?"

"My secret."

"I'll let you have that one then since it gets you to ask me out and gives me a chance to have you all to myself." Duo smiled. Heero smirked and took his hand.

* * *

The door slid shut. "Wow... Heero, I was expecting a resturant but not this..." Duo looked around at the private room. "This place looks like something straight out of Shogun."

"Fitting. Food will be here momentarily."

"Staple fare with the room?"

"Hardly. I ordered when I made the reservation." One eyebrow arched on Duo's face and Heero smiled. "I knew you didn't have much experience with traditional Japanese cooking. It would save time and energy to have things ordered and prepared ahead of time instead of deliberating for a while."


They continued talking and when the first course was served, Heero informed him as to what it was. When they finished, Heero started giving Duo a history lesson on the teahouse Ichiriki. Selections of sushi and sashimi arrived as Heero finished his tale.

"Uh, Heero, I don't know how to use chopsticks..."

Heero smirked and picked up his pair. "Allow me to show you." He selected a piece of sashimi. "First you hold them like this. Then-" He picked up the piece of sashimi. "You pick things up like this. Then-" Heero held the piece out toward Duo.

Duo's eyes widened then glinted with mischievousness, catching the spirit of the game. He opened his mouth.

"Then you put it in your mouth and chew."

One of Duo's hands came up as he took the whole piece in his mouth. He tried not to laugh as he attempted to chew without having anything fall out. Heero watched him, smirk firmly in place. When he finally could speak again he laughed and picked up his own chopsticks, arranging them in his fingers. He tried opening and closing them a couple of times then tried to pick up a piece of sushi. "Like this?" He tried a couple of times to pick it up. He grinned as he finally succeeded. He held it out to Heero, hand strategically placed underneath.

Heero nodded and took the piece of sushi. "Not bad for a beginner."

"Are you going to show me again?"

"If you insist." Heero said smirking.

* * *

They left the restaurant hand in hand and stepped into the limo waiting for them. Duo snuggled up against Heero as he wrapped his arm around him. Heero lifted Duo's chin and kissed him as the limo took off.

When the languid kiss ended, Duo smiled. "So where are we going now?"

"The gardens at the Toji temple."

"What do they look like?"

Heero smiled. "You'll find out." When Duo began to pout he amended his statement slightly. "Have you ever seen a picture of a young woman standing on a bridge dressed in a kimono with cherry blossoms in the background?"

Duo's pout faded as he thought. "I think so. I took a history of costume photography class as an elective. I may have seen it then."

"That's where. The temple is no longer used all that often so they have the garden open longer."

Duo rested his head once more on Heero's shoulder and they sat like that for the rest of the ride. Heero toyed with their entwined fingers, hoping he wouldn't ever have to let him go.

When they pulled up to the gardens, it was already late. The door opened and Duo raised his head. They climbed out of the car and walked to the entrance. Duo looked around as they passed through the gate. He couldn't see anyone else, nor hear anyone, but what he could see was a garden path lit by paper lanterns. Crickets chirped in the quiet night as they meandered down the path. Strategically placed lanterns lit the garden so they could still see the plants, but neither truly saw the them as they saw one another in relation to the garden surrounding them.

When they reached the bridge, the moon shone on the surface of the koi pond, turning the water silver with dark lily leaves and white blossoms. Duo slouched down and leaned on the railing of the bridge.

"I don't want to leave Heero." He said quietly.

"I don't want you to go." Heero responded, placing a hand on Duo's back, rubbing it lightly.

They were silent, just watching the reflection of the stars and moon on the water. "Duo-"

"Don't Heero, please."

"I'll ignore that since I know what you meant that morning on the shuttle wing."

Duo blinked, then remembered the reference. He flushed in the darkness, feeling tears prick in the corners of his eyes. "He-"

"I told you then that I didn't know what true love was but I told you that I did love you. Looking back now on the fight we had, I realize that I missed you for those few days when you weren't always around. I resented the others keeping me from the JD. At the time I didn't realize that I missed you because I was too occupied with feeling sorry for myself. At the concert though, it hit me a little. Between Quatre and the others, that helped me to go through with the song."

Slowly Duo straightened, shivering slightly as Heero's hand slid down his back to rest on his hip as he turned.

"It took me a week to figure things out to my satisfaction. I knew if I told you then you'd take it wrong." Heero said raising a hand to cup Duo's cheek.

Duo blinked, sliding his arms around Heero and hugging him. He closed his eyes and smiled, a tear slipping from his eye. He sniffed as his nose started to run. "Now I really don't want to leave," he said.

Heero smiled and kissed him. The kiss turned hungry as the longing and desperation colored the kiss. Heero pressed closer to the pinned figure; his hands running along Duo's back to rest on his rear. The second time they came up for air, Duo spoke. "We really should finish the walk through the garden."

Heero caressed the skin on Duo's lower back. "Maybe." He kissed Duo's neck.

Duo kissed his temple. "It's either that or you get to stand here with the bridge digging into you." He replied, eyes fluttering open. He could feel Heero smile against his neck. Slowly he stepped back, removing his hands from underneath Duo's shirt, causing him to shiver in the cool night air.

Genteelly, Heero held out an arm to Duo, his other hand arranging his own disarrayed clothing. Duo accepted the offered arm, using it to pull Heero close.

When they reached the limo once more, they hopped in the back to resume the make-out session from the bridge. "Duo... I want to go with you..." Heero said as Duo's lips found his.

Duo blinked and pulled back a little. "What?"

"There's nothing for me on earth. I want to go with you. Will you let me?"

Duo grinned then kissed him fiercely.

"I'll take that as a yes..." Heero murmured as Duo pushed him sideways on the seat.

By the time they reached the hotel, neither one wanted to stay in their evening clothes nor did either one want to part the others company. They composed themselves long enough to get into the elevator then the foreplay resumed. (3) When the elevator dinged, they staggered out and hurried down the hall. Heero's room being closer they went there. Heero fumbled with the key as Duo teased buttons open on his shirt. The door practically slammed open as Heero grabbed Duo in with him.

Somehow they made it to the bed, Duo falling onto it with Heero on top of him. Duo pushed the shirt and jacket off of Heero's shoulders as Heero's tongue thrust into his mouth, searching and tasting. Duo shivered breaking the kiss and tossing his head back as one of Heero's hands slid down his body to fumble with his pants. Lips met his throat as the pants loosened, undone. He felt Heero's tongue move, combined with glorious suction, as his pants slid out from under his bucking hips.

Heero rolled on the bed suddenly, positioning them somewhere toward the middle. He trapped Duo under him once more as Duo's hands roamed to his pants, undoing his own. He kissed Duo's mouth, his jaw, his throat, any bit of skin he could find. His own desire sprang free to spar with Duo's as his pants were pushed off his hips. Heero groaned at the contact and Duo gasped.

Ironic that tonight neither one of them chose to wear undergarments. Less to undress. Heero felt his lips curve into a smirk as he slowly unbuttoned Duo's shirt. He kissed and nibbled his way down as he unbuttoned the black silk. He raised up onto his knees leaving Duo to whimper. He pushed the shirt back off of Duo's shoulders and Duo found the presence of mind to sit up. A jolt passed through them as their groins touched again, drawing a groan from both.

Duo's shirt disappeared. Heero pushed him back onto the bed, their tongues warring for dominance. Heero broke the kiss, leaving Duo trying to follow in his wake. Heero kissed the side of Duo's neck, causing an intake of breath. He kissed his way to the base of his neck then down Duo's front, nibbling, sucking, licking and kissing his way toward his groin.

Hands slid slickly over sweat covered bodies as Heero's mouth met the tip of Duo's member. Duo moaned as he let go and gave into the sensations. Heero worked him slowly bringing him close. Heero left Duo suddenly, regaining a bit of his mind. He got up and walked over to his luggage, tearing into it, searching.

Duo lay on the bed whimpering. "Heero?"

"I'll be right there. I just need..." Heero gave a tug on something and pulled it out. "There." He stood up and walked back to the bed. He crawled up and gave Duo a searing kiss.

Duo gave into the kiss, his mind barely registering the popping sound. Heero's mouth left his and moved south once more. His neglected shaft once more reunited with Heero's tongue. He moaned and thrust up into Heero's mouth. He groaned as Heero moved up with him, denying him.


Duo's only answer was a hand slipping between his legs, cool and slick to tease his entrance. He groaned, spreading his legs. Everything felt so good, so right.

He lost control as he got worked from both ends. He came as a second finger worked in and hit -something-. Throat muscles worked to swallow, making all the more come at their movement. He lay there, gasping as Heero stretched him.

He raised his head and looked down from his spread eagle position. Heero smirked up at him as he let Duo slid from his mouth. Duo moaned as the third finger hit the same spot in him that sent him over before. Heero's tongue flicked out tasting his tip. Duo watched as Heero shifted on the bed trying to relieve some of his own ache as his fingers hit Duo's magic spot again.

Duo felt himself start to rise again and he shut his eyes. The bed under him moved again and the fingers inside him slipped out. He bit his lip at the loss. "Heero?"

A groan was his only answer. Duo looked over to see Heero rubbing lube onto himself. The sight, erotic as it was, made him harder. Heero opened his eyes and met Duo's. He leaned over him kissing him fiercely. Hands slid under Duo's hips, lifting him. Heero left his lips, settling himself at Duo's entrance. Slowly he moved forward, easing into Duo.

Duo gasped out Heero's name. It didn't exactly hurt but he didn't exactly know how it was supposed to feel. He just knew he needed more. "Heero please..." Heero remained still, but fully sheathed inside. Slowly, Duo wrapped his legs around Heero and pushed himself up. He gasped as the change in position touched new places inside. He wrapped his arms around Heero, clinging to his shoulders. Heero shifted and leaned Duo back onto the bed, rising up on his knees. He clutched Duo's hips and began to move. The half risen erection Duo had returned in full force as Heero hit that spot in him. They moved together, finding a rhythm easily.

Distantly, they both heard each other gasping, groaning and saying one anothers name. Both reached for Duo's erection at the same time. They both pumped. Duo shuddered, climaxing, his muscles clamping down causing Heero to loose what little control he had left. Heero pumped into Duo's shuddering form then collapsed on him, slipping out and letting Duo slide down to the bed.

They lay together, panting, not saying a word, just holding one another tight. Sweat trickled onto Heero's nose and he rubbed his face on Duo's chest, smiling.

Everything would be fine.

He had his dream and nothing could away a dream come true.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) Ichiriki- a teahouse mentioned in Memoirs of a Geisha. I don't know if it's real or not but hey, I figured they'd serve food if they were so...
(2) Toji Temple gardens- again, mentioned in Memoirs of a Geisha. I have no knowledge of places in Japan, my knowledge is sadly lacking. However, I figure the author of the book had to be somewhat accurate. So I took artistic license. Also, in case these two places, Ichiriki allegedly in Gion, Kyoto, if they are too far apart to be able to get to in one night... ie. Within an hours distance of one another, please let me know.
(3) Yes I did say foreplay. *grins* I think people would kill me if I went much farther.
Thanks again for reading this! I hope the lemon was ok... I've not written much in the way of lemons. Let me know what y'all thought!  

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