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Title: Everyone's Dream (part 10)
Author: Mair.
Pairings: 3+4+3, 5+M+5, 1+2 (definetly!)
Warnings: AU, shounen- ai, more minor case angst. Bad grammar. Oh! Definate mwahahahaha-age.
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Everyone's Dream + Part 10

The shuttle flight was chilly. The whole band and company could feel the anger circling around Duo and Heero. Never mind the fact that they sat on complete opposite sides and ends of the shuttle. Behind Duo, Trowa tried to calm down Quatre. "It's probably nothing."

Quatre looked over at Duo and shook his head. "This isn't nothing. The other spats have been about music but this doesn't seem right. This... this is angrier."

Trowa looked over to where Heero sat, for once not playing his guitar. He sat stiffly in his seat, laptop open, not typing or really looking at the screen. "I don't think this is something we can help Quatre." He replied.

"But what if Heero gets so wound up that he can't perform tomorrow?" Quatre asked. "And Duo, you heard him this morning. What could have gotten him this mad?"

Trowa fought the urge to sigh and shrugged. "He'll work it out."

Quatre studied the sullen figures posture. "I don't know Trowa... It seems almost like... "

"I pointed something out and he didn't like it." Duo grumbled angrily.

Quatre blinked and looked over at Duo. He still stared straight ahead, arms folded across his chest. "But you are upset as well."

"He ordered me out. He reminded me that he didn't need anyone by throwing me out." He answered in a voice low and tight with tension.

Trowa looked over at the angry figure toward the front. Heero moved, digging something out of his jacket. A small silver flask flashed in the shuttle light. Trowa frowned. When did Heero start drinking? Quatre followed Trowa's eyes. "Duo, what did you point out to him?" Duo looked over at Heero. "I –really- don't want to talk about it," he muttered darkly.

"Duo. Has he been drinking? More than when he is with the rest of us?" Trowa asked. "The band needs to know. We need to know if he can still perform or if he's going to destroy us and himself."

"All you care about is the band, isn't it?" Duo demanded, his voice rising. "Do you even know how much I've thrown out? Do you people actually pay attention to one another outside of back stage? Christ!" He got up and stormed back toward the head. (1)

"Duo!" Quatre gasped. He got to his feet to follow Duo.

"Shove it Q!" He heard from down the small hall. Quatre heard the head door slam and silence. He stared at the now empty hallway.

"He has a point." Trowa said quietly.

Quatre turned and looked down at his lover.

Trowa raised his head slightly to look at the others.

Quatre turned to see everyone except Heero looking toward him and the hallway. "But... "

"We have grown apart in recent years Quatre." Wufei said from his seat next to Meiran. "Yes, Dorothy, Relena and Trowa work on songs but the fun has left the band to some extent. I recognize that." He looked around at the others. "I also recognize the fact that since Winner and Maxwell joined the tour there has been more mayhem. My drumsticks have turned up in strange places as a result of Maxwell's pranks. Strange things have been found in my base drum like the vibrator and the g-string from the last show." Wufei paused, looking at the back of Heero's head.

"But as much as the idiot bothers me, I feel just as close to him as the rest of you with the exception of Meiran. If I haven't been able to find the drumsticks he's hidden by showtime he always turns up with a couple pairs just before I take the stage. We have only known these two for a short time and yet I trust them as much as I trust the rest of you. The band life has backed off in recent years. With Meiran and I getting together I know that it's been partially my fault. But with the addition of two crazy fans, life's returned to the band. Life of some kind."

Quatre flushed and looked around. "I am going to check on Duo." As he left, everyone turned toward Heero. The stubborn figure refused to look at anyone just as he had when Wufei spoke.

"How much do you drink Heero?" Relena asked quietly.

Heero remained stubbornly silent. The flask disappeared sometime between when Duo left and the end of Wufei's speech but that apparently would be ignored.

"Answer me, Heero." Trowa's eyes left the reticent figure and widened at the tight, closed expression on Relena's face.

"I want an answer Heero. We all deserve an answer. This isn't about just you if Duo's been covering your ass for you."

Heero snorted. "You want an answer? So do I."

"I know you, Heero," Dorothy laid a hand on Relena's arm but she ignored it and continued on. "You've managed to hide it from the band which means you must not want it to affect us but if Duo's been throwing out bottles then it must be bad enough that it'll only be a matter of time before it starts."

"It's always about the band, isn't it Relena? I can't do a thing without it affecting the band." Heero replied sullenly.

Relena blanched as she recognized his question. "Heero-"

"Don't talk to me Relena! I haven't changed nor will I ever. And this isn't going to go away either. I said nothing for the good of the band. I hurt myself for the good of the band. I repressed my own wants for the band. This is the one thing I have for my self so back off!"

Wufei frowned at Relena's pale face and Heero's angry one. "What do you mean, Heero?"

"When we split up. I didn't think it was fair to her to stay together when I didn't love her like she wanted me to. I wasn't attracted to her, the woman nor would I ever be. I told her that I was gay and she told me that it didn't matter but that I couldn't come out because of the image the band projected. It needed her as the voluptuous lead singer, free but not quite, and me the sullen guitar player in need of a good romancing from the right woman."

Heero actually turned to look at the rest of them. "I agreed not to go public and find happiness for the band. I repressed any feeling I might have to someone for a long time. JD helps so I don't have to go and hit my head into a wall repeatedly."

"You asked him to do that?" Dorothy asked surprised. "Relena, I'm ashamed of you."

Slowly Relena collected her senses. "Heero. At the time I was hurt. You were my first love and you broke my heart. I expected you to not tell the press but after a while I expected you had some kind of fling every once and a while."

"Well I didn't. I keep my promises. Unlike you."

Relena flushed and she stood up, ignoring the others. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"What about you and Dorothy?" Heero snapped.

Relena gaped at him. "I didn't promise anything! I also didn't come out to the press. Dorothy and I have remained discreet and we tell everyone that doesn't know us very well that she's involved with my brother!"

"So what happens? Pot call the kettle black? What I can't do you can? How do you rationalize that?"

"I'm not breaking up with Dorothy to save your wounded pride Heero Yuy." Relena hissed.

Wufei frowned. This was degenerating into an all out brawl.

"Enough! We aren't discussing one anothers love lives or lack there of." Wufei shouted. "Heero. I don't care who you go to bed with. I don't even think the press will mind either. But the press will mind a public break up of the band and one member of the band diving to the depths of alcoholism."

Trowa spoke up. "Heero, your promise to Relena is annulled. You made that pact with one person and not the whole band. Drinking has an impact on the band." He looked around the spacious cabin. "All who want Heero to drink only when in the presence of the rest of us, raise your hands."

Everyone raised their hands except Heero. Trowa smiled. "Done. When we reach the hotel your bags will be searched and Quatre will stick by your side until you apologize to Duo."

Heero slammed his laptop shut, stood and walked out of the cabin toward the cockpit.

Quatre appeared back in the doorway to the cabin in time to see Heero disappear. He sighed and walked toward the cockpit. Before he entered he turned around. "Someone go talk to Duo and fill him in please. I heard the entire thing from the hall but Duo couldn't make everything out."

Wufei nodded and got to his feet.

"The rest of you, please, don't come up here until I return." Quatre said and disappeared.

Trowa watched as Wufei made his way down the hall and decided two heads would be better than one. He watched as Wufei tried the handle on the head. Wufei knocked on the door. "Duo, it's Wufei and Trowa. Open the door."

"Bite me. I'm not comin' out."

Wufei closed his eyes, apparently asking for patience. "We didn't ask you to come out Maxwell. We asked you to open the door."


Trowa looked at Wufei. "This might take a while." Wufei nodded.

* * *

Finally Duo returned to his seat with Wufei and Trowa in tow. Quatre was relieved to see he didn't seem as upset as he used to be. Quatre smiled warmly at Trowa as he took his seat once more.

Trowa returned the smile with a small one of his own. "Heero?"

Quatre looked over at the stoic figure with the laptop open and the headphones. "I think he got it."

"He is going to go along with our demands about his drinking?" Trowa, happy though he was, never actually thought Heero'd go along with the scheme of the band.

Quatre nodded. "I helped him see that he really doesn't have a reason to drink."

Trowa gave him a curious look.

Quatre merely smiled mischevously and nodded toward Duo and Trowa's eyes widened.

"I told him a little... Enough to loosen him up a little. We actually returned to our seats a minute before you did."

Trowa nodded. "If Heero apologizes to Duo, he will forgive him. Duo just needed to vent."

Quatre smiled again. "Usually that's all he needs to do when he gets really mad. I'm glad you managed to get it out of his system this early. Usually he stays mad for a week."

Trowa smiled. "Wufei did the talking."

Quatre shook his head. "But you were there and you know the full situation. Thank you Trowa." He settled back in his seat, interlacing his fingers with Trowa's.

* * *

Heero rubbed his temples in his dressing room. Duo avoided him for the rest of the flight, at dinner and then all day today. His talk on the flight with Quatre brought many things to light he hadn't considered. He also knew that Quatre set him up. A mutual exchange of knowledge, he called it. Quatre pumped him about the night he and Duo went out to Torch, he pumped him about the fight, he pumped him about his drinking, he pumped him about Relena and Dorothy and somehow Quatre managed to get him to say yes to apologizing to Duo. Manipulative bastard. Trowa was welcome to Quatre and then some. When Quatre took over his families business it would be absolutely scary how well he'd manipulate the stockholders.

Quatre managed to get Relena to agree with his apology to Duo late last night. Never mind the fact that Relena then pumped him for information on how he felt about Duo.

Heero exhaled slowly. Breathe in, breathe out. Relena helped him with his apology that he'd give later tonight. He only hoped he could stand it.

He jumped as someone knocked on the door. "What?"

"Heero, show time."

Quatre. Lovely. "Fine." He replied. Heero shook out his hands, trying to relax them. "Get a grip Heero," he muttered to himself. He picked up his first guitar for the night, the only one aside from his accoustic back stage, and walked out the door.

* * *

Duo sat on a speaker case, watching the concert from the wings. Instead of waiting to take a guitar, he was sitting watching Quatre prepare. He sighed and looked over at Dorothy and Trowa. They hardly needed anything. He fidgeted, trying to get more comfortable.

The beginning strains of a new song caught his attension. He looked over to the microphone in time to see Relena wink and step back. Heero walked up to the microphone and called out a song. Everyone began to play it, but this was a new song, it was one he'd never even heard them practice. Duo uncurled, unconsciously leaning forward to try and recognize why he found it so familiar. It was purely instrumental, no words, guitar duet very little base and drums and... a... Duo's jaw dropped as it hit him. This was the song he'd helped Heero with. As the song continued, Duo struggled to remember what Heero said when he'd announced the song. He cursed softly as he tried to remember; something told him it was important.

Then it really hit him. "For one I love, Everyone's Dream."(2)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) head- For those of you non-nautical people, the "head" is the bathroom.
(2) "For one I love, Everyone's Dream."- How's that for a doozy? *evil grins* If other people can do cliff hanger endings so can I. *thppt*
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